Warning:  Frank sexual discussion

My son and I were talking on our way to see my Dad for New Years. We got on the subject of comic books as we often do — despite the fact he has given up the habit after 25 years. And we talked about mythology. He’s a bigger expert on the subject of all kinds of mythology than I am. A successful, long lasting, viable mythology exists because of its unique elements — and we talked about how changing one of the elements would make it a house of cards and destroy the life of the myth. People love the myth and go back to it over and over. It’s not boring to people who truly love it.

So I asked this male who has friends who are life long fanboys this question:

Me: A Superman Wonder Woman fanboy said he likes the pairing because then Clark can fuck Diana really hard. What is up with that?

Son: He’s just wants to shoot his wad at the pictures.

Me: But big guys, like (American) football players, who date petite women, don’t they take things slow in order to make the loving experience fun for both of them? See what works. They don’t want to hurt her, right? It should be mutually pleasurable.

Son: Some guys would just want to break her.

Me: Really?

Son: Yea. It’s like when some guys say, “Oh she’s hot. I bet she’s good in bed. She’d lay there and take it.”

Me: Ewww. So it’s not about making love but pounding hard and shooting off?

Son: Yea, for them.

Me: So smart women are a no go cause they have a brain cell?

Son: Yea. But I tell them it’s better with a smart woman. They’re more imaginative, more inventive.

Me: Like Lois?

Son: Yea, like Lois.

I did raise him right despite the fact he was a Marvel kid and wasn’t wild about Superman . . . but he does like Lois and for good reasons.


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