The Stoning of the Fauxmance

or at least the statue.  It’s kind of biblical, don’t ya think?

When a comic book store receives a damaged figure, they can receive a replacement only if they document it has been destroyed.  There is no trying to sell it on ebay or fixing it and giving it to someone.  They want a replacement to sell.  It’s their business to sell the figure.  That’s why it was ordered in the first place.

This apparently is a common procedure and it doesn’t matter what the figure was.  Previously to this destruction you’re about to see, the shop had to destroy a Deathstroke (or was it Deadpool, I always get those two mixed up thanks to Superman/Batman Annual #1).   According to the person at the end of the video, that was a very sad day.

But, what you’re about to see was a festive occasion.  Comic book store peeps are comic book fans and they have their opinions too, naturally.  The photoset is on tumblr.    The number of notes were flying faster than a speeding bullet.  Join the fun!

But there is a video too.



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