Steve Trevor is giving me hope that true heroes exist

Did I give you whiplash? Relax, you’ll see where I’m going with this.

October, 2013 wasn’t just the beginning of the fauxmance book or a story arc about the Earth 3 Crime Syndicate invading New 52 (air/panel) space, but also the debut of Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. starring Steve Trevor.

Maybe we should ask Mr. Peabody and his boy, Sherman (yes, their comic book started this week, written by Sholly Fisch) if we can use the way back machine.  Back in October, 2010 during the editorial retreat, DCE wanted to get Superman in a love triangle.  So after removing the ‘marital detail’, they decided upon putting Superman and Wonder Woman together as a couple.  So who was the 3rd point?  Certainly not Lois Lane as she has been kicked to the curb and ‘pushed down too far’ in the new 52.  Clark no longer works at the Daily Planet anymore.  Nor does he write articles/blogposts for that matter.  But apparently he goes to the Smallville Diner in his Kryptonian armor.  Is it fancy dress?

As was hinted by Grant Morrison in Action #12, the Justice League is seen and someone mentions a new Camelot.  Anyone knowing that story would soon realize the part of King Arthur is being played by Steve Trevor.  Guinevere is Diana and the french jock is the Kryptonian.  Classic story where their world comes to an end because of betrayal of the salacious kind.

The fauxmance was announced on August 22, 2012 and was seen in panels in Justice League #12 on August 29, 2012.  Then next month (September), Wonder Woman #0 had this within her Who’s Who in the New 52:


Strange since Superman nor Clark Kent have ever even been mentioned in the Wonder Woman book, EVER!  There was no mention of Wonder Woman in Superman’s Who’s Who and she’s shown up in his namesake book.

Again, after the fauxmance media splash, readers were told that when the world found out about this ‘couple’ that dire things would happen.  We thought it would be in the Trinity War, but no.  Trinity War didn’t occur until well over a year after its preview in May, 2012, and then it was limited primarily to the three Justice League books.  So the fauxmance still hasn’t been found out by the public, at least not within the panels.   Oh, it’s been hinted at in the ubiquitous Channel 52, but no great disclosure within a story . . . yet.  Enter the fauxmance book and ARGUS.

According to Dan Didio, there are plans now to build up Lois Lane.  We’ve seen evidence of that with the Lois Lane: A Celebration of 75 years book and Lois’ solo one-shot in February, 2014.  She was also featured in Superman Annual #2.  But Lois was never part of the triangle.  (Maybe they did learn lessons from the Silver and Bronze Ages)  Oh, she couldn’t have a part in Clark’s life because that would make Superman and Wonder Woman look bad.  DCE always kills off Lois somehow to get those two together.  (see Lois die 6 times in the last 2 years)  It doesn’t really matter how hard DCE tries to separate the most successful couple in comics (that would be Clark and Lois), in the mind of the reader Lois’ presence is in every panel Clark/Superman is in.

Another encouraging sign is Lois has been resurrected by Tom Taylor in Earth 2, where she and Clark were MARRIED!  And Bruce and Selina were married, too.  Their daughter Helena is the Huntress.  Tom Taylor, author of Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, not only killed off Lois but Clark and Lois’ baby too.  Having Lois revived in Earth 2 is a bit of a redemption for him (at least in my eyes).

Back to the Camelot story and ARGUS.  In the first issue, we see Sterling Gates has made Diana an ambassador once again. YAY!


And then he brings the heat between these two characters:


 More than five years later, after being ‘dumped’ by Diana twice, Steve still thinks about her constantly.



What I like about Steve Trevor is his love for Diana is his motivation.  He truly is a King Arthur-type.  A warrior with a big heart and a deep love for one woman.  (That used to be Superman’s gig.)

Trevor is certainly better than this guy:

4 years ago in the story, Clark and Lois had major heat (brought to us by Diggle & Daniel) in Action 19 & Action 21


But Clark didn’t make a move, so Jonathan Carroll did.  In Superman #1, 2011 (present time), Clark was despondent that Lois was sleeping with her boyfriend of four years.  What the hell was he doing during that time?  Livin in fear, Clarkie?

Scott Lobdell gave us a few hints in Superman 14 (present time).  Clark has revamped the superdickery of the Silver Age to superdouchery in the new 52.



And he would have to, just as he did in the Silver and Bronze Ages.  Kept her at a distance but didn’t want anyone else to have her . .  . because he loved her, but didn’t have the guts to emotionally risk.   Some hero, huh.  Would you want a guy like that to have superpowers?

These panels take place after he’s snogged Diana.  Slightly hypocritical there, Clark?  She has been dating the guy for 4 years, not sitting on the Lincoln Memorial for 4 minutes.

Even the gods of Olympus know Steve’s the better guy:  (Fauxmance #2)


Yea, fauxmance, bad idea.  Moving on.

Steve Trevor doesn’t give up on Diana being alive in Issue 2 of Forever Evil: ARGUS.



Gates is tying in what happened in Justice League #12 (before the snog) to what’s happening now in the story.  The Graves case is what put this story into a tailspin.


That’s the President he’s talking to.


Even Etta Candy knows what motivates Steve Trevor!


(This reminds me of when Superman used to have a Lois Lane room in the Fortress of Solitude.)

So beneath ARGUS headquarters along with all the other rooms, there’s the Wonder Room.  Yep.   And Steve Trevor has jurisdiction over it.  He’s going in there to find out where Diana (and the Justice League) are.  Talking to more Greek peeps who know him.

While Superman is having his H’El (hell is right, hellish bad) arc where Krypton might have been destroyed or not.  Kon may have died or not.  (I don’t know what the point of the story was.  It’s meaningless . . . and boring.  It’s just so they can do another insipid crossover.  Filler.)  Steve Trevor is being the warrior he is.  Very human.  With a great love that burns in his heart.  A true hero.

Diana will be in Steve’s book (issue 4) or at least the solicits have said, but those change or disappear a lot in the new 52.  Things get swapped, dropped, and twisted — it must be their idea of dark, gritty, and edgy . . .or by any other name . . . disorganized.

Sterling Gates is giving us some good stuff in this book.  Actually the Forever Evil stuff makes more sense in this book than Johns’.  And Trevor’s and Diana’s relationship is being fleshed out more in these pages.  Diana is more than a ghost and that’s a good thing.   When Diana is in the book, she definitely is the Wonder Woman we know.  And when Steve thinks about her or does the things he does for her, we see her through his eyes.  He loves and respects her.  What a great way to explore her character.


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“This is the woman [Lois Lane] who has stood toe-to-toe with gods and watched them blink first. This is the human heart of an increasingly superhuman world, its center of conviction, compassion, and resolve.” – Marguerite Bennett.

The writer of the upcoming (February 26th) Superman: Lois Lane #1 double-issue sized, one-shot as well as Dan Didio have made it known readers/fans of Lois can make all the difference in getting the intrepid reporter an ongoing series.  And quite frankly, what the new 52 needs is a strong, well written Lois Lane to straighten out this cluster fuck especially where Superman is concerned.

I have seen people question why would anyone buy a book about Superman’s “arm candy.”  Some of these people are fans of the fauxmance, no less.  So are they buying Wonder Woman’s book?  Are they as fans of the Kryptonian even buying Superman, Action, Superman Unchained, Batman/Superman, Adventures of Superman or Smallville (fill in episode name)?

At present, Wonder Woman is Superman’s arm candy.  Not in her own book because Azzarello will not allow the new 52 version of Superman to even be mentioned.   But we have seen Diana be Superman’s arm candy in Justice League and now in the fauxmance book.  This new development has not endeared DCE or the character to her fans.   They would rather Diana be her own woman, have her own mythology honored and not allow it to be tainted by another member of the Justice League.

So since Lois Lane is no longer Superman’s ‘strong right arm’, what will the book be about?  Well, if inquiring minds would get their heads out of their asses and the Silver Age, they would know that Lois Lane is the First Lady of DC Comics.  She was representative of a strong, hardworking, independently minded female who broke through the boys clubs to be a successful truth seeker.   A symbol of integrity and perseverance.  Obtaining the truth, above all else, even when it hurts.

Like her Great Depression era incarnation, Lois Lane will get to the truth of the matter in a world of superheroes and meta-villains.  She is human with the power of an extraordinary mind and a hell of a lot of Chutzpah.  She is a force of nature.  Not supernatural, but imperfectly human.  And in a world of aliens, supernaturals, crimefighting billionaires, metas and psychotics, people need an anchor, a character that is the door to understanding it all.  Lois Lane is such a character.

So if you’re one of those people who thinks Lois Lane has been going after her MRS for the last 50 years so you can discount the character completely – the harsh truth is, you’ve been living a lie.  Come and see what Lois Lane is truly about.  Marguerite Bennett has the opportunity to present Lois Lane in her true independent form.  A human without powers (but with well developed abilities) or gadgets.  A person who inspires superheroes and makes villains fear the light of truth shining on their darkness.

Can money spending humans relate to human (without meta powers or gadgets) characters?  That has been a very big question with the roll out of the new 52.  DC Comics has denied Superman his Clark Kent persona.  He’s a battling alien who’s ‘alienated’ from the human world he has sworn to protect.  This makes the Superman character unrelatable.  But it has been done because of the fauxmance.   DCE even made ARGUS (Advanced Research Group Uniting Superhumans) into a dating service for the power twins.

IF (<–notice big if) the writers are not allowed to develop Clark Kent at this moment with order numbers falling month after month in Superman and Action, (CK has left the DP so he can be as far as possible from Lois so he can date Wondy) then maybe giving them the other human component of the Superman mythology is just what ailing sales would indicate.   IF DCE is unwilling to develop Lois in the books she has been a part of since 1938, then give her a build up in characterization in her own series.  Superman is going to need her in his books eventually or suffer the humiliation of being the ‘superhero who started it all’ be a mere wisp of what he once was.  Especially in sales.

According to Bennett, the Lois Lane book will be a sci fi-noir story.  This will be a Lois story.  She will not be any one else’s supporting character.  While she will be investigating and reporting about the meta world she lives in, we will also see Lois living her own life, her relatives (General Lane being one of them), her friends, relationships, and what it means to be Lois Lane.  This idea shows Bennett is into true character development and building of worlds.  That has been sadly missing in the new 52.

Clark Kent might even make an appearance – if Bennett is permitted to develop CK to some extent, then it is a win-win for the Superman franchise.  (Otherwise CK is exactly what Kill Bill said about him – he’s a farce & a deception while he dates his elite Amazonian demi-goddess.)

Actually, I would love to see the book’s title not include Superman.  The new 52 Superman is a loser in the emotional and psychological departments.  He lives in fear.  There is no hope in him.  What he needs is a strong dose of humanity and Lois Lane in particular.  And writers seem to want to keep him a boy rather than a man who’s developed the maturity his super powers would require.  Unless, of course, he turns evil (again) or continues to remain above humanity  . . . along with Diana.

So let’s see if we can get a glimpse of the real Superman and his influence on this world that Lois Lane lives in.  Maybe by giving us Lois’ perspective of this world and the superheroes in it, we can eventually get our Superman back.  The one with the dual identity.  That doesn’t mean the Kryptonian armor has to make an appearance in the book, but Clark Kent with the glasses needs to be developed as does the Daily Planet world in Metropolis.  Lois Lane is just the character to do it all.  Give readers back that world they have been craving since the new 52 began.

Do you want to read about Lois Lane and what it’s like to live in a meta-world?  Do you want a crusader for truth and justice?  A badass who won’t take shit off of anyone or anything?  Then Lois Lane is the character for you.

Grab the brass ring!  Put Superman: Lois Lane #1 on your pull list.  It debuts on February 26th, 2014.

While tweeting or tumblring (or should that be tumbling?) use the hashtag #GoLois!  Especially in tweets to @jimlee @geoffjohns @dandidio1 .

Talk up this exciting news in your real life and on social media.  Back it up with purchasing this one-shot in February.  Make sure DC Comics realizes that the Kryptonian isn’t really Superman without Lois Lane.  (But Lois is always Lois.)

Lois Lane is a money maker.  We can prove it.  Make it so!

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The Fauxmance: Corporate Icon Merger?


This panel is from the new 52 Action #9 by Grant Morrison.  Always the rebel, the Scotsman may have been giving us insight into corporate decisions and what they can do to beloved legendary characters.  Almighty dollar!

Back in late 2009, DC Comics began to change into DC Entertainment.   Paul Levitz was no longer President and Publisher and DC Comics was placed under the Warner Brother film division.  Diane Nelson was made President of DCE and President & Chief Content Officer of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) (Can you say Superman kills his wife & child in Injustice: Gods Among Us to make him evil?).  In early 2010, Dan Didio and Jim Lee became Co-Publishers of DC Entertainment.  In October, 2010 there was a editors/writers retreat where decisions were made about Superman for the new 52 reboot.  Marriage was out.  They found the boy scout difficult to write since he probably would not resonate with their perceived target audience (males 14 to 34 years old).  And why not have the Kryptonian in a love triangle?

Some ‘bean counter’ somewhere in Warner Brothers or DCE must have come up with the idea.  “Hey, let’s put two of our icons together, it’ll make double the money, right?”   Old Mother Hubbard Batman had enough problems with trying to make any changes in his story for the reboot.  He has so many children, DCE didn’t know what to do with them.  So they gave most of them books of their own while they buried others (mostly females).  So that left Wonder Woman with Superman.   I state it that way because of the Trinity of DC Icons, Wonder Woman sales are not as extensive as the other two.  And there was that failed television series everyone was counting on.  Since DC Entertainment now has their fingers in all the pies as far as their characters are concerned, perhaps they felt coupling Wonder Woman with Superman would raise her Q Score, especially with Man of Steel coming to fruition.  (A Q Score is a measurement of the familiarity and appeal of a brand, company, celebrity, or television show used in the United States.  Very big on the West Coast, like Hollywood & all that.)  Nelson has stated Wonder Woman’s mythology is complicated and problematic for film fare. (Utter tripe!  Xena Warrior Princess, anyone? a Wonder Woman knockoff)

So the idea of creating the fauxmance could have been just a simple merger of icons by the corporate types.  Anyone who truly understands the individual mythologies would know the romantic relationship wouldn’t work.  The popularity of the characters is based on their decades of stories and interactions within their own mythologies and supporting characters.  But someone in power without that understanding of the characters could force such an event to happen.  The problem with that is, it damages the individual characters involved.  So as fans, we get told, Superman is not himself.  He’s younger, cockier.  He’s not the boy scout (you might want to see).  His parents, who practically raised him from birth, died (when he was in his late teens).   He’s alienated and needs to fight constantly.  No secret identity needed.  Besides, he’s not the flagship anymore, Justice League is.  (Justice League movie is THE end game mindset for corporate . . . to hell with everything else.)

During the August, 2012 lightswitch big corporate media bomb by Jim Lee and Geoff Johns, when asked about Lois Lane, they said it wasn’t about Clark and Lois but the entire DC Universe.  What fan cares about the whole DC Universe?  None.  Corporations do.   It’s all about the money not character development!

Early on, corporate could see the fauxmance would not be an easy sell.  CBS Good Morning America completely rejected it and basically chastised Wonder Woman as the other woman (calling her a homewrecker).  While DCE allowed Diana to be touted as the sexy sidekick since she had been chasing Superman since 1988.  The new 52 reboot was barely a year old, and yet they mention to a reporter some kind of pseudo-history from Post Crisis?  With the mindset that all controversy is welcomed and all publicity whether damaging or otherwise is good for business, DCE forged ahead.  The fauxmance had been conceived nearly 2 years earlier and was now born – out of fear and loneliness.  Isn’t that what Superman and Wonder Woman have always been about?  Fear.  Loneliness.  Not hope or honor or truth or justice or freedom.

If Brian Azzarello hadn’t pitched for Woman Woman immediately after hearing what DCE had planned for her in the new 52 (probably Superman’s girlfriend and only that), Diana would not have her mythological world explored.  Brian seems to have made a deal.  No fauxmance in his book.  Orion was pitched early on for the Amazon princess and we see that relationship developing.  The time table has been dicey since they had a ‘crossover’ in the Superman book with Diana and Orion, but Wonder Woman was supposed to go to Apokolips last Spring.   The new 52 is an enigma unto itself.

For almost a year, previous to the corporate icon merger announcement, Superman fans experienced a Clark wishing things could be different after knowing Lois for five years.  Lois got shoved behind a desk as a producer, but eventually she was made a reporter again.  But Clark left the Daily Planet to become a blogger because he didn’t like the infotainment he thought Lois was cranking out over the airwaves.  And also the fact that she was moving in with her boyfriend of nearly four years.  The four or five previous years of story has been few and far between.  Wouldn’t it show why Superman is the way he is at the moment?  Well, yes, it would, but they’re doing the fauxmance right now.  DCE probably doesn’t want readers to react like the GMA folks did.  So Superman is rarely Clark Kent.  He’s not connected to the Daily Planet anymore.  He’s got no connection to Lois Lane (except they have red-hot chemistry if they ever are in a panel together).  So he battles aliens or monsters in space or underground.  OR, he is in a multiple timeline story with psionic or head/emotion raping villains who create alternate realities.  The days of making Superman/Clark Kent relevant to our world are gone.  He’s got a fauxmance to be in.  And everything is evil now in the new 52.  Okay, so it’s been evil from the get-go, but now it’s being advertised as Forever Evil.

Diana being a wonder and Clark being a super may appear to be a match made in corporate nirvana, but it isn’t.  It’s pretty bland stuff unless you toss in some heavy hentai so the fanboys can whack off.  DCE hasn’t seemed to be willing to go there yet.  Especially since they found out their readership was 98% loyal or returning readers and only 2% new readers.  What they haven’t admitted yet is that their female readership is not only 7% but actually well above 20%.   Those numbers don’t jive with their perceived target audience and so DCE has done some snail’s pace scrambling.

Two of the biggest icons DCE have are in a ‘team book’.  The fauxmance, DCE’s great idea to raise Wonder Woman’s awareness isn’t exactly a success.  A number 1 issue of most new books, but especially decades old characters, usually sells above 100,000 prints.   There are people who buy #1’s for the novelty or perhaps for the perceived investment of owning a #1.  But the fauxmance (as it will be called until it actually becomes a team book) only had not quite 95,000 orders.  A #2 issue usually sees those numbers fall dramatically.   For example, Scott Snyder’s Superman Unchained’s sophomore issue was a drop of 34% in orders.  But every time that book is published, it is #1 on the Diamond Distributor monthly chart.  Seeing the fauxmance book drop to 62,700 for its second issue would not be unusual.    The key is to find the leveling off point.  How many consistent, loyal readers does it have?

The new 52 reboot is being touted as a success, but unfortunately for Superman his namesake book and Action Comics (the one that started it all 75 years ago) have fallen below the 40,000 mark.  Quoted as being a sink or save line for a book, ESPECIALLY one of the big 3 at DCE.  Obviously the battling alien with a wonder of a girlfriend isn’t working especially when Clark Kent is person non gratis.   There is no more triangle for two – the most unique (and highly successful) love story in fiction.  Pretty much gone is the dual identity for the alienated Kryptonian who could hurt humans at any moment.   So what does DCE do?  Double down on the fauxmance.

Since April, 2013, Superman fans were awaiting DCE’s great plans for Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s 75th anniversary.  Since Scott Snyder decided he wanted to do a Superman story, he went to Dan Didio who referred him to Jim Lee.  (Don’t get me started on what characters the West Coast has control of, I think it’s obvious)  If Snyder hadn’t done that, there would be no Superman Unchained to ‘celebrate’ the 75th anniversary.  Unchained is not exactly within the new 52 ‘continuity’ and that is evident as Lois Lane is key to the story.  We actually see Superman’s supporting characters developed.  No restraints.  The fauxmance doesn’t exist in this book.  Sadly, Snyder is only in for nine issues which may end in April, 2014.   When fans are given Superman mythology they recognize, it sells and sells well.

Jim Lee made an ‘off the cuff’ remark to a question about Lois Lane being on a cover of Unchained.  He asked the fan if she thought a Lois Lane cover would sell.  She stated she did and would buy several.  (<– see money!)  He then said that they had considered putting Lois on a cover with Jimmy and Perry.   Big hint:  NEVER PISS OFF A LOIS LANE FAN!  Like their fav character, they can turn into very effective ball busters in a split second.

Hearing that Lois Lane’s 75th anniversary was about to be ignored, a twitter campaign was scheduled.  Lois Lane fans from all over the world participated including actresses who had portrayed her in film and television as well as comic creators who had written and drawn her.  A whopping success #LoisLane75yrs trended for hours.   Soon after, fans saw not just 1 but 4 Unchained #1 covers having Lois Lane on them.  Then Lois Lane: A Celebration of 75 Years was announced, to be released along side her soulmate’s anniversary book on November 27, 2013.   Apparently DCE ‘caved’ to Lois fans or more likely they saw despite what corporate thought about the character, there was money to be made.

Superman fans who have been clamoring for more Clark and Lois in the books will only get half that, but that’s what they’ve been getting for almost 5 years now (looking at you, WONK).   Superman: Lois Lane #1, a one-shot, will be published in February, 2014.   Written by Marguerite Bennett with art by Emanuela Lupacchino.   This doesn’t mean Lois fans are going to rest and wait.  We want the true Superman mythology, and all that entails, well established in the new 52.  Meaning, a Lois Lane series of her own or Lois playing the key role in Superman and Clark Kent’s life.  Sooner rather than later.

Despite what corporate may want, it’s what sells that counts.  And isn’t that what it’s all about?  Getting the story and characters right.  Making the fans ravenous for more so they’ll spend their money.  Is it so hard to write Superman, Clark Kent, Lois Lane in a great story?  It was possible in Action #1, 1938.  Scott Snyder has proven it’s possible in Superman Unchained.  Digital firsts like Smallville Season 11 and Adventures of Superman show on a weekly basis, it’s more than possible.   Creators have left the DCE because they couldn’t write the story first, not without someone standing over their shoulder wondering how it would look on film.  Some have even left because of the push for the fauxmance.

Grant Morrison left DCE stating he was done with writing superheroes (and perhaps, the corporations who legally own them).  He authored 19 issues of the new 52 Action Comics.  And how did he end that run?   With Clark Kent dressed in his Kryptonian armor petting Krypto while talking on the phone with Lois Lane.

DCE needs to get their heads out of their asses about Wonder Woman.  Bryan Q. Miller in his recent Smallville S11 episode, OLYMPUS, was more than able to present both Superman’s and Wonder Woman’s mythologies beautifully.  He writes comics AND was a television writer on SMALLVILLE (also did an episode for ARROW).   Hello!  Got talented, creative people with proven records!  Not rocket science!

Also the new 52 Superman needs to grow up.  His immaturity on so many levels is repelling fans.  He’s down right spiteful at times!  Where is his heart?  Where is his love of humanity?  Did the Kents have any effect on him at all?  Or must he continue to be the battling Kryptonian Eeyore?

Right now in the new 52, the neverending story is . . . a one-dimensional yawner strapped in a straitjacket by corporate, who wants to make a film before the story is finished.

Happy frickin days!

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Shaking My Head . . .(yep, taking on the fauxmance)

You knew this was coming.  (and you know me, I’m all about the spoilers, be warned)

I honestly think Charles Soule is a good writer.  BUT, he’s assigned a very bad idea with the fauxmance.

In the comic that shall not be named, Cat Grant is billed as Superman’s supporting cast.  Not Lois, not even Jimmy, but Cat.  Clark’s partner in his blog; which he never seems to write for while she writes infortainment.  You remember infotainment, the reason Clark left the DP.  He even fries competitor’s tablets so Cat can get an infotainment exclusive to keep their blog solvent.  Gotta pay the rent, y’know.  Was that the right thing to do?  A Superman thing to do?

We’re only 2 issues in — Cat has the story of a lifetime sitting on her desk.  Mailed by a mysterious anonymous person, naturally.  It’s a scoop about the fauxmance.  Clark has proven time and again in only 2 issues, he wants to keep this relationship secret.  Diana thinks he’s ashamed of it.  Smart girl.

Back on August 22, 2012, during the fauxmance dog and pony show, it was said that when people found out about the fauxmance, it would mean the destruction of the DC Universe.  (If only!)   Booster Gold seemed to think so before he disappeared twice in the Justice League International Annual.  What ever happened to that?  DC is dragging this crap out forever!  Paint dries faster than this tripe.

So we have a handhold (no fingers intertwined) here, a hand on the S-shield there, but no snogging so far in Soule’s book.  Which is great.  Thank you!  Clark thinks Diana is a little bit strange (and thinks Lois is the most amazing woman he’s met).  Yet he’s ‘dating’ the Amazon.  Oh yea, I forgot, Clark and Diana are bigots now when it comes to humans.  Mere homo sapiens can be physically hurt.  While supers and wonders are emotional cowards.  Getting their hearts hurt because they care for/love the fragile humans is horrifying.  Not exactly heroic behavior or thinking.   Oh, they care about humanity in a general overview type of perspective apparently.  It’s just getting into the trenches with a human scares the shit out of them.  These are the new 52 heroes.  They pale in comparison to  . . . any other incarnation.

Clark will not give up his need for secrecy.  He doesn’t want his relationship with Diana made public.  But Cat has that mail sitting on her desk.  Which will take 3 issues for her to find.  (And apparently she’s not worried about the rent.)  I know she’s insipid but  . . . glaciers move faster than that.    Oh the irony (said with sarcasm)  Clark’s blog will have the hot scoop about the fauxmance and will announce it to the world.

Gee, will we get to see the DC Universe implode?  I’ve been waiting for that to happen since the new 52 rebooted.  What am I saying?  Before WONK!

So Doomsday showed up in issue 2 (err, the end of 1).  Not the corporate superdoomsday guy Superman fought in Morrison’s run.  Of course not.  Things happen and then don’t happen in the new 52.  They’re going after new readers and continuity confuses them – so they have to change the story in every single issue!  And all this at a snail’s pace.  (Reading comprehension is a thing of the past apparently.)

Diana fought Doomsday quite valiantly and to her credit doesn’t think much of him because she has fought many a monster.  But realizes Clark believes Doomsday means ultimate death.  So she takes her ‘boyfriend’ to Haephestus so he can make Clark a suit of armor.  Yes, that’s right, a supernatural suit of armor for our Kryptonian hero who’s allergic to magic.  (pregnant pause)  I’m afraid to roll my eyes because they’ll stay that way.

So Apollo and Strife show up (yea only 2 gods show up, not the whole fam-damily) . . . Diana snogged Apollo on her #12 cover while swapping spit with Superman on the Justice League #12 cover.  (Said cover was a Jim Lee redux of one of his For Tomorrow married Superman and Lois panels)  Apollo makes some snide comments on Diana’s dating habits (compares them to her father’s Zeus’ many paramours) and then calls Clark a creature.  At least Steve Trevor was a warrior and human.  So the slapdowns begin.  And now Strife is fangirling over Clark.  That can’t be a good thing.  I think Clark has enough strife in his life, if you know what I mean.

Then . . .Zoddie shows up at the end of issue 2.

According to the solicits (which have been totally unrealiable because TPTB change shit every chance they get) , in issue 3, Zod has just escaped from the PZ (apparently Doomsy was snatched back into the PZ) and starts giving the power twins a hard time — while, wait for it, Cat finally opens her mail!  Dun dun Da!

Issue 4 has the fauxmance’s ‘secret’ out’d while Zoddie tries to get Faora out of the PZ.  Apparently snatching Doomsy back into the PZ is easier than getting Faora out of the PZ.  I could discuss one way holes but then that would take it somewhere . . . let’s just leave that alone, shall we?  Zoddie is slowing down in his old age & apparently needs to wait for his MOS-pop culture partner to join him.  Cashing in on MOS’s Faora’s popularity is really a low blow.  Everything plus the kitchen sink to get this ship to sale apparently — except for Lois, of course.   Faora shows up in #5 to interrupt the fauxmance.  I knew I like that character for a reason.

Lois Lane is a powerful force, don’t every forget that.  Her status in the Superman mythology is formidable and irrefutable.  That’s why DC Entertainment has taken the last 2+ years to push her aside for this farce of a relationship.  They just can’t handle the power of Lois Lane.  Lois will blow this pathetic storyline all to hell.  She’s not mentioned but she’s always there.  You can tell in Clark’s reactions.  Soule does a good job in keeping the ghost of Lois ever present.  Clark’s farm boy is un-nerved by the Amazon princess, now God of War demi-goddess.  But Clark Kent is more under-developed than Lois Lane in the new 52.  That’s on purpose.  Superman must be a battling alien and only a battling alien . . . for the fauxmance.

And that’s why Superman and Action orders have fallen below the 40K mark – there is no Clark Kent, journalist or blogger in the story.  Ergo, there is no Lois Lane needed either.  Superman battles aliens from outer space and beneath the Earth’s crust.  That’s all we’ll get so he can snog with Wonder Woman.   Oh, I forgot.  Lana is visiting in Action now, written by Greg Pak for at least 4 more issues.  But don’t worry, Pak seems to think Lana is the Lois we deserve.

There’s a two year plan, but don’t count on reading anything remotely like the previous Superman incarnations.  (Lobdell said Superman would be different in 2014 — different better?  or more of the same Lobdell crap we’ve been getting “different”?)  Be satisfied with Superman battling aliens just like he did before the new 52 for at least 3 years.  Even though he was married to Lois, he was taken out of his own books and wasn’t allowed to think upon Earthly things like his wife.  His books fell well below 40K back then.

What has the new 52 done for Superman?  Especially in the year of his 75th anniversary?  Oh, he has 2.5 books now.  Wow!  How many does Batman have?  (not even counting the Batman family books)   And why does the new 52 have to cash in on the MOS characters?  Because they can’t develop Superman or his other characters worth a damn.  (Please don’t get me started on Scott Lobdell’s “I’m so clever” interviews which are basically “I do what Bob Harras tells me” while his stories sometimes have good beats but suck in execution . . . and often editing.)

If Scott Snyder hadn’t gone to Dan Didio, then Jim Lee (why that turn of events?) with the Superman story he wanted to tell, then Superman would never have Unchained to celebrate his 75th anniversary.  If fans hadn’t tore up Twitter about Lois’ 75th anniversary, then they wouldn’t have gotten the hard cover graphic novel this November.   And even more voicing of the need for Lois gave us Superman: Lois Lane #1 in February, 2014.

Don’t think Lois Lane fans are going to stop or go away.  We love the Superman mythology and want to see it on the page and panel.  Lois is the key.  And without her, DC Entertainment is leaving money on the table.  No other character can replace Lois Lane within the Superman mythology.  Learn it, know it, live it.

Get wise, DC.   This very bad idea must end (better immediately rather than later).  Or Superman (or Action) will never see above 40K orders again.

Lois Lane can save Superman . . . once again.

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Lois Lane is Celebrating 75 Years!

Lois Lane fans made their voices heard and DC Comics responded.

Check it out here.

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Checkout the Lois Lane blog

I wrote an article about the schweeeet news that Lois Lane is getting a one shot book in February.  Find out how you can get more!

Fight the powers that be!

Teaser for Earth 2.  Enjoy!


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