Yes, I’m still on this subject.  It’s where my heart is.  Deal with it!

The big promo for the power couple has brought out many falsehoods and broken many a Superman and/or a Wonder Woman fan’s heart.

Lee and Johns big promo for the power couple has taken away people’s hope.  Fight back!

1) Vote with your money.  If you have books on your pull list that you don’t enjoy, take them off.  That’s the only way DC Comics will understand how the fanbase feels.

2) Put books on your pull list that you do love the content like Superman Family Adventures and Smallville Season 11 (it’s digital first, too).  These are not new 52 and feature Classic Superman.

3) Write Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment and tell her why you think the power couple is a bad idea.

4) see #1

Some thoughts:

So if the power couple is the end-all for Superman and Wonder Woman.  What about their other books?  Superman, Action, Wonder Woman.  Is it just going to be about the power couple now?  Plus they may be adding a 3rd book for Superman this Spring or Summer.  Is it going to be power couple hentai or what?  Are there really THAT many stories to explore with the power hormoned ones?

Why keep Lois Lane and Steve Trevor alive?  DC has friged Lois so many times in the past year, she could be a popsicle crystal in the Fortress of Solitude.

Lobdell is still talking about Clark and Lois for the Superman book.  Here’s what he had to say at SDCC in July:

“I kind of see them as besties, where she might share a tub of Haagen Daas with Clark after having a fight with her boyfriend. A lot of relationships take a long time to happen, when you’re thinking of Clark and Lois you think of them as competitors, but I’m trying to reflect them in a more realistic way. Lois will be very much a part of Clark’s life, just not the only aspect of Clark’s love life.”

“So far, Superman has been about new characters, and now he [Lobdell] wants to do completely new versions of existing characters, treating them as if we’re seeing them for the first time. He’s also concentrating a lot on Clark. Traditionally he’s been shown as a bungling guy. Superman has everything he says analyzed all the time, so he’s guarded, so Clark Kent is going to be more like his id, the guy who doesn’t have to be so guarded and measured all the time, and he can actually have opinions. He’ll be much more honest. He jokes that he’ll be “sexier,” but says there isn’t any sex in it, but “the truth is sexy, so yes.”  Lobdell annoys everybody with his Superman enthusiasm at the office.”

Why have Clark Kent if the Superman in Justice League is basically Mr. Majestic (complete with collar) and doesn’t relate to humans?  What are Superman’s other books going to be about?  Why bother with a nine to five if you can’t relate to humans and you could be power screwing Wonder Woman?   If the books aren’t going to be about the power couple, then there’s an expiration date on the great hormonal hookup.

DC can’t flush 75 years of history from the minds and hearts of fans all over the world.  Who would they sell comics to?  They can however experiment.  See if there are some people who could be fans out there?  Garner interest of some kind.  Having Superman in a relationship without Lois is tricky since generations of people all over the world know that Lois Lane is his soulmate.

Steve Trevor is definitely back and especially in the Justice League book and apparently he will be leading the Justice League of America.  He’s not dead.  Diana thinks he is when she hooks up with wimp ass Clark.  (Smallville fans have seen this before — season 7.  It’s going to be hell.)

Then why all the Lois and Clark will never date stuff?  I remember what Jenette Kahn said about ‘torturing their readers’.  I trust those folks back then more than I trust the 3 currently running DC.   You’re not going to sell books unless you’re committed to the storyline.  But are they making it clear we can’t have it?  What do you do when something you love is taken away?  I fight like hell for it.  And maybe that’s what they want.  They want to shake up Clark and Lois fans (because they are two thirds of the triangle for two) and see their passion.  I say, let’s give it to them  Give them your ire.  Write letters and do steps 1 thru 4.  When a book starts writing what you want to read — add it to your pull list.  Support what you genuinely love.  DC can’t produce books month after month unless they know they have fans who love the characters.

Johns and Lee haven’t outright insulted Lois.   Just curbed her so they can let power couple play out.  That’s right.  Power couple will play out because of Superman and what is core to the character.  Wonder Woman may dump him when she realizes Steve is alive and they can be together, but hopefully (there’s that word again) they will allow Clark to be that alien raised as a Kansas farm boy.  Clark is driven by his heart.  Mega testosterone or not — Clark thinks with his heart first.  That means Lois.  Superman #1 of new 52 showed him dejected because he hadn’t realized she had a ‘boyfriend’.  And Dan Jurgens made the guy less of a jerk and a good journalist so Clark could see what Lois saw in the guy.

Johns developed a very endearing budding romance with Steve and Diana in Justice League.  Classic couples are the best.  Trevor had been missing from the landscape for almost 30 years.  Steve is not in Wonder Woman’s book.  I don’t see Johns destroying that relationship.

Grant Morrison in Action gave us some hope in #12 that he at least leans towards the classic pairing of Superman and Lois Lane.  The triangle for two offers so much more to explore than powers and hormones.  There’s Clark’s secret identity, his love of humans and Lois in particular.  Fighting crime in a cape and with glasses.  Seeking truth and justice.  It’s a beautiful love story of an alien raised by humans who wants to preserve precious life and enjoy the life he has.

Let’s hope DC Comics handles the retelling better than the tabloid sleaze of the power couple promo.


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