TILFS: Things I’ve Learned From Solicits

First, you can’t trust them because by the time you read the comic, things can change drastically.

Secondly, they don’t tell you everything, obviously.  They’re just supposed to be teasers so you buy the book.

Thirdly, I’m going to quit numbering this stuff.

So DC Comics April Solicitations FINALLY came out (about 10 days later than usual) and we’re all scratching our heads as to why the delay.  Even though the new 52 is entering its second phase, Superman’s story won’t be changing much.  He and Wonder Woman are still connected at the hip.  He’s still the battling alien.  And Lois Lane nor Steve Trevor got a mention.   Business as usual.

You’d think with Superman books falling below 38,000 and dropping, that during a SECOND PHASE of a reboot, DCE would do something to bolster the character who put them on the map and has been beloved by generations for over 75 years.  NOPE.  NO CAN DO. Apparently.  No fully drawn mythology for the Man of Steel.  Talk about stubborn egos!

So destroying Superman is okay?  As long as you get your way?  Surely someone in authority can see the insanity of this?  Could we get a mutiny?  Aren’t comic book people supposed to be rebels?  Or is that just for their youth before they got any power?  Maybe they don’t want to salvage Superman.  We know Wonder Woman is pretty much a lost cause, except for Brian Azzarello who is bringing back the Amazons in April.  Let’s Party!

Shall we have a moment of mourning for the ending of Superman Unchained in April with issue #9.  We all know if it hadn’t been for Scott Snyder wanting and asking to do his Superman story, Big Blue would not have had a book to celebrate his 75th anniversary.  We’re losing our one book just slightly outside main new 52 continuity that gives us the Superman we all know and love.  IMO and perhaps of whomever reads this blog – Snyder’s Superman world should be new 52 main continuity.  I do have a suggestion.  Snyder needs to cut his artist/co-pub loose if at all possible.  Yea, Lee draws pretty but he’s not without his faults.  He has that co-pub hat handy, too.  So if Snyder would consider another artist, that’s fine with me.  Especially if he wants to continue the most consistently successful Superman book.  Sorry (not sorry), but I want my REAL DEAL SUPERMAN now rather than eventually, in the course of time, down the road, inevitable that doesn’t happen, etc and so forth.  NOW.  Like in NOW.  It’s been two plus years and Superman has not been fully developed in the new 52 main continuity.  I’m tired of waiting quite frankly.  And will hold onto my money until it finally does happen.

The other bad thing about losing Snyder’s book is losing Snyder’s influence.  He was part of the Superman meeting.  He hangs out with Pak, Soule, Bennett, and others.  Here’s his tweet about the Superman Group:  “I can tell you that what’s coming in the Superman group is going to make you all SO happy. Can’t wait for you to see!”  Soule won’t tell us anything.  He hates “spoilers” and tells peeps to read the book to find out.  Maybe great for ‘orders’ (or not) but definitely not for rapport with fans.  We know he’s in a hard spot having to write the fauxmance and perhaps editorial nixed having Superman’s supporting characters in the book — besides Cat.  Having Superman no longer Clark Kent at the Daily Planet makes it real convenient for Superman to remain the battling alien with his wonder of a girlfriend, don’t ya think?  Maybe Soule is a little disgruntled as to when he can use Superman’s legendary supporting cast.  Greg Pak does speak with fans and tells us straight out he won’t answer spoiler questions.  Which is fine and very appropriate.  We did find out from him that he’s not allowed to use Lois yet.  Editorial thuggery, keeping the Superman mythology down!  (that last sentence was me talking, k?)   Marguerite Bennett is real fun and will speak as much about a subject as she can.  Can’t wait to read her Lois Lane book so we can see how Metropolis and the Daily Planet’s been doing and hopefully journo Clark, too.

To me it appears after ‘building up Lois’ in February (with her own book) and March (finishing that arc) that we’ll not see Metropolis (or Lois, DP, etc) for quite some time.  They’re doing a Doomsday crossover in April, beginning in Action with confronting, the now considered heroic, Lex Luthor and nuclear bombs.  Then in the Fauxmance book, Wonder Woman’s pretty boyfriend doesn’t look so good.  Maybe he’s not so immortal.  Well, at least not his nose anyway.  What will she do after the final battle?  Be alone?


Then it’s on to DidUcum’s Superman book, not set in Metropolis, but Smallville and the Bottled City of Kandor.  The only writer permitted to use Lois — and he doesn’t even appear to be using Metropolis.  So Doomsday escapes the Phantom Zone according to the solicit for Action but in Superman he’s coming from beneath the ground.  Uh, yea.  Real cohesive there.  So does Superman plow him into the ground only to have him rise again?  Don’t care frankly.

How emotionally riveting can this be compared to the Death of Superman?  Superman doesn’t have the Kents anymore and he’s not with Lois.  So the only one to mourn is Wonder Woman?  Wow, can’t wait for that heartbreaking scene.  Especially from someone who dumped Steve Trevor twice and then fired him.  Who also wants Superman to stop being Clark Kent.   Superman is considered a villain now because of something that happened prior to the end of Forever Evil or during the last issue of that arc.  So whatevs?!

And I don’t believe that no one on this Earth has never heard of Superman ever.  So new readers not knowing about his death even though it was a mass media event as well as being in animation, repeated releases of comics, etc. is a complete mind fukk.  Good luck with this arc to make any kind of impact.

And we all remember how the Death of Superman story came into being, right?  Yea, they had to cancel the wedding which DC Comics and Superman creators were wanting to do in main continuity after five plus decades.  They had to wait on the tv show, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman to get to the point that they could marry on the show.  So NO IT WASN’T A TV STUNT.   Not forgetting that lie pre-New 52 launch, Didio.

Are the current PTB and creators at DC Entertainment gutless wonders?  I know I probably say stuff anti-Wonder Woman, but I don’t appreciate her being attached to the Superman mythology because of someone’s ego.  She has her own mythology.  Or at least she should have.  Originally Marston created Diana to show the power of being female.  Not the cultural one which can change from century to century, decade to decade . . . on a whim?  Someone truly brave to show a powerful woman who fights for truth and justice.  Someone who left their home to see what else there was to explore.  A powerful, strong woman who loved a human male.   Nowadays men shudder at any sign of ‘weakness’ they perceive in their own gender.   Would Diana flying with a powerless Clark Kent be shocking?  Would Wonder Woman assisting Batman with flight or battle be a bad thing?  (I might have given a few people heart attacks.)  Then why is a Wonder Woman holding Steve Trevor in mid-air so antagonizing?  Is it a symbol males just don’t want to address?  Is that why Denny O’Neill stripped her of everything that made Wonder Woman a powerful character?  (A mistake he admits freely now and with contrition.)  Sorry, guys, but Wonder Woman protecting and being with Trevor in battle shows a true knowledge of what women are capable of.  I’d like to see that with Diana, not the only chick in the Justice League so she can be passed around as the token female who the guys can hit on.  That is so destructive to her character.

Speaking strictly outside the full fledge Wonder Woman fanbase, as a woman I would like to see her with Steve Trevor.  Why?  Well, first of all Steve is a military man – and in so being he is physically strong, cognitively tactical, he has heart and is capable of deep love.  He’s a warrior.  Something Diana can relate to and he to her.  They share that same value set.  Since that is his occupation and her raison d’etre, it makes them very compatible.  There is also chemistry between the characters which makes both of them likeable.

Take a look at other relationships where males especially ask, “How’d he get HER?”  Elizabeth and Essex, Roger and Jessica Rabbit, famous celebrities with mates ‘who don’t measure up’ in some people’s eyes, etc.  Maybe it’s because characters when written realistically are just people.  Steve has a lot to offer Diana.  He’s a man’s man as well as being a defender of the down trodden.  When she’s off with ‘the boys’, that’s her job, but when she’s not battling constantly – and she SHOULDN’T BE, she should have some down time with someone who allows her to relax and be herself.  Who understands her crazy life and who loves her for being her.

Having Diana without a secret identity removes her from the humans she has sworn to protect.  She was brought to “Man’s World” by Steve Trevor – and although there are lot of males in this new world, there were still males in her world.  Sailors and gods and such.  Making her more god-like could give the character more conflict.  The Greek gods exist because of humanity.  Aren’t the Amazons human?  Aren’t the sailors who were used for breeding human?  The gods use and abuse humanity.  Diana wants to be humanity’s champion, even though currently she’s the God of War.  The new 52 main continuity is keeping Diana a battling Amazon much as they are keeping Superman a battling alien.  Why?  So they can hook up since they have no private lives to speak of in the new 52?  DCE narrowing down mythologies and characters since 2010.

It’s about time DC Entertainment brought back both Diana’s supporting cast as well as Superman’s.  It certainly would make for better stories and character development. Having Steve Trevor back in the universe and loving Diana has been our only hope for this dark and dreary war torn world, both imaginary and real.  The human spirit does not fare well in the current DC Entertainment world.  Superbeings must be battling constantly.  No assimilating.  But fraternization amongst the ranks is allowed.  Apparently heroes don’t need love, just sex.  How is that even creating full and interesting characters for people to read?

Bringing back just the superpowers and physicality of characters does not address their spirit, dreams, inspiration, mind, heart and soul.  The new 52 is empty unless you like smash-em ups.  No emotion.  No real mystery.  Just hit things.  No cleverness.  Just destroy.  No real connection except the physical.

How sad DC Comics has become by not allowing their  icons/characters to live as fully as possible.


January 23, 2014. BaudyBlahBlahBlah.

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