Do You Feel Cheated by DC Entertainment?

Since September, 2011 many Superman fans have felt cheated.  He’s not the guy about hope, champion of the oppressed or even about loving humanity.  In fact, since the beginning of the new 52 era, there has been no love in the DCU at all.

In 1938, Action Comics #1 started a genre of global proportions.  Portraying an alien with extraordinary powers, who had a human identity.  Clark Kent/Superman (one and the same) was cast as a romantic hero from the start.  It has served the character and his fans well for over 70 years.

Enter DC Entertainment and their treatment of the character & his mythology which is known in every HOUSEHOLD around the world.


In 1938, the cornerstone of what was to follow through 7 decades, we have the pursuit and challenge of a personal relationship.  Clark Kent and Lois Lane.  Beginning in 2012, we have DC Entertainment’s version of a personal relationship.  Loneliness, fear and grief.  Supers should be with supers according to one DCE insider, a former Wildstorm creator.  Characters should be with their own kind?  Segregation?  Are DC superheroes now the X-men?

Apparently DC Entertainment is not familiar with Superman vs the Klu Klux Klan or even Superman and the Mole Men?  Superman no longer loves humanity.  He truly has no purpose in saving anyone.  He’s only been allowed to save the Earth from huge superpowered villains.  Never allowed to be Clark Kent, journalist, fighting evil using the power of the pen, his heart and his mind.  Human readers are supposed to be complacent with a Superman/Clark who never takes on the evil of their everyday lives that they can relate to.

No inspiring readers to aspire.  No cheering on the power of the individual.  Superman is hogtied to his superfriends.  Recently he’s acquired a power that will make him ‘human’ for 24 hours and he’s been using it to the extent that he needs Batman to rescue him (naked, no less) and have Alfred make him a new costume every single time.  Dependency on the group.  Powerless on his own.

Fans of the 70-plus relationship of Clark/Lois/Superman found another disconcerting aspect to the character under DC Entertainment’s watch.


In 1938 and in the decades that followed, Clark as Superman tells Lois Lane he means no harm.  To humanity in general and her in particular.

In the new 52, Superman #27 written by Scott Lobdell, a former creator for Marvel and Wildstorm, shows Clark as Superman deciding to allow Parasite to extract the knowledge of his secret from Lois Lane’s brain.  This was after she had saved him several times with her psionic powers.  Not even the Silver Age of superdickery had Superman harming Lois Lane in this fashion.


Twelve issues later, Geoff Johns in Superman #38 lightswitched Clark telling Jimmy Olsen he was Superman.  Never happened before in the entire 75-plus years of Superman’s existence.

So what if Lois did know but didn’t tell Clark she knew.  It’s happened many times and for many years previously.  In multimedia, not just comics.

DC Entertainment is not going to go there.  They’re looking for new future readers this summer for their revamp of what used to be called the new 52.  Earth Zero.  (or as some fans call it, Earth Loser)

Divergence is the codename for this summer’s event.  Superman will have a crossover between his books.  Action (which Lois has not been allowed in by editorial since Greg Pak took over), Batman/Superman (which Lois has been featured), Superman/Wonder Woman (need I say that Lois won’t be gracing that book unless you count Diana wanting to be a reporter along side Clark) and Superman (the book Geoff Johns abandoned to concentrate on television where he obviously has more control).

On Free Comic Book Day, readers got an 8 page ‘preview’ of what was to come in June, 2015.  Lois Lane has outed Clark Kent as Superman.  How did she find out?  Did she always know?  If so, then why at this time did she decide to out him?  And why make her to be perceived as the villain?  I doubt any of these questions will be answered as the storytelling has been lacking since DCE took over. (This story is being written by newcomer Gene Luen Yang as his first fray into the breech known as DCE.)

“Truth”, the name of the crossover event says ” For Superman, there’s no holding back.”  Back from what?  He’s got a crewcut, t-shirt, jeans, workboots, no cape, nearly powerless and riding a motorcycle.  And he’s on the run because his “best friend” (Lois, a relationship that was never adequately depicted for years) outed him.

Since September, 2011, Superman fans have had a 5 year gap in his new history, only lip service to a dual identity (like it’s a bad thing or used as a weapon against Lois), and no triangle for two at all.

So instead of continuing to cheat Superman readers, DC Entertainment is not holding back from ripping us off?  Because basically since September, 2011, Superman  has been in moniker only, not in character or mythology.  No longer the romantic hero we all remember and have depicted in other multi-million dollar media.

I guess those former execs from Marvel and Wildstorm know more about DC heroes than their fans do, right?  Or do they have Dr. Fate tied up somewhere telling them what the future readers want?



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  1. Truth in Fiction replied:

    To be fair, Lois Lane is like one of the most hated female characters in the entirety of DC comics. Fans have always known that she loves Clark for being Superman and not for being himself, Clark Kent. Fans have been clamoring for years for Superman to have different girl for a romantic partner (with Lana Lang often filling that void). But because tradition has so firmly established Lois as “Superman’s Girlfriend” and because the writers “know” what the fans what more then the fans do, they never got rid of her and the fans have suffered through with her for literally decades.

    So quite frankly, while I dislike most of what the new 52 has been doing to Superman, getting rid of Lois is first step in the right direction after a long time. Superman has quite a few interesting women as supporting characters in his roster (not to mention Wonder Woman) so I look forward to the writers branching out and finding a better love interest then a wanna-be glory hound who will doing anything to get a story about Superman.

    • baudyhallee replied:

      Thanks for commenting.
      I see a lot of opinion here not backed up with facts. You know what they say about opinions – everybody has one.

      Lois Lane has never been just Superman’s Girlfriend. On the contrary, she is an integral part of the Superman mythology. We see Clark’s conflict within the dual identity through her eyes. She is the pivot point. How he acts and reacts while wearing the glasses or the cape gives readers an inside look at his psyche and characterization. Lois Lane was created for Superman/Clark Kent.

      Lois has always developed a relationship with Clark first. It was not until the 90s when Clark Kent was the primary personality and Superman was what he did. He dated, put Ma Kent’s diamond on her finger and then married her during that time. This lasted until the new 52.

      The decisions made at the 2010 retreat were from people who did not understand or even like Superman. They stripped him of 2/3rds of his mythology. Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Clark Kent was not even a part of the equation – so to say Lois always liked Superman first – you could definitely say that in the new 52 since Clark was nearly non-existent. But ripping the mythology apart is like trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again after he’s been in a blender.

      Lois Lane has always been a top notch reporter if not a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter. Glory hound? Seriously?

      Let’s now talk numbers. There was no poll or survey done before 2010 to ask which character you hated the most in the DCU. So there was no facts or statistics to back up what DCE did at the editorial retreat of 2010 which created the new 52.

      The love triangle for Superman in the new 52 minus the marital detail was a FAILURE. Superman book orders are desperately low and this was after DCE’s fauxmance of him dating Wonder Woman – which did nothing but destroy both the characters. People wonder why Batman sells? Because he’s kept his mythology intact.

      DCE’s Superoffice is not selling books. The company hit an all time low in Oct 2015 with only 22% of the market. Currently they are still below 30%. Marvel is wiping their feet on the doormat that is DC Comics.

      Dan Didio has always said, as Superman goes, so go the rest of the books. Anyone who sees the monthly order numbers know this is true. Bats, JL & Harley sell. The rest are struggling or drowning.

      The Superoffice has problems, major criminally corrupt problems. These are the people who decided Lois wasn’t hot enough and Superman/Clark was not an everyman character.

      Superoffice has no promotion money in the first quarter of 2016 (a re-occurring phenomena every year since 2012).

      Digital books that have Lois Lane as a key character are surpassing those that do not. Superfans have walked away in droves. Action Comics is not allowed to have Lois Lane in the book – and it has dropped 124,834 orders since its 2nd issue. If that was a positive number, it would be a monthly best selling book.

      Truth in Fiction, there is no fiction in the truth – so get some facts.

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