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First a quote from one of the best characters DC Comics has, but treats like she’s toxic.

“I’m a reporter. Asking questions is in my blood.”Lois Lane, Smallville, Season 9 Pandora episode

In Justice League 14, we see the fauxmance kiss from a different perspective.

The bug is not bat shaped and it looks as if someone or a camera is seeing this from a farmhouse window. Could it be that Batman didn’t put the bug on Clark? Could it have been someone in the diner?

Final panel is this —

Batman appears to be in the Batcave watching this. Could someone be sending him this information?

The reason I ask these questions is because the following things have happened.  You have to look at the new 52 reboot especially in Justice League, Justice League International (now gone), Justice League Dark and soon to be Justice League of America as a precursor to their big event — Trinity War (sad but true).   This stance has proven to affect Superman’s books Action and Superman as well as his character development.  Wonder Woman’s book is not affected by these storylines.

We know that Brother Eye exists and that Batman found out it had been reprogrammed out of his control in Justice League Annual #1

This is the same issue written by Geoff Johns and Dan Didio where this happened.  Future Booster comes back to the present (his past) to warn Present Booster  —

Note:  Justice League of America hadn’t been formed yet — but Future Booster knows they will be.  Readers can see that first issue in Febuary, 2013.

Future Booster’s time is limited as he is being chased by Rip Hunter.  And before he can finish his message, he mentions someone he shouldn’t have trusted and then disappears.  Could that person be the one now feeding Batman information?

Present Booster sees the bullship kiss in JL12.

Before he can take another breath, Present Booster is ripped out of the timeline.  Johns has told us that Booster will return soon.

Also consider this, it was in the JL12 issue after the kiss.

Amanda Waller visits David Graves in Belle Reeve Prison (that’s right, the same place where Cheetah is) and asks him to strategize how to destroy the Justice League.  He begins to write the Villain’s Journey.  (And is putting all these Supervillains in the same place a good idea???)

In JL12, Graves unleashed parasitic lesser gods that fed off the loneliness, fear, and grief of the living.  That’s why it brought forth all the dead relatives, Cyborg’s former self, and Steve Trevor (who Graves had imprisoned and thought was dead).  Trevor saved the JL’s asses in that issue.  But Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman were still infected by the parasites.  Superman realized they were magic because his heat vision was ineffective against them.  Orin managed to smash them with his trident.

Of the “Trinity” (which hasn’t been formed yet) who is most capable of handling loneliness, fear and grief = Batman.  Superman and Wonder Woman, not so much.  So the parasites may still be doing their dirty work. Which may be the only way to make the bullship work without damaging the icons.  Superman would never pursue a romantic relationship with anyone if he has strong feelings for Lois Lane.  Editorial and the books have stated he does have strong feelings for Lois and that she is unattainable (rolling my eyes).  The whammied excuse is probably being played out in this fauxmance.

The bullship is based on fear and loneliness.  Diana fired Steve Trevor as the Justice League’s liaison.  Batman is the leader of the JL, so she had no authority to do so.  She did it in order to protect Steve since he is human and fears he will be hurt — because of her.  So the fauxmance was born from emotional cowardice and not following their heart’s desires.  Diana/Steve.  Clark/Lois.  Plus there’s always Graves’ parasites at work.

Steve Trevor is a big deal.  He has played a (major) role in every book with the words Justice League in the title — that includes February’s Justice League of America.  Trevor is the key.

Then there’s this:

The fauxmance was not mentioned in Superman’s (Kal-El’s) #0 Who’s Who, but it is mentioned in Wonder Woman’s.  This is strange since the bullship is not effecting her book at all.  Superman’s yes, hers no.  But notice what it says about mere mortals fearing the powerful union.

This raises the question:  The person who may be feeding Batman this information — could they release it to the world?  If Batman were spying on his teammates, he wouldn’t release it to the world.  As a leader, he would handle it within the confines of the Justice League — but obviously the news gets out to the public.  This will serve to create fear and mistrust in regards to Superman and Wonder Woman.  And Superman will never be able to inspire hope when that happens.  And maybe this is one of the deciding factors that the relationship will bloom into the great friendship Superman and Wonder Woman have always had.  Not romantic.  As Wonder Woman stated in the past DCU, “It is possible for a man and a woman to be friends.”

What does Batman do with this information?  My guess is, he calls Steve Trevor and the Justice League of America is born.  Batman was not happy with Diana taking it upon herself to fire Trevor.  Batman stated in JL that Trevor was the Justice League.

Why is this important?  Steve Trevor, human warrior, has been Diana’s motivation in Justice League.  Johns has brought him back from ‘the dead’ and soundly into the new 52 universe.

And there’s many factions that want to see the destruction of the Justice League.


November 26, 2012. BaudyBlahBlahBlah.

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