Superman #29 written by Scott Lobdell with art by Ed Benes


Red Lanterns #29 written by Charles Soule with art by Alessandro Vitti

Review by baudyhallee

This week the Man of Steel, or the new 52 version at any rate, showed up in his namesake book written by Scott Lobdell and in Red Lanterns, now being written by Charles Soule who also authors the fauxmance book. Since taking over Superman in October, 2012, Lobdell has brought its order numbers down 34% and Soule after taking over Red Lanterns in June, 2013 has brought its order numbers down 34%. Coincidence? Also Soule with his new book of fauxmance, which is mentioned in this issue of Red Lanterns, has dropped 52.7% since its first issue in October, 2013, five short months ago. Considering this double icon namesake book did less than 100,000 with its initial issue, this does not bode well.



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Suckerpunched Again (a somewhat incoherent rant)

Dear Diary,

Those bastards at DC Entertainment did it to me again.  I didn’t think it was possible.  I had been the strong one thinking things would turn around. . .  but that was last week.  It’s not as bad as August 22nd, 2012’s complete wipe out but it still hurts.

They put a fauxmance snog in Greg Pak’s Batman/Superman Annual #1.  The book hasn’t even had a year of issues yet and it’s getting an annual?  Oh yea, Batman’s name is on the title.


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