My, How the Mighty Have Fallen!

WARNNG:  Not for the young or faint of heart . . .

So DC Entertainment has made it official canon, Superman will partner (in every sense of the word) with Wonder Woman in their own book.   Taking into account that he’s also in the Batman/Superman book as well, it appears the Trinity is getting the spotlight but not as a trio – unless . . .  (never mind).  Looks like Superman’s getting more books but  ONLY as the battling alien.

As we all know Clark Kent, journalist/blogger, is nowhere to be found except in Scott Snyder’s Superman Unchained.  But for artist and co-pub, Jim Lee, Superman is all about destruction and wreckage.

The new 52 Superman is far more removed from his previous incarnations than the Superman portrayed in Man of Steel.   And one creator is worried that the movie people won’t take care of the character of Superman.   Have they been reading the new 52 Superman?  Have they heard or seen the interviews or panels and the imbecilic statements made about his character and mythology said by Didio and Lee?

One thing the movie has in spades over the new 52 version is HEART!  The new 52 Superman is a clusterfuck.   He can’t feel hot showers anymore, yet he eats hot dogs (even though he doesn’t need to eat) – all within the same issue.  Editorial mandates of no rescuing Lois, not being with Lois, not being Clark reporting, putting him with Wonder Woman so they can fuck while flying and writers who don’t TAKE CARE of what they put into the mythos – like not feeling the sensation of hot water anymore are dragging Superman to an all-time low.

I love Superman and his mythology.  It’s an ancient story.  A being with the powers of a god falls in love with a mortal.  While wearing a ‘disguise’ the powerful being tries to woo said human.   Siegel and Shuster added these elements to their creation of Superman.  Two worlds coming together.   The physically powerful with, in the case of Lois Lane, an intelligent woman with Chutzpah who took no bullshit.    The story components may be ancient but what rich and heart felt tales have been told time and time again over 75 years.  Superman, his mythology and what that means to generations still is a strong concept which will live longer than we mere mortals – if he has the proper care and handling.

Now to make Superman edgy and gritty and relevant to a modern audience – (would that be a more cynical  audience?) they have him kiss, date, and screw Wonder Woman, the most powerful female in the DC Universe, who is not mortal but a demi-goddess.

Sidenote:  (My male child reader of comic books would like to know how Superman stays hard while in the supernatural vagina.)

Their target audience of 18 to 34 year old males must want some beautiful, powerful female demi-goddess to pound their cocks into right?  And why not imagine you’re Supeman and you’re fucking Wonder Woman?  Her pussy can take it, she’s a supernatural Amazon!  Larry Niven would be so proud of what he’s created, I’m sure – and to bring it to life in an ongoing comic in continuity.  No need to worry about exploding vaginas anymore – problem solved.  Didio and Lee are masterminds of subtlety.  [sarcasm] Along with Bob Harras, they seem to be bringing down two of DC Comics greatest icons.  But that doesn’t matter, Batman has umpteen books and Didio just loves that.  Right, Dan?

It will soon be an all Batman world.  Next year is his 75th anniversary – how they going to celebrate that – give him another book???

So why am I so blatantly pissed?  This —


Superman: Man of Steel #131, 2002.

Manchester Black is emotionally and psychologically torturing Lois Lane Kent in order to draw Superman out.  This is Lois’ greatest secret fear.   AND DC ENTERTAINMENT HAS MADE IT CANON IN THE NEW 52.

Back then, stories and characters were written so you could feel their emotions.   I shared  Lois’ fear.  I lived it with her.  I still carry it with me.  This story called NEVERENDING BATTLE is one of my favorites and it had repercussions after the final panel throughout the rest of Superman’s stories.

Dan Didio, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, Bob Harras and Diane Nelson have brought Superman fans Lois Lane’s greatest fear – and ours too.   We do not appreciate it at all.  They have destroyed Superman’s mythology and do not care.

Some may say that DC can get Clark and Lois back together, but it has been my experience with the new 52 that editorial will not allow it.  If they were to get Clark and Lois back together – that is a HUGE mountain some writer and artist are going to have to climb – and personally, I don’t think the new 52 has anyone GREAT enough to pull it off.   Especially with the current administration.

Superman fans have been waiting almost 2 years for a snippet of Clark Kent doing journalism or Lois Lane and him on a date or just reporting together.  But the new 52 Superman apparently is a coward when it comes to his heart.  New 52 Action #1 started six months storywise before Justice League and then Superman #1 occurred five years later.  Clark never asked Lois out on a date?  He fought along side Diana for five years with the only pick up line being “You’re strong,” and then BAM!  David Graves lesser gods (and the Evil Empire that runs DC Comics) slaps them together on top of the Lincoln Memorial talking about loneliness and secrets – and they kiss with 2 variant covers.  Oh yea, and a statue for $250.  It’s on Jim Lee’s desk as we speak.

Five days later, a floating Superman in the Watchtower tells Diana, “It was a kiss not a commitment.”

Meanwhile back in Metropolis, in new 52 Action #1.  Clark went to work for the Daily Star not the Daily Planet.  He saved Lois’ life, not in the usual Superman way, but by giving her lifesaving surgery with his fingernail (Action 12).  Don’t worry, that’s all gone.  Removed by Lord Vyndktvx – which personally I think is a compilation of Didio and Lee.

So for five year and a half years (or more) Clark Kent/Superman has known Lois Lane and yet . . . he’s never asked her out for a date.  Oh, he’s pined for her and thinks she’s the most amazing woman he’s ever met (this is after he started dating Wonder Woman).  There was plenty of romantic tension in Diggle’s Action 19 where we get got to see a glimpse of that chemistry we know so well.  Scorching!  This occurred 1 year before Superman #1.  (Wonder why Clark was so shocked Lois was sleeping with the guy she was dating for 1 year?  See, no timeline for any of this has been established by DC Entertainment. Dan Didio admitted so at a recent retailer’s roadshow.) But Diggle mysteriously quit for professional reasons after one issue.  He made no bones about his love for Lois Lane either.

There is no hope in DC Comics/Entertainment especially for Superman and his mythology.  Lois Lane has been fridged 5 times in 2 years and pushed aside so Superman can fuck Wonder Woman – because as the males who weren’t raised by women who taught them to respect females, all know – Wonder Woman’s vagina is the only one that can contain Superman’s sperm.   It says so in Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come.  Even though Waid expressed his story was never supposed to be used as a template – it’s deeply rooted in the minds of the men who run DC Comics.  And they want to share that with the 18 to 34 year old male population as canon for the character who stands for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

So yes, having a Superman/Wonder Woman book to celebrate Superman/Lois/Clark Kent’s 75th anniversary (complete with 75th anniversary logo, no doubt) makes perfect sense, right?   Stupidity and ego much, Evil Empire?

Needless to say, I will only be buying non-new 52 merchandise.  But unfortunately the 75th anniversary logo has yet to be sighted on the digital-first non-new 52 downloads of Smallville Season 11 and Adventures of Superman.  Two books I buy in digital and print.

I am giving Scott Snyder’s Superman Unchained a try because he is DC’s golden boy and if it wasn’t for him – Superman would not have this book.  He is also featuring Lois in the main part of the story.  She will be investigating.   Still early days yet and if DC keeps pushing Lois’ greatest fear at fans – we may walk completely.  But we probably don’t meet their beloved target demographic anyway.

Oh well, no skin off DC’s nose since they want new readers.  Readers who spend their time in the bathroom or under the covers reading Superman/Wonder Woman with Rosey Palm.  Apparently.

My, how the mighty have fallen.


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