Going over the order numbers for comic books from August and September gives us a new prospective on the Power Couple promo on August 22nd.

Let’s just compare the two top DC Comics’ books, Batman and Justice League.

Batman: ( Aug #12)  125,249 +  (Sept #0) 156,561 = 281,810

Justice League: (Aug #12) 120,796 + (Sept 2nd print) 40,439 + (Sept #0) 125,868 = 287,103

Batman still rules the order charts as this book was the top DC Comics book  for both months.

The difference between Batman & Justice League (with multiple printings of #12) is 5,293.  At $3.99 a book, Justice League only brought in $21,119 more than the monthly Batman book.   (Plus, the reprint of JL12 may have affected #0 orders of Justice League – that bump wasn’t as substantial as the other top DC Comics books).

Consider the cost of the promotion of the Power Couple.  Getting match.com to do the profiles, contacting the media and reprinting with a new cover.  Does $21,119 even begin to pay for that?  Is $21,119 worth damaging the icons?

True, digital numbers are not included in these stats, but considering a digital-first like Smallville Season 11 at a $0.99 price point usually beats $3.99 books week after week using dollar amounts, how many digitals could DC Comics have sold of Justice League #12 (without 2nd print cover) or #0?  Surely not enough money to pay for the promotion, etc.

On September 28th, DC Comics had a poll on their facebook page asking several questions, but they also left the poll open to include items from fans.  Within 24 hours the poll was taken down.  Bleeding Cool was able to get a snapshot of it. Notice the 3rd from the end item.  Make an ongoing about Superman doing Wonder Woman in different sex positions

This item is not so far fetched an idea especially since the promo had Superman and Wonder Woman’s physiological compatibility emphasized and match.com stressed their hormones.   Shades of ‘Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex’?  Definitely.  Blogs on August 22nd went for the sexual connotations which seemed to be encouraged by DC Comics.  Readers got the exploding Lois Lane uterus stories, etc.  (Despite the fact that Clark and Lois were married for 15 years previous to the new 52 and had a very active sex life.)  Made for a great day in the fandom.  Not really.

So five weeks later, the potential status quo of the power couple promo still stood in the minds of some fans.  Yea, DC, why not have a power couple hentai book?  No story – just pretty pictures of sexual positions.  Isn’t that what the covers of Justice League #12 (without Aquaman on it) were  about?

True, people do buy books for their covers and not the story inside.  Comic book companies depend on this!  Variant covers, anyone?  But from the numbers shown above, it’s not necessarily what will sell a book consistently.  Especially if a reader doesn’t like what is teased on the cover, no matter how pretty it is.

The story is the key to consistent success.  And if the hentai crowd had bothered to read the story in Justice League 12 and Justice League International Annual #1, then they would know what the kiss meant to the DC Universe.  It’s not good, completely destructive, so how can it be good for the two characters involved?

I don’t know that DC removed the poll because of the hard porn comment or not.  Maybe they were upset with the top several items with the most votes.  The new 52 is confusing and frustrating.   When you have Batman talking about hope (#13) and Phantom Stranger with a wife and kids (#1), but Clark Kent/Superman has no family, can’t relate to humans, feels alienated and never mentions the word, hope – it just feels like an alternate universe that’s about to implode, especially to Superman fans.  Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on their part?  They’ve been asked to play a waiting game for over a year (3 years if you include WONK and Grounded) – we just want our Superman back.  The one who is the embodiment and inspiration for hope.  The guy we can count on.

Andy Diggle will be writing Action Comics beginning with #18 (March) and Scott Lobdell’s anticipated Superman #13 will be out in a few weeks.  Both of these writers have talked about developing Clark Kent and Lois Lane, separately and together in a burgeoning relationship.    As fans, we hope this comes to fruition and prominence soon.

Wonder Woman is being tossed into the historically established triangle-for-two.  Thus making it a rhomboid, not a triangle.  And if you throw Steve Trevor into the mix, that makes it a pentagon.   I wouldn’t discount Trevor as he has been a motivating force in Diana’s life as presented in Justice League.  And he will be returning in Justice League of America.

The phrase “giving everyone their fair share” is not being done in the new 52 as far as the bullship is concerned.  Wonder Woman in her own book will not be affected by the power couple storyline.  But Superman and Action will have to deal with the JL stunt apparently.  DC has hidden (5 year gap) and postponed Clark’s relationship with Lois Lane for a year for the bullship (not to mention obliterating his marriage to her for the new 52) – and now we have to wait even longer until the stunt storyline ends.

Haven’t Superman fans been through enough?  There’s torturing the fans and poking at sacred cows – and then there’s also discouraging and disgusting people from reading the books and slaughtering the sacred cows.  Can fans trust DC Comics to know the difference when it comes to the Man of Tomorrow?  People need hope – Superman fans especially.

Tonight, we may hear about a new Superman book at NYCC.  Let’s hope we can see the light at the end of the new 52 dark and dreary tunnel.


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  1. wwayne replied:

    I really like JL character Cyborg. I do suggest you to read his best story arc ever: http://www.dccomics.com/graphic-novels/titans-vol-3-fractured.

    • baudyhallee replied:

      Thanks for the recommendation, wwayne. I’m a little worried about Cyborg since he has Apokoliptian tech and is worried that he has lost his humanness. The Trinity War 4 page spread in FCBD book concerns me.

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