Superman or Superdouche?





If you have read Superman #27, you know what I’m talking about.  Scott Lobdell has taken this character and made him into something no superhero should ever even verge on – a complete douche.

Aside from Scott Lobdell not having any idea what Superman is about and that he uses his own personal voice to animate Clark, what else could be going on here – storywise.  I think I’ve discussed the possible political behind-the-scenes machinations quite enough.  Besides, they are moot or will be come this summer.  Oh, there will still be politics and power plays but at least they seem to be turning in favor of Superman fans and their beloved Clark Kent.

Why would Superman, Clark, not trust Lois Lane to keep her mouth shut about his secret?  We know that Lois has had a history of keeping the secret even from Clark.  Why in this instance doesn’t he trust her?

Storywise, Superman is currently dating Wonder Woman.

Why he’s snogging her when his heart isn’t into it, most fans can’t imagine.  Maybe it’s because some creators think Clark should be more like them during their college days.  And people wonder why Superman books’ order numbers are plummeting.  Clark Kent is not your typical college dude.  He has great power and his fans are pretty sure the Kents taught Clark that meant he had grave responsibilities.  The Kents also taught him self discipline which is not a trait of a male douchebag.   Unless Clark had amnesia about his 18 years with the Kents in this timeline.  (In another timeline they saw him off to Metropolis, Action #12).   Clark has been in so many timelines and alternate realities, his fans just don’t know what to believe anymore.  It’s like trying to traverse ice flows on an angry sea – and frostbite and fatigue are setting in — we’re tired of our hero and us being abused.

Wonder Woman wanted to give Clark a Christmas present.  Her.  In order to do that, she told the entire Justice League that she and Superman were dating.  Something that he didn’t want anyone to know.   Betrayal #1  (but Wonder Woman is still good for a snog or worse – college guy douchebag)

Cat Grant finally looked at the flashdrive on her desk and found out the power twins were a couple and announced it to the world.  Clark and Cat own the blog where the fauxmance was announced.  Cat didn’t consult Clark before she did the expose’.  Betrayal #2  (But Clark talks with Cat about the incident.  Even though he can’t see the ‘story’ right in front of him with Cat dating Aaron Lord who has a mind machine.  Dense much, Clark?)

Lois gains psionic powers from a senator who was one of the Twenty (Superman Annual #2, probably highly influenced if not written by Dan Jurgens, who did the art).  Readers are told these powers will eventually kill Lois.  Superman battles Psycho Pirate and Lois steps in to save him.  Lois realizes Clark and Superman are one in the same.  (Something fans who have read Superman 1-6 during George Perez’s run  saw it was very evident, she knew.)  And then goes into a coma.  Later Lois interrupts a date/I’m-just-here-for-the-snog-session between the fauxmance because her powers are driving her mad.  Even in a coma, her mind is working overtime to listen to every thought in every mind.   Of course she is an astral projection – you can’t have Superman flying with Lois Lane in his arms when she’s entirely corporeal.   Even if it is a habit — what habit?  It’s the first time fans saw this phenomena.  Five year gap, remember!

So Parasite is loose and of course he comes after Lois – in a coma.  When asked Lois said she would tell Clark’s secret, but her near insanity had already been established.  And if Clark truly were best friends (which we haven’t seen much evidence of – only been told that character point), he would know Lois’ true nature and she would never betray him like that.  He’d at least be able to convince her otherwise if she was in a more stable frame of mind.

So why the mistrust on Clark’s part to the point that not once but twice he thought he was having Parasite take power from Lois because of his secret.  As if he would have an inkling of what the aftermath would be.  Lois was dying.  She was on the verge of insanity.  She could be brain damaged from the Parasite taking power from her.  But did Clark ever mention those circumstances, no he didn’t.  Why?   Betrayal #1 and Betrayal #2.

Two women, the two who were closest to him at the time,  (No time for Lois, she’s got a boyfriend.)  betrayed him.  They ignored his wishes or didn’t consult him about something that was important to him.  So this Superman is petty enough to take it out on his best friend, Lois Lane?  Transferred aggression.  Lois pays the price for what others have done.  She is given no benefit of the doubt or the benefit of over five years of friendship?  Really?  This is not Clark Kent.  This is not Superman.  Clark has to have some emotional and psychological stability – but as we have seen from the last 2.5 years, he has none.  Especially with regards to his closest supporting cast of over 70 years.

So fans were stuck with a petty, don’t-trust-women-because-they’ll-betray-you-but-Wonder-Woman-is-still-good-for-a-snog, Super? man?   Super, nope.  Man, only the worse of that gender.

Lobdell hit the make-Clark-worry-about-his-secret with an axe.   I think he totally deserves the Hack of the Year award.  Fans felt betrayed and mourned the Superman they wanted to read about after this issue.  Where is he?  Does he exist in the new 52?

With Superman tied to the Justice League story arcs with no world of his own to be nurtured in, things looked pretty dismal.  Even confusing.  How could the character that DCE said was boring and writers didn’t know how to write him, be strapped in a strait jacket by the Justice League book?  Because he’s Superman.  Like Dwayne McDuffie said, “you can’t destroy these characters.”  The new 52 definitely gave Superman a pummeling.  But what damage did they do to his fans?  They don’t trust.  They aren’t buying.  They’re disgusted by what DCE has done to Clark Kent.  Superman’s mythology, as well as his fans, have not just been tortured but the new 52 has been darn right ABUSIVE.

Why did Superman not get any character development in 2.5 years?  Why were the early creators restricted in building any kind of foundation for the character or use of his supporting characters?  Because of the idea of the fauxmance and what it would do to the greater DC Universe.   So Superman fans were put on hold.  Made to wait.  And in return we didn’t buy.   Order numbers plummeted.  Like Dee Snyder sang, “We’re not gonna take it anymore!”

Why would anyone allow Superman’s character and book orders fall to such a low?  Because someone at DCE had to have it proven to them – that radically changing Superman’s mythology for a stunt would cause long term damage to revenue and to the character.  Even Superman is not invulnerable, especially if he is not written or drawn with respect, hope, and care.

On February 4th, what fans had been clamoring for seemed to come to fruition.  A change.  Enter Geoff Johns on his charging steed.  “I will save Superman!”  Did some of you get the feeling that this was in the plan all along?  People who actually knew the character’s mythology knew there had to be a major contingency or reversal in direction.   For some fans, it was a question of how long DCE were going to allow Superman order numbers to drop.  We got our answer.  Geoff Johns who helped develop the fauxmance will be writing Superman this summer.  John Romita, Jr., a second generation Marvel artist, will be drawing the Man of Tomorrow.   Big names.  That should START to get numbers up – but after the third issue will fans still stick around?  The story and development of Superman is key.  Superman fans and the character have been fucked over enough.  If Johns and Romita don’t pull this out of free fall, then heads should roll within DCE management.  Damaging Superman goes on your permanent record.  Don’t be those people!


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  1. Bob replied:

    if geoff does save the superman book, it won’t be with lois. They’re trying to “build up lois as her own character” remember. geoff will just incorporate ww into the books more. they’ll conglomerate the superman book and ww book, while still having the s/ww book. GJ is just going to do to ww what he did to mera in the aqua man book. make them “perfect” partners. they’ve got meredith finch coming onto the ww book, and she’s pretty inexperienced. she’s probably someone who won’t stand up to editorial. s/ww is happening and there’s no escaping it.

    • baudyhallee replied:

      Geoff is a classic mythology guy. He has Lois in Superman. He has Perry telling Clark he’s a fool for never taking his & Lois’ relationship to the next level. WW has only been a voice on the phone in Superman.

      They will not conglomerate the Superman book and the WW book. They are trying to rebuild the Superman book from the devastation that was Scott Lobdell and editorial’s lack of insight into the Superman character and mythology.

      Tomasi will be writing s/ww from now on and something tells me, it won’t be what fans of the coupling will like.

      There’s a crisis coming in the Spring, so don’t expect things to remain the same. They are tweaking the universe now with Batman Eternal, Future’s End and soon Worlds End. Also watch for Action Comics to break free from the fauxmance and later lisne up with Johns’ Superman which will be classic mythology.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Bob replied:

    if geoff does save the superman book, it won’t be with lois. They’re trying to “build up lois as her own character” remember. geoff will just incorporate ww into the books more. they’ll conglomerate the superman book and ww book, while still having the s/ww book. GJ is just going to do to ww what he did to mera in the aqua man book. make them “perfect” partners. they’ve got meredith finch coming onto the ww book, and she’s pretty inexperienced. she’s probably someone who won’t stand up to editorial. s/ww is happening and there’s no escaping it.

    • baudyhallee replied:

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for commenting.

      Yes, I do remember Dan Didio telling us face-to-face that they would be building up Lois as her own character because they pushed her down too far. Why the necessity of doing that? Because a strong Lois always saves Superman’s butt. Wonder Woman can’t do that. She has her own mythology and book to think about.

      Let’s talk some numbers, shall we? Soule has been basically showing how the SM/WW relationship won’t work. Order numbers for that book fell 50% in the first four issues. Not exactly a hot item. IF <== big if, they can turn it into a team book, then they might be able to salvage it. But making Superman an idiot who doesn't acquire any combat skills while on the job for over five years with the Justice League is definitely not going to develop his character, now is it?

      I agree WW fans have something to worry about with the not-so-experienced Meredith Finch writing for her husband's pencils. Why not a different female writer? But that's not a Lois vs WW thing. That's a DCE's concept of WW vs Azzarello's immediate pitch for the character in order to save her for the first three years of her existence in the new 52. Diana will be even more connected to the JL arcs with no world of her own to develop and grow as a character or a mythology. DCE's concept of Diana is an insult.

      I think you've gotten the Johns thing a little off. We know they are building up Lois. (Wonder Woman has her own book and mythology to be built up in.) Mera was developed in Blackest Night in order to make Aquaman more palatable. She is a character from his mythology, she was never a stand alone character with her own mythology. This is the same concept taking place now. Lois is being developed to make Superman more palatable. A strong, well developed Lois is always a beacon for Clark/Superman. And as Matt Idelson said in 2012, when Clark is with Lois, it brings out his humanity. The battling alien and only the battling alien concept is going down in flames just like its order numbers. Action and Superman orders are at desperately low levels. The question now is — How can Johns/Romita and Pak pull them out of free fall?

      A major change has to happen in the books. People aren't buying this SM/WW romantic concept. It's actually a huge hindrance to the development and mythologies of the characters.

      Johns is a classic character/mythology kind of guy. I don't think he'll be pushing WW into Superman's books. He'll probably address SM/WW in Justice League where it started. Remember, he was the guy who said it would end and it would end badly.

      There's no escaping it??? Really??? Yea, there is. By not buying the books with that concept in them. I think fans have made their point clear and DCE sees the numbers on the wall. It's time to bring out the rescue team, LOIS LANE!

      And might I add – while the whole Superman is a battling alien with no human tethers thing was going on. Someone at DCE was smart enough (Johns) to give fans a version of Superman that they were more familiar. Smallville by Bryan Q. Miller was brought on board in April, 2012 and Adventures of Superman the following year. Why? Because it was one way to keep people interested in the character by giving them stories involving the FULL mythology they loved. Digital firsts are nothing to scoff at. Smallville, despite it's 99 cent price point constantly is in the top 10 competing against books with much higher pricing. Which means that in order to out sell a $4.99 book, it must sell over 5 times as many units. So digital firsts have kept Superman alive for fans until DCE fixes it's new 52 messes. Which they will be doing this summer with Future's End and building up Lois Lane.

      Remember comics change course in a panel, with a page turn, with an issue. And when loss of money is involved, creators start scrambling for the life boats. The SM/WW ship is sinking and the company will abandon it for more reliable vehicles.

  3. wideandnerdy replied:

    Scott Lobdell didn’t make Superman 52 into a douche. He already was one from his very first appearances. From choke slamming Batman (Justice League #2) to taking the law into his own hands and brutalizing white collar criminals and sneering at the police and just being completely emo. If anything, the excerpts you showed make him look better than he is. I got the impression that the Superman of Action Comics #1 vol 2 could care less if he risked someone’s life to keep his mission intact. He had such a casual disregard for life.

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