I think I have something to say now . . .

Went to San Diego Comic Con this year. I was a virgin but became a pro rather quickly. Must be those survivor, research and strategy skills. My roomie Christine is/was awesome. It was the first time we met face to face. She is great and definitely is into The Welling.

My admins on OSCK blog weren’t able to make it, but they gave me good advice and great encouragement even while experiencing crises of their own. Thanks Erika and Kate! Still can’t wait to meet you in person!

I had forgotten how much I enjoy travelling. My Nanny (my grandmother, silly) she traveled a lot and always brought back the best stories of the places she went to and the people she met. If I had the money that’s what I’d do. This world is so beautiful and interesting. Met fantastic people on the plane. Thanks Southwest! I’m nuts about you! 😀

After Chris and I got to the hotel, we went to a sushi restaurant (Yes, Gaby we started the seafood there) and had the best food ever. No lie. They had a wishing fountain there so we tossed some coins in. Will definitely have to go back there since both our wishes came true.

I went to Con to see the Smallville panel on Sunday and maybe to see some other television show panels as well. But the comics took up most of my schedules each day and I am so happy about that.

Met Paul Levitz, former President & Publisher of DC Comics on preview night. Told him how much I was enjoying his Superman Batman run. He is a very gracious and articulate man. And that encounter set the tone for the rest of the Con. It was AMAZING!

Thank to Christine I was able to do some things I probably wouldn’t do on my own. Thanks Chris!

People! People are everywhere there. A couple of hundred thousand descend on the beautiful city of San Diego and it welcomes them with open arms. You say, “I’m sorry” a lot because there is no way to get from one place to another without bumping into someone. For a bunch of ‘geeks’ who supposedly have poor social skills, everyone was polite and good natured. The convention is so well organized and the city makes it easy to enjoy your stay and get to places conveniently even if you have to wait a bit.

And we did wait — but it was well worth it.

Took a camcorder and got some good stuff especially on Sunday. You can see that on superversesvault.com. Good thing cams aren’t rocket science. 😀

Even though I saw all that I wanted to see and more — the best part of the trip for me was meeting people. That’s kind of weird for me to say but . . . did you ever get the feeling that you were doing what you were supposed to do. I suppose some people live like that all the time, but I haven’t much. When I met Chris, Trish, Jo, Gaby, Michal, Crystal, etc. It just felt like a huge sorority or something. Met writers and artists and that was just on the plane. Met more writers, artists, an actress/writer/director (she’s actually in some films) — it was just that kind of experience.

On the return trip home, I had a layover in Las Vegas. A married couple about my age sat beside me and we talked intermittently during the flight. The woman and I would look out the window and admire the different terrains we passed over. A God’s eye view, most definitely. Before we landed, she turned to me and said, “I was hoping we would sit beside someone nice and when we got on the plane, I saw you and knew you would be a good person. No one has ever said that to me before. How sad and how bloody awesome is that!

So when you ask God to show you if you’re following His purpose and He gives you the big green light. You feel very blessed. And that’s how I felt about meeting people who enjoy doing and experiencing the same things I do. We were/are blessed.

There will probably be more adventures ahead. Since the travel bug has bit me hard. I’m saving up for next year’s Comic Con and also maybe a side trip or two. I didn’t go to Dave Ramsay for nothin. LOL

Kate and Erika are letting me play with the OSCK/Superverses blogtalkradio each Sunday (courtesy of Multipleverses). That is just such great fun. We have five of us on the call. So a quick shoutout to Jack, Chris, Kimmie and Maggs. Thanks for being who you all are. 😀

Hopefully I will be blogging more often. I think I have something to say now . . .


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