Covers. What a concept!

I was going to let the Guillem March’s variant cover for fauxmance 3 die away.  It was very poor drawing, but strangely enough the final concept wasn’t as demeaning or detrimental to the Amazon as its predecessors.  If you can believe that!  Bleeding Cool had sketches from March on their website over the weekend.

The actual variant has Superman without the top half of his Kryptonian armor, which is now a biosuit so not sure how that works.  And if anyone remembers Tony Daniel’s remarks about making sure Superman had some butt shots to please the ladies . . .   Diana is wrapped in the cape (a totally Lois iconic image which now has been stolen) or a red blanket (no identifying marks) in space.


Basically what these concepts are . . . I FUCKED SUPERMAN.   And if you remember what Didio said at the NYCC, “Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship is not at the expense of Lois Lane.”  Yet, they are stealing one of the most beloved, popular, and iconic images for the Amazon to have for sloppy seconds.   Superman and Lois’ story has a five year gap so we are seeing Diana do all the Lois things ‘first’.

Sketch 1 is her in his now lost ‘top’ – apparently she is unable to formulate the collar.  Sketch 2 she is sitting alone on Mars as she looks at the Earth and Moon — she has totally conquered Superman sexually OR has taken up his standard while the remnants of her own identity have been discarded.  The third sketch is very like the final — only without the bizarre thighs and the Kryptonian.  However, she is nude except for her briefs under the clearly identified cape.

The fourth sketch is the most egregious and inaccurate.  Superman and Wonder Woman have “totally done it” on top of the Daily Planet while Diana feigns modesty.  Superman is barely Clark Kent in the new 52.  As Clark Kent he has left the Daily Planet and now is a blogger who never writes.  So why take the Amazon there to do the deed?  Rubbing it in Lois’ and her fans faces?  The Kryptonian no longer saves Metropolis.  He’s too busy with aliens and monsters and going to London to see his ‘girlfriend.’

I understand DCE’s attempt at selling the book with cheesecake, but it should never be at the expense of Wonder Woman’s character or mythology.  We were told by Dan Didio at BCC, the reason Lois Lane didn’t have a DC Bombshell figure was because they didn’t want to sexualize her.   Wonder Woman doesn’t have that ‘luxury’ apparently.

It makes you wonder what the artist was told.  “They totally did it”?  Sorry, Charles, but you did tweet that – although it was in reference to Diana and Steve Trevor.  (Something we haven’t seen in any panels yet by anyone, dammit!)

It is the only variant cover for this issue.  The regular one has them getting ready for battle with Zod peering at them.

Charles Soule said in an interview that there was a vocal minority who hoped his book would fail.  I beg to differ.  I don’t think it’s a minority at all.   GMA August 22, 2012   (Hopefully the link will work)   Both Jim Lee and Geoff Johns tweeted this segment the same day as they made the announcement.  Notice how Diana is given 2nd billing to Lois.  Notice how many ‘NOs’ are said during the entire segment.  “Wonder Woman is no Lois Lane.”  Plus the artwork which has Diana as a sexy sidekick.  Is she still considered a homewrecker in the minds of comic readers?   Then there’s the lies told to the reporter by the writers — Wonder Woman has been chasing that Superman since 1988.   (There was a reboot, right?)

This relationship when it is romantic is bad for business.  It destroys characters and puts their own individual mythologies on standby.  (More so Superman since Wonder Woman’s book never has even mentioned the Kryptonian.)  This idea which sprang from the editorial retreat of October, 2010 is bogus.  People are literally “not buying it.”  Despite what the artist of the book might or might not have said.  The first issue of the fauxmance only had 94,895 orders.  It did not go over 100,000.   This is not indicative of huge icon books on a first issue.  Collectors of #1s usually send the orders soaring.

No character nor fanbase is profiting from this very bad idea.  Superman’s namesake book and Action Comics have fallen below the 40,000 order watermark and have no signs of ceasing that descent.  It’s as if fans are waiting for the real Superman with his true mythology to show up before they will part with their cash.

No matter which character the fauxmance was created for — it is not doing them a service.  It is offputting and with these very poorly drawn and conceived variant covers — insulting to the customer base.

Talk about that around the water cooler, DC Entertainment.


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