Who is Eddie Berganza and Should Superman Fans Get Their Hopes Up?

I’ve gotten this question a lot this week after Bleeding Cool’s blog about it.  G2Factor has been monitoring this since June.  So here’s some history:

Eddie Berganza was Superman Editor from 1999 to 2006, just before Infinite Crisis.  During the 2010 power shift at DC Comics, Bob Harras (formerly of Marvel & Jim Lee’s Wildstorm) was made VP Editor in Chief in September, 2010.  The infamous reboot “writer’s retreat” happened the following month.  In December, 2010 Berganza was made Executive Editor, but in April, 2012 (this year), he was demoted to Group Editor due to “indescretions.”  By June, 2012, his name began appearing on issues of Superman as an editor.

Here is a partial history of his editorial work as it relates to Superman.  I’ve separated it out by who was his boss.

Under Mike Carlin, DCU Executive Editor

Berganza began as Superman Editor December 1999 issues – Books included monthly Action, Adventures of Superman, Man of Steel, Superman v2, and the last quarterly Man of Tomorrow #15.  (4-5 books)

Some of the stories Berganza edited:

“King of the World” Dominus takes over Superman and tries to rule the world

“Who is Mrs. Superman?”  Clark forgot to take his wedding ring off when he changed into his Superman garb.

Action 761 – Immortal Beloved – Superman & Wonder Woman fight in Valhalla for 1,000 years.  Superman remains true to his love for Lois.

Parasite as Lois story played out in Superman v2 and Action ending in the Search for Lois Action # 766, featuring Superman/Batman.

Critical Condition  Superman/Clark deals with a kryptonite nanobot in his body

Emporer Joker

President Lex

Satanus takes Superman’s soul in exchange for Metropolis

Joe Kelly’s What’s So Funny about Truth, Justice, and the American Way AKA Superman vs the Elite – Action #775

Clark & Lois “Return to Krypton”

“The Ring” crossover – Batman and Lois go to Luthor’s White House to retrieve the kryptonite ring.  Clark stops them

The Infestation – Lois is infected by Viroxx.  Superman has to save Earth and his wife

Our Worlds At War

Joker Last Laugh

Under Dan Didio, DCU Executive Editor (2002)

(eleven year practice of placing a Triangle/Shield Number on the cover of Superman comics ends.  This had allowed readers to follow a story when it went from book to book.)

Superman goes to a psychiatrist

Clark and Lois are separated because of what happened during Worlds of War when  Superman saved Wonder Woman instead of General Sam Lane (his father-in-law).

Superman goes to Japan

The Secret – Lois tries to expose Lex’s foreknowledge of “Our World at War” and he calls in his IOU – Lois tells Clark so he exposes Luthor’s involvement

Pantheon – Lois becomes the Goddess of Integrity. Wonder Woman enables Lois to return to normal

Some good one shots of Clark going to his Smallville Homecoming dance & he and Lois investigating a missing man who sold Clark his paper every morning.

Return to Krypton II

More one shots – about a policeman named Wit and Clark being tested by the Quintessence

Ending Battle — while Lex Luthor knows the secret, it isn’t him who is attacking all of Superman and Clark’s friends. Manchester Black gets involved to torture Lois.

One shot about Superman and a cancer patient.

Lost Hearts – Married Lana kisses married Clark when roofied by monsters.  Geoff Johns got in on this one.

Clark didn’t officially work for the DP since he was undercover working for Perry to get Luthor.

(Another book down – Superman: Man of Steel cancelled)

Heroville and the Hollow Men – an author’s fiction comes to life to rob Superman of his inspiration, hope and belief.  (Just like the new 52!!!)

Cir-El, the new Supergirl

Godfall – where Superman forgets his real life while under the control of a goddess in the Bottle of Kandor

For Tomorrow

Lois is an embedded journalist in UMEC

Road to Ruin – remember Ending Battle?

Superman’s fortress in the Amazon jungle

Strange Attractors

Sacrifice – Wonder Woman kills Maxwell Lord

OMACs & Brother Eye

Death of Mxy

(Last issue of Adventures of Superman #649 April, 2006 – Berganza listed as Exiting Editor)

INFINITE CRISIS – one of many crises under the Didio next-5-year regime.

Only two books remain:  Action and Superman

Matt Idelson, former Batman Group Editor, now Superman Editor (2006) under Dan Didio, Executive Editor

One Year Later

Another woman from Clark’s dating past – Callie

Last Son – Clark and Lois adopt Zod’s son

Lana returns as the Insect Queen


Cat Grant returns to the DP & Jonathan Kent dies

New Krypton/World of New Krypton (WONK) – where Kal-El leaves his life as Superman and Clark Kent to live with 100,000 of his species on their new planet. Never to think of his loved ones again.  Not any marriage here.

(Superman leaves both of his books (2009), Action and Superman, to deal with World of New Krypton.  He was missing a year in Superman book and two years in Action comics)

Grounded – Superman decides to leave Metropolis and walk the Earth to find himself.  Clark Kent non existent.  Not much marriage here either.

(Reboot was planned just after Grounded started)

New 52 reboot (2011) – disintegration of marriage (Lois was a beautiful trophy wife according to Idelson and Didio lied about why there was a wedding back in ‘96), Superman is alienated, untethered by humans.  Dead parents.  No relationship with Lois Lane.  Five year gap which never interconnects anything.

Grant Morrison is touted as the big deal about the Action comic, not Superman because he’s been entirely rebooted, oh yea, and boring according to Didio.  Although Morrison had intended to start in the present timeline in #7, Action remained in the past during his staid.  Later, he would state he wished he had done each issue as a one-shot.

Superman book written by George Perez, who was chosen because he wrote Superman and Wonder Woman in the 80s.  He left the book because of editorial and wasn’t sure what was left in his stories.  Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens were next.  It was near the end of Jurgens run that we saw Eddie Berganza taking over editorial duties.

Scott Lobdell is the current writer of Superman – he started after the announcement of the power couple.  It is playing out now.

Andy Diggle will be taking over Action Comics in March, 2013 and apparently if rumor is true, Eddie Berganza will be his boss.

So should we hope, now that Berganza is back on Superman books?  Eddie may be the only one who understands Superman.  Didio is totally Batman.  Lee wants his Wildstorm characters to make it big.  But Superman  — they just don’t get.

Lee created Mr. Majestic as a mockery of Superman.  Wonder Woman may have been saved by Brian Azzarello, believe it or not – and her book isn’t involved in the writer’s retreat wet dream of the bullship fauxmance.  So that saved her.

How many writers were actually at that October, 2010 meeting?  Certainly none who believed in Superman – especially after Didio made that statement about not having any writers who could write Superman in July, 2011 with the reboot announcement.   He chose Morrison and Perez.  Morrison mourned the death of the marriage with Gail Simone at SDCC 2011.  If he was in ‘the room’ in October, 2010 – would he be crying about it nearly a year later?  Perez wrote the Superman/Wonder Woman kissing back in the day, but editorial kept him totally out of the loop even with what was going on in Morrison’s book.  So he probably wasn’t ‘in the room’ either since he had written Superman for years.  He left because he didn’t recognize the new 52 Superman!

One of my friends has been telling me from the very beginning of the new 52 that nothing will change with Superman until there is a change at the top, meaning Didio and Lee.  They are truly responsible for this downfall of Superman in the eyes of his fandom.

Can Berganza rise above?  Fight like a hellion for the Man of Steel?  Who knows?  It all depends on power and pull.  He has the knowledge and experience – and certainly the adoration for Superman.  Maybe that will be enough.  For all our sakes, let’s hope so.

If Didio, Lee, and Harras are smart, (pause), they better let Berganza have at it to make this ‘product’ succeed.  The ‘great idea’ of the bullship has been an utter failure – and is damaging the icons and Superman’s fanbase.  SOMEBODY has to save Superman!

No pressure, Eddie.  😉


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