Hello world!

Hello and welcome. Why you’re reading this, I haven’t a clue.

I’ve never written a blog before. Oh, I have opinions, but you know what “they” say about opinions . . . they’re like anal orifices – everybody’s got one. But apparently no one should have too many (opinions, not orifices, although those should be limited also) because then you will be perceived as opinionated . . .meaning intolerant of others’ viewpoints/opinions. I don’t think that’s a completely accurate assumption, but that’s my opinion.

Well, can I just say that sometimes I don’t care about others’ opinions because, quite frankly . . . they are wrong! That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m right . . . but I’m going to call people out on their viewpoints especially if they can not back them up with some kind of reasoning and/or fact. Just tryin to keep it real, y’know. And I expect for others to call me out. It’s a good way to keep me honest.

I do like a good discussion. I learn a lot from discussions. I like to do research, too. Sound bites are the crack cocaine of the masses. Nobody reads anymore. (Did Austen say that in one of her novels?) Everyone seems to be into the instant opinion – not that it is their opinion, they’ll gladly adopt someone else’s – and do quite often. Some anonymous writer, producer, news gatherer, politician, etc. puts out a sound bite and a whole world of people take it into their psyche and think they have an opinion. They don’t do the research so they accept it as “fact” when it is only an opinion and nothing more.

It reminds me of Orwell’s book, 1984. In that world, they tore down the vocabulary to the bare minimum – so communication was pointless. Relationships broke down. Society became completely dependent on Big Brother, the only one who communicated. It’s more or less what’s happening now. “They” (that mysterious faceless force) feed us our sound bite facts and opinions and we gobble them up because we just don’t have any time to think for ourselves. If you don’t think that’s true, look at reality television. It would seem nobody wants to think at all.

Decades ago there was a program on PBS called “Meeting of Minds.” Reality television? No, purely fiction. But the people who showed up for this roundtable of discussion were actors portraying historical figures. It was the brainchild of Steve Allen. For you kiddies out there, before Jay, before Johnny, before Jack, there was Steve. The guy was a genius. Literally. And funnnny! One of his shows had Theodore Roosevelt, Cleopatra, Thomas Aquinas and Thomas Paine in discussion using dialogue from their letters or events of their lives. How cool is that? More than a sound bite. In great danger of having thought. Might burn a brain cell on that.

Television was called the great wasteland in the 50’s – the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Which brings us to guilty pleasures, but maybe I should save that for another blog.

Smile and enjoy life.


April 1, 2008. BaudyBlahBlahBlah. Leave a comment.