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With the advent of the new 52 and the many DC interviews that ensued, I have decided to write a couple of articles regarding some disinformation about the Kent marriage, what current editorial has systematically done to Superman in his books for the last four years and whatever else I stumble upon.   Will I criticize the reboot, probably, but it will definitely be informative and I’ll do the research.  Like Lois and Clark, I like the facts.  The truth.

I’m especially enjoying George Perez’s run on the new 52 Superman book.  He’s giving us foundation for all the characters and the new 52 world.  Jesus Merino and Nicola Scott’s art is amazing.  Sometimes the story of what’s come before is in the artwork.  In issue 5, we see the connection and effect that Lois Lane has on Clark Kent/Superman.  Can’t wait for issue 6.

Unfortunately, Mr. Perez will not be continuing with the book.  He doesn’t really recognize this new 52 Superman.  But I thought he did a fantastic job of bridging the gap for fans from the old DCU to the new 52.  With issue 7,  Keith Giffen will be writing and Dan Jurgens will be doing art.  Since both of these veterans write and draw there’s probably a lot of collaboration of ideas — which means better stories for us.  Keith wrote on the 52 series and Dan was on one of the teams that gave us the Death of Superman and the Kent wedding.

Dan Jurgens loves these characters.  If you’d like to see him talk about them, check out the Superman Doomsday Special Features, Requiem and Rebirth.  It was a great time for comics.

This Sunday G2Factor will be discussing Superman #5.  There’s a live chatroom and streaming with downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe.

So check out the OSCK website for the new articles.  Enjoy.


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