For those of you have been losing sleep not knowing when the ‘exciting first epic event of the new 52’ ;P  [sarcasm] was going to come into existence.  Get some shuteye before it begins in July in Justice League #22.  The Trinity War will be in the July and August issues of Justice League, Justice League Dark and Justice League of America.  Just as some of us thought it would involve.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already gotten your Action #19 issue drop everything and go get it. [not scarcasm]  Andy Diggle   delivers more heat and passion in this one issue than all the other Superman issues EVER in the new 52.  Tony Daniel delivers panels that make you want to stare at them through the Trinity War — and we probably will.  Diggle plotted issues #20 and #21 and Daniel will be scripting and pencilling those.  THIS is the best Superman in the new 52.

Diggle left for professional reasons.  We highly suspect the promise at the NC summit was immediately broken by Dan Didio and Diane Nelson and there was editorial interference on a green-lighted story arc.  Diggle had at least 2 independent books and a high profile magazine (Doctor Who) he was doing at the same time as Action.  Rewriting or constant corporate creative nitpicking would be detrimental to his time and energy.  I think so much more of him for standing up for his career and reputation.  He’s very talented and it is great loss for Superman fans.  Sometimes you just have to take a stand against the chaos.

And what does this mean for other talented creators when they are offered work at DC Entertainment?  There was a rumor that a very popular team was available for work (guaranteed sales) but was turned down by DCE.   What the hell is going on at DC Entertainment?  Is this a business or an evil empire?  Some believe that only one of the co-pubs is running the show and the other lets him have his way.  We have seen examples of this with the West Coast approving a character in a book and the East Coast throwing a temper tantrum when finding out at the last minute this character was going to be used.  The creator on the book was chewed up and spit out in an interview.  It is well known that the character in question is not ‘liked’ (to put it mildly) by the co-pub.  Sad thing is there are a lot of characters this co-pub doesn’t like or understand.  He has been known to lie about iconic characters and their history.

But a thug is only as dangerous as the people who let him get away with it.  There are two co-pubs, but the power plays behind the scenes seem to be as epic as the superheroes’ dilemmas in the books.  Maybe we should just get popcorn and watch them play out.  Unfortunately for us, we love these characters but their caretakers are neglecting and abusing them and their mythologies which makes fans miserable and unwilling to part with their money.  If the chaos behind the scenes is reflected in the books — and it is, much to everyone’s dismay — then Warner Brothers needs to examine DC Entertainment and what needs to be done to TRULY fix the situation.

At WonderCon when asked about a Lois Lane cover to celebrate her 75 years of existence, Jim Lee wondered if it would sell.  He said they couldn’t put her on a cover with Superman since they were pushing the Superman/Wonder Woman ‘romance.’  REALLY?  Lois Lane has been around 75 years just like Superman and Clark Kent.  Batman is not 75 years old and Wonder Woman is not 75 years old.  The fauxmance is just a blip on the radar and yet DC Entertainment is allowing it to DENY Lois Lane’s relevance in the Superman/Clark’s mythology and her own 75th anniversary.  These celebrations don’t happen every day or even every year.   GIVE LOIS LANE THE RECOGNITION SHE MORE THAN DESERVES!  The new 52 craptastic bullship be damned.  If Lex Luthor, a character who is NOT celebrating 75 years of existence, can get a variant cover — then give Lois Lane one by herself.  Otherwise it really puts DC Entertainment in a bad light (okay, STILL  in a bad light) when they say they have the best characters in all comicdom.  They just don’t give them the love and respect they deserve even on their 75th anniversary.

Jim Lee plays dual roles as co-pub and artist and in interviews he switches hats rather quickly between questions and during answers.  He HAS to be asked about Lois Lane before he freely talks about her.  As artist on Superman Unchained, he only says Lois is Lois.  But as co-pub (the Unchained part of the title he could explain it’s meaning but never has) he makes the point that Clark & Lois’ relationship is not romantic.  BUT Scott Snyder, the writer, speaks of the sexual and romantic tension between the comics’ most famous lovers as well as the admiration and respect.  If their collaboration has been so close, if Lee is really conveying the emotions that Snyder is writing, then which is it?  Romance or not?  As co-pub Lee has to support their decision to push the fauxmance — a decision created at an editorial (later changed to writers) retreat in October, 2010,– will the Trinity War release the co-pub from the ties that bind him from that meeting?   Poor decisions and poor execution should initiate a change of course in either plotting or character development.  Readers of the new 52 can’t even say it’s been ‘full speed ahead’ — it’s been a endlessly meandering for 19 months and we were wondering if the Trinity War would ever come to fruition until the announcement today.

Of course, there will be consequences from the Trinity War — you may hang your head and moan now.  With the behind the scenes chaos, lies and broken promises, can readers expect stories and character development to improve?  Should there be that continuous expectation or should there be a revolt and an abandonment until DC Entertainment gets fixed?

All this pain and suffering Superman fans have gone through — will it be somewhat worth it after the Trinity War?  Will destroying two-thirds of the Superman mythology in the initial stories of the new 52 be worth what we might get during and after the Trinity War?  That’s highly doubtful.  Will the Trinity War be a spectacular event or a fizzle?  Will fans feel more betrayed if they tried to withstand the mangling of their beloved characters and it was all for naught?  The NEW 52 lost it’s sheen a long time ago for many fans.  But DCE can’t call it 52 because that was already done — and Didio thought Countdown was a better version of that.  And they can’t call it Old 52 because how would the mysterious elusive new readers relate to that?  So it will always be the NEW 52.  An excuse for more poor delivery and chaotic characterization.  Another slap in the face to loyal readers or what’s left of them.

Diggle’s Action 19 gave us some hope that things were turning around for the Man of Steel.  By going back one year before Superman #1 and four years after Morrison’s Action #18, we saw a well balanced Clark Kent who tried to do the right thing for the moment and the bigger picture.  He wasn’t a wise ass.  He related to humans just fine, particularly Lois Lane and he took care of business wearing the Kryptonian armor.  Now that Diggle has left and Tony Daniel will write from his plots, perhaps we will only have two more issues of a Superman we more than recognized and want to embrace.

Scott Lobdell has basically taken over the Superman and Action books including Superboy #19.  Lois seems to be involved in those stories — but his timeline, complete with the fauxmance, and how much he can give us of the supposedly one year younger Superman we loved is hard to predict.  We know he has to do what his editors say he has to.  And by passing all those books to him in the new few months shows he is editorial’s go-to guy.  Reward for obedience.

Superman is an icon for generations, not to be made into a better widget by the corporate power grabbers.  Widgets don’t sell.  Living, breathing, inspiring Superman does.

Get a clue, DC Entertainment!


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