Fell on Black Days

Whatsoever I’ve feared has
Come to life
Whatsoever I’ve fought off
Became my life
Just when everyday
Seemed to greet
Me with a smile
Sunspots have faded
And now I’m doing time
Cause I fell on
Black days

I’m a search light soul
They say but I can’t
See it in the night

— Soundgarden

Superman and Superman fans have fallen on black days especially during the new 52.  The DCU is a bleak, gore porn place. And who needs that in their life?  Real life is hard enough.  Shouldn’t comics be escapism?  There is no light in the 50 shades of dark.  It’s just dark.

DC Entertainment are the caretakers of these icons.  They are being abusive and negligent despite the fact that their parent company spent millions fighting over the rights to Superman.

The pendulum is at extreme darkness and seems to be wallowing there.  Not my cup of tea.  I’m a Superman fan.  He’s the original hero of the DCU and the guy who put the super in superhero, that is until the new 52.

Superman fans are literally doing time. We are in a hell of DC Entertainment’s making.  We are asked to buy poorly written stories with convoluted plots and told to enjoy the splashpages of destruction which are to suffice for anything lacking.

DCE has a survey out where folks are asked to decide whether they want action or complicated relationships in the books they read.  Why the demarcation?  A good writer and artist can convey both — or should be able to.  Are readers being cheated?  Does action mean splashpages and complicated relationships mean emotional beats?  Won’t doing both well sell more books?

I don’t like horror and I despise slasher films.  And that’s what the comics have become.  Cheap slasher films.  They used to be about adventure and mystery of all kinds.  But not any more.

If I want an angsty protagonist with no hope and mendacity all around him, I’ll read Hamlet.  Even Shakespeare knew how to please his audience by giving them variety.  Love stories, commentary on society, histories, comedies and yes, tragedies, too.  I don’t think I ask too much of the comics to be as great as they were – and to entertain a larger audience with a variety of themes, stories, and plots.

But maybe DCE knows more about 18 to 34 year old males who only want to read issues with #1 on them than I do.  Narrowing down the audience much?  Oh, just give them a splashpage of destruction.  That’s some business plan you got there, DCE.






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