There are none so blind that will not see, DC Entertainment.

A good writer will inform people well enough in a story to have them experience what is on the page.  The parting of lips, a breath on skin, the feeling that something isn’t quite right, a realization that another step further will put you into the abyss.   A writer experiences these things in life and a great writer conveys these things to their audience.  They are self-aware enough to allow their audience to experience a story.

What really bothers me about Scott Lobdell is that he is a writer and yet totally misses the signals of real life interaction.  Is he so oblivious to the world around him?  If so, how can he ever truly express real things in a story if he’s living in denial of his present social environment?



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Superman Wouldn’t Approve . . .

of Scott Lobdell.  DC Entertainment MIGHT, but that’s yet to be seen.  DCE has a problem.  This time BAD publicity/behavior is not going to be good for them.  If Superman wouldn’t approve, would his fans with the cash to buy his comic books approve?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about go and read this article regarding Scott Lobdell’s behavior at Long Beach Comic Con panel.  MariNaomi, the writer and artist, who sat beside him did not identify him.   But then Lobdell outs himself with this article the next day.  Apparently peeps were researching the panels MariNaomi was on to figure out who the culprit was.


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The Gift of the Magic Va-ja-ja

It’s Christmas time and nearly everyone has heard stories about the gift of the Magi.  Whether it be the three kings bringing gifts or the O. Henry story of loving sacrifice.  (No, not Henry Cavill)

Unfortunately, in this story there will be no sacrifice or true love involved.  Nor is it heroic or brave.



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I See What’s Going On . . .


Cover for Fauxmance 5 Epic Kryptonian Battle


Having seen the preview of the Fauxmance #3, I am strangely hopeful.  Soule is a good writer.  He definitely knows Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman for that matter.  And I can see why he has certain things occur within the plot.  It is a well crafted story.  Too bad I don’t like the subject matter.

Let me just say this, all the creators who are ‘tackling’ the fauxmance seem to come from the point of view that Diana is more invested in this relationship than Clark is.  If you remember how this got started, the Justice League were all whammied by David Graves’ lesser gods who fed off loneliness and grief.  Steve Trevor literally saved the entire Justice League’s asses, and what was his reward?  Diana, the woman he loves and has been in a relationship with for five years, dumps him for the second time and also fires him as liaison of the Justice League.  (Whether or not she had the authority to do that is still in question.  I don’t think Bats was too happy about that.)  Diana did it to protect Steve and to keep him from harm’s way.  But Steve Trevor like Lois Lane will never be tucked away in cotton wool somewhere so the wonders or supers feel better about themselves.  Steve Trevor has been in about as many new 52 books as Batman (and that’s saying something) and his latest book, Forever Evil: ARGUS debuted the same month as the Fauxmance.  Coincidence . . . NOPE.  He’s constantly battling baddies as the true warrior he is and also thinking about Diana.  His love for her inspires him to rescue her (and the currently imperiled Justice League) at all costs.  (a true hero)

So why would Diana be more invested in this relationship (if she is) than Clark?  It has to do with strength.  Not just that they both are invulnerable but since the introduction of the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3 into the new 52 universe, it has more connotations.   First words Superman said to Wonder Woman in Justice League.  “You’re strong.”

Sitting atop the Lincoln Memorial, they more or less realize that any humans they may love could be physically hurt and die because of what they do.  That’s why Superman keeps his Clark Kent life secret.  So no one can use his human friends against him.   Diana’s relationship with Trevor was immediately made public and she doesn’t have a ‘human’ identity.  So these two crazy emotional cowards think if they’re together, they can protect everyone  including themselves from pain/death and grief.

Diana takes on Doomsday and gets hurt.  In the preview, Clark feels guilty because it was a monster he fought years before and now the Amazon could be killed by it.  So here you have the situation where someone he cares about could be killed because of him – and she has incredible physical strength.  Something that he and Diana thought would prevent them from being emotionally hurt.  Batman points out that everyone is vulnerable and could die.   It’s not just the humans.  So emotionally Clark is in the same predicament he was in before and after Graves’ influence.

Clark has another dilemma going on.  Apollo punching him into the sun has made the Kryptonian ‘overpowered.’   He doesn’t want Diana to see him like that.  He has tried everything including flying around the Earth 300 times to release some of this additional energy.   Why has this happened to him?  Because he’s going to be fighting Zod and Faora.  Not that they will have superpowers immediately, but that will be to Superman’s advantage.  Plus as in MOS, they are both warriors and he is a brawler.  So the additional power will help in getting them back into the Phantom Zone.  No snapped necks this time.  The fight with them will dissolve the excess power.  (Lois recently acquired psionic powers and will have those sucked away by Parasite in the near future.  Superman had a similar storyline pre-52 where the purple villain’s capabilities helped rather than destroyed.  Can’t use Parasite again since Lois’ storyline is doing that.)

Diana is planning on getting Clark a Christmas gift since he observes the holiday.  This is a case of two people dating who are of different religions.   This may not matter to some people but it is something to deal with within a relationship – and you truly have to work it out.   It is often a deal breaker.   It would take some introspection about whether or not either of them feels passionately about the other enough to try.  Remember this relationship was born out of grief, fear, and loneliness exacerbated by Graves’ lesser gods.

Strength.  It has been brought up in Forever Evil.  Ultraman (evil Superman of Earth 3) pays new 52 Lois Lane a visit at the Daily Planet.  Although he tosses her across the room after she hits him over the head with a typewriter, he doesn’t kill her.  He does tell her that he married his Lois Lane, the Superwoman Amazon, Diana’s counterpart, because she’s STRONG enough to have his babies.  He hates her (and probably will hate her more after he finds out she’s pregnant by Owlman.  A human.  Which could be considered a weakness on Ultraman’s part.)   In Ultraman’s world, strength is everything.  It is the golden calf (as it has always been).   New 52 Superman before the Earth 3 peeps showed up at the end of Trinity War seemed to have channeled Ultraman’s feelings about Owlman.  Superman started screaming he was going to kill Batman.   Could new 52 Superman realize that Ultraman’s belief system is totally fucked up – and that physical strength is not necessarily the be-all?  Look what it’s done for Ultraman.

One thing the humans, like Steve Trevor and Lois Lane, have is strength of spirit.  It inspires the wonders and the supers or at least puts them on a level playing field when it comes to facing the risks of life.

Another topic between the World’s Finest was Clark being more human than people actually born human.  Superman was raised as a human and wants to be like everyone else living on the plant in the sense he wants a life.  A full life.  This is why Superman could never be content (or his fans for that matter)  just being a battling alien.  He’s not a god (unlike Diana).  He needs to rest.  He needs to enjoy all the things he enjoyed growing up as a farm boy on this planet.  He needs relationships with people he truly knows and understands.  He needs to follow his heart.

Diana has made her own choices.  She is a princess, a demi-goddess and perceives life through that prism.  She could probably stay in her ‘battle fatigues’ all the time.  The world she is a part of is not the human experience.  Her connection to humanity should be more than just through a god-like gaze.  It should be intimate.   Enter Steve Trevor.  (Ask Denny O’Neill about changing everything about Wonder Woman—bad, bad, bad)

(I’ve been thinking about why these days peeps think Wonder Woman is a hard sell as a story in film or for television.   It’s because Steve Trevor (her key human connection) has been removed until now, in the new 52.  Batman was born human, is a billionaire, has Robin(s) or at the very least has Alfred.   Although he has had many lovers, it is the relationship with Selina Kyle that has always rendered the most passion and completeness.  Superman has/had the Kents, works at the Daily Planet (usually) and has a relationship with Lois Lane.  Diana without Steve Trevor has what?   She needs that human component – to make the fanboys/fangirls  think they have a ‘chance’ with her and to give romantics of all ages a great story.  Even a feminist asskicking icon like Diana needs love. )

So what is this leading up to?  Cat will discover the ‘story of the century’ on her desk revealing that Superman and Wonder Woman are in a ‘relationship.’   The world will react one way or another.  Clark will be terrified because now he knows Diana can be hurt and can be used as a means to get to him.  Putting her in peril.  Same situation he had before with Lois Lane.  (They had to be doing something in those five years.)  Zod will get Faora out of the PZ, and they will fight overpowered Superman.  (If Clark’s overpowered, HE could hurt Diana, too.)  On the cover for issue 5 (above), Diana is seen on the Arctic floor down for the count.   In a battling situation, it is conceivable that a mispunch by overpowered Superman could hurt the Amazon.   Diana has admired Superman’s strength (when he was battling Apollo) but I don’t think she’ll be asking Clark to get a refresher in the sun if it makes his powers uncontrollable and they could hurt her.

After Zod and Faora are put back into the PZ (I’m surmising) and Superman is down to his ‘normal’ power levels, then maybe there will be time for introspection by both parties of the fauxmance.  Perhaps the example of Zod and Faora as a power couple could make the fauxmance realize, they could scare the hell out of the people/planet they have sworn to protect.  I doubt Clark is going to want  Superman considered something to be feared.  That’s totally not his thing.  There is going to have to come a time when they decide that any friendship they may have is more important than pursuing a romantic relationship.

Basically the romantic aspect of this story is being shown how it won’t work.  Soule seems to be doing that brick by brick of each character’s different views and raison d’etres.

It’s all a matter of time and how long DCE wants to drag this out.   Lois Lane wasn’t available for Greg Pak to write about in Action Comics.  (Typical douche move by editorial)  And Steve Trevor’s book will feature Diana in a couple of months.  So perhaps there is hope – but that’s been the dangling carrot all along, hasn’t it?

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The Stoning of the Fauxmance

or at least the statue.  It’s kind of biblical, don’t ya think?

When a comic book store receives a damaged figure, they can receive a replacement only if they document it has been destroyed.  There is no trying to sell it on ebay or fixing it and giving it to someone.  They want a replacement to sell.  It’s their business to sell the figure.  That’s why it was ordered in the first place.

This apparently is a common procedure and it doesn’t matter what the figure was.  Previously to this destruction you’re about to see, the shop had to destroy a Deathstroke (or was it Deadpool, I always get those two mixed up thanks to Superman/Batman Annual #1).   According to the person at the end of the video, that was a very sad day.

But, what you’re about to see was a festive occasion.  Comic book store peeps are comic book fans and they have their opinions too, naturally.  The photoset is on tumblr.    The number of notes were flying faster than a speeding bullet.  Join the fun!

But there is a video too.


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Covers. What a concept!

I was going to let the Guillem March’s variant cover for fauxmance 3 die away.  It was very poor drawing, but strangely enough the final concept wasn’t as demeaning or detrimental to the Amazon as its predecessors.  If you can believe that!  Bleeding Cool had sketches from March on their website over the weekend.

The actual variant has Superman without the top half of his Kryptonian armor, which is now a biosuit so not sure how that works.  And if anyone remembers Tony Daniel’s remarks about making sure Superman had some butt shots to please the ladies . . .   Diana is wrapped in the cape (a totally Lois iconic image which now has been stolen) or a red blanket (no identifying marks) in space.


Basically what these concepts are . . . I FUCKED SUPERMAN.   And if you remember what Didio said at the NYCC, “Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship is not at the expense of Lois Lane.”  Yet, they are stealing one of the most beloved, popular, and iconic images for the Amazon to have for sloppy seconds.   Superman and Lois’ story has a five year gap so we are seeing Diana do all the Lois things ‘first’.

Sketch 1 is her in his now lost ‘top’ – apparently she is unable to formulate the collar.  Sketch 2 she is sitting alone on Mars as she looks at the Earth and Moon — she has totally conquered Superman sexually OR has taken up his standard while the remnants of her own identity have been discarded.  The third sketch is very like the final — only without the bizarre thighs and the Kryptonian.  However, she is nude except for her briefs under the clearly identified cape.

The fourth sketch is the most egregious and inaccurate.  Superman and Wonder Woman have “totally done it” on top of the Daily Planet while Diana feigns modesty.  Superman is barely Clark Kent in the new 52.  As Clark Kent he has left the Daily Planet and now is a blogger who never writes.  So why take the Amazon there to do the deed?  Rubbing it in Lois’ and her fans faces?  The Kryptonian no longer saves Metropolis.  He’s too busy with aliens and monsters and going to London to see his ‘girlfriend.’

I understand DCE’s attempt at selling the book with cheesecake, but it should never be at the expense of Wonder Woman’s character or mythology.  We were told by Dan Didio at BCC, the reason Lois Lane didn’t have a DC Bombshell figure was because they didn’t want to sexualize her.   Wonder Woman doesn’t have that ‘luxury’ apparently.

It makes you wonder what the artist was told.  “They totally did it”?  Sorry, Charles, but you did tweet that – although it was in reference to Diana and Steve Trevor.  (Something we haven’t seen in any panels yet by anyone, dammit!)

It is the only variant cover for this issue.  The regular one has them getting ready for battle with Zod peering at them.

Charles Soule said in an interview that there was a vocal minority who hoped his book would fail.  I beg to differ.  I don’t think it’s a minority at all.   GMA August 22, 2012   (Hopefully the link will work)   Both Jim Lee and Geoff Johns tweeted this segment the same day as they made the announcement.  Notice how Diana is given 2nd billing to Lois.  Notice how many ‘NOs’ are said during the entire segment.  “Wonder Woman is no Lois Lane.”  Plus the artwork which has Diana as a sexy sidekick.  Is she still considered a homewrecker in the minds of comic readers?   Then there’s the lies told to the reporter by the writers — Wonder Woman has been chasing that Superman since 1988.   (There was a reboot, right?)

This relationship when it is romantic is bad for business.  It destroys characters and puts their own individual mythologies on standby.  (More so Superman since Wonder Woman’s book never has even mentioned the Kryptonian.)  This idea which sprang from the editorial retreat of October, 2010 is bogus.  People are literally “not buying it.”  Despite what the artist of the book might or might not have said.  The first issue of the fauxmance only had 94,895 orders.  It did not go over 100,000.   This is not indicative of huge icon books on a first issue.  Collectors of #1s usually send the orders soaring.

No character nor fanbase is profiting from this very bad idea.  Superman’s namesake book and Action Comics have fallen below the 40,000 order watermark and have no signs of ceasing that descent.  It’s as if fans are waiting for the real Superman with his true mythology to show up before they will part with their cash.

No matter which character the fauxmance was created for — it is not doing them a service.  It is offputting and with these very poorly drawn and conceived variant covers — insulting to the customer base.

Talk about that around the water cooler, DC Entertainment.

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