After Reading Superman #13 . . .

I’m sticking to what I said in my previous article after reading Superman #13.

Right now this is what I think is happening in an overview of the story.

Clark and Lois are giving the other a kick in the ass/wakeup call as only those two can.  Lois has stated she wanted to keep the integrity of the DP intact despite Edge, but with the list of stories she has done, it seems as if she’s allowing the infotainment to creep in.  Hopefully Clark’s leaving will show her that she needs to start fighting for the true Fourth Estate.  Clark just got hit by an emotional 2×4.  Lois is moving in (with someone else) and moving on.  Why he never made a move in 5 years while being with Lois is a mystery — maybe it will be explained by something in the past.  He THINKS he’s moved on from his feelings regarding Lois, but obviously he hasn’t.  It bothers him A LOT!  He’s not following or thinking with his heart – as Superman has done in past incarnations.  He’s angry at the moment, probably about  a lot of things where Lois is concerned and how he never made a move.

As a side note, I like Clark pining for Lois and what he could have had, had he been brave enough to damn the circumstances and full speed ahead.

What some people have seen as Clark/Superman being creepy with women, I see as him not being heroic.  Ironic!  Is Superman not brave enough to follow his heart?  Or is he just ignorant of the concept of dating?

Clark hasn’t taken emotional risk — and this is also reflected in Justice League.  Superman and Wonder Woman are not willing to risk emotionally with the ‘fragile’ humans, thinking that being with someone invulnerable will keep their hearts safe from pain.  When you’re talking about the heart, that logic just doesn’t stand up.  The invulnerable have weaknesses, too.  And life is full of pain whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.  If you’re alive, you have to deal with pain.  Both Lois and Steve Trevor seem to be risking emotionally at the moment but not the power couple.  This may be part of future storylines as well.  Humans showing the powerful how to pursue their heart’s desire.

As far as ‘spying’ on Lois — she was texting in front of Perry which Clark knew was a complete no-no.  His curiosity got the better of him since Lois would never break that rule.  (He knows her so well.)  He did not like doing it, but he did — and probably was sorry he did because of what he found out.

It’s interesting how Clark uses powers at some moments and not others (Jimmy in the shower) in this issue.   Don’t be surprised if Clark loses his roommate.  Rich kid surely has gotten rid of the bedbugs by now.

I’m waiting to see the confrontation between Clark and Lois in #14.  Lois wants to know why he left and this might bring out what each has to work on.   Nothing is going to be settled in one issue obviously, but it may indicate what we will see in the following months.

This is all to keep them apart. Yes.  But it does show character growth.  Clark’s journalism as the ‘other identity’  will be evident.  Lois may have a story apart from Superman/Clark where she is a champion for the truth and real news within the corporation.   And while that is going on and all the battles in multiple books, Clark and Lois may find where their hearts truly desire to be.

I’m thinking of this as the period where Clark and Lois can’t stay away from one another despite reasoning, battles, news stories, and interference from God knows what.  They will find a way to keep in touch.  (They’re supposedly besties.)  Because in order to develop the triangle-for-two they are going to have to make an effort to seek each other out.  Relationships are work even when you love someone.  You have to put forth effort — and this apparently, is something Clark needs to learn.   And in the past, we have seen these two work together to solve their problems.

These are early days in the development of the characters and their story.  Part of their history hasn’t been presented yet – the five years in Action, which may be bridged by issue #17 in January.  Stories within that time period can be visited as Clark and Lois’ stories develop in the present timeline.  I still would love to see their first meetings –  Lois/Clark and Lois/Superman.

PS.  Strange thing to mention.  I did not like the ‘fact’ that Clark cannot feel hot showers.  Really?  Those were some of my favorite panels in the past.  I would like this explained – so he’s numb to any sensation at all?


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  1. Mary replied:

    Since when does Lois Lane need Clark to remind her of how important truth is?

    Holli, this was straight up character assasination. And I see zero evidence here that they are going to do anything with the Triangle. They did this to get Lois out of the way for the Supes/WW thing.

    I think you are optimistic but that you are going to be crushed by this. There was absolutely nothing in this book to be hopeful about.

    Horrible book. I gave it a chance and now I’m dropping it.

    • baudyhallee replied:

      Thanks for the comment, Mary.

      I’ve been wrong (and crushed) before but I’m tentatively hopeful. As I said I’ll have to see what happens in #14.

      I’m finding they are portraying Clark and Lois as realistic. People do sometimes need to be reminded. It’s not a crime. Lois Lane is not the icon yet, they’re still building her. Clark still has a thing or two to learn about life, love, and his feelings. He has some good moments of introspection (although hurried) in the issue.

      Key question: “Am I being a hypocrit?” Answer: yes.

      Lois is definitely not out of the way. Not with how Clark reacted to that text msg. Are they going to put Clark and Lois together right away . . .nope. But this is a building of their relationship. Now that the bullship has been announced, I think they will be building Clois while Clark figures out stuff for Justice League. And the bullship is not going to last forever. It may be over before the untitled book comes out in the Spring as well as Man of Steel in June. Andy Diggle seemed shocked about a question regarding him writing the power couple. He starts in Action #18 in March and Steve Trevor shows up in JLA in Jan — so maybe the bullship will be done & dusted by then. There is no Trinity to fight together if Superman and Wonder Woman still have an ‘alliance’ other than friendship.

      I wondered who the next woman they would throw at Clark after Diana. It’ll be Cat, but I only see that as a friendship too since he has feelings for Lois — and has tried to ‘reason’ his way into a relationship with Diana. I have no doubt that Clark and Diana will be friends (as in the past). She does not have a secret identity and doesn’t understand why he does. Cat doesn’t know about him being Superman. He has related to Lois both as Superman and Clark (and she knows the secret even though he doesn’t know she knows).

      Important points:
      Clark has strong feelings for Lois — enough to make him think that he hasn’t moved on emotionally — the next step will be what is he going to do about it.
      Lois has been fighting for the truth under the Daily Planet banner for at least five years. Clark’s leaving may be the event that makes her truly examine what Edge is doing to the DP.
      Clark and Lois both have been in their own bubbles — well now, those bubbles are burst.
      Lois will be giving Clark the riot act in #14. I want to see what gets said and thought before I go jumping to conclusions.

      I have dropped books before. I can do it again. If I find DC is baiting me — then I’ll walk away. In the meantime, I’ll remain tentatively hopeful.

      Thanks again.

  2. Slade replied:

    I have to agree with Mary. DC is in overdrive with this Clark/Diana thing and I don’t see them letting up on it any time soon. Please stop letting them exploit the love you have for your favorite characters. Drop the book.

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