Steve Trevor is giving me hope that true heroes exist

Did I give you whiplash? Relax, you’ll see where I’m going with this.

October, 2013 wasn’t just the beginning of the fauxmance book or a story arc about the Earth 3 Crime Syndicate invading New 52 (air/panel) space, but also the debut of Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. starring Steve Trevor.

Maybe we should ask Mr. Peabody and his boy, Sherman (yes, their comic book started this week, written by Sholly Fisch) if we can use the way back machine.  Back in October, 2010 during the editorial retreat, DCE wanted to get Superman in a love triangle.  So after removing the ‘marital detail’, they decided upon putting Superman and Wonder Woman together as a couple.  So who was the 3rd point?  Certainly not Lois Lane as she has been kicked to the curb and ‘pushed down too far’ in the new 52.  Clark no longer works at the Daily Planet anymore.  Nor does he write articles/blogposts for that matter.  But apparently he goes to the Smallville Diner in his Kryptonian armor.  Is it fancy dress?

As was hinted by Grant Morrison in Action #12, the Justice League is seen and someone mentions a new Camelot.  Anyone knowing that story would soon realize the part of King Arthur is being played by Steve Trevor.  Guinevere is Diana and the french jock is the Kryptonian.  Classic story where their world comes to an end because of betrayal of the salacious kind.

The fauxmance was announced on August 22, 2012 and was seen in panels in Justice League #12 on August 29, 2012.  Then next month (September), Wonder Woman #0 had this within her Who’s Who in the New 52:


Strange since Superman nor Clark Kent have ever even been mentioned in the Wonder Woman book, EVER!  There was no mention of Wonder Woman in Superman’s Who’s Who and she’s shown up in his namesake book.

Again, after the fauxmance media splash, readers were told that when the world found out about this ‘couple’ that dire things would happen.  We thought it would be in the Trinity War, but no.  Trinity War didn’t occur until well over a year after its preview in May, 2012, and then it was limited primarily to the three Justice League books.  So the fauxmance still hasn’t been found out by the public, at least not within the panels.   Oh, it’s been hinted at in the ubiquitous Channel 52, but no great disclosure within a story . . . yet.  Enter the fauxmance book and ARGUS.

According to Dan Didio, there are plans now to build up Lois Lane.  We’ve seen evidence of that with the Lois Lane: A Celebration of 75 years book and Lois’ solo one-shot in February, 2014.  She was also featured in Superman Annual #2.  But Lois was never part of the triangle.  (Maybe they did learn lessons from the Silver and Bronze Ages)  Oh, she couldn’t have a part in Clark’s life because that would make Superman and Wonder Woman look bad.  DCE always kills off Lois somehow to get those two together.  (see Lois die 6 times in the last 2 years)  It doesn’t really matter how hard DCE tries to separate the most successful couple in comics (that would be Clark and Lois), in the mind of the reader Lois’ presence is in every panel Clark/Superman is in.

Another encouraging sign is Lois has been resurrected by Tom Taylor in Earth 2, where she and Clark were MARRIED!  And Bruce and Selina were married, too.  Their daughter Helena is the Huntress.  Tom Taylor, author of Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, not only killed off Lois but Clark and Lois’ baby too.  Having Lois revived in Earth 2 is a bit of a redemption for him (at least in my eyes).

Back to the Camelot story and ARGUS.  In the first issue, we see Sterling Gates has made Diana an ambassador once again. YAY!


And then he brings the heat between these two characters:


 More than five years later, after being ‘dumped’ by Diana twice, Steve still thinks about her constantly.



What I like about Steve Trevor is his love for Diana is his motivation.  He truly is a King Arthur-type.  A warrior with a big heart and a deep love for one woman.  (That used to be Superman’s gig.)

Trevor is certainly better than this guy:

4 years ago in the story, Clark and Lois had major heat (brought to us by Diggle & Daniel) in Action 19 & Action 21


But Clark didn’t make a move, so Jonathan Carroll did.  In Superman #1, 2011 (present time), Clark was despondent that Lois was sleeping with her boyfriend of four years.  What the hell was he doing during that time?  Livin in fear, Clarkie?

Scott Lobdell gave us a few hints in Superman 14 (present time).  Clark has revamped the superdickery of the Silver Age to superdouchery in the new 52.



And he would have to, just as he did in the Silver and Bronze Ages.  Kept her at a distance but didn’t want anyone else to have her . .  . because he loved her, but didn’t have the guts to emotionally risk.   Some hero, huh.  Would you want a guy like that to have superpowers?

These panels take place after he’s snogged Diana.  Slightly hypocritical there, Clark?  She has been dating the guy for 4 years, not sitting on the Lincoln Memorial for 4 minutes.

Even the gods of Olympus know Steve’s the better guy:  (Fauxmance #2)


Yea, fauxmance, bad idea.  Moving on.

Steve Trevor doesn’t give up on Diana being alive in Issue 2 of Forever Evil: ARGUS.



Gates is tying in what happened in Justice League #12 (before the snog) to what’s happening now in the story.  The Graves case is what put this story into a tailspin.


That’s the President he’s talking to.


Even Etta Candy knows what motivates Steve Trevor!


(This reminds me of when Superman used to have a Lois Lane room in the Fortress of Solitude.)

So beneath ARGUS headquarters along with all the other rooms, there’s the Wonder Room.  Yep.   And Steve Trevor has jurisdiction over it.  He’s going in there to find out where Diana (and the Justice League) are.  Talking to more Greek peeps who know him.

While Superman is having his H’El (hell is right, hellish bad) arc where Krypton might have been destroyed or not.  Kon may have died or not.  (I don’t know what the point of the story was.  It’s meaningless . . . and boring.  It’s just so they can do another insipid crossover.  Filler.)  Steve Trevor is being the warrior he is.  Very human.  With a great love that burns in his heart.  A true hero.

Diana will be in Steve’s book (issue 4) or at least the solicits have said, but those change or disappear a lot in the new 52.  Things get swapped, dropped, and twisted — it must be their idea of dark, gritty, and edgy . . .or by any other name . . . disorganized.

Sterling Gates is giving us some good stuff in this book.  Actually the Forever Evil stuff makes more sense in this book than Johns’.  And Trevor’s and Diana’s relationship is being fleshed out more in these pages.  Diana is more than a ghost and that’s a good thing.   When Diana is in the book, she definitely is the Wonder Woman we know.  And when Steve thinks about her or does the things he does for her, we see her through his eyes.  He loves and respects her.  What a great way to explore her character.


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