Confessions of a Superman Fan . . .

As a Superman fan, what am I afraid of? 

I fear we will never see the Lois and Clark romance in the new 52.  DC Entertainment has literally left out 5 years of story about this mythic couple.  For what?  So Superman can boff Wonder Woman? 

It’s like getting one of those alerts when your television goes blank.  Due to technical difficulties . . .  yea, like DC Entertainment has no heart or soul.  A mere technicality, right?  And they won’t allow Superman to have any heart or soul either.  It’s all physical and super with none of what truly is Superman’s strength. 

How long are they going to continue this battling alien and ONLY this battling alien crap? 

Does DC Entertainment think that I’ll start liking Wonder Woman because she’s screwing Superman?  Uh, sorry.  I hate her for that.  Before she was a non-entity to me, now I seeth every time I see a picture of her.  Oh don’t worry.   I instantly hit purple rage when I see or hear Didio, Lee, Harras, Johns, etc spout their bullshit.  I am fair. 

Sorry, dudes, but I’m not going to like Wonder Woman because .  .  . I’ve never really thought much of her.  She’s not dating Steve Trevor – I did enjoy her when she was in Justice League and seeing that relationship start to unfold, however temporarily it lasted.  I admit part of that was because if she was with Trevor, she couldn’t be with Superman.  I’ve read that story about her wanting to be with married Superman and marrying him in an alternate reality (while in continuity) and having his kid while he pined for Lois.  That was so total bullshit.  First of all Diana would have more honor and dignity than to do that. 

Seems like neither Superman or Diana have dignity anymore.  They aren’t true to themselves let alone to anyone else.  Aren’t superheroes supposed to be better than us?  Have a few more scruples?  I mean, I know the Batman boys would love to be a billionaire who kicks ass and screws anyone he wishes, but I expect better than that from Superman and Wonder Woman.  Clark works from his heart first and to have him totally not acknowledge what it is telling him – especially when he was working with Lois Lane for five years is intrinsically wrong on so many levels.  The same goes for Diana.

Now we find out that Diana and Steve . . . “totally did it” according to tweets by Charles Soule.  Too bad the readers never got to see that ‘sexual detail’ (riff off of marital detail used by Jim Lee to get rid of the Kent marriage during their infamous editorial retreat in October, 2010).

This is what bothers me.  What readers will see first (even though it all may have happened after something in the past five years) is Diana and Clark getting it on in the sky, in the bed, wherever.   We’ve already seen them kiss multiple times and so has the mass media with variant covers and a statue.   

Is it all to get Wonder Woman more exposure so they can do a film about her?  Drive up interest in the character?  Does DC Entertainment have so little faith in the character?  Superman is a hot commodity with his new film so pairing him up with Wonder Woman (especially since DCE knew about the time table of the film) would raise her Q rating?  I think Lee and Didio need to take another look at the August 22nd, 2012 announcement of the kiss on CBS – Wonder Woman did not fare well.  She was called a homewrecker and a sexy sidekick.  The entire news panel rejected the idea of a Superman and Wonder Woman hookup!  People were literally throwing their arms up as if bracing themselves for an attack. 

This is DCE’s strategy to get new readers?  Controversy doesn’t bring in new readers.  Sorry, it just pisses off the people who do read and buy DC Comics.

When are we going to see Clark and Lois kiss?  That’s the romance I want to see.   It’s a pillar of Superman’s mythology and without it, he is not Superman.   Did DCE think we wouldn’t notice that not only has Lois been kicked to the curb, but Clark Kent, journalist has as well. 

Jim Lee was asked what he liked about drawing Superman.  He said wreckage and destruction.  Is that what the co-pub thinks of Superman?  Just a machine that destroys? 

The alienation of Superman continues probably because Lee and Didio think Clark Kent’s humanity is boring.   He must be super all the time.  And if he does have downtime then it should be with another super being like Lee’s Mister Majestic and Zealot partnership.   Lee has stated that he created that character because he thought it was ridiculous that Superman did not use his powers to their fullest extent.  So he created Majestic without Clark’s moral core.   Superman is wearing Majestic’s collar now and is dating a super being like Lee’s predecessor. 

I have been informed the reason people liked Majestic was because he WASN’T Superman.  But I don’t think that has stopped Lee from bringing Mr. Majestic to new 52 readers in Kryptonian armor and with a super girlfriend.   More destruction and less humanity.  Not truly Superman.

With the screwed up timeline of only seeing what has taken place 4 (for 3 issues by Diggle who left) or 5 years after Action #1, readers will think that Clark and Lois never clicked.  That they just ignored each other.  Didn’t have chemistry.  Diana will be shown doing all the Lois things ‘first’ with Clark.  This grieves me.  It sickens me.  Do Didio and Lee hate Lois Lane that much that they would sully one of the epic love stories in comics/modern fiction? 

Apparently so.

Also glaringly evident, Didio and Lee think that 18 to 34 year old males are turned off by romance between Superman and Lois Lane.  Or maybe they think they should be?  Is that why they are putting Superman and Wonder Woman between the sheets before we even get to Clark and Lois hold hands?  

According to Charles Soule, we’re going to see pillow talk as well as battling in his new book between the two super beings.  We’ll actually see that relationship progress.

Meanwhile, we have been told Clark and Lois are best friends.  We have not seen that progress or even be developed.  Why?  So Diana can easily replace Lois in the minds of new readers?   One woman is as good as another, right?  Well, perhaps not if Lee and Didio are of the Larry Niven persuasion.   I doubt those two are afraid Lois would die from super sex since they have no qualms about letting her die numerous times in the past two years. 

Getting rid of Lois from Superman mythology seems to be the name of the game.  Oh, she’s been around over five years supposedly, but what readers will get to see is Diana did it first.  She’s the one Superman had the great relationship with, who he confided in, who he’s best friends with – all because Didio and Lee wanted Superman not to relate to humans and be a battling alien all the time. 

Not Superman.


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