Superman Reborn: The Split

When there is a merge, it usually involves multiples coming together.  In Superman Reborn, we learned there had been a splitting of Superman.  We’re not sure who the big bad, who manipulated the new 52 universe after Flashpoint, could be — that is for stories to come in the next year.  But do we have a clue when a split may have occurred?

Grant Morrison’s new 52 Action Comics.  Issues 0 through 18.  Initially GM was going to move from the past to the present (after the 5 yr gap) after issue 6.  Wisely he remained in the past.  We got a solid Superman mythology despite the impetuousness of young new 52 Superman.

Morrison’s arc dealt with 5th dimensional beings, alternate timelines and realities, events out of kilter with Mars and the color red thrown in.  Most GM fans will tell you that it is better to read the TPB of a Morrison story than individual issues.  Reading all at once makes you see his genius in storytelling and things read early on which didn’t seem like much actually mattered.

Does reading Morrison make you slightly crazy?  Oh yea.  But he writes on many levels and you learn a lot.  And his commentary on real events especially with the new 52 gave us reassurance that WE the readers weren’t the problem.

There were panels in Morrison’s Action that fans have clung to for over 5 years hoping he had given us the key to fix what happened after the 5 year gap.  Morrison’s Action 0-18 and Justice League issues 1-6 occurred in year 0.  (Action started 6 months before Justice League storywise.)  Then there was the five year gap and Justice League 7 and the other #1s started ‘the present’ of the new 52.

When did the splitting of Superman occur?  Take a look at Action 18, Morrison’s last issue.

split Action Comics 18-026

Throughout Action 18, titled Superman’s Last Stand, Superman is fighting the corporate Superman idea (introduced in Superman 9) now SuperDoom, the kryptonite infested criminals from the Phantom Zone including Xa Du, and Lord Vyndyktvx.  After a RED K kiss, we see Lord Vyndyktyvx overseeing variations of Superman mainly from the Silver Age.  Lion head Supes. Ant head Supes.  RED skies abound.  There’s a lot of RED in these panels of the SuperDoom fight even in past issues.  Comatose Mxy is referred to as an off color comedian. There’s blood (RED) on a Superman t-shirt.  Mrs. N, Clark’s landlady & Mxy’s wife, was shot by Nimrod before she could wish her third wish.

This last ‘variation’ shows Superman Red and Superman Blue, originated in the Silver Age.  The red sun no longer is Vyndyktvx’s face. So who made the change?  And what was truly the world’s greatest trick?

Time is jumbled in this 19 issue epic arc including within issues.

Red wish Action Comics 18-026

Unless… ???  Clark quit interrupting.  It’s impolite!

Either Superman could have said the above.  But the Superman that didn’t have  what he HAD was new 52 Superman, Red Superman.  The more impetuous one.

New 52 Superman had been to Mars, the Red Planet.  Interesting since Dr. Manhattan meditates there.

And I’m not sure if this is significant, but the Mars colony received something from Superman.

unified field Action Comics 18-027

Also during Morrison’s run, there was a second death of Superman and Mrs. N’s 2nd wish was to remove the death of Superman.  Last year, we saw new 52 Superman ‘die’.  Coincidence?

Could Mrs. N’s third wish be the split (to keep Superman safe) or the unifying of Superman in the future?

Dan Jurgens has given us our Superman back — clear back in Convergence — and now we have Post Crisis and new 52 merged.  No more collar, spit curl is back, red boots are back.  Clark and Lois are back to being the Kents.  Jonathan, their son, shares a comic book with Damien Wayne called Supersons.

Convergence, merging into a unified whole.

In Morrison’s story, Superman kept telling his opponents, “I have other plans.”  Dan Jurgen plans.  Probably the only creator who could have pulled this off.  He was a large part of Rebirth with Geoff Johns and Dan Didio.

This time the Red and Blue split was different.  Not only was Superman split, but also Lois Lane.  The New 52 proved you can’t have a strong Superman mythology without Lois Lane smack dab in the center of it.  You can’t have a strong, vibrant, successful DC Universe without Clark/Lois/Superman at the helm of it all.

Morrison left us with this final classic panel:

It shows new 52 Superman talking to his Lois Lane on the phone.

see other guy Action Comics 18-029

Split no more.  The Superman mythology is now intact.  Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to change the course of mighty rivers, & able to leap tall buildings in a single bound — Look up in the sky is back!

Let’s get this party started!



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Superman Reborn: The Merge

or the story of why fans saw RED with the new 52 Superman (aka Loser) and were so BLUE while remembering and watching Post Crisis Superman do his thing.

Now they are merged.  Should they be purple?  Nah, that’s Lois’s color.  That’s why the Clark/Lois/Superman mythology works so well.  They are the royalty of the DC Universe.  The foundation.  The thing you cannot destroy without disaster to the ENTIRE multiverse.

Superman Reborn moves into Superman Reborn Aftermath stories in April.

Post Crisis Superman and New 52 Superman’s histories are merged.  (True, New 52 didn’t have much of a history – except for that abomination which Rucka writing Wonder Woman calls “The Lies”.)  Mr. Oz narrates.

merge 1 Action Comics (2016-) 976-017


Working clockwise on this 2 page spreadsheet.  Kal-El is born on Krypton, son of Jor-El & Lara Lor-Van (PC & N52).  His mama had the L alliteration  He is sent to Earth in a rocket ship while Krypton explodes (PC & N52).  Gotta have that kryptonite causing problems.  He is found by Jonathan and Martha Kent in a cornfield.  (PC & N52).

merge 2 Action Comics (2016-) 976-017

Clark Kent goes to Smallville High with Lana Lang (PC & N52).  Clark Kent gets a job at the Daily Planet. (PC)  As for New 52 – his timeline got discombobulated by Lord Vyndyktvx, but in Action 12 written by Grant Morrison we saw he had a hint he started reporting at the Daily Planet and not the Daily Star.

merge 2a-02

Oh yea and the Kents were still alive.  New 52’s parents died when he was 18 during his senior prom — courtesy of Lord Vyndyktvx.

Clark telling Lois his secret is straight out of Post Crisis.  One of the most famous issues, Action v1 662.  According to George Perez who wrote New 52 Superman issues 1-6, Lois knew from the beginning.  Of course, Superman #1 started after the five year gap.

merge 3 Action Comics (2016-) 976-017

Superman dies after the fight with Doomsday (PC).  New 52 had Superman fighting multiple Doomsdays.  SuperDoom. Virus Doom.  There was a memorial Superman statue but it was always unclear how that happened since there were multiple timelines in Morrison’s story.

Lois and Clark marry.  Post Crisis again.  New 52 never asked Lois out on a date.  Fans found out that during Andy Diggle’s run a kiss between Clark and Lois drawn by Tony Daniel was cut by editorial.  Is it any wonder Diggle walked away?  This, of course, was before the Fauxmance book happened months later.

Lois and Clark are expecting a child.  People at the Daily Planet know about it.  THIS is new.  Neither era had this in continuity.  New 52 Clark and Lois never kissed so how could they have a baby?  All  their sons were either born in the future or were a clone (Kon).

Let’s go back to the wedding panel.  New 52 hinted at this, again in Action #12.

a12 wedding a-03

Oh yea, they got married there, too.  Notice the RED around the panels in Action 12.  Get it?

merge 4 Action Comics (2016-) 976-017

Lois has the baby in the Fortress of Solitude. (PC in Convergence, N52)  Lois and Clark’s future son, Jonathan Lane Kent was born in the Fortress of Solitude.

The happy parents bring their child to the Daily Planet.  THIS is new, too.

After the merge, Lois with her son, Jonathan Samuel Kent watches now/always husband Superman descend from the sky.  (Superman Reborn)

Lots of villains in the middle and not all are space aliens.  This is a good sign especially with all the Daily Planet references.  Clark has his dual identity in tact thanks to Mxy.  So we’ll be expecting some investigative reporting by both Lois and Clark.  No more only being a battling alien.

Superman’s villains originally were corrupt and/or criminal humans while Batman’s villains were costumed psychos (which is a neon sign).  Hopefully both Clark Kent and Batman will get some good detective work done in this new phase of the DC Universe.

Clark and Lois.  Lois and Clark.  The only foundation for a successful DC Universe.  Learn it. Live it.

Class dismissed.




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