So I’ve been trying to figure out what the new 52 is about — at least as far as Superman is concerned.

He’s not with Lois because she’s human. (That decision must be in the five year gap between Action & Superman books because we haven’t seen it in the story.  Besides that is stinking thinking just to get the fauxmance off the ground.)  He’s with Wonder Woman because she’s a demigoddess.  Diana thinks he will live forever with her after the last battle.  But Superman’s story is the neverending battle (well, at least when he was with Lois).

Scott Snyder thinks Superman ages differently than humans because he’s a solar battery and is invulnerable under a yellow sun.  How does that theory work?

The Golden Age seemed to think that Superman aged like us, but then with the advent of the Silver Age and subsequent eras, superheroes were pretty much frozen in their thirties.

So let’s examine this theory that Superman ages differently than humans.  What kind of science/logic is this?

Did he age in this unique manner as soon as he hit Earth’s atmosphere?  The Kents found him as an infant.  Or did it evolve when he was in puberty?  Okay, we already have a problem here.  How much does he age in ratio to humans?

Does he only age six months out of every twelve?  If so & it started when he was an infant, then he stayed a baby for a very long time.  And puberty would have taken him twice as long to reach.

Maybe that ratio is too drastic. Let’s look at a less ‘obvious’ ratio.  What if he only aged 11 months out of every 12 compared to humans?  So he would grow & age pretty much like humans.  But every 11 years he’d appear at least a year younger.  At age 12, he’d only age to 11.  At age 22, he’d only age to 20.  At age 33, he’d only age to 30.  Not so drastic.  So why couldn’t he spend his life with a human?  And why would the demi-goddess think he was immortal enough to live with her forever?

If we take the every six months ratio, radical and ridiculous as it is, that would mean, he’d be 36 but appear to be 18. Then how does that explain his immaturity in the new 52 when he first came to Metropolis. Later, when he was ’25’, according to Scott Lobdell, he still hadn’t developed any maturity regarding his powers, his ’50’ year old life, etc.

Not to mention, but I will, how could Clark attend elementary school through high school with any regularity if he only appeared half the age of his classmates?

Okay, so if it didn’t start until he reached puberty (13) as perhaps most of his powers did, then by the time he was 18, he’d appear 15.5 years old.  Again not much difference.  By the time he was actually 30 years old, he’d only appear 21.5 years old. So the disguising his age would have to start probably about the actual age of 21 (appearing 17).  Superman must be a proficient actor 24/7 in order to ‘pull off’ looking 30 when he only appears 21.5 years old.  True, actor Tom Welling played a 14 year old Clark Kent when he was 24, but we highly suspect he’s Kryptonian with his extreme good looks – but Welling had his pre-mature graying hair dyed throughout his ten year stent as Superman’s spectacled secret identity.  BUT a Superman in the comics that ages differently would have the opposite problem than the human Welling.  He’d have to appear older if he was living and working with humans on a daily basis.

Maybe that’s why DC Entertainment made him the constant battling alien who can’t relate to humans.  He has an aging secret.  Let’s face it, new 52 Superman should be an actor and not a journalist.  Just think of the career he’d have.  Forever young – or at least for a few generations of humans.  And he’d have to change his name and career every 30 years of so, right?

But is that really Superman or the Superman story?

Siegel and Shuster wrote of an alien who wanted connection to the humans he worked and lived amongst.  He even disguised himself as one of them to relate to them more closely.  And that’s what made the Golden Age so successful.

Keep it simple.  Don’t complicate with theories that can’t be explained with any reasonable accuracy and certainly don’t base Superman’s story on it completely.

Why does it matter how Superman ages if comics usually keeps him frozen at 30 . . . or does a reboot?

The new 52 Superman is a mystery wrapped in an enigma — and when dealing with a character known to generations of humans on this planet, how can that characterization ever sell comic books?  Oh yea, the art.  #utterfail


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