“This is the woman [Lois Lane] who has stood toe-to-toe with gods and watched them blink first. This is the human heart of an increasingly superhuman world, its center of conviction, compassion, and resolve.” – Marguerite Bennett.

The writer of the upcoming (February 26th) Superman: Lois Lane #1 double-issue sized, one-shot as well as Dan Didio have made it known readers/fans of Lois can make all the difference in getting the intrepid reporter an ongoing series.  And quite frankly, what the new 52 needs is a strong, well written Lois Lane to straighten out this cluster fuck especially where Superman is concerned.

I have seen people question why would anyone buy a book about Superman’s “arm candy.”  Some of these people are fans of the fauxmance, no less.  So are they buying Wonder Woman’s book?  Are they as fans of the Kryptonian even buying Superman, Action, Superman Unchained, Batman/Superman, Adventures of Superman or Smallville (fill in episode name)?

At present, Wonder Woman is Superman’s arm candy.  Not in her own book because Azzarello will not allow the new 52 version of Superman to even be mentioned.   But we have seen Diana be Superman’s arm candy in Justice League and now in the fauxmance book.  This new development has not endeared DCE or the character to her fans.   They would rather Diana be her own woman, have her own mythology honored and not allow it to be tainted by another member of the Justice League.

So since Lois Lane is no longer Superman’s ‘strong right arm’, what will the book be about?  Well, if inquiring minds would get their heads out of their asses and the Silver Age, they would know that Lois Lane is the First Lady of DC Comics.  She was representative of a strong, hardworking, independently minded female who broke through the boys clubs to be a successful truth seeker.   A symbol of integrity and perseverance.  Obtaining the truth, above all else, even when it hurts.

Like her Great Depression era incarnation, Lois Lane will get to the truth of the matter in a world of superheroes and meta-villains.  She is human with the power of an extraordinary mind and a hell of a lot of Chutzpah.  She is a force of nature.  Not supernatural, but imperfectly human.  And in a world of aliens, supernaturals, crimefighting billionaires, metas and psychotics, people need an anchor, a character that is the door to understanding it all.  Lois Lane is such a character.

So if you’re one of those people who thinks Lois Lane has been going after her MRS for the last 50 years so you can discount the character completely – the harsh truth is, you’ve been living a lie.  Come and see what Lois Lane is truly about.  Marguerite Bennett has the opportunity to present Lois Lane in her true independent form.  A human without powers (but with well developed abilities) or gadgets.  A person who inspires superheroes and makes villains fear the light of truth shining on their darkness.

Can money spending humans relate to human (without meta powers or gadgets) characters?  That has been a very big question with the roll out of the new 52.  DC Comics has denied Superman his Clark Kent persona.  He’s a battling alien who’s ‘alienated’ from the human world he has sworn to protect.  This makes the Superman character unrelatable.  But it has been done because of the fauxmance.   DCE even made ARGUS (Advanced Research Group Uniting Superhumans) into a dating service for the power twins.

IF (<–notice big if) the writers are not allowed to develop Clark Kent at this moment with order numbers falling month after month in Superman and Action, (CK has left the DP so he can be as far as possible from Lois so he can date Wondy) then maybe giving them the other human component of the Superman mythology is just what ailing sales would indicate.   IF DCE is unwilling to develop Lois in the books she has been a part of since 1938, then give her a build up in characterization in her own series.  Superman is going to need her in his books eventually or suffer the humiliation of being the ‘superhero who started it all’ be a mere wisp of what he once was.  Especially in sales.

According to Bennett, the Lois Lane book will be a sci fi-noir story.  This will be a Lois story.  She will not be any one else’s supporting character.  While she will be investigating and reporting about the meta world she lives in, we will also see Lois living her own life, her relatives (General Lane being one of them), her friends, relationships, and what it means to be Lois Lane.  This idea shows Bennett is into true character development and building of worlds.  That has been sadly missing in the new 52.

Clark Kent might even make an appearance – if Bennett is permitted to develop CK to some extent, then it is a win-win for the Superman franchise.  (Otherwise CK is exactly what Kill Bill said about him – he’s a farce & a deception while he dates his elite Amazonian demi-goddess.)

Actually, I would love to see the book’s title not include Superman.  The new 52 Superman is a loser in the emotional and psychological departments.  He lives in fear.  There is no hope in him.  What he needs is a strong dose of humanity and Lois Lane in particular.  And writers seem to want to keep him a boy rather than a man who’s developed the maturity his super powers would require.  Unless, of course, he turns evil (again) or continues to remain above humanity  . . . along with Diana.

So let’s see if we can get a glimpse of the real Superman and his influence on this world that Lois Lane lives in.  Maybe by giving us Lois’ perspective of this world and the superheroes in it, we can eventually get our Superman back.  The one with the dual identity.  That doesn’t mean the Kryptonian armor has to make an appearance in the book, but Clark Kent with the glasses needs to be developed as does the Daily Planet world in Metropolis.  Lois Lane is just the character to do it all.  Give readers back that world they have been craving since the new 52 began.

Do you want to read about Lois Lane and what it’s like to live in a meta-world?  Do you want a crusader for truth and justice?  A badass who won’t take shit off of anyone or anything?  Then Lois Lane is the character for you.

Grab the brass ring!  Put Superman: Lois Lane #1 on your pull list.  It debuts on February 26th, 2014.

While tweeting or tumblring (or should that be tumbling?) use the hashtag #GoLois!  Especially in tweets to @jimlee @geoffjohns @dandidio1 .

Talk up this exciting news in your real life and on social media.  Back it up with purchasing this one-shot in February.  Make sure DC Comics realizes that the Kryptonian isn’t really Superman without Lois Lane.  (But Lois is always Lois.)

Lois Lane is a money maker.  We can prove it.  Make it so!


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