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I love Superman.  I especially love Lois Lane.  And Post Crisis Clark Kent reminded me so much of the Golden Age and George Reeves character on Adventures of Superman tv series, that I loved him to death.

Clark and Lois are basically gone from the new 52 — yes, they are in the Superman book more than they are in Action but this is nothing new.  Clark and Lois were taken out of Superman and Action several years before the new 52.  WONK and Grounded anyone?  

So removing Clark and Lois from the narrative is nothing new.  In fact, I dare say DC Comics has been jonesing for this Superman Wonder Woman hookup for a long while.  First they had to prove the marriage was boring — see the mentioned story arcs.  WONK had no Clark and Lois at all.  Grounded had very little.  And a year ago, Didio said they had no writers to write a marriage.  That was evident.

Geoff Johns directed WONK in a meeting with Robinson & Rucka.  I don’t trust Geoff much, not since he had Lana Lang kiss a married Clark in a full page panel in Superman comics.  Even though he was Richard Donner’s assistant, he likes group books better than single heroes.  He wrote for the television series Smallville, one okay episode one good episode and one great episode.  Secret Origins was okay, even had some high notes.  He guided the Green Lantern movie which I liked, but it’s Hal & he’s just not my guy.  

His two compadres are even more untrustworthy — since they tell outright falsehoods to fit their agenda.  Didio is an antagonistic bully with no people skills and Lee says some pretty stupid shit about storylines and characters.

So where am I going with this?  Not sure.

Yes, I understand that the marriage had to go so they could write more stories about Superman since they didn’t have the writers to do it.  But what I don’t understand is changing Superman by taking away his Clark Kent upbringing.  Is DC trying to make Superman a total alien with no discernible memory of his human upbringing other than to mention them once in a while.  The new 52 Superman barely talks the talk and never walks the walk.  He’s a mere shell of himself.  Why?  No Clark.  If you have Clark then you have to have Lois — and the current regime at DC comics appear to think Lois is toxic.

OR – there’s something else going on.

Since the reboot, Clark and Lois have barely had any interaction.  So DC is not willing to have the infamous triangle for two story told right away.  So we get Superman and Wonder Woman hooking up in Justice League — probably the safest place for that experimentation since that relationship was never meant to be.  The promos wreak of elitist genetics and ooze with hormonal compatibility — but what about the heart, the soul, the mind?  

Johns has uplifted Aquaman’s status by telling good stories about a married couple who fight side by side.  Fine, you expect that from Orin and Mera — but Superman, especially, needs to relate to humans and Lois.

We get a lot of Krypton and Superman feeling ‘alienated’ simply because of the Supes Wondy tryst.  This is destroying the Superman books.  Why?  Wonder Woman gets to live her own life in her books.  Steve Trevor hasn’t dared to set foot in them.  

Is Lee making Superman into his Mister Majestic?  That character is basically Superman but without the moral code of not killing.  And he doesn’t deal with humans — he has a powerful girlfriend.  

So all these storylines are setting up for the Trinity War.  ho hum.  If it breaks up Supes Wondy, then bless it. I’m not a team story fan and I hate ‘crises’ which is now labeled a war.  

The 75th anniversary of Superman/Lois/Clark Kent is this Spring & the Man of Steel movie is in June.  Are we going to see the ‘slow burn’ relationship between Clark/Superman in the Superman book heat up for that?  There’s a rumor that Scott Snyder and Jim Lee (not my fav person right now) will be making a Man of Steel comic — I know it won’t match the movie, but will it have Clark and Lois in it?  

Lobdell sounds promising with his Superman ideas but will they let him cut loose so fans can appreciate what he’s doing especially with Clark Kent as journalist and Lois Lane as his partner in more ways than one.

Morrison is leaving Action but I have appreciated some of his nuggets of classic Superman and Lois in Action 12.  In 9 saw his warnings about what the corporation was doing to Superman. Grant leaves with 16 when there will be a lot of creator shifting around.  Andy Diggle has been picked to follow his run.  I don’t like writers for Superman to be picked, would rather they had some proposal for the character.  But maybe editorial wants a lemming to be their typewriter.  Hope not.  I hope he brings something to the Superman story involving all the supporting characters.

I’m hoping once Johns shows why Superman and Wonder Woman doesn’t work, they don’t.  Makes Steve Trevor a big hero — which is fine, I liked Steve Trevor in Justice League until Johns made Diana believe he was dead.  But since he’s still alive that will add an interesting angle to the Trinity War.  He’ll recapture Diana’s heart and Superman will realize he needs humans in his life so he can have a life.  He was raised human, I don’t get how that part of his Kryptonian brain has been scalpeled at the moment.  How much must he sacrifice to make the power couple work?

And I don’t like the Lois getting dumped when she never was dumped.  The promo for the power couple has been very damaging to all characters concerned.  

Creators are leaving DC at a rapid pace grumbling about last second changes, rewrites, concept re-dos.  Some have gone quietly, some snarling and kicking.  The creative process at DC is more like factory work with the production line being shut down frequently.  There doesn’t seem to be protection for creators from ‘unidentified, powerful sources’.  This breaks my heart — because I know most creators will do just that, create if there is a nurturing environment for the process.  

I wish DC would widen the audience.  Take a look at the latest moviegoing stats on mpaa.  Get into the 21st century already.  Be progressive.  Don’t let Marvel lead the way.  Copying their way won’t put DC in front.  They’ll always lag behind if they blame their non-success on the other guy. 

I don’t want my icons destroyed for a bump in book orders — doesn’t matter how many.  If you damage an icon, you’re killing your product and that means no money or love coming in.  You reap what you sow, DC.  That’s karma.  It’s a bitch and it will bite you in the ass if you don’t consider what your consumer wants.

People should consider if they love what they have on their pull list.  If they don’t like the story, then take the book off because you can always put it back on if the publisher actually does start writing a story you want to read.  Meantime, keep your money.  It’s your vote.  Use it wisely.  Show where your heart is.  If you just buy & don’t read or love a book — then you’re the publishers’ slave.  You be the master — comic reader– you have so much power, because the money comes from you.  It’s what they want, but don’t give it to them until they give you what you want first.

I really do love Smallville Season 11.  It’s a great book and treats Superman and his cast with respect and love.  Bryan Q Miller writes a multifaceted story and it’s amazing every single time.  The REAL Superman is in that book.  No question.  Plus Clark and Lois too. 

Superman Family Adventures is a wonderful book. I’m always laughing and smiling while reading it.  Not like the new 52 dreck.   If you want to have books on your pull list, put Smallville Season 11 and Superman Family Adventures on it — won’t have to wait for either of them to get better because they are already THE BEST!

I’m sorry if this reads like a clusterfuck but it’s influenced by the subject matter.








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