It is with heavy heart, that I admit defeat.  DC Comics has slain the minuscule amount of hope I have coveted for new 52 Clark to become the Superman generations have loved for 75 years.  Not having the human influence presented in his life is turning him into an unsupermanly hero.   And I signed up to read/buy Superman.

The saddest thing in the world is a Superman fan with no hope.  And worse, a Superman who does not inspire hope or encourage his human readers to aspire.  We find the new 52 Superman to be an emotional coward who takes no responsibility for his feelings.  He’s a mess.  At 27 years of age, he should have some modicum of maturity, control of his powers, and a relationship with humans (particularly Lois) he has lived with for five years.  Matt Idelson has stated that Clark doesn’t know who he is and after reading the new 52 books for 15 months — neither do we.  It’s not even a journey or a growth process, it’s tossing caca against the wall to see what sticks.

G2Factor and I have decided to only promote Smallville Season 11 and Superman Family Adventures as we find these to be excellent versions of who Superman is.  What will this mean to us and our listeners?  We will be performing a public service of monitoring the Superman stories in the new 52 to see if DC will allow the writers to inspire and aspire with their creativity.  I feel DC has their boot heel on the neck of writers and artists where Superman is concerned.

From now on, G2Factor will promote PINE WITHOUT PAYING.  We encourage fans NOT to buy the new 52 books:  Superman, Action, Justice League, etc.  Also, we want everyone to write DC Comics, particularly Diane Nelson, to respectfully express their views on what is happening to the Man of Steel and how that is affecting you as a consumer of Superman products.

Matt Idelson said they wanted fans to pine with intensity for the Clark and Lois couple, so that the characters could be written together again.  Why waste time, right?  We feel that way now especially with the 75th anniversary approaching in the Spring.  Inform DC Comics of how you feel.  Let them know you won’t allow them to hold your characters or money hostage.   We’re not going to continue to hope with just a mere dangling carrot.  We know that ploy and we’re not buying it.

If G2Factor finds the tide is turning for our hero, we will inform our listeners.  You can decide if you want to buy the issue or not.  Join us on Sundays for our research and opinion.  DC Comics is going to have to prove they know who Superman is and what his fans will tolerate to relinquish their money.

Sunday, November 18th, G2Factor will discuss Smallville Season 11 digital #22.  November marks the end of the DETECTIVE episode and we will miss this very exciting story.  Print issue #6 in October gained in order numbers, so THE LITTLE COMIC THAT COULD IS DOING IT!!!  Superman lives in Bryan Q Miller’s SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 and Baltazar’s & Franco’s SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES.


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