I am going to have to beg your indulgence for a moment.  There are certain classic stories I find endearing that have proven the test of time.  Recently I became aware of “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” on YouTube.  YES!  It is a continuing modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.  *HIGHLY RECOMMEND*

I have enjoyed many adaptations of the story over the years from the ‘nearly did every scene in the entire book’ BBC 1980 mini-series to the Hollywoodized one with Sir Laurence Olivier (1940) to the Bollywood version, Bride and Prejudice (2004) to listening to the audiobook of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies to the Utah version of 2003, and one of the very best adaptations with Colin Firth as Darcy in 1995 which led to two Bridget Jones films (2001 & 2004).  So many versions, so little time.  This proves that the retelling or adapting a classic in more modern settings is NOT PREDICTABLE or BORING!

(Here it comes . . . )

Which brings me to the new 52.  Putting Superman and Wonder Woman together as a couple is like getting anyone interested in Fitzwilliam Darcy and Caroline Bingley as a power couple.  It all smacks of class elitism.  Darcy and Miss Bingley are the nobles/gentry and the Bennets are the common folk.  Wonder Woman is a demi-goddess and Superman is an alien with god-like powers thus rendering Lois Lane, Steve Trevor, and yes, even the Batman, to mere human status.  One of the things that makes Pride and Prejudice work is not the gentry dating the gentry, but the gentry colliding with true affection for people who are not in the same social class.  There’s something to be said for the taboo of it all.  Both sets fight their fears, pride, and prejudices and THIS is what makes the story interesting.  Conflict.

Would a book where Darcy courts Miss Bingley and marries her even sell?  Would removing Lizzie from the narrative make that relationship more interesting since it would then have no barriers?  And if Lizzie were in the picture, would it make Darcy appear like a douche if he did not follow his true heart’s desire?

The conflict of the new 52 power couple is all outside the book/story.  We are told by Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Mr. Collins, and George Wickham aka Dan Didio, Jim Lee and Geoff Johns that Superman and Wonder Woman are the status quo.   The DC Comics promo department relies on hyperbole and made up top ten lists to shove this contrived stunt at fans still waiting for the real story to commence.   All this mucking of a classic story, which generations have loved for 7.5 decades, so they can have a little war in their tiny little not-so-shiny universe which no one will remember or care about.

What people will remember is that DC Entertainment has damaged their first and most-beloved superhero (that would be Superman) and his great love for humanity (Lois Lane in particular) just before the 75th anniversary of what started it all.  The triangle-for-two has been discarded for the rhomboid of bullship.  And in June, just a few months away, the Man of Steel movie will be on screens all around the globe.  At least that adaptation appears to have all the classic elements which should appeal to fans or new fans who see it.

Now some people may say that Pride and Prejudice is a girlie book or story – but I would have to argue that the book would never had gotten published in the male-dominated world of 1813 if there wasn’t a market for it.  And the longevity of the story proves that generation after generation still enjoy the classic tale.   Look how many films, parodies, books, etc. have been done since Austen’s time.

A good story read or retold over and over never gets stale or predictable.  AND if you have good writers who can actually develop characters, show inner conflict and intimate moments then it’s a win-win.  But to say having Darcy and Lizzie be together is predictable and boring, obviously shows these people don’t like the story or the characters much.   And if they are the caretakers of said story and characters – THAT’S A PROBLEM!!!

So while Darcy and Miss Bingley do their whatever in DC Comics, I’m not giving DC Entertainment my money.  Yeppers, I’m waiting for the love part – true love – THE supercouple (of all time) – triangle-for-two.  Where a powerful alien meets and loves a feisty, intelligent, fearless human woman who inspires and challenges him to be better.

Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Superman is the REAL DEAL.  Has been for 75 years and remains a classic tale.  A neverending story.


Which brings me back to my title — Didio loves Batman.  Lee loves his Wildstorm and even created Mr. Majestic to mock the Superman character.  Hmmm, maybe I should refer to the new 52 Superman and Wonder Woman as Mr. Majestic (that collar does make him look majestic) and Zealot.  Yea, that’s pretty much who they are.  And Geoff Johns likes team books and taking characters with not-so-great-selling reputations and making them popular.   So there was probably a lot of pride (not in a good way) and tons of prejudice at that 2010 ‘writer’s retreat’ which decided the fate of Superman and the entire DC universe.  There doesn’t seem as if there was any great love in the room for the Man of Steel.

DC has decided to promote a fauxmance, their first ‘crisis’ of the new 52 and not the 75th anniversary and the forthcoming Superman movie in their new 52 stories.  That would be predictable, right?  Besides Batman needs his dozen books and the Wildstorm characters need respect and if you take the spotlight off of Superman and make him less — then characters like Vibe can have their own book, right?


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  1. eincomicleben replied:

    Reblogged this on Ein Comic Leben und kommentierte:
    Eine gute und interessante Analyse von Superman und außerdem ist “Pride and Prejudice” toll!

  2. Karen H replied:

    Exactly Holli. I think this is a fair comparison. Also, I think the story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy has been the inspiration behind many love stories…just like the story of Lois and Clark.

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