There are none so blind that will not see, DC Entertainment.

A good writer will inform people well enough in a story to have them experience what is on the page.  The parting of lips, a breath on skin, the feeling that something isn’t quite right, a realization that another step further will put you into the abyss.   A writer experiences these things in life and a great writer conveys these things to their audience.  They are self-aware enough to allow their audience to experience a story.

What really bothers me about Scott Lobdell is that he is a writer and yet totally misses the signals of real life interaction.  Is he so oblivious to the world around him?  If so, how can he ever truly express real things in a story if he’s living in denial of his present social environment?

Scott Lobdell created two gay characters, North Star and Bunker.  He was asked to be on the Long Beach Comic Con panel concerning LGBT characters and stories in comics.  But he ended up sexually harassing a co-panelist on a dais about sexual orientation.  That’s not ironic, it’s insipid and horrendous!

When he ‘apologized’ indirectly, he said it was “a failed attempt at humor.”  Was he going for the joke every single time?  Is his being funny and vying for attention more important than the human being sitting beside him?  Especially on a public forum with a sensitive subject?  Did he not detect her nervousness and discomfort?  Did he care if he did perceive it?   Was bolstering his ‘cred’ with his ‘audience’ more important than discussing the topic with intelligence, insight and sensitivity?

As I said before, a good or great writer uses his perceptions of every day life plus imagination to create their stories.  Scott Lobdell is not a great or good writer.  He literally TELLS rather than SHOWS so we can’t experience the beats of a story.   We are not involved.  We are removed.  As a reader, you cannot trust him as the pilot of an adventure.  And trust is how an author builds a career, especially with superhero stories.  Mess with a character too much or display them not pitch perfect, then their audience quickly decides this isn’t for them.   That means a loss of revenue for the company and damage to beloved characters.

More importantly, Superman/Clark Kent is a polite guy.  He loves people.  All kinds of people.  It’s one of the things readers respond to with the character.  Lobdell has made Clark bitterly snarky in the new 52, especially after a visit with Red Hood and the Outlaws or the Teen Titans.  It’s as if Lobdell kept imposing Jason’s voice onto Clark.  Perhaps it was Lobdell’s failed attempt at imbuing Clark with humor that has turned Superman into Superdouche.  Not to mention, but I will, the powers Clark seems to get lightswitched in a single panel, only to be dropped or never explained.  Superman does the right thing as best he can.  Does that include frying competing bloggers’ tablets so Cat Grant could get their website an exclusive?  This is Supermanish behavior?  Another failed attempt at humor?

We’re TOLD Lois Lane is his best friend, but we’re SHOWN, Lois Lane is anything but his best friend, more like his whipping chick.  She’d been dating Jonathan Carroll for  a year because Clark hadn’t made a move in 4 years and yet he refers to her relationship as a booty call.  He was up on the Lincoln Memorial with Wonder Woman for a minute and now he’s in what?  Love?  Just taking the magic va-ja-ja for a test spin?

Making Clark Kent/Superman a hypocrite is not character development.  It doesn’t make him edgy or modern, it makes him a jerk and a douche.  Is this what Superman becomes through the Lobdell filter?

We know the editorial retreat of 2010 has a lot to do with how the new 52 Superman is perceived.  Bob Harras had just gotten his promotion to Editor-In-Chief weeks before.  Jim Lee was his boss at Wildstorm.  Jim Lee was officially made Co-publisher in February, 2010.  Bob Harras was also Scott Lobdell’s EIC at Marvel.   Even though the company names have changed the relationships have not.  Scott Lobdell is Bob Harras’ minion (or bitch, if you prefer).   He does whatever editorial tells him.  Doesn’t have to be a good or cohesive story, just whatever editorial wants.  And these days, editorial wants a lot.  They don’t care if the story can be comprehended or not.   They don’t care if Superman gets damaged or destroyed in the eyes of his audience.  Just buy the book and shutup.  Comic thuggery.

Now Scott Lobdell’s behavior and lack of self-awareness has come to the forefront.  He ‘apologizes’ but seems to have no perception of what he did wrong.  In order to fix a problem, you have to admit you have a problem.  Problem for Superman fans – will editorial relinquish one of their most obedient dogs when it’s maimed someone?  Do they realize it will happen again?  Or do they just don’t care?

As a business, DC Entertainment needs to widen their audience.  They cannot afford to exclude women.  It is not an exclusive club for boys or immature men only.   Women have been reading comics in all its forms since before 1938.  Females, both young and old, were one of the reasons for Supermania in the 40s.   To not entreat women to read comics is industry suicide.

Female Superman fans are afraid to read the Superman books because it would be supporting a sexual harasser.  They may love the character and the mythology, but if the writer displays despicable and severely impolite behavior, don’t expect their money.

And yet, DC Entertainment appears to condone Scott Lobdell behavior of harassing women in public as their employee.  They do this by their silence and inaction.  While Lobdell continues to make new 52 Superman (perhaps on editorial’s orders) a douche with ever decreasing orders for the books.  Action and Superman have hit below the 40,000 mark.   This is Superman we’re talking about.  What has to happen before DC Entertainment grows a pair and starts cleaning house before they destroy the Man of Steel in the eyes of his readers?

How strong is the boys’ club mentality (at its worst) within the walls of DC Entertainment?


December 26, 2013. BaudyBlahBlahBlah.

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