Review & Recap
by Holli

Kal-El/Superman/Clark Kent has the biggest heart of all the superheroes. He is a symbol of hope. In KENT, the bookend to LUTHOR, we see how Clark Kent not only is the inspiration of hope for Earth 1 but also the catalyst for hope in Earth 2. His core ability to set things right and heading towards a true destiny brought some hope, redemption, and reconciliation in this Luthor villain arc. Yes, good triumphs over evil in this Superman tale. Clark Kent IS the HERO of the story!

The episode was directed by Jeannot Scwarc. Story by Genevieve Sparling and teleplay by Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders.

Kal-El of Krypton was sent to Earth with the hope of his loving parents he would live a full and vibrant life. On Smallville, Jor-El knew exactly where he was sending his son . . . to the Kents. On Smallville’s Earth 2, the child was intercepted by Lionel Luthor which we learned in LUTHOR. Clark Luthor was without love, acceptance, and his true destiny. He was completely cut off from the sources of love and hope without contact with Jor-El, the Kents, or Lois Lane. In this final season, we have seen how these three entities fill Clark Kent’s heart with hope and inspiration.

In comic elseworlds, when there is a Clark and a Lois, there is a connection. A spark. In Red Sun when Lois was married to Lex, there was that spark of attraction and love. LUTHOR denied us that or any real scenes between the alt world’s Clark and Lois. Even Ultraman/Clark Kent in the comics has his Superwoman/Lois Lane.

Clark Luthor being a child with a huge heart (he’s still a Kal-El) has it beaten into him that emotions are bad and that the only Luthor worthy of bearing the name must murder. He has no real sense of what a home is and represses his longing for affection and acceptance while becoming an egotist in a mansion full of them. We saw he had no social skills. He still lived with daddy even though he’s in his mid-twenties. Daddy still has to tell him how to dress, what to think and how to behave, Luthor style. His relationships with women are with prostitutes and his step sister, Lutessa, who he boffs and calls, “Sis.” It is the Luthor way. There’s no real love here. Just power, manipulation and physical release. Lionel had pitted all his children against one another in that villainous twisted way of his – and in every world, it will bite him in the butt as he descends to his death.

In Smallville’s Earth 2, their world is dark and bleak because they have lost their inspiration of hope while under Lionel Luthor’s thumb. No one looks up in the sky. No one star gazes. People in a world without hope don’t look beyond themselves. Even without Lionel physically in their world, his mark is vast and deep. Clark Luthor cannot see the forest for the trees. His battle of rebellion against and acceptance from Lionel is his sole driving force. He has never been allowed to have any other. So after Oliver Queen outs Ultraman’s weakness, the people of Metropolis start carrying around kryptonite thus sending Clark Luthor to Earth 1 with the only mirror box left.

Supposedly in LUTHOR, there was red kryptonite everywhere according to actor John Glover. The only hint of it in the story was when our Lois Lane mentions it to Clark Luthor before he chucks her across the Watchtower. Their only interaction. Some fans thought that Luthor’s pinky ring could hold the key to some of his behavior. In SCION, Lionel Luthor gives Conner a red kryptonite ring knowing what effects it will have on the super powered boy. The writers of that episode said that Conner was blameless for his actions because of the red K influence (and they pretty much showed he had no consequences or repercussions from his acts). That tossed a monkey wrench in the Nature vs. Nurture story. Conner was a clean slate having been raised in a laboratory and by Tess but when the red K hit him, his Clark side’s affection for Lois became twisted by his Lex side. He brutally sexually assaults Lois but there was no time to show how Lois or Clark dealt with the heinous act.

But in KENT, Clark Luthor’s ring was changed (to an L signet) and no mention of red K fell from anyone’s lips. Although Clark Luthor did take the ring off when he went to see Earth 1’s Lois Lane.

RECAP: Explaining the alternate world and how it’s Lionel got here via the mirror box. Also Gold K mention.

Lois’ coffee cup. Work with me People. The clock clicks over at 4:44 AM. Lois’ head is bobbing at her desk. She’s trying not to fall asleep. Clark’s familiar wind gust rustles the papers on her desk as a red Thai food box spins. It is not alone. Clark Kent sits at his desk with his feet up readying his chopsticks for a tasty morsel. Clark and Lois are in the teaser!!! YAY!!! “How was your day?” he says with a sexy smirk. Oooo successful flirting from Clarkie! You go, Boy! Lois leans past her monitor and rests her head on her hand. “It depends. What day is it?” Clark smiles and chuckles. “I don’t know if I should be going for this promotion.” Clark watches her open a box. “Lois your heart is in journalism. You have a future in it. I know. I’ve seen it.” Has he told her about the future he saw in HOMECOMING? Clark is smoking hot as he volleys his smiles and sensuous glances. “I haven’t seen you since breakfast yesterday,” replies Lois as she gives him a smile while getting out her chopsticks. Clark tosses his sticks into a box as he sits up to click his mouse. “Well, I’m planning on seeing you for a few moments at the altar.” Lois plays with her food. “Oh, it’s not that bad. I still live at the farm. I have a toothbrush to prove it.” Clark goes through his mail. “You haven’t been home five nights this week.” Lois finishes chewing her food. “And someone wants to forget that the two nights that I was home. He was off cavorting around in Bangkok,” she says rolling her eyes insinuating something more. Clark looks at her over the mail. “They had floods,” he explains. She’s grinning as she notices him focus on the paper in his hands. “Something interesting?” “Yea. It’s from my Mom. She says that Conner’s doing great in Washington, DC and she’s sending us an early wedding gift,” he says a bit puzzled as he looks up at Lois. She lets out a little ‘Oo’ as she walks to stand behind his chair. “It’s the deed to the farm.” We see it is a deed transfer to Clark Kent and Lois Lane. “Oh for our wedding . . . well that’s soo.” “Soo?” he says looking over his shoulder. Lois hunts for a word. “Thoughtful.” “Thoughtful?” questions Clark. These two are trying not to step on one another’s toes. “Yea, uh. She must want us to . . .” Lois interjects, “Start our new married life there.” She doesn’t look totally convinced with her statement. “Maybe,” says Clark, “or with all the commuting to Metropolis and Bangkok. Maybe she thinks we should sell it.” Both appear not to like that idea.

Clois and the deed

The Kent barn. A wind is blowing. There’s a bright light and Clark Luthor in his suit, tie and pinky ring appears with a mirror box in his hand. Opening the barn door we see his L tatoo on his wrist instead of his forearm. We finally see his face as he looks out in the darkness of the Kent property. “Home Sweet Home.” The concept sounds foreign to him. What malevolence is he up to? A man without his heart has no home. Credits.

Kent farm, daytime. Someone is pounding on the door as Lois buttons her blouse. Obviously not a Luthor (and BTW where is Clark Luthor in the light of day?) A realtor barges into the house asking all kinds of questions. Lois not only has to cover Clark’s secret, but she also paints the Kent farmhouse as dilapidated and more than a little rustic. She’s protecting their home. While the realtor goes upstairs to investigate further, Lois heads for the door. “Clark Kent, if I wasn’t late I’d kick your bulletproof ass right now.” Was she expecting Clark and going to meet Clark outside? Is he her transport to work?

On cue, Clark superspeeds to the farm. We see him climbing the stairs to the loft. He’s speaking to Mrs. K on the phone. “Mom, I really appreciate your gift. You didn’t have to . . “ Clark tells her to say hi to Conner for him (not Lois also?) and that he will be there to visit soon. Just as he hangs up the phone he sees something is amiss. His sacred trunk and bookshelves have been searched through. Somehow his varsity jacket has appeared from the future (HOMECOMING). Swann’s journal is there as is the shirt from GONE that Lois wore. He sees a mirror box on the desk, sets down his phone and picks it up. Clark Luthor comes in from the other part of the loft twisting his pinky ring. “Talk about nature vs. nuture. I’m assuming you destroyed yours? That explains why we didn’t switch places. Seems that makes this a one way trip.” Kent seems stunned and anxious about meeting his doppelganger face to face. The statement puzzles him as Luthor zips towards him, twists the mirror box still in Kent’s hands and we see Kent arrive in the alt world at a cemetery. Still no sunshine there.

Clark Luthor picks up Kent’s phone and puts it in his suit pocket. With a giant foot he smashes the mirror box. “Like they say, you can’t go home again. (apparently Thomas Wolfe existed in the alt world) He buttons his jacket and descends the stairs leaving us to gaze at the remnants of the transport between two worlds.

Back to the cemetery. Clark stumbles upon Oliver Queen’s funeral. AULois is now a widow. Clark takes a step forward as if he wants to go to her, but stops with the realization this is not his Lois or his world. AULois puts lilies on Oliver’s grave. As she looks up, she seem to recognize Clark. A voice from the back of the congregation sounds. “He got what he deserved. Rich brat! He stole all of our land!” A sloven Jonathan Kent is pushing people aside to get to the graveside. AULois lowers her head and moves away from the casket. “He ruined a perfectly good town filled with honest working men and honest working women.” A couple of men grab him as he struggles. Clark moves forward to assist. “I’m going to show you, you son of a bitch!” JK spits on the Most Hated Man in Smallville’s casket and then kicks it.

Before Clark can move to help, he gets the green K belly ache. It’s AULois holding it in a very stylish lead container. “You have some nerve showing up here after you put him in that grave.” He’s backing away. “It’s not me. Clark Luthor, he did this.” Some exposition from AU Lois. “How does it feel to be the most wanted man on Earth. To know that everyone who sees you wants you dead.” Clark begins to fall. “Lois, put the rock away.” He’s struggling. “I wish that killing you with this rock could even begin to cause you as much pain as you’ve caused me. But I guess that’s the price of having a heart. It can get broken.” Clark looks her in the eye. “I’m not him. He sent me from my world. Please, Lois. You have to believe me. I was the one on the roof. And I’m the only one who knows that I couldn’t live in a world . . .” “where I didn’t love you,” she finishes. Clark nods as she puts the krock away. He stands to face her. “It’s me.” Which is the same thing he said to our Lois when he came back in LUTHOR. Lois whispers ‘no’ then looks towards the graveside. “You have to get out of here. Everyone knows who you are.” A Lois always protects a Clark. Good to see. “He took the mirror box with him, Lois. It’s not here. I have to get back and stop him.” She let him knows how bad it is for him to be here. “Everyone in the city is carrying meteor rock with them. That’s why Ultraman killed Oliver. He told them those rocks would protect them from you. . .him.” “The whole city?” he questions. “You can’t get ten feet without it hitting you from every side.” We hear Jonathan’s voice in the background. Clark looks in its direction as Lois realizes people may see Clark. He walks towards the graveside with concern on his face. “I just have to check on something first.” We see two men leading Jonathan away. “You need to go now. I’ll try to throw them off your trail.” Men start to approach them. Clark turns to her. “Thank you. You’re putting a lot of trust in me. You know that.” AULois gazes into his eyes with a slight smile. “Something tells me that I can, I guess.” Clark gives her a slight smile and then furrowing eyebrows. They faces are very close. It’s as if AULois can feel the pull of a Clark. She smiles while shrugging off the feeling. Clark watches her with a calm smile on his lips as the picture flips to Clark Luthor in the sunlight staring at Kent’s phone.

Clark Luthor is wearing Clark Kent’s clothes now. His L signet ring shows prominently as he reads a txt from our Lois. ‘Meet me at 2318 Main, #207. Lois’ Luthor looks at his ring, takes it off placing it in a pocket. With calm assuredness, he walks to meet Lois Lane. He’s going to take over Clark Kent’s life.

“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.” -James D. Miles
A brick building with a grocery on the ground floor advertising heros (a sandwich). Our Lois Lane is assembling Jonathan Kent’s telescope amongst a sea of boxes. She watches the door open and we see Cluthor assessing the situation immediately. He seems to like what he sees. “Hey. Thanks for coming. After I left 3 messages, I got the feeling you might be mad? I’m guessing it has to do with the fact that the realtor you sent over to the house told you I was a psycho.” Cluthor is silent and observing. “She said I totally freaked out, didn’t she.” He sees a Daily Planet with the headline, ‘Blur Saves School Kids.’ He looks around and doesn’t respond to her questions. “That bad?” He turns his head to gaze at her. Subdued Clark Luthor. “Okay, look,” confesses Lois. “I was mad that you made the decision to sell without me. But it is your house really . . . and anyway when I saw the realtor I realized I was about to lose something that was really important to me. I never had a permanent home growing up. . And I remember living there with your folks . . even though I thought you were a total dork at the time. Wanna help me out here?” Cluthor has a grin on his face. He’s definitely interested. “You’re kinda cute when you squirm.” Flirting from Mr. No Social Skills? To bring out the fact she is squirming and he’s not getting any benefit out of it besides her being adorable doing it, shows the connection between a Clark and a Lois. Lois fingers her engagement ring. “Okay.” She thinks about it with a smile on her face. “Bonus.” Cluthor has just made points with a Lois. He seems intrigued. She begins to walk towards him. “Anyway, the point is . . the farm is the closet to a home that I’ve ever known and when Marge showed up today, I felt . . . afraid that if we lost that . . if I lost that home then I would never find another one.” Lois is pouring her heart out to him, trusting him to be her Clark. Cluthor must be somewhat transfixed by this since he’s only known conniving and selfish manipulation. He reassures her. “That will never happen. That’s why we’re together.” An instinctual statement even though it keeps her unaware as to his true identity. She gives him a huge smile and a hug of her own free will. True affection and trust. “That’s why I found the rental pages.” He is really digging having Lois Lane in his arms. He listens to her every word. “If you want to sell the farm, we’ll make a new start.” He’s rocking her a little, obviously loving the way she feels. And isn’t that why he came to Earth 1? To make a new start? What better way to do it then to take over Clark Kent’s life. Since CK is under the public radar as the Blur, it’s the perfect setup. Plus he gets an adoring Lois in the bargin. Cluthor must be thinking his ship has come in.

Clark Luthor enjoying a hug from Lois Lane

He has an agenda however. Daddy Darkest. “It’s hard to imagine a new life together with such a threat still out there.” She releases the hug looking somewhat confused. “Which threat?” Yea, Cluthor, Kent has to deal with a whole plethora of threats sometimes simultaneously. He doesn’t have the luxury that you have of only having Daddy Darkest to worry about. But in the alt world, it would be ripe for Darkseid to come in and take over. There is no hope there. “Lionel Luthor,” he says glumly. “And if he’s truly walking around on this Earth . . “ He can’t look her in the eye as if to say ‘you know what I’m talking about.’ “I understand what this is about,” she says placing her hands on his chest. “If you stop showing up for dinner, I will know where you are.” She playfully teases him. “You’re hooked on our Lionel cam, aren’t you?” He smiles and relaxes. “That’s right,” he smiles again. “And, y’know, searching for Lionel alone doesn’t sound like much fun. So why don’t you come with me so we can go over there right now?” He’s pulling her close. Lois looks taken aback. “Oh, Clark Kent . . .frisky.” She says putting her arms around his neck. “I like it. But if you want to get your hands on Lionel’s GPS system, you’re going to have to ask Tess. She’s the one with all her claws in Daddy Dearest.” This is news to him. “I called her. She didn’t answer.” Lois informs him that Tess is taking bids at the mansion. “Or what’s left of it.” Her arms leave his shoulders. He’s still staring at her lips. He nods and gives her a grin. “Well, I should go. Be a hero and everything,” he grins. He takes a step away so he can have his vengeance on Lionel. Lois stops him grabbing his hand. He seems startled by her actions. “Yea, but before you go,” she says pulling on him while she heads for the other side of the room. He follows her. “Come and look at the place,” she says somewhat excitedly. The telescope is sitting there and she knows what it means to her Clark. “I know the view is not that nice but . . .” He walks around checking it out. “But I thought we could bring a little bit of Smallville with us wherever we go.” She’s looking at him so lovingly. She glances at the telescope and is giddy that he will acknowledge it. “So?” He only has eyes for her. “I think I’m going to like it here.” Yea, you can say that again. She gives him another big smile. He places his hands on the telescope. His expression seems to be one of disgust. “But first we need to get rid of this star gazer’s junk,” he chuckles as he topples the telescope to the floor.

Lois realizes something is severely wrong. She looks at him out of the corner of her eye trying to keep her expression placid. She stares up at him as he approaches her. He’s giving her a little grin. He’s triumphant. He looks as though he wants to stay and play. Sirens sound in the distance. Lois squirms and gulps slightly trying to keep it together. She sees her chance. “Clark?” She smiles at him. “Aren’t you gonna go?” He looks at her puzzled as if wondering why she would want him to leave. They were gettling along so well. His eyes shift as Lois mentions the sirens. “Someone could need you.” He’s staring intently at her. “Yea,” he says calmly but not in a Kent way. Lois grins at him as he continues to stare at her lips. “I’ll see you later,” he whispers before he zips off. It must have been a cold wind that hit her when he left. She knows something isn’t right. She quickly grabs her phone. “Oh my God. C’mon, Tess. Dammit. Answer your phone.”

Cluthor at decimated mansion

We see Tess’s phone with Lois’ pic on it. Notice we didn’t see Lois give Tess the same treatment she got when Lois wouldn’t answer her phone in LUTHOR. Lois is a better person and maybe, just, maybe this episode isn’t about Cless and making Lois look bad. Tess, the hard ass, is badgering prospective bidders on demolishing the mansion. They leave her to take another look around. Cluthor shows up in the doorway still dressed as Kent. He seems shocked at the appearance of the burned out mansion. Tess tells him not to worry. The Luthor weeds will grow and take over. “There was a life here. A family.” It was the only one he knew. “They lived here, but this was never a home.” Cluthor never had a real home. Tess wonders if he wants to have some fun and raze the place for her. “You can save me a lot of money.” Cluthor walks in still looking around at its condition. “Tearing this place down won’t change the fact that you’re a Luthor.” Tess takes offense. Cluthor apologizes. “I just meant . . Listen Tess, I know better than anyone what it’s like to walk around with a mark on you. It’s lonely.” We do get some insight into Cluthor here unfortunately him using his own experience to portray Clark Kent is not going so well. “Being the world’s greatest hero. It’s a little bit different from being Satan’s child.” Cluthor goes into quoting Daddy Darkest, former drama student. “Angel or devil is in the eye of he who beholds it.” Is that iambic pentameter? Tess calls him on his turn of phrase. Cluthor is missing his pinky ring. The wheels turn in Tess’ head. She knows. Cluthor is enjoying her squirming but not in the same way as Lois. He knows he has the upper hand now. She steps back as he moves forward. “Considering our undeniable chemistry, I’d be a little hurt if you didn’t recognize me, Sis.” Who’s he (or the writers) trying to convince?

She wants to know what he’s doing here and where is Clark? He’s all shits and grins. “The only thing that matters in this world is you.” Man, he knows how to work her. “And dear old Dad.” I wouldn’t be too comfortable being placed on that list. They are interrupted by one of the bidders who addresses Tess as Ms. Mercer. Cluthor glances at him. “Don’t worry,” he says to Tess. “We’ve all the time in the world.” He leaves. She’s frozen with fear.

AU Jonathan Kent

Kent farm in the alt world. Rats are crawling through an open window as CK walks outside. He opens the door and walks in. “Dad!” The place looks abandoned even though there are bits of furniture strewn around. He begins to walk up the stairs. “Jonathan! Mr. Kent, I know you’re here. I saw you walk in. When he reaches the top step, he’s hit in the head with a board and he topples over the railing and onto the floor below. He seems to be out cold with a bloody lip. Jonathan walks down the stairs with a piece of green K in one hand and a board in the other. His craggy, scraggy face stairs down at his victim.

Lois and Emil try to bring Clark home

Bright and sunny Kent farm. Lois and Emil Hamilton are in the kitchen examining a shard. There is some equipment on the table. Emil shoves the piece into place. Lois gulps as she watches Emil’s expression. “Clark thought he destroyed that months ago. He’s not gonna like the fact that you and Tess snagged this from behind his back.” Emil continues working. “Yea, well, maybe he’ll feel different when it saves his life.” Lois let’s it go with an ‘okay.’ A blue laser is used to meld the pieces of Clark’s mirror box. Emil looks to Lois to see if she realizes this may not work. The laser stops and Emil appears frustrated. He turns the laser switch. “Is it drafly in here? Because I feel a little cold. Clammy, really.” This is Lois’ ‘I died when you left moment.’ She looks terrified. Emil says encouragingly. “We’re gonna get him back.” She returns his nod and grin.

Cluthor at the Watchtower. He’s checking out files particulary Lionel Luthor’s Global Position, but it requires a password. Apparently his first and only 8-digit password was wrong so he snarls and tosses the monitor to the floor. So know he has to go to Plan B. Wine & dine Sister Dear.

Tess leaving the DP elevator on her phone. She hasn’t heard from the Bro and wonders if Lois and Emil have made any progress. “We’re just trying to get it juiced up again,” says Lois as she gives Emil a worried look. Tess is heading to Watchtower next. If she finds Cluthor, she will stall him. “But you two need to hurry.” She spies a red box on her desk and tells Lois she will call her back. Lois says ‘yea’ and clicks her cell. Tess opens the box to find a purple dress, some strappy silver heels and a red note. She examines a shoe, then the dress and finally reads the note. ‘Ace of Clubs 8:00 Tonight – CL’ She almost has a smile on her face. Cluthor is standing right beside her whispering in her ear. “I can’t wait to see you in it.” He’s not smiling. She tells him it’s her perfect size. He goes in for the smarmy kill. “It’s because I know everything about you, Tess. Every move you make. . . “ Eyebrows up for Tess. Funny he should pick a song by the Police that Sting said was a stalker song. She turns around and he’s gone. Long shot of Tess in her office.

Clark hogtied

Low Light Kent Farm. Clark is tied to a chair as he gains consciousness. He struggles to break his bindings but looks over to find AUJonathan with green K. “I’m not who you think I am,” he says breathlessly. JK walks around him. “Oh, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of who you are. You’re the man who single-handedly destroyed everything I ever cared about. The day you got here was the worst day of my life. Meteor shower wrecked my farm. Set all of my fields on fire. I couldn’t keep up with the work. I couldn’t keep up with the bills. Then Queen comes in and buys it all right out from under me and won’t give me a chance to get it back. He goes around buyin up every little bit of Smallville that he can so he can get his hands on these stupid little green rocks.” He shoves the rock in Clark’s face and he cringes at the pain. Stuggling, Clark pleads to him. “Listen, you have to let me go. You have no idea what’s going to happen if they . . .” He sees a makeshift bed on the floor. “You’ve been living here. AUJK tells him it’s all he has. With great sympathy, Clark says, “It hasn’t been yours for years. You’ve been out here . . . alone. . .hanging on . . .” “Hanging onto my land!” yells JK. “Hanging onto my birthright. You see, nobody has any idea what fell out of that meteor shower but me,” he says slamming the green K on the mantle. “Gold! I found a chunk of it once.” He’s grinning at Clark. “Gold meteor rock?” JK is pretty pleased with himself. “That’s right and I thought maybe if I kept digging I would find enough I would finally buy my farm back. But . . now. . .I’m thinkin I already have something that is more valuable. You.” JK is just trying to get his home back.

“You have to believe me,” says Clark. Jonathan gets in his face. “The most wanted man in the entire world is hog tied right here in my living room. You’re my ticket out of this. You see with the reward money I get for you, I can get the deed to my farm back. I can finally start living my life again.” The former farmer laughs coldly. Clark sweats and struggles for breath. “Mom. What about Mom? Martha?” JK turns around. “What does any of this mean without her?” JK gets angry. “What the hell do you know about Martha?” Clark sees he still cares for his wife. “She’s the reason you fought so hard for all of this.” Jonathan goes on the defensive. “Why the hell would I fight for somebody who gave up on me when I needed her the most.” Clark meets him eye to eye. “From what I’m seeing. It looks like you gave up on yourself first. You always said that you’re nothing without her.” JK kicks Clark and the chair over. Clark breaks free. “I know I look like somebody else but I’m from a different place and in that place things are different. You and Martha were married, happy . . .and I was lucky because on the day of the meteor shower Lionel Luthor DIDN’T find me. You did. And you raised me as your son. Just untie me. If you don’t believe me then you’ll have a great story to tell Bill and Remy and the other guys down at the feed shop. Just let me show you one thing.”

Clark Luthor at the Ace of Clubs. He’s grinning and looking dapper in his suit. He spies Tess at the bar and it’s hunter prey. “Now this fits you perfectly.” Tess opens her mouth a couple of times and then states she’s not sure what to say. “As I recall, talking was never your strong suit.” He moves in for the kill, she puts her hand on his chest and just before their lips touch he goes for her neck. He has total control. Tess did not evade. He walks away to a table leaving her to stew.

Cluthor's sex object

Now seated at the table, the waiter pours Tess wine. Villains always get to wear the sexy sexy. Tess is very subdued. “Why did you out yourself to me?” Cluthor says she would have figured it out as if she didn’t know that for a fact. “Then I would have known.” Tess asks why he thinks she couldn’t hide it from him. “No,” he says paying more attention to the table cloth than her. “You get flustered around me, Tess. You have feelings for Clark Kent. If you were meeting him here, you wouldn’t be so nervous and you’d be in control.” Cluthor is pretty savvy. “Funny, I don’t feel out of control,” she says somewhat wobbily. Definitely not her usual balls of steel self. “It’s because you have a habit of lying to yourself.” Tess cannot reply because the waiter brings her order. Cluthor is having steak with mushrooms. He relaxes in his chair. He’s got her on the run. “I’m not the Tess you knew in your world.” Cluthor shakes his head. “Not entirely but I am looking forward to discovering the differences,” he grins as he picks up his steak knife. He’s menacing. “Your country crush. He doesn’t appreciate you as a partner, Tess. And certainly not as a woman.” He checks out her exposed cleavage. Tess is very low key. “What is it that you want?” He stares at her calculating. “You . . .and Dad. For different reasons of course.” Like a cat toying with a mouse to wear it down. She tells him if he’s going to take out Lionel, she won’t help him. “Yes, you will.” She can’t abide murder (really, not even if he kicks Lionel to death like you did in Season 8 to some guy). “He has a hold over us and you need someone to come in and save you. That’s what you want.” He knows he’s got her number. He grins. He scrutinizes. “I’m guessing you stay awake at night. Scared of nightmares.” (see LUTHOR) “Of being abandoned.” (see ABANDONED). “You picture the day you defeat him. I can give you that.” The camera doesn’t leave Tess’ reactions to his words. “And once Lionel is out of the picture, you can finally live the life you’re too afraid to dream about . . . with me. You’ve had a lot of second chances here, Tess. I’m only asking for the same.” He’s barking up the wrong tree there. Clark Kent is the distributor of second chances. He is this world’s hope. “People know about the meteor rock where I’m from. And they all know how to kill me. The whole world knows how to kill me there.” Hope Emil & Lois are working at superspeed to get our Clark back. “But here I can have a fresh start. I can enjoy all the things that this world has to offer.” Lois? “Without the attention because that was my mistake in the other world. This isn’t about us. Unfortunately, the situation here is kill or be killed.” Standard villain perspective. He slices through his steak to demonstrate his power. He calmly chews the meat. Tess is tallying his main points. “You’re offering me a life with you. But if I don’t help you, you’ll kill me.” Yep, that’s about it. This isn’t love in any way shape or form going on. He chuckles sardonically. “That’s certainly not my preference.” Yea, he’s had nookie with prostitutes – what would be the diff? A business exchange. Tess is powerless especially if she stands up for herself.

Back at the AU. Jonathan puts the green K into the standard lead box. Clark is free but the cops are on their way. Clark looks for something in the house. He finds the family shotgun hanging over a doorway. Jonathan backs away in fear he may get shot. Clark reverently holds the weapon in his hands. “This is Grandpa’s.” JK wants to know how he knew it was up there. “You kept it close when the coyotes came for the livestock. Look this may be hard for you to understand considering everything that’s happened to you in this world.” Clark sets the shotgun on a nearby table. “But you taught me so much. You taught me to be fair. . . and honest. You taught me the only person in control of your destiny is . . .” “You,” finishes the farmer. Clark gives him a grin. Jonathan thinks and then closes the lid on the lead box. “You were the man that I tried to live up to. You didn’t have powers and you didn’t have a destiny to save the world. But you were my hero,” he says putting a hand on a skittish JK’s shoulder. “I lost you.” AUJK is overcome with emotion. He sniffs and softly says, “You have to get out of here.” Clark assures him that he’s not living him. “You don’t even know me. I’m just a . . . obsessed man hanging on to a place as if memories could make up a lifetime. “ Clark tells JK, “This place isn’t your home. Martha is. It’s not the place. It’s the people in it. If Martha’s still here, you still have a chance. It’s better to risk everything, then hold onto nothing.” Boy, Clark had to learn that lesson the hard way. A teary eyed JK asks who told him that. “You did.” JK nods and then hears the sirens approaching. The cops are almost there. “You go to go. Goodbye. Good luck . . . Son.” They stare at one another as car doors open outside. Clark gives him a grin. They both step forward with open arms as Clark is illuminated and pulled back into our world. He’s screaming NOOO.

Clark hates leaving Jonathan

Mirror box quits glowing as Clark falls on the kitchen floor. Lois rushes to him as Emil breathes a sigh of relief. They hug each other as Lois says, “Thank God!” Clark is breathless. “He was right there, Lois. Standing right there.” He releases her. “Who?” she asks. Clark realizes it was Emil who brought him back. He grabs Lois. “Where’s Clark Luthor? I need to find him.” Seems like Clark Kent has a plan. YAY!

Luthorcorp. Cluthor is shoving Tess around with a tight grip on her arm. “In a few moments, we’ll both be free.” He pushes her away. Tess heads for the desk. Guys love this shot. They’re going to track nanobot infested Daddy Darkest. Tess tries to put him off, but he has every confidence in her abilities or so he says. As she types away, he circles the desk. “Pretty soon we’ll have all the time in the world.” I don’t think he’s talking eternal life here. Behind the chair he wraps his big evil paws around her neck. “What are you planning to do with him?” Really, Tess, you already know this. “Leave that to me.” He says as he squeezes with tight lips. He really wants to pop her head off her neck. “Now don’t tell me you’re actually wresting with the morality of whether or not the old bastard should die or not.” He’s holding her shoulder as if he could snap her spine any instant. “No,” she says wobbily. “Good” he says caressing her skin with the back of his fingers. There’s a squeak from the computer. She hands him a phone. “Follow the GPS. It will lead you right to him.” He takes it and grabs the back of her neck emphasizing he’s still in control. He’s pinching her. “I’ll be back. To start our new life together.” He superspeeds away to get what he’s been after the minute he set foot in our world.

Cluthor Brotherly Love

Tess with panicked breath begs the computer to change Lionel’s position. She reroutes it. Cluthor superspeeds in with a bottle of champagne in his hand. She stands at the desk. “Did you find him?” Her tone is placating. “Or did he elude us again?” Cluthor approaches the desk. He’s smiling. “It’s done.” When he sets the champagne bottle on the desk, he’s not smiling. With one hand he whisks the desk between them away. From a grin to a frown, he heads for her. “Now it’s time to celebrate.” He goes to kiss her and she turns her head away. He chuckles and says, “Really? I knew a Luthor would die tonight. And when you reprogrammed the tracker, I couldn’t find Lionel. So that leaves you.” He grabs her by the neck with one hand – something a Clark tends to do when he’s angry with Tess. Through the broken window much as Lionel in DESCENT, she hangs precariously above the city streets.

Cluthor looks at the street below. “You chose him over me, Tess.” Tess shakes her head. “He’s my father.” Uhh, not really. These characters that confuse themselves with their doppelgangers. Oy! “He’s our father. And no one knows what a monster he is more than me.” You can say that again! “And I thought you understood that?” Apparently she didn’t. “You said, you said that we could have a life together and in some twisted messed up way, it’s what I want . . .with you.” Really? Cause you’re really crushin on Clark Kent and not this guy who has no qualms about killing you if you don’t do what he says. “I can’t bear it but I do.” He stares into her eyes drawing her closer by the neck. “I couldn’t trust you. It’s too late.” Well, yea, she is a Luthor. They’re always conniving. Even Cluthor knows the truth. I’m screaming – Do it, you spineless wonder! But no. Our Clark comes in and saves her. Yea, we see him save Tess . . . but Lois this season . . not so much. Saves that we can see.

Cluthor realizes what just happened. He straightens his tailored made suit. “How good of you to join us.” Turning he sees our Clark, dressed in t-shirt, jeans and jacket. “I assume our damsel in distress is . . . “ Yep, just a pawn to him. “somewhere safe,” Clark finishes. “Of course,” says Cluthor with disdain. “And now that she’s out of the way . . .” Cluthor makes a running tackle at Clark shoving him through glass. It’s Smallville – gotta have glass breaking. And denting a wall. Cluthor starts taunting. “I guess without the darker side you’re no match for me.” Clark superspeeds out of the building as Cluthor flies. They both end up at the Fortress. I would have loved to hear Cluthor laughing at our Clark. Really? Running?

Fortress of Solitude Showdown

At the Fortress of Solitude, they bust through another wall. When they stand, our Clark is smiling. “Thanks for coming.” Cluthor is not impressed while twisting the pinky ring. “Well, I should have known. You took that beating a little too easily. I had one of these places in my world.” Clark informs him their birth father is there. Cluthor is amused. “This is nothing but a cold music box without the music. Don’t kid yourself.” Daddy Darkest had him convinced of that. “Lionel lied to you about him. Jor-El left us the wisdom of the universe. Lessons and guidance.” Cluthor is fighting the info. “You may have had your hand held, but I’ve made my way just fine.” Really? Being under Daddy’s thumb and having the world know your weakness to they could kill you? Bravado, much? Clark calls him on it. “You made yourself the most hated man in your world. But there’s still a chance for redemption for you.” Cluthor laughs in his face. “Redemption? Looks like the two of us have different preoccupations.” They circle one another. “I’m sorry you weren’t found by Jonathan and Martha Kent. The thing is you could have killed Tess in an instant, but something was holding you back. You can go to your world and show your people what you can give them. Change their minds.” Cluthor wants to know why Clark would believe in him. “Because I know you and Lionel’s not there anymore. You don’t need to be defined by your past. You can chose a different future.” They stare at one another. “Just trust me.” Clark steps back and cries out to Big Daddy J. The crystal console lights up and Clark Luthor is transported into his FOS. He walks up to the console. It no longer has Lionel’s electronic bindings. Still don’t know how he found a power source or digital that was cold resistant. As Cluthor stares at the console and then up into the sky. “Father?” The camera pans out to reveal the Fortress as we hear Jor-El say, “Welcome home, my son.” YAY!!! A Clark now has a seed of hope. He has a home.

Welcome Home, my Son!

Metropolis street at night. Tess and Emil are walking together. Emil has done the research and Clark is right about gold kryptonite exists. “It could take away his powers. . . for good.” Tess will get the team right on it. How many people are going to know about this? Really? “Anything else you want to tell me? . . I was inputting the surveillance data and I noticed you and Clark Luthor had quite the romantic dinner.” Tess doesn’t think it was romantic especially when she could have her neck snapped. “You looked tempted to me . . . by him. By his offer to make your father disappear for good. That’s not the Tess I know.” Tess confesses that maybe she’s not the person he thinks she is. “Maybe you are. Maybe you just don’t believe it yet.” He gives her a grin and leaves. Emil is so sweet!!! Tess, he’s the one!


Kent farm in the daylight. Clark is putting up firewood as he wears Jonathan’s coat and looks out at the farm. This is a fantastic shot and makes you want to cry – so many good memories in this place. Febre’s music is sublime. Lois comes out on the porch with two beers in her hands wearing one of Clark’s plaid shirts and Martha’s locket necklace. She’s never taken it off. “Admittedly I’m not Martha Kent so instead of lemonaid, you get the finest mircrobrew in Kansas.” He grins at her. She notices what he’s wearing. “Your Dad’s jacket? I’ve never seen you wear that before.” Clark looks at her and smiles at her. “It’s just a jacket.” She knows otherwise. “Kind of. Everything around here has memories attached to the place.” She opens and hands him a beer. “I don’t need things to remind me what I had here.” Taking his own advice. He looks out over the farm once again as Lois chuckles. She sits on the rattan bench. “Clark, it seems like something happened on the other side that really shook you up. What happened?” Two people in tuned to one another. Still not looking at her, Clark gulps. “Nothing. I was just trying to find my way back home.” We all know meeting AUJK shook him up. It seems getting back to Lois, his home, matter the most. “Not a bad home to come back to,” she says looking at the house. He turns and looks at Lois with love in his eyes. “You know I didn’t call that realtor.” Lois chuckles. “I know. Who could have guessed that when a deed switches hands that the ambulance chasers, well, the for-sale-sign chasers show up on your doorstep unannounced.” Clark grins at her. “It did shine some light on somethings we’ve been avoiding,” he says as he sits on the porch floor beside her. This is the same position he took at the end of LUTHOR only with Tess. Thus showing us which woman is his true heart’s desire. “With you at the Daily Planet most nights and me out patrolling. . . “ “The larger planet,” she adds. They smile at one another. “I guess I’ve . . Lois, I’ve been trying to hold onto things that used to protect me. This farm. My parents. I’ve known we should be moving to Metropolis for a while now.” SQUEE! More comfortable silence and non verbal exchanges. “I guess . . . I was afraid I’d lose myself if I let it all go.” Lois kneels down beside him. “Clark, I would never let that happen.” Not empty words. Clark continues to open up to her. “I’ve been worried that if we didn’t have this place to come home to that we’d lose each other.” Something that AUJonathan experienced, but Clark proved it wasn’t the place to his other world father. “This place grounds us. Maybe that was just an excuse for me not to . . . not to move on.” Totally different mindset and relationship than Season 7. “It’s not the place that makes the home,” he grins at her. Lois meets his gaze with a hum of acknowledgement. “Smallville is my home, Clark.” He gives her an inquisitive stare. “Not this one,” she says nodding at the farm. “This Smallville. Right here,” she says touching his heart. “You’re all I’ll ever need. And if you need to move to Metropolis because that’s who the world needs you to be . . .then a studio apartment with rusty pipes is just fine for me.” He grins. “In fact I think they invented an apple pie air freshner.” He gives her a sidewards glance and then a bigger grin. “I’ll call the realtor in the morning.” Lois lets out a held breath. “Okay.” They grin at one another as Lois puts her head on his shoulder and a hand on his chest. They stare out at the Kansas sky comfortably at home with one another.

Clark and Lois = HOME

AUJonathan has a piece of paper in his hand. He’s cleaned up his act. Leaves are falling. He stares at the name beside the door buzzer. MARTHA KENT. AUJK is going home. He presses the button awaiting his future.

Rating: 10 out of 10. The realtor scene could have been cut somewhat. Yes, I am sacrificing a Lois scene, but for the greater good. The two Clarks scene in the FOS could have been expanded and not seemed as rushed. Clark Luthor is on his way to becoming a true Clark/Kal-El. A near perfect episode. Definitely back on track storywise. Acting superb. Welling really can do it all. Durance brings such great moments with subtlety. Cassidy, Alessandro, and John gave it all texture.

Comments: Clark Luthor is going home to the destiny he was denied. With his acceptance of Jor-El as his father, he will save his world rather than destroy it with self destruction. He will be its hope. Jonathan Kent in the alternate world returns to the home he has so desperately missed, Martha. With love restored, he will be able to guide Clark as Jor-El had previously planned. Lois Lane in the alternate world innately knows she can trust a Clark – and who better to trust and love than a Clark that has reconciled to his destiny, restored with love and redeemed with hope which always dwells within him. Superman fans now have hope and that’s why we love this neverending story.

Importance of the Clark/Lois relationship:

If a Lois is alive in the same ‘world’ as a Clark expect them to be destined to intertwine. Throughout the many Crises in the comics, there has been a Lois Lane for a Clark and she is the catalyst for his role within the crises.

In 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, they was Earth 1 Kal-El/Superman/Clark and Lois Lane (continuity) and Earth 2 (Golden Age Superman featured in Superman Family comics during Silver Age) Kal-L/Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane Kent (they were married). This was the death of the multiverse, leaving only Earth 1. (See Crisis on Infinite Earths)

In Geoff Johns 2005’s, Infinite Crisis, it picks up where Crisis of Infinite Earths ended. Kal-L (Earth 2 Superman) wants to restore Earth 2 because his Lois is dying and he considers Earth 2 a perfect world. When his Lois dies, he fights Kal-El of Earth 1. Later Kal-L and Kal-El fight together to rid the world of Superboy Prime. Kal-L later dies in his cousin’s Power Girl’s arms with Lois’ name on his lips. Powerless Kal-El lives with his Earth 1 wife Lois Lane Kent, working as Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet. (see Up, Up and Away)

Within Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis of 2008, Superman Beyond 3D tells the story of Lois Lane Kent being mortally wounded by a bomb blast at the Daily Planet. Clark stays by her bedside giving her heart infrared massage to keep her alive. Time stands still between heartbeats when a mysterious woman from another world tells him the only way to save Lois is to leave with her. If her world dies, then all existence ceases. (Another case of saving the world to save Lois or vice versa.) She will reward Clark with the essence of life itself (AKA bleed) in order to save Lois. While dashing through the various Earths with the assistance of Overman of Earth 10, Captain Marvel of Earth 5, Ultraman of AntiMatter world and Captain Allen Adam of Earth 4 (all versions of Superman), Superman makes an enemy who warns ‘when all hope is lost I will return’. Throughout a grueling battle Lois’ name is on Superman’s lips. Eventually our hero is able to retain some “bleed” to bring Lois back from death. His hope and home.


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