One of my heroes in the comic book world right now is Bryan Q. Miller, author of SMALLVILLE SEASON 11.  His book is the absolute best in bringing back the joy of reading comic books, particularly about Superman.  Last week he tweeted this gem: “Dear internet: “Bullship” – [n. a relationship in genre one believes is contrived and/or false.] You are welcome.”  THAT got retweeted quite a bit.  The new power couple (Supes/Wondy) in the new 52 is definitely BULLSHIP!

But why the hookup (besides all the reasons stated for the reboot)?  Because Clark is not himself.  This has been driven into Superman fans heads since Superman #1.  We’re not sure who Clark is since there’s been a reboot.  And apparently George Perez was micromanaged and kept uninformed about what happened in Clark’s past (Action) for him to even know who this new 52 Superman is.

What G2Factor has been asking for a year:  “Where is the hope in the new 52?”  It certainly isn’t embodied by Superman.  After the power hookup promo, we got a few more clues.

The guardian of the new 52 universe is Pandora.  We all know the story of the curious girl who opened the box and let all the evil and muck into the world.  But how many know what was in the bottom of the box?   HOPE.  In Justice League #0, Pandora wants to open the box to put the evil back in.  The Wizard tells her — not happening, but there is great power still inside the box, but only the STRONGEST OF HEART OR THE DARKEST can open it.  He disappears before he can tell her who those candidates might be.

Clark Kent/Superman usually leads with his heart.  He loves people.  So who’s that sitting on top of the Lincoln Memorial?  A Superman with no hope.  At SDCC 2011, Dan Didio told us that Superman would be alienated and be without human tethers.  Since he was still raised by the Kents and worked with Lois Lane at the Daily planet for five years, how is that possible?  Clark’s story in Action, Superman, and Justice League has been riddled with villains with powers that could make his life path topsy turvy.  Time travelers, 5th dimensional magical beings, Daemonites who can alter reality, an army of Anti-Supermen who used to live in the Phantom Zone, a kryptonite bullet with a tesseract space inside his brain, Darkseid, tortured by DeSaad and Steppenwolf,  a run in with the Key, lesser gods who work on emotions of loss and loneliness — it’s no wonder we don’t recognize our hero.  For the past year, he’s been through a gauntlet.  He probably doesn’t know who he is either at this point.

In Action, we’ve gotten hints that something happened to the Kents that he may perceive as his fault (5th dimension evil at work, seeking him out, hurting his loved ones).  Perhaps even Lana Lang was hurt — and so later he decides to hold Lois Lane at arm’s length in order to keep her from harm and danger.  (Much as Diana decided to ‘save’ Steve Trevor in Justice League #12)

Those crazy humans, Lois Lane and Steve Trevor, will be in danger whether or not a superbeing is in their lives or not.  It’s THEIR life.  They’re going to live it.  And that’s what Superman and Wonder Woman have to learn.  Choosing to be with someone because they are invulnerable and can’t be ‘harmed’ isn’t a safe bet.  Superman and Wonder Woman are two beings who have chosen not to take emotional risk.  The only problem with that — it’s not living.  Superman does have his weaknesses — like magic and the supernatural.  Diana is now the daughter of a god — and her world is filled with supernatural beings, some of which are enemies.  See Justice League covers #13 and #14.  Will Diana realize that even Superman can be harmed (especially in her world)?  So what does that leave her besides more self-inflicted guilt?  Best to follow her heart — and let Steve live his life as he chooses.  She doesn’t have to be alone.

Lois Lane has always inspired Superman.  She is the best of humanity.  Her drive, Chutzpah and tenacity reminds him to move forward and not cling to the past.  Again in the new 52, Lois will reteach Superman these valuable lessons.  Clark and Lois have a love for truth and justice using the written word to be a beacon for the world.  And if Lobdell keeps what George Perez told us about Lois knowing the secret — then secrets and lies are not going to be a problem.  This puts a new slant on the triangle for two.  It will be Clark’s responsibility.  Lois has already shown she supports the alien journalist no matter what clothes he’s wearing.  She won’t be chasing him as she did in the Silver Age.   That’s not the relationship that had been set up in the books and according to Scott Lobdell, he sees them as besties.  Also on his facebook, he said not to ignore what Perez had put in the book about Lois knowing the secret. In the Superman book, Lois has saved Superman multiple times.  He was the ‘damsel in distress.’

I believe that while the hookup is going on, Action and Superman will be developing the triangle for two at the friend, confidante, bestie stage.  The hookup may be addressed in those books since it is a ‘reality’ in that world.  But since Lois knows the secret, she may be happy for Clark that he has finally found someone to relate to.  But Johns said that the dating process for the bullship would not be without its problems.  Having Clark Kent and Lois talk about their ‘other’ relationships (probably not mentioning Diana’s name) they may find that they truly aren’t that into those other people.

With the power hookup, Johns is literally taking the character that inspires hope and is making him a party in instilling mistrust and fear throughout the universe.  Clark would definitely be uncomfortable about this and would do everything in his power to dispel this notion.  This break down using mistrust and fear will release the rebuild.  There is no Trinity in the new 52.  There’s barely a Justice League.  The power hookup will definitely exacerbate Batman’s trust issues especially since he and Clark were friends.  In Action #12, Bats encouraged Superman to get his Clark Kent identity back so he could be a hero as a journalist, too.  This is the same issue that Superman frantically saved Lois Lane’s life performing surgery on her.  Batman may be aware of Ms. Lane — he does basically know everything.  So the Trinity needs to be built.

Steve Trevor is probably the King Arthur figure in this new Camelot.  He believes that being right makes you powerful.  Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple may be perceived to believe that their might makes them right.   The Justice League of America formed by Steve Trevor has Catwoman, Katana and Green Arrow on it.  These characters have Batman connections.  So it is conceivable that Batman has funded another team (because of the power couple and the mistrust) with Trevor leading it.  Graves (villain) said that the key to the Justice League was Steve Trevor.  He wasn’t wrong.  But it was Batman who said Steve Trevor was the Justice League.  You can see why Batman would want another team to provide protection for the universe since the Justice League is going to hell.

If Trevor is Arthur then Diana is Gwen and Superman is Lancelot.  Their hookup was one of the factors in bringing down Camelot.  Steve Trevor is a soldier/warrior.  It’s what he does.  He defends the universe with what he has, same as Diana.  Same with Lois, using her mind, heart, spirit to fight for right.  These are the things that makes her an exceptional being to Clark.

Martian Manhunter (who also knows everything) was rejected by the Justice League (as was Ollie) as a member.  He, Hawkman, Stargirl, Vibe, and Baz (new Green Lantern) will form the Justice League of America.   Shazam will be joining the Justice League in #13.  Apparently there is open recruitment which may not be a good thing, especially without Trevor to supervise.  In JL #15 and #16, Aquaman is another person who ‘rejects’ Batman’s leadership.  There is going to be a battle with ‘the Others’.  So maybe by February, we’ll see the new JLA and things will start to move quickly.

Clark can’t be Superman 24/7.  He loves being with humans and relating to them too much.  (Superman Annual #1 & he particularly misses Lois)  It’s what makes his character so beloved.  His dual identity.  It layers him as a character and gives him more stories to be told.  It’s about the ordinary being extraordinary.  It’s about hope and following your heart.  Superman’s story allows us to aspire.  To be better.

Lois Lane has been the key for Superman in all the crises.  Perhaps Johns will allow her to have that same role in the Trinity War.  In his Smallville sojourn, Johns had J’onn say this in ABSOLUTE JUSTICE.  “Hope for the future. Humanity’s capacity for violence is great, but their capacity for hope is greater than any other I’ve ever encountered.”    Lois could conceivable be the spark of hope for Clark to inspire him to open the box and release hope to the world.

Pandora’s box could be the ‘holy grail’ of the story — Batman apparently can’t open it since he has it strapped to his back in the Free Comic Book Day issue.  The holy grail was not only the search for a relic, but also the search for what you had inside your soul.  Superman may follow his heart and find his soulmate so he can open the box for the universe.  The Strongest Heart.

After the Trinity War, the 75th anniversary of the creation of Superman/Lois Lane/Clark Kent and also the Man of Steel movie.

The mention of Darkseid capturing Superman to build an army to find his daughter in Justice League and the arrival of Orion in Wonder Woman’s book could mean that the Fourth World will visit.  This will again bring fear, hopelessness and mistrust back into the universe from another sector.  I always wanted to see a huge fight between Earth’s gods and the New Gods.

Not sure if I’ve got any of this right, but it helps me . . . to have hope.


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