New 52 Fauxmance vs Man of Steel Handhold

Hello readers,

I got asked another question on tumblr.

That one little handhold between SM/LL in the MoS trailer meant so much more than the kiss between SM/WW. Hall of Fame? Really?

Just saw the Hall of Fame thing.  Another attempt by the DC Comics propaganda/promotion team to push this fauxmance to the bullship extreme.  The usual suspects are for it with multiple hits against anyone commenting they prefer Bats/WW or Clark and Lois.  We’ve seen the miles between the promotion and what is actually happening in the books.  This is just another example.

It’s all about hits on DC’s websites anyway — sorry, I don’t play that.  They created the fauxmance in a vacuum — they can choke on it with their dying breath.

How great is this power couple if Booster Gold comes from the future to warn his ‘past’ self about what they are doing will destroy the universe?  How can the ‘couple’ continue in a destroyed universe?  Batman has a flashlight shining up their asses — so how great can it be?  There’s no Trinity, there was barely a Justice League before the promo hit.  So perhaps when Superman and Wonder Woman come to their senses (literally, since David Graves had them under the azuras influence starting this mess) — this will help build the DC Comics Trinity and they have to save the world and the multiple universes — as well as the characters’ images.

And really?  Hall of Fame?  How lame.  It diminishes true hall of fames, but then nowadays anything and everything must be torn down in the need for change — because we all know all change is good. [sarcasm]

DC will not admit this was a very bad idea because they’ve had it in the works for 2 years from that “writer’s” retreat of October, 2010.  I’ve been beginning to wonder how many actual writers were in attendance or on the phone line for that.  Especially since the Action and Superman writers for the new 52 were handpicked by Didio.  And why would Grant Morrison mourn the marriage in July, 2011 if he was in on the ground floor of the decision making process to radically change Superman and his mythos?  Makes ya think, doesn’t it?

DC has to push the fauxmance to make Trinity War relevant.  It is their first big crisis (and Didio loves him a crisis) for the new 52 planned for probably this May.  2012 sucked for Superman in his own books and in Justice League.  Wonder Woman managed to escape damage in her own book because the bullship is not addressed in it.

I’m hoping 2013 will be a better year for the Man of Steel.  We know the movie is going to give us what fans have been craving for decades — a modernization of the character which keeps his core in tact and his love for Lois Lane displayed.

Yes, that trailer healed a lot of wounds Superman fans suffered through 2012 at the hands of the new 52, especially the abhorrent promotion of the fauxmance.  Comics promotion can say whatever they want, it is only reaching a small audience when compared to the movie going public around the world.  Superman is a global icon.  BUT, if people go to see the film and want to check out the comics (thus increasing DC Comics bottomline) — are they going to see a Superman hooked up with Wonder Woman, who is alienated and removed emotionally from the humans he has sworn to protect?  Let’s hope the administration at DC Comics are smart enough to know — that would be a disaster.

There are things to look forward to in 2013, Steve Trevor in JLA (he will have been in all the Justice League related books by then — he’s a big deal & already has a love relationship with Diana), the Trinity War fixing some of this mess, Andy Diggle taking over Action, Scott Snyder’s untitled 3rd book which “will celebrate the 75th anniversary” of the Superman mythos, and the Man of Steel movie.

Fans will probably still have to endure some more incoming, but I’m hopeful that after the first of the year, we’ll see the tide turn.  Superman will become that guy people have loved for 75 years and his love story with Lois Lane will happen once again — because they were created together for a reason — and they are destined.  It’s one of the things that makes Clark’s story unique and enduring.

Justice League orders are still falling.  It will probably never overtake Batman again.  Action Comics in November surpassed the Flash in order losses — and Flash was the worst of the original new 52 top 10.  Could getting rid of marriages or original love interests be a factor? Probably.  Superman fell out of the DC new 52 top 10 this November — mostly because of Death of the Family crossover — but the bump it did get was less than 1% of the orders from October, 2012.  Superman is experiencing his own H’El crossover with Superboy and Supergirl — and then when that’s done, will have another crossover with Superboy, Supergirl and Action (March).  So many crossovers — so little time.  So it better be a quickie if Trinity War happens in May.  I consider crossovers not the best time for character development and one thing the new 52 Superman needs is one vision and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.  Maybe when the fauxmance ends and the mandate is gone, Superman will be a character we begin to recognize — and he’s not fighting mind altering, alternate universe living, alternate reality creating beings in each and every issue!  ARGH!!!


For more about the Man of Steel trailer, Smallville Season 11, and Superboy #15, check out G2Factor on Sunday.


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  1. Slade replied:

    I’m inclined to agree. That one little handhold in the MOS trailer had far more emotional resonance than anything we’ve seen between Superman and Wonder Woman.

    I looked at the sales charts for November, too. From where I’m standing, Batman is pretty much the only thing that’s keeping the New 52 afloat. I mean, every book that’s crossing over with DOTF is gaining at least 20,000 copies! Oh, and the fact that Batman has outsold JL for the past eight months speaks volumes to me. I know he’s Batman, and Scott Snyder is doing a terrific job, but there’s no way in Hell that he should be outselling the entire league! Its more of a testament to how horrible JL has been, and if I were Johns I’d be humiliated.

    Overall, I think DC Entertainment is about to go up in flames. letting Karen Berger walk away was bad enough, but firing Gail Simone?!? *headdesk*
    Gail isn’t just a great writer, she was also a voice of comfort for people who feel alienated by the New 52. This is going to cost them dearly.

  2. baudyhallee replied:

    Hi Slade.

    Thanks for commenting. It’s good to know that we in our little corner of the world aren’t the only ones to see what’s happening to our beloved Man of Tomorrow.

    Yes, DOTF in November orders had Batgirl, Suicide Squad, and Catwoman in the DC New 52 top ten. Aquaman is now beating Superman. Action has surpassed the Flash in losing the most orders since at least the #2s. Green Lantern took a hell of a tumble. In fact ALL of Johns books took a loss in November.

    Making Justice League the ‘cornerstone’ comic was a bad move. Team books are not noted for their character development — too many players and when you add in the villains, there’s no equally focused spotlight.

    I’m still wondering if something is in the works for Gail but she can’t just say. The woman is out of work? That just doesn’t make sense in any universe. She’s a fantastic writer! A well known writer! The only female writer they had on board for the new 52! Simone has been a good line of defense for DC — and if they can’t appreciate that — then a pox upon them!

    Karen Berger is a tragic loss, too. What is going on in the bi-coastal offices of DC Comics?

    The MOS trailer made me very excited, not only about the movie, but that somewhere within DC Entertainment, someone truly understands Superman and his appeal of 75 years. Everyone associated with the film seems really excited to be working with this character’s mythos. There seems to be true heart in what we’ve seen so far — and that’s what’s been missing in the new 52 version.

    Watching the Kents’ being his loving parents, watching Jor-El and Lara say goodbye to their infant son in hopes he will live a full life — it made me weep and struck a cord within me that I thought the new 52 had severely damaged. Seeing Superman reach out to Lois and her taking his hand gave me hope that the true Superman mythos is back.

    The main themes of love, hope, and acceptance are there. And that’s what Superman is all about — his parents loved him so much they sent him off to live while their planet died. He was found by a loving couple who could not have a child of their own. They raised him with love and taught him self discipline and focus. He then went on to find himself and to figure things out because he had these extraordinary powers, and to find his own connections. To find acceptance not only of himself, but from others. Enter Lois Lane.

    To strip away Superman’s humanity is to make him Mr. Majestic. (a sham of a copy) To alienate him to the point he becomes a petulant jerk to the people he supposedly admires or he has a kinship to — that’s not Superman either. The film seems to have gotten it right — and the new 52 has been dead wrong.

    How is DC Comics going to establish a synergy with the film? The two Supermen presented are very different. And seeing as how films make more money than comics — perhaps DC Entertainment knows that the big blue boy scout with some modern realistic finetuning is the way to go.

    Unless the new 52 Superman gets out of his fugue he’s in right now, then DC Comics is missing out on an opportunity for new readers when the film comes out. Wasn’t that the reason given for rebooting the universe, and most especially Superman?

    Trinity War vs Man of Steel movie. Fauxmance versus Man of Steel trailer handhold. If products are measured in revenue, who do you think would win? DC Comics is a business — and the new 52 is a badly run business. Their caretaking of Superman is abusive.

    2013 may tell the tale. Can’t wait for the film. Can’t wait to see if the new 52 is truly going to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Superman mythos (which included Lois from day one as love interest and independent woman to admire). Can’t wait to see if Scott Snyder’s Superman will show the focus and restraint we’ve all admired for over seven decades.

    Superman is not a brat. Brats are emotionally out of control — and Superman can never be that. He’s too powerful a being and could destroy his new-found home planet and all it’s inhabitants. That’s not what he’s about. Superman is emotionally stable for many reasons because of the Kents, the act of Jor-El and Lara, and because he has to keep his powers in check. Batman can be an emotional cripple, but Superman as a character has to rise above the tragedy of losing Krypton, and at least one of Kents. He has to be emotionally strong, especially when he ‘thinks’ with his heart first. Still waiting for that to happen in the new 52. I see some glimpses of that guy when he crosses over and is written by other writers who seem to still have pre-52 Superman in their minds. I saw it in Perez’s and Giffen/Jurgens books too. The question is . . . will we see that guy consistently in the near future?

    Sorry for the long winded reply. I know I’m probably ‘preaching to the choir’.

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