47% of Comic Book Readers Are FEMALE

My partner in crime on G2Hardcore, Tej, DM’d me the link.  Screen Junkies  on October 16th had an interview where it was said “They did a study and found 47% of comic book readers are women.”  at the 6:00 mark.

Apparently this information is at least 7 weeks old and the study had to be done before that.  So where are the investigative reporters of the comic book websites?  Too busy pushing Lois Lane aside to be shills for the fauxmance?

Where’s the exclusive on the results of this study?   Is this the study done by DC Entertainment this past Spring where you had to decide between action and complex relationships?  Or is this the Nielsen survey conducted in July, 2012 after that abominable, pathetic, ridiculous survey they conducted with a sample size not worthy of any comic book publisher, let alone one of the ‘big two’?

Are the comic websites complicit in hiding this information?  DC Entertainment did give $18 million to a website this year who’s target audience is 18 to 34 year old males.   Having it announced that almost half of their audience are female would throw a monkey wrench in someone’s dream of a male niche market.

Didio and Lee did say in an interview with CBR during the 2014 SDCC their audience was ‘changing.’  This would have been after the Spring and Nielsen surveys.  At that time I questioned the use of the word changing.  Things had already changed before the New 52 even started.

DC Entertainment has been about as transparent as the Mississippi River during a flood.  So a DC comic book audience would have to rely on reporters and websites to get the lowdown on what is happening.  Apparently that’s not how the ‘press’ works any longer.

Any one got Lois Lane’s phone number, email or twitter account?  Is she on Facebook?


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