My thoughts on Mystery Clark . . . Is he new 52 Superman?


Rebirth has been the best thing to happen to Superman since 2011. Order numbers are up and there are plenty of mysteries to go around in Action Comics as well as the revitalized DCU in general.

Four blasts from the dying new 52 Superman: One to new 52 Lois, one to new 52 blahna (sorry, her new book has not improved my opinion of the character), and one to Kenan the Super-dash-man. Lex did not receive superpowers. He has a suit. So the 4th blast went where?

As soon as new 52 Superman died, mystery Clark Kent appeared.

Side note:  For some reason unknown to sane people, DC had Phil Jimenez handle the death of new 52 Lois in blahna’s book. Not well done. Poorly executed. Bait and switch. Followed by worst protagonist ever!

First of all, let me say that I believe Dan Jurgens would never make a Clark a ‘bad guy’. He just loves the character too much. And Jurgens and his compatriots in the 90s were responsible for making Clark Kent the guy and Superman the job.

Mystery CK has the personality of Clark and the instincts of Superman. He weirds out Post Crisis Lois for a number of reasons. (see Action 973 below)mysteryclark1


What I am seeing and hoping for (no matter how short-lived) is a psychological examination of a Clark Kent who no longer has to ‘worry’ about exposing his superpowers. If he doesn’t believe he has any then he would act differently in some ways. Not opposite. Just some aspects more energized.

For instance, new 52 Superman did not date Lois Lane. He has a 5 year gap in his story (which is still involved in Rebirth timeline) where we don’t know what happened. Also, Wonder Woman’s current stories are revealing what happened to her – one is called LIES. New 52 Superman would have had lies in his story as well. Hopefully we’ll see those exposed.

In Action 974, we see a Clark Kent who asked Post Crisis Lois out to talk, but ends up proposing. His ‘memories’ are coming back. Making up for lost time there, Clarkie?

I believe that mystery Clark is a version of new 52 Superman. His attraction to Lois and his ultra-protectiveness are true instincts of the Superman we all know and love.

What weirds out the Pre Flashpoint Lois is that she knows this is not her Clark. She and her Clark have been laying low for the past 10 years raising their son, Jonathan.

Sidenote: Is new 52 Lois truly dead? Is she in another Mr. Oz cell along with Tim Drake? Could Hawkman be joining them soon since he’s supposed to die? These are the questions we are asking aside from mystery Clark.


Action 976 March 22nd

In the solicits, we have seen 2 Supermen on the cover of Action 976 during the REBORN storyline, in different supersuits. Post Crisis has blue lightening and collared possibly new 52 Superman has red. Reminiscent of the Red and the Blue Supermen. I wasn’t a fan so my comics for 1998 are not numerous. Notice that on Action 974 Mystery Clark has blue lightning around him.  This could be connected to the ominous blue glow which Post Crisis Superman found.  Here’s my point:   what if they are going with the same concept of a Superman Red and a Superman Blue but in different books and actually two different Supermen?

Fans were disappointed (to put it mildly) with the new 52 Superman because of the 5 year gap in story and the Superman mythology being radically changed. Rebirth and Reborn (to hit stores in March) should be rectifying that.


(Jim Lee mafia did it!)

A Clark always goes after a Lois. This was what was wrong with the new 52. So Mystery Clark coming to the realization he should be with Lois (even if she isn’t HIS Lois) shows a super man in action. He goes after what he wants. Mystery Clark doesn’t have the mindset of worrying about exposing his superness. So he takes Lois on a ‘date’ in a limo and at the finest French restaurant. He can’t fly her in his arms to Paris, right? So Mystery Clark does what he can do. The intent is there. The instinct to show Lois how special she is to him is palatable. If you’ve ever read Action #1, 1938, Mystery Clark and the Clark Kent introduced for the first time are very similar. Before Smallville, before Superboy, before kryptonite, before flying – Clark Kent made a beeline for Lois Lane.

Many fans believe and want new 52 Superman redeemed. We want to see how the ‘new 52’ creators handle the courtship of Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Superman aka the triangle for two. Lois can still be ‘in the know’ about his ‘secret’ – which in the modern age has been the norm. How does that courtship look from the beginning if Lois knows Clark and Superman are one and the same? This makes for new avenues of storytelling.

Would we, could we be getting another Superman in the mix? If blahna can have her own book (over Lois having one), then new 52 Superman could perceivably have his own book.

Having Post Crisis/Pre Flashpoint Clark/Lois/Superman back is great ESPECIALLY now that they have Jonathan. Jon shares a book with Damian called Supersons which is fantastic.

But the Clark/Lois/Superman courtship is something fans have missed since 2011.

I don’t see why the DCU couldn’t be enlarged with having a redeemed new 52 Superman with his Lois.

We hardly knew this guy because he had no real background and he made A LOT of unSuperman-like decisions. Since the Multiverse is back, it’s big enough to include a refurbished ‘new 52’.


At the end of Superman 17, we saw a shadowy figure with glasses peering at the Kent-White-Smith farmhouse.  In Action 974, we were justified to think it was Mystery Clark.

I believe it is not Lois Lane, Mystery Clark is admonishing in this panel, but Mr. Oz or The Powers That Be who irrecoverably changed new 52 Superman’s life for 5 years, real time.  This character knows how things should have been.  He knows he was cheated and diminished in the new 52.

March will bring us the REBORN story through the Superman and Action books.  Can’t wait.

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What a dump!

It’s been a while, and plenty has happened – most of it bad. But it’s DC Entertainment’s new 52/DCYou, so what do you expect?

Superman now fights for tacos and only comes to Earth for the pie. I’m not kidding.


My friend, Tej, started a question on Twitter. “What would you tell your 5 yrs ago self?” She had a great answer. “Infiltrate that writers retreat.” She’s referring to the October, 2010 editorial retreat where the New 52, now DCYou was created.

Apparently, the ideas from that meeting are still carrying through. Supers with supers. Barry Allen gave Iris West a speedster suit (making her a super) so they could be together even though he was dating Patty Spivot. According to the author their mythic love was obvious in the subtext – despite the fact Barry still was dating Patty.

I find that unacceptable. Why couldn’t it have been obvious in the text? It’s probably why I didn’t read Flash. I know that book was the final straw for my son who quit comics altogether after a 30 year habit.

This same author wrote the Justice League Darkseid War  Superman book. He used Jimmy as the protagonist, because he didn’t want to use Lois as an obvious touchstone. When told by fans, Lois has never been a touchstone for Clark in the new 52. He responded by saying that he hadn’t checked to see what was happening in the main books. A little research would have been nice but he didn’t do that.

I’m sure this man is very nice. He spoke with fans and tried to alleviate their concerns. But . . .

Why would he, a participator in the new 52 from the very beginning, attending cons for the rollout of the new 52 and subsequent ones over the years get the idea that Lois Lane was a touchstone for Clark Kent in the new 52?

Lois as a Superman touchstone was pre-52. Fans were told to forget all that along with the Kent marriage (which DCE sent to oblivion along with Barry and Iris’ marriage).

July 2011 SDCC – DCE announced Superman was a battling alien with no human tethers. The Kents were dead and Lois had a boyfriend.
September 2011 – Action Comics, 5 ½ years before Superman #1 storywise appear. Lois and Clark are ‘friends’. Clark becomes despondent when he finds Lois has a boyfriend.

August 2012 – Jim Lee and Geoff Johns have the fauxmance announcement over multi-media outlets. When asked about Lois, Lee said it wasn’t about that, it was about how the fauxmance would effect the DCU.

October 2013 – Fauxmance #1 published. Superman and Wonder Woman are still dating.

May 2015 – Free Comic Book Day. Lois is shown as the betrayer of Clark’s secret to the world.

June 2015 – After multiple announcements, the DCYou books are published. This includes the “Lois as a betrayer” story that carries over in 4 books.

I know quite a few people who would have loved to live in that ‘Lois is Clark’s touchstone’ bubble and forgotten what DCE has done to Superman and Lois Lane over the past years since that editorial retreat. But that bubble would be make believe. Superman fans have had to live with the harsh reality. DC Entertainment neither believes in or cares about Superman.

So now we’re down to Superman (who has been Apokolip’d) only visiting Earth for the pie. The torture never ends. Dark Superman has been the norm in the new 52 and to have a creator deny that fact in order to continue the abuse is a furious headshaking moment.

On the main book front (do we really want to go there?) . . . Tomasi, who is writing the fauxmance, said he always wanted Superman to be a brawler & that’s what Clark has become. But Tomasi also writes Detective and in that book, Clark was his pre-52 persona self. How many personalities do these creators have? Apparently all the kids from Smallville are brawlers, Lana Lang suckerpunched Lois Lane in the last issue. All that has brought this faux book to the bottom of the ‘super’ books in order numbers. Golly gosh, who knew? #sarcasm

Yang has made Superman fight for tacos, avoid Lois Lane and ignore Jonathan Kent’s sage advice in an arena for forgotten mythologies. Yep, since new 52, the real Superman has been forgotten. Stripped out of 2/3rds of his mythology right out of the gate. Jrjr is not on the book, but he did enough damage in interviews before leaving. I, for one, hope he stays gone. He got what he wanted, Batman, which he is drawing with Frank Miller, the DCE administration’s god and total source for how Superman should be portrayed. Isn’t that obvious?

Pak is writing Action (with assists from Kuder) and Batman/Superman. Action continues to fall in order numbers (and for good reason). All excited about creating an LL female of color, they have made her a monster fairly rapidly. In Batman/Superman, the villain is Vandal Savage and the Bat family is helping the hapless Supes.

Pak will be leaving Batman/Superman for 3 books. Tom Taylor is taking over (doing cartwheels & getting out the poms poms. Go Tom!) with a story of the early days of the ‘world’s finest’ (which they have never been called in this century).

Are these main Supes books selling well? Uh, no. DCE keeps taking things away from Superman and never has built him a foundation to replace the 2/3rds of the mythology they excised. As far as building the guy up to be a hero – forget that. It’s all about the darkness.

Yep, Clark Kent is on his way to be one of those forgotten legends.

Taking bets on how Clark will get un-Apokolip’d – it won’t be under his own steam, that’s for sure. Superman’s strong will (or character or emotions other than anger) have not shown up in the new 52. So it’ll be Batman or several of his JL mates. Because Superman is no longer celebrated as an individual, but only as part of the collective. He doesn’t have his own life (no human tethers). So therefore, he truly doesn’t have his own story. There’s a revolving door in his books for ‘heroes’ who sell less than he does – and that’s saying something.

The next arc in the main books will be called Savage Dawn – named after the villain. Vandal Savage’s history has never been established in the new 52. So who knows what he’s capable of.



There are blessings though. Beautiful flowers amongst the trash.

Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks Superman: Lois and Clark. It’s release date has been moved to the last Wed of the month. Strangely so has the fauxmance. So 3 books on the last Wed of November, Superman, fauxmance and the best book, Superman: Lois and Clark.

Action went from being out the 1st Wed of the month to the 2nd Wed (along with Batman/Superman) but in November, it has been moved to the 3rd Wed. That’s right, DCE, tell us again how books will get out on time. Blah blah blah yada yada yada.

On November 11th, Superman fans will not only get Batman/Superman (with the Batfam assist), but also Max Landis’ Superman: American Alien. Giving this one a chance since I enjoyed his run in Adventures of Superman digital firsts. Also bought the print.



AND BEST OF ALL!!! DC Comics Presents – Superman – Lois and Clark 100 Page Super Spectacular #1. Which is actually the Wedding Album from 1996. A MUST for any Superman fan. So go to your local comic book shop or fav comic book website and get this book.

Darkness only brings death and destruction. DC Entertainment has created a self-fulfilling prophecy. Only 22% of the market share in October, 2015. Time to let go of those bad ideas and egos and LET SUPERMAN BE SUPERMAN!

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Tej and Holli have had 2 shows under the G2HARDCORE format.

April 12 show

April 19 show

Also available on iTunes.

More information on the G2Factor page.


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The really disturbing thing for me regarding the fauxmance is that it is in complete denial of the human spirit. Something that the Superman mythology was about. He admired humans for their capacity for hope, but now he just wants to battle with his goddess girlfriend all day and dance the night away while the world (London) is in shambles. We don’t see why he wants to protect Earth. It’s all about snogging Wonder Woman now, who doesn’t understand him wanting to be Clark Kent.

Also having the Kents be dead without Clark recognizing their contribution to his life and giving Lois a cardboard boyfriend truly excised Superman from humanity leaving him only with one ‘persona’ to work out of . . . Kal-El.  “Superman” is no longer influenced by humans.

I was wondering how anyone would consider this idea as being anything but damaging for these icons who were once so beloved by human readers. Both of their mythologies were about love and the human spirit. I got an inkling, as did others, one night on Twitter.

Apparently there is a faction of creators who believe supers should be only with supers. A super is defined as any character with “a cape, a cowl or a codename.” When asked about Clark Kent as a journalist investigating corruption and social Injustice being a hero, it was stated, “He gets paid to do that.” Also human police officers and firemen are not heroes because that’s their job and they get paid to do that.


So this picture from the previous era, has no real relevance in the new 52. Since this faction of creators and their mindset have won out — claiming human beings are anything but heroic. The human spirit is dead in the new 52. No super is inspired by them. They’re too busy turning ARGUS (Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-heroes) into a dating service. Non-cape wearing, non-cowl wearing, non-codename toting characters need not apply.

With this attitude towards the human characters who made these icons great, sales orders are falling to dramatic lows for the Superman books. And someone pretty high up, had to force this mindset onto Superman’s mythology in order to produce the new 52 main continuity version of Superman.

Books outside the new 52 main continuity (such as Superman Unchained) do not have this mentality as they are based on Superman’s FULL mythology. Which involved him being inspired by humans and they, in turn, choose to aspire. Hopeful symbiosis.

Also it was stated that supers only with supers was the Marvel way. My son and I’m sure some of you readers are now screaming NO! at the top of you lungs. This is not a Marvel thing. This is a Image/Wildstorm thing. True, Wildstorm creators have worked for both of the big two over the years, but supers with supers was never presented as a mantra at those companies.

So until someone who is outside the supers with supers mentality takes the reins on Superman and also with Wonder Woman, we will still be seeing how the human spirit and inspiration is diminished and disdained.

PS:  Apparently if you’re not into the fauxmance, then you’re just someone who wants the old DC Universe back.  If it means getting Superman back to his FULL mythology — yea, you betcha.  Gimme dat!

Don’t like vivisectioned Superman.


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Superman or Superdouche?





If you have read Superman #27, you know what I’m talking about.  Scott Lobdell has taken this character and made him into something no superhero should ever even verge on – a complete douche.

Aside from Scott Lobdell not having any idea what Superman is about and that he uses his own personal voice to animate Clark, what else could be going on here – storywise.  I think I’ve discussed the possible political behind-the-scenes machinations quite enough.  Besides, they are moot or will be come this summer.  Oh, there will still be politics and power plays but at least they seem to be turning in favor of Superman fans and their beloved Clark Kent.

Why would Superman, Clark, not trust Lois Lane to keep her mouth shut about his secret?  We know that Lois has had a history of keeping the secret even from Clark.  Why in this instance doesn’t he trust her?


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Let’s Get Our Girl An Ongoing!


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The Gift of the Magic Va-ja-ja

It’s Christmas time and nearly everyone has heard stories about the gift of the Magi.  Whether it be the three kings bringing gifts or the O. Henry story of loving sacrifice.  (No, not Henry Cavill)

Unfortunately, in this story there will be no sacrifice or true love involved.  Nor is it heroic or brave.



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I See What’s Going On . . .


Cover for Fauxmance 5 Epic Kryptonian Battle


Having seen the preview of the Fauxmance #3, I am strangely hopeful.  Soule is a good writer.  He definitely knows Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman for that matter.  And I can see why he has certain things occur within the plot.  It is a well crafted story.  Too bad I don’t like the subject matter.

Let me just say this, all the creators who are ‘tackling’ the fauxmance seem to come from the point of view that Diana is more invested in this relationship than Clark is.  If you remember how this got started, the Justice League were all whammied by David Graves’ lesser gods who fed off loneliness and grief.  Steve Trevor literally saved the entire Justice League’s asses, and what was his reward?  Diana, the woman he loves and has been in a relationship with for five years, dumps him for the second time and also fires him as liaison of the Justice League.  (Whether or not she had the authority to do that is still in question.  I don’t think Bats was too happy about that.)  Diana did it to protect Steve and to keep him from harm’s way.  But Steve Trevor like Lois Lane will never be tucked away in cotton wool somewhere so the wonders or supers feel better about themselves.  Steve Trevor has been in about as many new 52 books as Batman (and that’s saying something) and his latest book, Forever Evil: ARGUS debuted the same month as the Fauxmance.  Coincidence . . . NOPE.  He’s constantly battling baddies as the true warrior he is and also thinking about Diana.  His love for her inspires him to rescue her (and the currently imperiled Justice League) at all costs.  (a true hero)

So why would Diana be more invested in this relationship (if she is) than Clark?  It has to do with strength.  Not just that they both are invulnerable but since the introduction of the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3 into the new 52 universe, it has more connotations.   First words Superman said to Wonder Woman in Justice League.  “You’re strong.”

Sitting atop the Lincoln Memorial, they more or less realize that any humans they may love could be physically hurt and die because of what they do.  That’s why Superman keeps his Clark Kent life secret.  So no one can use his human friends against him.   Diana’s relationship with Trevor was immediately made public and she doesn’t have a ‘human’ identity.  So these two crazy emotional cowards think if they’re together, they can protect everyone  including themselves from pain/death and grief.

Diana takes on Doomsday and gets hurt.  In the preview, Clark feels guilty because it was a monster he fought years before and now the Amazon could be killed by it.  So here you have the situation where someone he cares about could be killed because of him – and she has incredible physical strength.  Something that he and Diana thought would prevent them from being emotionally hurt.  Batman points out that everyone is vulnerable and could die.   It’s not just the humans.  So emotionally Clark is in the same predicament he was in before and after Graves’ influence.

Clark has another dilemma going on.  Apollo punching him into the sun has made the Kryptonian ‘overpowered.’   He doesn’t want Diana to see him like that.  He has tried everything including flying around the Earth 300 times to release some of this additional energy.   Why has this happened to him?  Because he’s going to be fighting Zod and Faora.  Not that they will have superpowers immediately, but that will be to Superman’s advantage.  Plus as in MOS, they are both warriors and he is a brawler.  So the additional power will help in getting them back into the Phantom Zone.  No snapped necks this time.  The fight with them will dissolve the excess power.  (Lois recently acquired psionic powers and will have those sucked away by Parasite in the near future.  Superman had a similar storyline pre-52 where the purple villain’s capabilities helped rather than destroyed.  Can’t use Parasite again since Lois’ storyline is doing that.)

Diana is planning on getting Clark a Christmas gift since he observes the holiday.  This is a case of two people dating who are of different religions.   This may not matter to some people but it is something to deal with within a relationship – and you truly have to work it out.   It is often a deal breaker.   It would take some introspection about whether or not either of them feels passionately about the other enough to try.  Remember this relationship was born out of grief, fear, and loneliness exacerbated by Graves’ lesser gods.

Strength.  It has been brought up in Forever Evil.  Ultraman (evil Superman of Earth 3) pays new 52 Lois Lane a visit at the Daily Planet.  Although he tosses her across the room after she hits him over the head with a typewriter, he doesn’t kill her.  He does tell her that he married his Lois Lane, the Superwoman Amazon, Diana’s counterpart, because she’s STRONG enough to have his babies.  He hates her (and probably will hate her more after he finds out she’s pregnant by Owlman.  A human.  Which could be considered a weakness on Ultraman’s part.)   In Ultraman’s world, strength is everything.  It is the golden calf (as it has always been).   New 52 Superman before the Earth 3 peeps showed up at the end of Trinity War seemed to have channeled Ultraman’s feelings about Owlman.  Superman started screaming he was going to kill Batman.   Could new 52 Superman realize that Ultraman’s belief system is totally fucked up – and that physical strength is not necessarily the be-all?  Look what it’s done for Ultraman.

One thing the humans, like Steve Trevor and Lois Lane, have is strength of spirit.  It inspires the wonders and the supers or at least puts them on a level playing field when it comes to facing the risks of life.

Another topic between the World’s Finest was Clark being more human than people actually born human.  Superman was raised as a human and wants to be like everyone else living on the plant in the sense he wants a life.  A full life.  This is why Superman could never be content (or his fans for that matter)  just being a battling alien.  He’s not a god (unlike Diana).  He needs to rest.  He needs to enjoy all the things he enjoyed growing up as a farm boy on this planet.  He needs relationships with people he truly knows and understands.  He needs to follow his heart.

Diana has made her own choices.  She is a princess, a demi-goddess and perceives life through that prism.  She could probably stay in her ‘battle fatigues’ all the time.  The world she is a part of is not the human experience.  Her connection to humanity should be more than just through a god-like gaze.  It should be intimate.   Enter Steve Trevor.  (Ask Denny O’Neill about changing everything about Wonder Woman—bad, bad, bad)

(I’ve been thinking about why these days peeps think Wonder Woman is a hard sell as a story in film or for television.   It’s because Steve Trevor (her key human connection) has been removed until now, in the new 52.  Batman was born human, is a billionaire, has Robin(s) or at the very least has Alfred.   Although he has had many lovers, it is the relationship with Selina Kyle that has always rendered the most passion and completeness.  Superman has/had the Kents, works at the Daily Planet (usually) and has a relationship with Lois Lane.  Diana without Steve Trevor has what?   She needs that human component – to make the fanboys/fangirls  think they have a ‘chance’ with her and to give romantics of all ages a great story.  Even a feminist asskicking icon like Diana needs love. )

So what is this leading up to?  Cat will discover the ‘story of the century’ on her desk revealing that Superman and Wonder Woman are in a ‘relationship.’   The world will react one way or another.  Clark will be terrified because now he knows Diana can be hurt and can be used as a means to get to him.  Putting her in peril.  Same situation he had before with Lois Lane.  (They had to be doing something in those five years.)  Zod will get Faora out of the PZ, and they will fight overpowered Superman.  (If Clark’s overpowered, HE could hurt Diana, too.)  On the cover for issue 5 (above), Diana is seen on the Arctic floor down for the count.   In a battling situation, it is conceivable that a mispunch by overpowered Superman could hurt the Amazon.   Diana has admired Superman’s strength (when he was battling Apollo) but I don’t think she’ll be asking Clark to get a refresher in the sun if it makes his powers uncontrollable and they could hurt her.

After Zod and Faora are put back into the PZ (I’m surmising) and Superman is down to his ‘normal’ power levels, then maybe there will be time for introspection by both parties of the fauxmance.  Perhaps the example of Zod and Faora as a power couple could make the fauxmance realize, they could scare the hell out of the people/planet they have sworn to protect.  I doubt Clark is going to want  Superman considered something to be feared.  That’s totally not his thing.  There is going to have to come a time when they decide that any friendship they may have is more important than pursuing a romantic relationship.

Basically the romantic aspect of this story is being shown how it won’t work.  Soule seems to be doing that brick by brick of each character’s different views and raison d’etres.

It’s all a matter of time and how long DCE wants to drag this out.   Lois Lane wasn’t available for Greg Pak to write about in Action Comics.  (Typical douche move by editorial)  And Steve Trevor’s book will feature Diana in a couple of months.  So perhaps there is hope – but that’s been the dangling carrot all along, hasn’t it?

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The Stoning of the Fauxmance

or at least the statue.  It’s kind of biblical, don’t ya think?

When a comic book store receives a damaged figure, they can receive a replacement only if they document it has been destroyed.  There is no trying to sell it on ebay or fixing it and giving it to someone.  They want a replacement to sell.  It’s their business to sell the figure.  That’s why it was ordered in the first place.

This apparently is a common procedure and it doesn’t matter what the figure was.  Previously to this destruction you’re about to see, the shop had to destroy a Deathstroke (or was it Deadpool, I always get those two mixed up thanks to Superman/Batman Annual #1).   According to the person at the end of the video, that was a very sad day.

But, what you’re about to see was a festive occasion.  Comic book store peeps are comic book fans and they have their opinions too, naturally.  The photoset is on tumblr.    The number of notes were flying faster than a speeding bullet.  Join the fun!

But there is a video too.


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Covers. What a concept!

I was going to let the Guillem March’s variant cover for fauxmance 3 die away.  It was very poor drawing, but strangely enough the final concept wasn’t as demeaning or detrimental to the Amazon as its predecessors.  If you can believe that!  Bleeding Cool had sketches from March on their website over the weekend.

The actual variant has Superman without the top half of his Kryptonian armor, which is now a biosuit so not sure how that works.  And if anyone remembers Tony Daniel’s remarks about making sure Superman had some butt shots to please the ladies . . .   Diana is wrapped in the cape (a totally Lois iconic image which now has been stolen) or a red blanket (no identifying marks) in space.


Basically what these concepts are . . . I FUCKED SUPERMAN.   And if you remember what Didio said at the NYCC, “Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship is not at the expense of Lois Lane.”  Yet, they are stealing one of the most beloved, popular, and iconic images for the Amazon to have for sloppy seconds.   Superman and Lois’ story has a five year gap so we are seeing Diana do all the Lois things ‘first’.

Sketch 1 is her in his now lost ‘top’ – apparently she is unable to formulate the collar.  Sketch 2 she is sitting alone on Mars as she looks at the Earth and Moon — she has totally conquered Superman sexually OR has taken up his standard while the remnants of her own identity have been discarded.  The third sketch is very like the final — only without the bizarre thighs and the Kryptonian.  However, she is nude except for her briefs under the clearly identified cape.

The fourth sketch is the most egregious and inaccurate.  Superman and Wonder Woman have “totally done it” on top of the Daily Planet while Diana feigns modesty.  Superman is barely Clark Kent in the new 52.  As Clark Kent he has left the Daily Planet and now is a blogger who never writes.  So why take the Amazon there to do the deed?  Rubbing it in Lois’ and her fans faces?  The Kryptonian no longer saves Metropolis.  He’s too busy with aliens and monsters and going to London to see his ‘girlfriend.’

I understand DCE’s attempt at selling the book with cheesecake, but it should never be at the expense of Wonder Woman’s character or mythology.  We were told by Dan Didio at BCC, the reason Lois Lane didn’t have a DC Bombshell figure was because they didn’t want to sexualize her.   Wonder Woman doesn’t have that ‘luxury’ apparently.

It makes you wonder what the artist was told.  “They totally did it”?  Sorry, Charles, but you did tweet that – although it was in reference to Diana and Steve Trevor.  (Something we haven’t seen in any panels yet by anyone, dammit!)

It is the only variant cover for this issue.  The regular one has them getting ready for battle with Zod peering at them.

Charles Soule said in an interview that there was a vocal minority who hoped his book would fail.  I beg to differ.  I don’t think it’s a minority at all.   GMA August 22, 2012   (Hopefully the link will work)   Both Jim Lee and Geoff Johns tweeted this segment the same day as they made the announcement.  Notice how Diana is given 2nd billing to Lois.  Notice how many ‘NOs’ are said during the entire segment.  “Wonder Woman is no Lois Lane.”  Plus the artwork which has Diana as a sexy sidekick.  Is she still considered a homewrecker in the minds of comic readers?   Then there’s the lies told to the reporter by the writers — Wonder Woman has been chasing that Superman since 1988.   (There was a reboot, right?)

This relationship when it is romantic is bad for business.  It destroys characters and puts their own individual mythologies on standby.  (More so Superman since Wonder Woman’s book never has even mentioned the Kryptonian.)  This idea which sprang from the editorial retreat of October, 2010 is bogus.  People are literally “not buying it.”  Despite what the artist of the book might or might not have said.  The first issue of the fauxmance only had 94,895 orders.  It did not go over 100,000.   This is not indicative of huge icon books on a first issue.  Collectors of #1s usually send the orders soaring.

No character nor fanbase is profiting from this very bad idea.  Superman’s namesake book and Action Comics have fallen below the 40,000 order watermark and have no signs of ceasing that descent.  It’s as if fans are waiting for the real Superman with his true mythology to show up before they will part with their cash.

No matter which character the fauxmance was created for — it is not doing them a service.  It is offputting and with these very poorly drawn and conceived variant covers — insulting to the customer base.

Talk about that around the water cooler, DC Entertainment.

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