Season 10 Episode 16
Recap and Review by Holli

This episode was written by Al Septien and Turi Meyer. It was Al’s directing debut.

I don’t like villains much. If I did, I’d be more into Batman. He has the more interesting villains. I like good triumphing over evil. I guess some people consider that boring especially during this Luthor arc where Clark and Lois get their asses handed to them.

Clark Kent has always been the hero of the story even if the writers insist he’s not Superman yet. Being the hero in a Superman story, even a prequel, means that he has two jobs. Saving the world and saving Lois Lane. The idiom Save the Cheerleader, Save the World from Heroes has nothing on the Superman story. Often when Clark saved Lois he was saving the world. I’m not really understanding the attitude the audience has to imagine such a save when the save is an important part of the story. But again, this arc is about the almighty Luthors and how they trick and connive our hero and his intrepid reporter to submit to their acts of terror.

courtesy of Comic Vine

Conner Kent appeared in this episode. In the comics, Superboy was introduced as a cocky kid who flirted with Lois trying to convince her that he was the return of the then dead Superman. Later more background was added to the character. Superboy was half Lex and half Clark’s DNA. This from the same male writers who think Superman shouldn’t be married and is incapable of having children with Lois. This perversity is an affront to Lois, but I’m sure the male writers would never think so. Conner in the comics has always been respectful and loving towards Lois. Guess which part of his personality Smallville decided to twist.

On Smallville, Clark Kent has not yet shown he knows Lois Lane’s heartbeat out of the billions of others. Reason: Then he would actually know where Lois was at any given time and could make the save. Like so many other powers, Clark’s abilities are conveniently unused to serve plot. Again, “he’s not Superman yet” probably being the excuse rather than the writers dumbing down his powers to make for “more conflict.” No wonder the guy is so guilt ridden all the time!!!

Another ‘excuse’ the writers seem to want to use is . .. “it’s television.” This is their chosen medium of expression. A Smallville fan cannot go out and read the book because it’s better. And they certainly should NOT have to use their imagination to fill in gaping holes of plot and characterization. That’s not “it’s television” that’s poor storytelling. Isn’t storytelling what television is all about? And shouldn’t the writers be experienced enough, going on their tenth season, to know how a story will fit into a 42 minute episode? This episode fumbled and missed so many beats while trying to shove the Luthors down our throats. It left many of us angry and bitter and as abused as Lois. A Superman story is supposed to be about faith and hope but Smallville left us with little of that for the spring hiatus.

Lois Lane has not fared well when dealing with the Luthors. AUClark Luthor flung her across the Watchtower because she mentioned red kryptonite. AULois Lane is given hope in a world where her Clark is the epitome of evil – and is screwing/macking on any version of Tess. Talk about worlds out of kilter!!! But in this episode especially, her abuse knows no bounds. Lois is sexually brutalized by the red K induced Luthor side of Conner. There is no onscreen save and no repercussions. On a network whose target audience is young females, this is beyond a major faux pas.

I can no longer think fondly of Crazypants. Tess is just as much to blame for the circumstances of this abusing as any other Luthor. She drops the bomb on Clark about Conner’s genetic origins. She engages Lois in going after Lionel. Lois and Clark did all the apologizing in this episode (since they’re the good guys) and Tess never said she was sorry once. She’s a Luthor and therefore is blameless because she’s a member of a villainous family. Isn’t that what villains do – use the heroes as punching bags?

One of Clark’s greatest fears is that his loved ones would be in danger when one of his enemies decided use them to get to him. Conner attacked Lois and yet Clark’s fear is completely ignored due to lack of time to tell the story. One of my favorite comic stories is when Manchester Black (telekinetic and telepathic powers) attacked Clark’s loved ones. He horrifyingly tortured Lois mentally, emotionally and physically. But Clark came to save her and stayed true to his ‘no kill’ policy even when he thought Lois was dead. Lois wasn’t dead and Manchester Black got away, but not to fight another day. Clark had convinced him that he was the real deal and would never kill, even someone as villainous as MB. Afterwards Clark took Lois to see Martian Manhunter to help her with the tortured memories. J’onn made her snickerdoodles. Clark went to a psychiatrist as Superman to relieve his own trauma. We never got a hint of that in this episode. Clark’s concern for Lois was ignored which is not only a disservice to Clark, but to Lois and Conner as well.

The Blur racing to the farm. He opens the door and it’s not Lois. It’s Tess Luthor. Where’s Lois? Which is the same thing Clark seems to be thinking as she nervously sets down a coffee mug. How long has she been in there? Did she break in? Clark implies she could have gotten coffee somewhere else. She smiles broadly and stutters. She doesn’t think Clark and her have had a chance to catch up lately. Really? She’s not engaged to him, right? He barely has time for Lois!!! His fiancee!!!

Clark hangs up the HRJ and has a WTF expression on his face. “Okay, so how are you?” He’s waiting for the bomb to drop. She tells him good with another huge smile. Clark is not smiling. She asks him how he is as she takes a sip of coffee. Really? This scene couldn’t be tightened up a bit??? “I’m fine, thanks,” he says while looking around for Lois. She places the island between them and reports there’s been an incident with their project. (Alexander) Clark is immediately concerned. “What happened?”

Since Alexander’s transformation he’s been glitch free and ready to enter the real world. She’s not smiling now. Tess thinks Clark should be the one to guide him. “ME??!!! He’s a genetically engineered version of Lex. I don’t think that I’d be the best mentor for him.” He says this with exasperation and anger. So forget the redundant lesson learned in LUTHOR. Nurture vs. Nature – the dark side of Nature is going to win this one.

Tess goes for more of the Kent coffee. Alexander is soaking up information and just needs someone there for him. Who is he, Brainiac??? “Like family.” Clark argues that SHE is Alexander’s sister. “But I’m no Clark Kent.” You can say that again, Sister. You’re a LUTHOR! Tess knows Clark is the one to bring out the best in him. Apparently Alex is waiting in the car. “Here!!!?” Clark is not pleased. After all, the farm is his and Lois’ supposed love haven . . well apparently not after this episode sadly. Clark is worried about Lil Lex remembering his secret. She assures him that he doesn’t. Since his transformation they have been learning all kinds of things about Alex including his genetic origin.

There’s a noise in the barn. In true Luthor fashion Lil Lex is not waiting in the car but lifting the green tractor over his head. (Watch it, Buster, Clark has to fix that thing so he can fly.) As Clark and Tess enter the barn, Tess touches Clark’s arm. Remember there are no restrictions on Tess touching Clark and vice versa. They are not engaged and in the AU fornicate each other like rabbits. Unlike our engaged Clark and Lois, who since the engagement have not been allowed any sexy sexy and no morning afters. Even their stag and doe party was over run by the blondes and their farce of a ‘wedding’.

The voice synch of Lex’s lines was horrible. It was like watching a dubbed Godzilla movie. “He doesn’t have just Lex’s genes, half of his DNA came from you.” Why is she smiling about that? Clark looks like he’s been shot as Alex chuckles with the tractor over his head. Elongated reaction shot that could have been tightened.

So now Clark has this sack of flaming Luthor dog poo to deal with. Thanks for the gift, Lutessa.

Lionel enters the destroyed Cadmus labs (not sure where the science on Alex was conducted) and Tess is there waiting for him. The Luthor sets except for Luthorcorp are burned out buildings. Baby Girl and Daddy Darkest go at it over the hiding of Alexander. Again. And so because our Lex killed his Daddy it proves he was a true Luthor. Tess, that’s your cue to stick a pipe or something into this guy. No? Damn!

They go over old history which was unnecessary. Turning his back on his own blood is the dominant Luthor trait. Yada yada yada. The Luthor legacy will end with Lionel. Blah blah blah. Tess is inferior and has been rejected by two daddies. Oh the freakin horror. Yawn.

So inferior Tess shows Daddy Darkest Alexander’s DNA tube. “Your son is dead. You’ll never be able to hurt him again.” Stupid villain move. It takes forever to lift that tube.

Lionel with Lexs ashes. Yea, right.

The Kent barn. Why is Clark grunting lifting bales of hay? He thanks Alex for his help. “You’re the one hiding a mutant under your roof.” Conner talks about being a lab rat and on the move. His name is now Conner. CNR= Cognitional Neoplastic Replicant. He thinks Tess is embarrassed taking care of a walking freak show. Clark tells him Tess is trying to protect him. Conner is concerned about people learning his secret. “You’d be surprised how much it doesn’t matter when people get to know you.” Conner throws the “you don’t understand” lines at Clark. People not liking you for who you are or are jealous of what you can do. Clark makes sure he doesn’t remember anything before he got his abilities. “Mutation’s a bitch.” Clark chuckles.

Teenage questions. Who am I? Why am I this way? Tess will tell Conner when he’s ready to know says Clark. CNR thinks he’s ready now. Teenage boy wants to bust out of the farm and see the world. A toss of the football. “You’re not leaving.” Conner hears the challenge. “It’s important . . to Tess that you stick around here for a while.” Conner wants to find out the answers to his questions. Clark cautions him about someone finding out he’s different. “I can’t let you take that risk. I’m sorry.” Conner says it’s his risk to take. “Besides you can’t exactly stop me.” He zips off. Clark runs in front of him. Secret revealed. “I’m like you,.” Conner: “OMG. Are you like my Dad?” Awkward! “I prefer brother.” Conner had thought he and the Blur were the only ones with powers. “Are you the Blur?” Conner has read about every save. He wants to go to Metropolis and save people with Clark. “Wait. You still have some things you need to learn. . . . You have to learn how to control them (abilities).” Clark decides they are going to stay on the farm and practice. Famous last words from Conner. “I’m in total control.”

Lois appears in the barn as if she just got off work from the Daily Planet. “Clark! What the hell? I’ve been trying to call you.” Clark really isn’t sure how to handle this one. “Lois. This is my . . friend, Conner. Conner, this is my . . fiancee, Lois Lane.” Lois with her hands on her hips. “Hey.” Conner is awestruck. He says hi. She walks towards them and trips over something on the floor. “I need you to sign off on a byline by noon if we’re going to make the evening edition.” She grabs a railing and takes off her high heel. She examines the shoe to see if it’s damaged. Conner must have a foot fetish. His eyes light up and Clark notices and turns him around so he doesn’t fry Lois to a crisp. Callback to HEAT. Heat vision brought on by hormones. The laser stare hits a tub hanging on the wall and causes it to crash. “What just happened?” The Superboy Club turn and say ‘nothing.’ Lois squints at Clark and he tries to give her an innocent smile.

The Superboy Club

Walking into the Kent house. Lois goes over the exposition Clark has told her offscreen. “Alexander is now Conner? . . But I’m worried about what’s underneath. Clark, remember like it or not this kid tried to kill you.” Clark tries to explain the transformation. “He’s only half Lex; it turns out.” Lois says if the other half is Tess then she’s going to write off the Luthors for good. Too bad the writers won’t. “Lois, the other half is me.” Talk about bolt material. “Are you trying to tell me that Conner is the genetic love child of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor?” Yep, and some man thought of that one. “You don’t have to say it like that.” Uh, yea, she does cause thems the facts. Always right to the point, Lois. “Does he have your powers?” Clark nods. She turns and walks away. “I can tell you I have no idea how I’m supposed to be feeling about this.” Clark stops her. “All that matters is that we have a kid in the barn and he’s really freaked out. He doesn’t feel like he belongs anywhere. He needs our help.”

Remember that phrase – all that matters is the kid. “Clark, we don’t know what he’s capable of,” says Lois. “Lois, I understand that I’m asking you to take on a lot.” UNDERSTATEMENT! “No! I knew when I signed up for the Clark Kent tour package that it would be full of surprises. But how is Lex able to shake up a human-Krypto cocktail without you realizing it?” A vial of Clark’s blood was stolen from Helen Bryce’s office years ago. More history. Clark is peeved. “We thought we destroyed it but Lex must have kept a sample. After he engineered Alexander, he thought my DNA would stop the accelerated mitosis. And it worked. Lois, because of me this kid has no chance of a normal life.” She doesn’t let him get away with that. “No! Hold on Chicken Little. How do we know that Conner wouldn’t love to be the only kid on the block more powerful than a locomotive?” He’s got the Luthor ego for it.

(In the comics, a human’s blood was used to stabilize the clone of Superman. Lex saw to it that it was his blood that was used.)

Clark kind of rolls his eyes and clears his throat. “What?!” “Sometimes I forget that you never saw what it was like. Growing up, being different. Feeling like an outsider, like a freak! Like you were all alone.” Lois looks lovingly at him. “You turned out pretty normal.” These two hash out the weirdest situations with caring and love. “Lois, you don’t understand. It never goes away. It’s always in there.” He pauses. “The only thing that’s made me feel . . . normal is you.” Throwing confetti! Lois has tears in her eyes. She walks over to him to look him straight in the eye. “Conner’s no alone.” She gives him a grin. “He has us.” Clark grins at her and nods and the shot is cut to show the Daily Planet globe in Metropolis. Clark looked as if he was going to say something else, and why shouldn’t he. His girl is amazing.

Lois totally accepting Clarks complicated life

At a DP copier. Lois is doing research on teenagers. Tess enters looking worried and shuts the doors. Lois wants to know why all the cloak and dagger. “I know you’re probably still reeling from the Conner bomb I dropped on you this morning.” A bomb? Really? Cause the Official Description for the episode called it a GIFT. “You’re the only member of our merrily little league that can help me now.” Lois finds that hard to believe. “You can talk Clark into getting rid of Lionel Luthor once and for all.” Lois knows that Clark shot down this request of Tess before and that he’s hoping that AULionel will have a change of heart like DeadLionel did in this world. Clark believes in second chances – but this is the Lionel that kicked the crap out of him for an extended length of screen time. Tess grabs Lois as she tries to walk away. “We need to draw a land in the sand, Lois. Clark needs to act now.” Tess is panicking. She implores Lois to help her. Lois is trusting Clark’s good nature and his hope in people. She tries to get Tess to see reason. “Lionel knows his secret. He knows what can hurt him and if they rumble in the asphalt jungle Clark could go down for the count.” She again tries to walk away. Tess admits Clark could die but she reminds Lois that AULionel destroyed his own world when he had a superpowered son. “And if he gets a hold of Conner, he will do the same thing here.” Tess knows it’s dangerous for Clark but feels they don’t have a choice. It is Lois who has the idea of investigating AULionel to see if there is some detail they can use to prove he’s a fake.

DNA Analysis of Lex’s ashes. Lionel examines it while a technician confirms the remains Tess showed him are from the other clones. “So, my boy is alive.” They know Tess has taken Conner to be with Clark. Prodigal mention as they whip plastic at Cadmus labs.

Kent farm. Conner burns a hole in the barn with his heat vision. He thinks practice is pointless. Clark sets him straight. “Everything we do with our abilities is our responsibility. That’s why we have to learn to control them before they control us. That’s why we practice.” Conner offers he lifted the tractor without any practice. “And when you put it down you broke the beam behind the stall.” Oops. Forgot that did ya, Conner? The boy wants to know who taught Clark this stuff. “My parents were there every step of the way. My Dad, he believed that all the hard work he had me do would teach me how to control my abilties. Teach me character.” We see a picture of the Kents. “Conner, you may not have parents but you have me. I’ll always be there for you.” He gets another candle and asks Conner to concentrate and light it. He burns Clark’s t-shirt reminiscent of the Kara and the watermelon incident. “You’ll get it eventually.”

Tess crushin on Clarks holey tee

Tess in the Kent kitchen staring at the remnants of Clark’s t-shirt. She toys with it. “You know we have a door bell,” says Clark adjusting his red t-shirt. She gives him a big grins as she continues to fondle the t-shirt. She just dropped by to see how things were going. Clark reports that Conner is getting things faster than he did. “If I didn’t know any better, that might look like a glint of pride in your eyes.” Clark chuckles. She tells him that Lionel knows Conner is at the farm and they need to move him. Clark wants to send him to Star City. “We’ve kept him in the dark about who he really is. Don’t you think it’s time Conner knew the truth about the other side of the family?” She’s kept the truth from him all this time and yet now she’s pushing to tell Conner? Superboy is, of course, listening in on this conversation with his superhearing. Clark spills the beans about Conner being partly Lex. “We can never let him know that half of him is Luthor.” So of course he forgets sweeping up the barn and superspeeds to Daddy Darkest.

Luthorcorp. Lois is investigating sensitive documents of Lionel Luthor. While she straightens up what she has disturbed. Tess calls her on the phone – why isn’t Tess investigating Daddy Dearest? Every official document has been re-issued with his signature. Lois is having some of her own government contacts try and find something. Yea, she opens the door and finds a gun held to her head.

Conner at the burned out Luthor mansion. He finds a picture of Lionel with a boy, but the face is burned out. He hears a noise and yes, it’s Daddy Darkest. He calls out to Alexander and tells him he’s been tracking him since he left the farm. He tells Conner he’s his father and he’s there to answer his questions. Lionel is shocked at Conner’s appearance – he looks so much like Lex but with a full head of dark hair. “Oh what have they done to you?” Made sure he didn’t lose his hair? Conner superspeeds away from him. Lionel starts his manipulation and twisting of facts. Lionel tells Conner that Clark lied to him (about his origins) because he’s afraid of the superboy. “He doesn’t want you to be with your real family.” Excuse me, but your daughter dropped the kid off at the farm. Conner is a threat to Clark because he’s a Luthor. Yea, Clark has been sweating that for years. (rolling my eyes) Clark wants to keep Lex’s empire away from Conner. “You must embrace your future,” says Lionel as he hands him a Red K ring. Gee, I wonder how many of those he gave out to his super powered sons? Clark Luthor, maybe? “Put the ring on. It’s your birthright.” So the kid does otherwise there wouldn’t be a plot. “Yes, now the journey begins.”

Lois Lane treated like a piece of meat.

Slaughterhouse. Lionel and RedKConner enter and we hear Lois’ voice. They’ve got her tied to a chair. She’s bait. Conner is shocked that she is there. “You wanted to know what it means to be a Luthor. Lesson One. Never let anyone stand in your way.” Lionel dismesses the henchman as he takes off his black gloves. Conner watches from the shadows. His Clark Kent side has been rendered helpless apparently by the RedK. Lois knows his tactics. She refers to herself as a piece of meat. Lionel assures her she’s there so no one will hear her scream. He speaks to Conner. Clark sends Lois to do his dirty work. Really? Lois says Clark didn’t know about her breaking into his office. Lionel would destroy Clark if he did know. “You risked your life for him. Very noble. And very stupid.” Yea, doing Tess’s dirty work is kind of dumb but she’s only trying to protect her man. Lionel says he’s read all about Lois but he expected more. Wow, those insults just keep on coming. “Well, I was raised to believe that you risk everything to protect those you love.” Lionel would kill to protect his son. He points a gun at Lois. “No one will ever take him away from me.” Conner looks concerned even under the influence of Red K. Brave Lois in the face of death. AULionel is more badass than DeadLionel. Where the hell is Clark? As Lionel pulls the trigger, Conner zips her out of there.

Metropolis street. Conner sets Lois down and she thanks him. She walks off to call Clark. “We don’t need Clark. I’ll take care of you.” Really? Just because the writers didn’t want Clark to make the safe doesn’t mean you should get a big ole RedK head about it. She telsl him he’s sweet and that she’s freezing. She’s trying to convince him they need Clark. Intrepid reporter with observation skills apparently isn’t permitted to see the RedK ring this time. He gets her a faux fur collared coat for her to wear. “See. I’ll get you anything you want.” Uh, I believe she wanted Clark. He zips off to steal a necklace as alarms sound. Her line does indicated she’s aware of a redK influence. Cops come from everywhere as Conner has left her alone to take the rap. Oh no, but hark. Superboy has stolen a car. Apparently his super abilities don’t impress Ms. Lane. “Get in. I’ll save you.” Lois wants to give him a lecture but is interrupted by a cop so she throws the necklace at him and apologizes as she gets into the car. Is Conner old enough to drive? Yea, I know a moot point.

At Luthorcorp Lionel is snickering on the phone. “His first crush. It’s good to know the Luthor libido is still in tact. Great men. Great passion. Let him enjoy himself, but she must not be allowed to lead him to Clark Kent. And that ring. He’s got to wear that ring. The tracking device in it will keep him on our radar. He hangs up the call when Clark enters the office.

Note: Lois Lane is being set up for a sexual assault by Conner. His Clark Kent side is attracted to Lois thus putting her in his sites so his Lex side can try to rape and batter her. According to the writers, he is blameless – I’m pretty sure that Jonathan Kent would disagree. Mr. Kent made sure that Clark made restitution for his crimes while under the influence of red meteor rock. There are always consequences that have to be dealt with – unless of course there’s not enough screen time left. Sexual battery is not big deal, right?

Clark is angry. When Conner disappeared, he knew Lionel couldn’t be far. “So I searched every Luthorcorp faciltiy and I found this.” He tosses the lead ring case at the villain. “Personally I prefer the red of kryptonite.” Clark knows he’s used it on Conner. He grabs Lionel by the neck. “You’re trying to turn him into something that he’s not.” Maybe he did the same thing to Clark Luthor? “I’m trying to unleash his dark side. Try to find out what my son is really made of. Red kryptonite if worn brings out the primal uncensored core of Self you fear. You won’t go near it. You’re afraid of what you will find inside you.” Clark releases him. “I won’t let you hurt him like you did Lex. He was my closest friend and Lionel Luthor’s influence destroyed him.” AULionel pulls out the ole secrets and lies line. Really? “And those same lies brought Conner to me.” So because Clark talked to Tess about not telling Conner he has half Luthor that’s why he ran to Lionel. “And you poisoned him with red kryptonite. The longer he’s exposed to it, the more unstable he becomes. He’s a danger to himself and everyone around him.” Lionel tells Clark it will just make it easier for Conner to take everything away from Clark. “Including the woman he’s with now. Lois Lane.” No zipping off for our Clark – might not have been time for that.

RedK Conners idea of romantic setting.

Burned out Luthor mansion. Conner has brought a rattled Lois to the family mansion. “No one will find us here.” Well, if Clark’s powers are on the fritz, probably not. “I’ll keep you safe.” Lois turns to him. “And I’ll make you happy.” Guess again little boy. “Thanks, but I think you have the wrong idea, Romeo.” Lois knows what situation she is in. Now if only her superpowered boyfriend would turn on some speed and save her. She tells Conner she is already spoken for. “If this isn’t romantic enough, I’ll speed us away to Paris.” Uhh, first of all, it’s a burned out building and second of all, this ain’t Lana. “Somewhere where Clark will never find us.” Well, there might be a lead painted soundproof building somewhere. Lois tries to set him straight. These Luthors just don’t get it. “Let me make this perfectly clear. You and I – NOT HAPPENING!” She starts to walk away from him and he grabs her arm. “I will not let you go back to him.” He tosses her across the room like all the super powered Luthor guys do. She’s knocked out. He picks her up and there’s a crane shot. More wasted screen time.

Lois awakens sans coat on a red chaise with a fire in the fireplace. Candles burn around her. Conner must be setting the mood. Creepy! Well, he is part Luthor – and it’s having a field day on the redK. Conner is looking at himself in a mirror as Lois notices the redK ring. He goes to sit beside her. “I’m sorry about that. I lost my temper.” He puts an arm around her. “I promise you. We’ll live here happily ever after.” Apparently redK makes this guy blind. Burned out building!

Note: Conner says he’s sorry for throwing her across the room just before he starts to put the moves on her again. This ‘apology’ seemed sufficient for the writers and director for what he’s about to do. Even though this apology is just lip service so he can try to appease the object of his ‘affection’ – is how the writers defined her. And besides the assault, ‘it gives the actress something to do.’

Conner: "If I cant have you, then neither will Clark."

Conner caresses Lois’ face as she jerks back with a gasp. “Besides we belong together. It’s our destiny.” Lois realizes super powered boy could rape her and snap her like a twig. “You know what we should do. We should toast our future together. But I didn’t see any champagne and you should know that it is bad luck to start our lives together without a little bubbly.” He tells her he’ll be back in a few. As he goes to leave, she tells him she’ll be waiting right here. He stops. “There’s a reason that Lois Lane is known for telling the truth.” He superspeeds to her and grabs her. “Because you’re a terrible liar.” She tries to explain what he’s experiencing on the redK. He grabs her head and arm. “I’ve never felt better. I’m on top of my game and it’s all thanks to Clark.” Who should be showing up soon, right? “But he has one thing I don’t have. . And that’s you. But not any more.” He shoves her against a wall. She fights him the only way she can. “You are nothing like Clark. I’ve seen him on red kryptonite and it may have made him bring out his inner angst a little bit but it doesn’t turn him into this. And this is the other side of you. This is Lex! We need to make you better.” He yells at her. “I don’t want to be better. I want you,” as he tosses her across the room again. He grabs her back the back of her hair. “I’ll open up a world Clark can’t even imagine for you.” Was he reading porn in Cadmus labs? He rolls her over, straddles her and pins her arms. Yea, a super kid. “Clark is my world!” Conner grabs her by the throat and starts choking her. “He’s only the person you think he is because he has you.” Well, yea, DUH! With his hand still around her throat cutting off her air, he says that fatal line that all rapist and abusers say — “And if I can’t have you, then neither will he.” We hear a zip and we think the nightmare is over for Lois – but noooooooooo. We hear the zip through Conner’s superhearing which apparently Clark has forgetten he also possesses. “Conner? Lois?” Hearbeat, Clark, heartbeat.

Conner zips towards the voice as Lois sits up gasping for breath. She scrambles through the burned out room and disappears in the darkness – where’d she go? Hey there wasn’t time for that. She’s just Clark’s love interest, right? She’s just a villain punching bag. And besides it’s all about the super kid or did you forget?

Will Clark find Lois? Will Clark comfort Lois? Hey, your guess is as good as mine since we’re supposed to fill in the gaps here.

Clark walks into the room shouting Conner’s name. Guess males rate over females in this episode. Clark sees the scene. It’s not pretty. He gulps as he picks up the coat Lois was wearing. Maybe he was doing a microvision scan for fluids. Who knows? Pick and choose super power night for our Clarkie. I hate when they write him like that. C’mon! “You’re not welcome here,” shouts Conner. “Where’s Lois?” Thank God! Conner walks from the shadows. “She’s not yours anymore.” Let’s hope Clark did the scan so he knows that’s a lie. So we jump to concern for Conner. “The only reason Lionel wants you to wear that ring is so he can corrupt and control you. I can help.” Conner screams at him. “I don’t want your help! Or your lies!” To prove his point Superboy takes it out on a piece of wall. Ho hum. Spank his ass, Clark! But noooooooo. Clark gets tossed across the burned out mansion by the teenage super novice. Really? Well, he might have hurt the widdle superboy if he didn’t roll over for the redK induced Luthor side. Clark gets up walking towards Conner. “I know you can’t understand but I’m trying to keep you safe.” Is Lois safe? Where is Lois? “Safe from myself?” snarks Conner as he admires the ring. Yea, yea, we all know he’s wearing it being blameless and all. “Conner. This isn’t who you really are, Conner.” Hey, he’s not Lois you don’t have to keep saying his name. “You’re wrong. I’m nothing like you.” Well, you’ve pretty much proven that. And since when does Clark Kent let ANYONE get away with hurting Lois Lane. Heck, he wouldn’t let Lana get a freakin hang nail, but Conner can brutalize Lois and it’s AOK? Really?

Conner knocks Clark across the room AGAIN! Conner apparently has the power of Doomsday now. Really? So stupid. Oh, sorry. Forgot. Silly me. We’re still in the villains are more powerful than the good guys phase of the story arc. I always hate this bit – but do we have to have our asses handed to us too? Can’t we have a hero save the day? His woman has been violated!!! And Clark’s getting his ass kicked by a wimpy Luthor teenager, who’s committing adult crimes.

Luthors & rocks. Stay away from them, Clark.

“I am a Luthor and this is where I belong!” Go ahead and live in the burned out building. “No, it’s not. You’re coming home with me!” Spoken like the son of Jonathan Kent. Clark swoops down and grabs Conner and breaks the ring. The boy recognizes Clark but then gets the green K belly ache. They both fall to the floor as Daddy Darkest holds the rock at them. Lionel swears Clark will never take his son and soundly hits him with the green K and placing beside his prone body. He grabs up Conner and drags him away while spouting Clark is standing in the way of Conner’s destiny. Conner is not the Traveler so what gives? AULionel is still professing the ‘you were meant to become a god’ crap. But only if Daddy helps him. Conner says he knows who he is and releases his heat vision on the green K rock. Nice shootin there, Tex. Slippery villain gets away as Conner goes over to Clark. Two super powered guys in a room & Lionel gets away. Yea, whatever. Clark says there’s no place for Lionel to hide. Clark puts his hand on Conner’s shoulder. “Let’s go home.” Home, really? Shouldn’t you see how Lois is doing and talk it out?

The writers said they wanted to bring out Clark’s George Reeves father figure side in this episode. I was raised by a 1950’s Dad and let me tell you the number one rule was ‘you respect, love and protect your mother.’ You don’t sexually assault her and then try to choke her to death. We never got a reconciliation scene between Lois and Conner or even one between her and Clark. The audience never was permitted to be guided by Lois’ viewpoint of the situation. It was like watching Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Smallville style. Just the crime and no denouement. Lois’ attack was important enough to have a build up but not important enough to have a resolution. This left some fans feeling angry and violated – especially on a network that caters to young females or women in general. MAJOR FUMBLE which totally affected how people felt towards Conner and in some measure, Clark.

Maybe it was another instance of not realizing what the writers are putting out into the mythology. Because every episode and plotline they show us (or don’t) adds to the Superman story. Conner is now asked to live with Clark and Lois. An engaged couple on the brink of marriage. How are they going to express their love with a superhearing, x-ray vision kid who is part Luthor – and has no sense of personal boundaries. See Tess in Kent kitchen and Lex pretty much anytime at the Kent household. Another case of a kryptonite suit?? We probably won’t see Conner or Lana ever again, but they’ll be out there somewhere. Just really disappointing plotting especially on a show that retards their character’s attributes (Clark’s power go in and out to serve plot.)

In the comics, Conner lives with Martha at the farm while Clark and Lois live at 1938 Sullivan Ave in Metropolis.

REMEMBER THIS: Clark has two jobs: Saving the world and saving Lois Lane and not necessarily in that order.

The Sacred Cow Scene. This was the first scene shot for the episode. We do know there was a impromptu kiss cut so Glover would get a reaction from Freeman. But could there have been more cuts to help include a more necessary scene?

Pan shot of the Luthorcorp building with opera music playing. Lionel sucking down booze in the dark until Tess sheds some light. Shes’ got security coming to escort him out of the building. Despite the fact that AULionel’s signature, DNA, handwriting matches DeadLionel’s ‘perfectly’, he ‘s had all the documents re-issued. Tessie poo must have had a different history in the AU world because AULionel was not aware of her orphanage application. It is revealed that AULionel’s fingerprints are the mirror image of DeadLionel’s. It proves that he is fake and he gets to sign over everything to Tess, who has put nanobyte trackers in his booze. So he’s basically impotent in this world. She will crush him if he goes after her or her friends. She won’t kill him however.

Lionel’s parting words as security takes him away. “You may want to change yourself to impress Clark Kent, but we both know . . . Don’t we . . .deep down. You’ll always be a Luthor.

Conner is thumbing nails into the side of the barn. He obviously has been given chores to do. Clark calls out his name as the boy looks trepidatious. Clark compliments him on his work. “Well, it’s the least I could do to make up for all the trouble I caused,” he says walking past Clark not making eye contact. Shouldn’t he be apologizing to Lois? She’s the one he brutalized. Clark tells him it’s not his fault. Really? “If I hadn’t lied to you wouldn’t have run right into Lionel’s hands. I’m sorry.” Have we heard a sorry fall from Conner’s lips? Clark schmoozes over Conner running to Lionel or knowing how red kryptonite would affect him. It’s what happens to Kryptonians. “I’m not like you, Clark. I mean maybe on the outside with all I can do but . . but what that ring brought out in me. That was all Lex!” Clark tells him there’s a shadow inside everyone. “But that doesn’t mean you need to embrace it. You decide who you really are.” We hear him put his hand on the boy’s shoulder. “And I know you’ve made the right choice to become the hero you’re destined to be.” Wish Clark would get a move on already in that department. He doesn’t even know Lois’ heartbeat – only because then the writers would have to stop brutalizing her with no justice. “That means a lot coming from you.” Another shoulder slap. Male bonding over. . . Lois’ assault? Conner thinks he should start dressing the part. He rips open his flannel shirt to reveal the Superboy black tee with red S. “I know I have a lot to learn.” Yea like staying away from red K and Lois. “But when you feel I’m ready to join the team, I’d like to.” I’m sure you would.

I brutalized Lois & all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

Clark hands him an application to Smallville High. He’ll be starting after spring break. He’ll be going by Conner Kent courtesy of Clark’s big heart. “Welcome home,” says our hero with a warm smile. Conner offers to fix the fence out back. Clark smiles his approval. Conner zips off.

Lois appears behind Clark as if she waited for Conner to leave. “It seems to me Clark Kent’s nature and nurture won out in the end.” Clark doesn’t think it was very nurturing not telling Connor the truth. Lois has her own confession and search for penance. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that I was investigating Lionel. It put us both in danger. . Even though I was trying to save you.” Clark gives her a little smile. “Sometimes it’s hard to know where to draw the line when you’re protecting the people you love.” Lois looks at him with love in her eyes and he returns it. “And I have a new found respect for my Mom and Dad. I always knew that my powers could cause harm if I misused them. But I never appreciated the responsibility they must have felt in raising me. If they hadn’t been such amazing parents, this would could have been a much darker place.” And we’ll probably get to see that in the next episode. So keep that in mind.

“Luckily they brought out the best in you,” says Lois. Clark takes that in. “I’m sure when we have kids of our own. You’ll be an amazing father.” She puts her hands around the back of his neck and he grins at her as they kiss. Her hand then goes down his neck and chest. She then looks into his eyes and asks, “Am I forgiven?” He gives her a grin. And the scene is cut a little too close to the reaction shot. This is the line Erica Durance ad libbed and the director that it was so endearing and lovely, he kept it in. She obviously had read all the scenes including the ones that were cut so we can see where she was coming from. I originally thought it was a come on line between two people who had made the peace and were very much in love. But we’re not to see Clark and Lois in intimate situations anymore. People keep getting in the way and then there’s the blocking for contrived story premises (LUTHOR).

Nanotracker infected Lionel goes to Lex’s grave to pay tribute to the son he had killed in his world. He pays tribute with a flower. “Together we could have ruled this world.” Really? Does anyone really believe that Daddy Dearest and Evol Sonny Boy could rule in unison??? Example of that not happening: Try 7 seasons worth. “I would give anything, my son, just to have you by my side.” Uhhh, this isn’t really AULex so what the hell is he talking about? Does he think that he could manipulate this Lex into doing his bidding? Example of that not happening: Clark Luthor.

Black smoke appears and a fiery black crusted lava figure appears to a shocked AULionel. IT’S DARKSEID. Awesome, awesome effect!!! Fade to black.

Bring it!

Rating: 6.5 out of 10. Great game until the fumble and then they barely squeaked it out. Some scenes needed to be tighter to allow time for other necessary plot points. Conner’s character suffered with his assault on Lois and the possibility of coming across red K again. Better get out that lead lined bomb shelter so Lois can be safe from him when that happens. Actors were superb as always. Left me feeling hopeless that Smallville just doesn’t get it, especially with the spring hiatus promo – we’re getting Cless again? Now I’ve got the green K belly ache!


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  1. Faith replied:

    Wow, you nailed it on the head again. I was one of those females that felt sick after watching Scion. The apology scene between Connor and Lois should never have been cut. I could have probably let this one slide if they had included it but no once again Lois is the punching bag. I am so sick of the Luthor story line and of Tess. I just want them gone but alas they are in it till the bitter end along with the blonde ones return in the fianle. Oh well. I think this will be one season of DVD’s that I won’t buy. I have the episodes I like taped so I’m good. Thanks and take care

    • baudyhallee replied:

      I understand. This episode hit my female hot button. When I first picked up a comic at the age of 9, it was Lois Lane I related to. To have her brutalized and not have Clark concerned . . . just was so wrong. Yea, I’m pretty sick of the Luthors too especially when they can get away with aggravated assault against our heroes who seem to lap it up and ask for more. I really had no sympathy or hope for Conner.

      I think part of the problems with LUTHOR and SCION were rookie directors. Not reigning in Glover and wanting to shove Cless down our throats. See how amazing Tess is! Storywise Lois gets chucked across a room by a Clark or gets assaulted by a clone that is half Clark. NOT my idea of a Superman story. Lost hope with this episode because of the fumbles and IMO flimsy excuses for what we didn’t see. A Superman fan should never lose hope.

      KENT showed me they were getting back on track and I’ve breathed a sigh of relief. They do appear to get it. I’m hopeful the rest of the season will be amazing.

      Thanks for the comments. They are truly appreciated.

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