Groundlings Weren’t Stupid

… and neither are modern general audiences.

Kevin Tsjuihara, CEO of Warner Brothers, decided to keep Justice League UNDER two hours to fill more theater seats with general audience.   “General audience” is basically the modern day studio mindset version of groundlings.  Groundlings were people who couldn’t afford the wooden seats of the Globe Theater to watch a Shakespeare play.  They had to stand in a pit in order to watch this entertainment.  Standing room only.  Pack them in.

Groundlings enjoyed the same things about the plays as the people who rattled their jewelry while sitting on a cushion in the wooden decks.  Like Queen Elizabeth I, a groundling would enjoy the nuances of the Shakespeare’s twists and turns in plot, as well as action scenes.   The pit people got a mention in Hamlet so even Shakespeare knew their worth.

Who’s to say a groundling wouldn’t enjoy more ‘high brow’ stuff than Her Regalness?   No matter what your status, some people go to hockey games for the fights or go to Nascar for the wrecks.  You can’t judge who enjoys what — but apparently Tsujihara decided ‘general audiences’ liked films under 2 hours and Whedon supplied the ass-shots, boob dives, failed humor and ubiquitous Russian family (if anyone should have been ubiquitous, it should have been DARKSEID!) — which is basically schlock.  Apparently WB’s attitude is ‘general audiences’ love schlock, right?

Justice League:  Live Action or Cartoon with actors?  Certainly the theatrical version which Joss Whedon (and the WB suits) presented us with was definitely cartoon material.  I’m not talking anime here — I’m talking cartoon — which eventually became a way to sell product rather than have interesting stories.  Marvel is more cartoon than DCEU  — at least before Whedon marvelized Justice League.

Why Geoff Johns did not inform his higher ups that comics (30 years ago) had moved on from cartoons to more real life situations is a complete mystery.  What did he do exactly?  From what I can surmise from his comic book job as Chief Creative Officer — Geoff is not one for confrontation.  He doesn’t seem to give push back.  At least the final product hasn’t been evidence of it.  (*cough* new 52)

Previous to Justice League, the DCEU was not a cartoon with actors.  It was live action epic using comic characters and their legendary stories.  It related modern day problems to a modern day audience by using the DC superheroes as a vehicle — which is something the comics have done for decades.  Snyder’s DCEU was Shakespeare compared to Whedon’s Benny Hill antics.  Shakespeare appeals to all sorts of people and for different reasons.   The Bard wrote historicals, comedies and tragedies — and each one had a mixture of the three.   Previously the DCEU (Zack Snyder) didn’t ‘dumb down’ to appeal to a ‘general audience’ or what WB execs idea of a ‘general audience’ was.

How ‘general’ can an audience be if these characters and many of their stories have been in existence for 80 years?  It’s in the universal consciousness.  People are born with knowing something about these characters.  Aside from the 80 years of comics, there have been animation (sometimes cartoons) since the 1940s.  But more importantly, there have been live action films and television series of these characters.  Superman has had Kirk Allen, George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh and now Henry Cavill play the Man of Steel.  Batman has had a plethora of films including a Batman serial in the 40s as well as a television series.  Wonder Woman has had a television series and now a highly successful (on all fronts) film.  Flash has had two television series.  Aquaman has had one tv pilot and appeared on Smallville.  Cyborg also appeared on Smallville.  But at least three of these characters have never been in a live action big screen property until the DCEU.  Although Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash appeared briefly in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, they definitely did not have origin stories.  Justice League was supposed to be about that as well as other storylines.  Wouldn’t a ‘general audience’ need to know these origins to understand why the characters are motivated or not motivated to do what they do in the film?  Why cut that?  To stay under two hours?  Seriously?  Does WB think their audiences are just lemmings — hey, here’s a shiny thing, sit your butt in a seat and pay us money?  Unfortunately the shiny thing (trailers) was a bait and switch and the audience did not see what they had been lured into the theater for.

Zack Snyder’s cut before leaving, which was seen by WB execs and deemed unwatchable, was over 3 hours.  We have many people who worked on Justice League say there is definitely a cut (maybe not just an assembly cut as other so called ‘experts’ have ‘surmised’) and a JunkieXL score.   These are the things we saw in the trailers which weren’t in Whedon’s version.  People want to see  SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE.    Save face WB.  Make it happen.

Speaking of saving face . . .  WB has given us crumbs again while spouting, “see we’re making changes.”  Oh really ??   Keeping Tsujihara and giving him the stoplight to projects isn’t much of a change.  Oh, he’s not going to be involved in the day to day — why, as CEO, would he be in the day to day of any particular film in the first place???

Toby Emmerich is now Chairman of Warner Brothers Pictures Group.  Which means he’s head honcho — is Johns still just an advisor?  Wasn’t Toby one of those who reportedly decided not to extend Justice League’s release date because they wouldn’t get their 2017 bonuses?   Yea, I’m feeling reassured now .  #sarcasm

Sue Kroll, formerly President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution, now has a producer deal.  She had ties with Christopher Nolan.  IF she lost her position due to the ‘no Superman’ in the initial ads for Justice League – that’s just crap.  Superman died in the 90s in the comics, he also came back.  With using Doomsday in BvS, most fans knew Superman would be back.  The DCEU was introduced with Superman as the foundation – they wouldn’t just leave him dead.  PLUS, the trailers which referred to Superman – Alfred HOPING he wasn’t too late and Lois and Clark in a cornfield discussing their ‘engagement’ showed or at least hinted Superman/Clark would be back — which fans were VERY excited about.  (WB, please look at the reaction videos of that final trailer when fans see Clark in the cornfield — people were exhilarated.) Unfortunately neither of these trailer scenes were in the Whedon version.  Many people were looking forward to Superman’s resurrection, perhaps in the black suit (as he was in the comics), Clark’s return to the Daily Planet and the explanation thereof, and Clark and Lois showing how their love and hope can survive even death.  But the audience was deprived of the reasons why they went into the theater.  Bad move, WB.

The biggest fail of all — there is no Man of Steel 2 scheduled for 2018, which is Superman’s 80th anniversary.   Why did Geoff Johns allow that to happen?  There was a second film being done during Justice League — which should have been MOS2.  How can Warner Brothers make it up to Superman fans by completely ignoring this anniversary with one of the best Supermen in Henry Cavill.  WB doesn’t deserve our money or our attention.

Batman fans better consider they may not have a Batman solo film in 2019, the Caped Crusader’s 80th anniversary.   More fail.

Warner Brothers is not changing.  They’re manipulating as they always have – and killing the DCEU (not just Superman this time).

Way to go, WB.  #moresarcasm  Keep bragging how you brought down the Siegel and Shuster families while desecrating the comic film universe you had.  Man of Steel (without your interference) was a hit.  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Cut was a success.  Wonder Woman keeping the No Man’s Land scene (a pivotal hero and emotional moment) in tact showed what the DCEU could be with audiences and critiques.

WB execs work out of fear.  “Oh, what will the critiques say!  We can’t have that.  Well, yes, the films made us money, but the critiques hated it.”  So let me get this straight, people who paid money to see the films made them financially successful.  Critiques, who got freebie passes, didn’t.  Hmmmm what’s wrong with this picture?

Again WB — learn this lesson well.  Put your best foot forward in the theatrical version.  This double/triple dipping is impressing NOBODY.  It’s keeping people from the theaters because they know there’s a better version on the horizon.  And aren’t all films judged as financially successful by their box office (or lack thereof)?

Your audience has stopped playing the game and is waiting for the better version to come out later.  Surprise us — put a GREAT version in the theaters — it’d certainly help the film and theater industry.

General audiences, as well as groundlings, fork out hard earned pay to see your films.  Respect that.  Respect them.


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DC Fans: Can We Trust Warner Brothers?

The answer is clear to me if not to you.  The answer is no.

Justice League was symptomatic of the behind the scenes at Warner Brothers.  Kevin Tsujihara and the rest of the ‘suits’ totally ripped the heart out of that film.  Not to mention, but I will, imploding the box office and destroying any trust DC fans had with the Warner Brother leadership.  This would also effect DVD/blu ray sales.  Some fans are saying they won’t even buy a theatrical cut let alone an extended cut of what was presented.  We had hoped Tsujihara had learned his lesson with BvS on theatrical vs extended, but unfortunately, this 2 hour limit is a mantra for him.  He tried to do this with the Harry Potter films along with Diane Nelson.  (Do the research)

Speaking of Nelson, why is she still Geoff Johns’ boss?  He supposedly was ‘over’ the films.  I know he would never have the power that Kevin Feige has at Marvel STUDIOS.  DC Entertainment is a small cog in a giant WB wheel.  How much pushback did Johns have over all the decisions for Justice League?  And if he did have some pushback, how ardently did he fight to keep the intregity of the DCEU?  Justice League theatrical was a Marvel version of a DCEU film.  schwarma = brunch.  Male falling into female’s boobs.  Secret identities exposed.  Etc, etc, etc.  Plus Nelson did not know what the story was within Action #1 1938, a now multi-million dollar comic which Henry Cavill held at the premiere of Man of Steel.  So it’s a short leap from Johns to know-nothing Nelson then onto more DCU ignorants over her.

Jon Berg.  What exactly did he do besides making sure Zack Snyder didn’t go over budget?  — which he didn’t.  (about $215M)  The 300 million was the sum total of Whedon’s reshoots, CGIing Cavill’s moustache and Danny Elfman’s banal score.  So how did Jon Berg help DC Fans get the film they were promised?  He didn’t.  He’s gone now.  Buh-bye!  (who did he know or what did he know over some bigwig in the WB in order to get the job?)

Speaking of Henry Cavill’s moustache.  Reportedly Paramount refused to allow Cavill to shave it due to contractual restraints while MI6 was still in production.  Technically it still is since Cruise broke his ankle – so Henry still has to wear the stache.  (Don’t get me started on how Tom Cruise has to be the prettiest in his films.  And how all the good actors get killed off.)   They tossed WB a $15M penalty if Cavill shaved.  If Kevin Tsujihara had any balls, he’d had slapped the WB lawyers on that immediately — to pay for it (instead of Cavill) after getting the price lowered.  Lord knows WB lawyers were always at the ready when the Siegel or Shuster estates wanted due process.

Whedon.  God forbid he still is attached to Batgirl, let alone any other DCEU product.  The fake feminist, womanizer went out of his way to downgrade and/or insult every female character in Justice League.  Wonder Woman,  Lois Lane, Mera, Iris West, Martha Kent, Cyborg’s mother, and Heggra (Steppenwolf’s mother).   How is that conducive of building a universe for fans?  MPAA has reported for over a decade that female viewership is the MAJORITY of film audiences!

As a writer, Whedon disappointed on several fronts.  In the initial scene,  Batman knows parademons feed (literally) off fear.  But through a good third of the movie, a Russian family, who are near a parademon nest, cower in their humble cottage and the parademons ignore them.  Apparently fear seasoned with borscht isn’t as palatable to parademons.   Fans had to endure the Russian family instead of seeing something more iconic within the 2 hour mandate.

Secret Identities.  Whedon still is in Marvel mode on this one.  Batman says ‘Alfred’ while in the presence of a criminal.  Sloppy Batman — more like sloppy Marvelesque Whedon.  Also Lois comes to the rescue during the Justice League fight to shout “Clark!” in front of a cop.

Iconic moments.  We saw the trailers.  WB used a lot of Zack Snyder scenes we DC fans were looking forward to, but never got to see in the actual film.  It’s one of the reasons I rushed home after first viewing Justice League to see how badly WB had bait and switched.   WB apparently thinks very little of their fan base.

There’s a scene in one trailer probably taking place during the Justice League fight with Superman; Cyborg warns a cop (played by Mark McClure, former Jimmy of Superman the Movie) he better move.   There’s a tank flying and landing nearby.  The tank was green.  Why would that matter?  What if Snyder gave us the iconic vehicle over Superman’s head just before he tossed that tank?   WB suits would not know the significance of that moment just as they are totally illiterate in the DC Universe.  They think they can make Marvel movies (in this case, 2 hour popcorn schlock when compared to previous DCEU films) with DC characters.    DC and Marvel are two different animals and you can’t use the same formula for both.  A formula should not be used AT ALL.

Tsujihara and the rest of the WB suits could have changed Justice League’s release date into 2018 (especially if they’re not doing MOS2) — but refused to do so.  Why?  Because then they wouldn’t get their bonuses in 2017.  Let’s hope they don’t get an extra penny after demolishing THE film they have wanted and planned for over a decade.

Will I go see another DCEU film?  Absolutely.  Aquaman.  It’s Mamoa.  Hopefully with Tsujihara’s contract up in March, 2018, Aquaman won’t be butchered by its release in November, 2018.

June, 2018 should be the release of Man of Steel 2 for Superman’s 80th anniversary.  Is Warner Brothers going to do nothing about that?  There was a second film being shot along with Justice League.  Amy Adams rented a house for her family in London for months.  The amount of scenes that Amy was involved in (including ones on the cutting room floor) probably didn’t warrant a move to England if the only film she was in was Justice League.  Also actors from Suicide Squad and Chris Pine were seen on set in London.  For which film?  Obviously not Justice League.

Henry Cavill at ACE Comic Con (December 8 thru 10th, 2017)  said they were working on MOS2.  Amy Adams also has made that statement.  Working as opposed to worked.  Meaning they are continuing to work on it.

2019 is Batman’s 80th anniversary.  Rumors are Ben Affleck is not being Batman in The Batman film.  He’s going to do Flashpoint though???  Affleck is a great Batman and Bruce Wayne.  I would love to see his take on the solo film.  He’s more than earned it.  Yes, he relinquished the director’s seat — but writing, producing, acting and directing for a character like Batman would be too much for anyone.  Also, seeing what Warner Brothers put Zack Snyder through couldn’t have been positive.

Can fans trust Warner Brothers to give us iconic DCEU films?  Too many cooks spoil the broth.  Apparently WB hasn’t heard that one.  But then how would they get their bonuses?  Tsujihara’s contract may not be renewed in March, 2018.  If Warner Brothers is purportedly a ‘director’s studio’ — they need to make sure it stays that way and with proof being demonstrated in their films.  Quit interfering.  Quit pulling unrealistic mandates out of your ass and realize what a gold mine you have with the DCEU.

How could WB redeem themselves if they wanted to?  (They probably don’t — taking their bonuses to the bank.)  THE Zack Snyder cut.  Before he left, Snyder submitted a 3.5 hour cut which Warner Brother executives deemed unwatchable.  Explain please.  What does unwatchable mean exactly?   Would a DC fan find it so?

Apparently WB is paying bloggers to report there is no Zack Snyder cut.  More fake news, Warner Brothers?  After the trailers you gave us, it wouldn’t surprise me.  BUT the sound guy and the cinematographer state there is one.  It may not have every single special effect done, but A LOT of the film is completed.  JunkieXL even did a score which had individual hero themes along with the previous Han Zimmer music.

I have seen unfinished extended cuts before.  The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension being one of them.  DC Fans are not unfamiliar with ‘unfinished’ cuts of films.  The Richard Donner Cut finally made it into the hands of fans while WB took in the money.  We have the internet now.  Things happen a lot faster.

Give fans, all fans, the Zack Snyder Cut.  If WB expects to make money with a Whedon extended cut . . . guess again.  Your logic has been faulty so far, WB suits.  Give the fans what they want!!!

Fans want to see Cyborg’s back story with his mother.  William DeFoe as Vulko in Atlantis.  Kevin Costner as the returning ‘ghost’ of Pa Kent encouraging Clark to accept both sides of himself.   Flash not worried about brunch and falling into Wonder Woman’s boobs (which was achieved using body doubles since the actors refused).   Batman being more of a detective than fishing for parademons.  The breakout of Lex Luthor from prison by Deathstroke.  Lois Lane investigating Star Labs rather than puff pieces — and being ‘thirsty’.  (Ugh, Whedon.)  The proposal — yep, there was one.  The possible iconic Superman lifting a tank over his head.  Green Lanterns showing up to talk to Batman.  Oh yea, and Darkseid being his dark self.

Zack Snyder created a DC Universe world(s).  Things came full circle or were pleasantly resolved with each film.  Unless we get the Zack Snyder cut, we will never see that fullness of story and history ever again.

#ReleaseTheSnyderCut  The petition on is now over 160,000 (even after routine email verification).  If you haven’t signed the petition and want to see what we were sold in the trailers, then do so now.  Fight the powers that be!

Fans of DC characters are ALL IN with the release of the Zack Snyder Cut!

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Fanboy Bias Misinterps Latest 2017 SDCC JL Trailer

Note:  Thanks to CoolestClips4K for putting all the trailers together, most recent to first. Explore and Enjoy while reading this blogpost.

I know everyone has their biases, but while watching dozens of YouTube vids of reactions to the JL 2017 SDCC trailer – it just made me depressed. The twists and the turns and the complete ignorance of logic. Oy!

Bias clouds perception. Keep that in mind, fanboys. I’ll admit I am a total Superman fan, but I hope to show with logic and reality, where this trailer/film leads.

Justice League is the 4th film of the new DCEU. The Justice League has not formed yet. If you watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (it’s even in the title!), we see where the seeds of forming such an alliance came to light. Justice League (part 1, more about that later) is the fruition of that idea. It’s about the Justice League. Not crossovers with television shows. Get it!?

Leading off with a robbery or terrorist act by humans this trailer begins inside what appears to be a museum. School children are involved as if they are visiting. This could possibly be the Louvre where Diana works (see the Wonder Woman movie). However, the next segment shows London, so that is also a possibility. Showing Diana in action right away is riding the crest of the popularity of her movie. Smart!

“The world remains in mourning after the death of the Superman.” We see London Bridge with a huge black and white banner of the S-shield. Hope is now dead.

In Metropolis, Lois Lane is standing under an umbrella looking at the debris of the Superman statue. Yes, Lois Lane, people. We are looking over her shoulder. (We will also be looking over someone else’s shoulder later in the trailer. Coincidence? I think not.) Lois was in the previous trailer. She is the key. (Batman v Superman: DOJ reference) Another clue is we see a bundle of Daily Planet newspapers in the rain with the headline, WORLD WITHOUT HOPE.

The voiceover then says, “What we are seeing is a crime wave around the world!” Now why would that be? Superman is dead. Superman could fly anywhere in the world to save people. Hope died. Evil rejoices and parties. Batman doesn’t do global. He’s stayed mostly in Gotham taking care of his costumed crazies. Wonder Woman doesn’t go far either, at least not at this time or as quickly as Superman could.

There’s a mention of Arkham Asylum in the voiceover. “And where is the Gotham Bat? The bat vigilante has been a no show.” Okay, Bats is not taking care of worldwide business. The Arkham mention could mean he’s locked all his villains up (temporarily) while he goes off to do what? They’ve shown us this in the previous trailers. Bruce is going after the other ‘metas’. Like Arthur Curry (Aquaman) and Barry Allen (The Flash). It takes time to do this, especially when riding a horse to isolated fishing villages. Diana doesn’t appear to be involved with this quest. Perhaps she’s to hold down the fort for whatever happens ‘locally’? Maybe it is Diana who ‘discovers’ Cyborg (she has a voice over regarding him in a previous trailer).

In BvSDOJ, Bruce was forewarned via his vision/dream of a future where Superman goes rogue because of the death of Lois Lane. Now, Superman is dead. That future has changed. Bruce may have more than one directive. These are simultaneous rather than in any order of importance. 1) Keep Lois Lane alive since Bruce was told by a ‘future’ Flash that Lois is the key. If Lois is alive, there’s hope – meaning Superman. How? Jor-El in Man of Steel probably entrusted a whole Kryptonian shipload of information to Lois while he told her how to use the baby ship. Superman is resurrected in this movie. Does Lois help with that? There’s a reason Kal-El has all the Kryptonian DNA within him. (Can’t be losing all that. There’s gotta be a fail safe.) 2) Find the other metas to help fight what’s coming. In the ‘dream’ Bruce was alone fighting parademons and rogue Superman. And the Omega symbol is still there looming. Bruce references this in his talk with Diana at Clark’s burial in Smallville as to why he wants to find the others.

The other thing to notice in these scenes of Batman. He’s not looking over Gotham. He is standing over Metropolis and looking down on the Kryptonian ship. (which I call the Metro Fortress of Solitude. Clark needs to rise up and get that thing to the Arctic. Just sayin.) That ship holds secrets. It had the ability to create Doomsday – so resurrecting Kal-El should be no problem. Is this also where battle scenes take place later in the trailer? Just asking.

“They said the age of heroes would never come again.” – Diana

“It has to. We don’t have any more time.” – Bruce

Do you feel the urgency?

Themyscira!!! Familiar territory after seeing the Wonder Woman film. This the past. If we saw Antiope (Robin Wright) we’d know for sure. Both Connie Nielsen (Hippolyta) and Wright were scheduled to show up in JL. Flashback!

“Something is coming.” – Hippolyta

It seems we’re looking at the tower where Diana took the ‘Godslayer’ sword, but that is not present. What we do see is a Mother Box coming to life and a Boom Tube. Talk about excitement! Seeing a Boom Tube cinematically is a true first in live action! The Amazons surround the Mother Box which has been in a place of prominence within the room. They are armored up. And out drops – Steppenwolf. Get your motor runnin & head on out the highway, baby. Cause this movie is gonna Rock!

* Spoiler Alert * I was curious who was playing Darkseid’s Uncle and reconnaissance main man. It’s Ciaran Hinds. Oh yes, please! First David Thewlis in Wonder Woman, now Ciaran. Majorly on board no matter how much CGI.

We’ve seen an inkling of Steppenwolf in the Ultimate Cut of BvSDOJ – a scene called Communion with Lex Luther in the Kryptonian ship. 3 mother boxes, too.

The Electro-axe looks amazing as Steppenwolf wreaks destruction on worlds.

“No protectors here” – Steppenwolf voiceover on a scene of Aquaman swimming towards a Neptune statue. (BTW my son hoped this was a reference to Martian Manhunter. Unfortunately he has been replaced by Cyborg. In our world of technocracy, we can see how Cyborg is more relative at this time.)

Diana turns and looks on a street. Cyborg looking through a crashed in window.

“No Lanterns.” – Steppenwolf. LANTERNS mention! A first in this new DCEU. Lanterns exist. But apparently Earth presently isn’t being protected. What happened to the Lantern in this sector? Has Hal Jordan not met Abin Sur yet? (more about that later)

We see the Wayne boathouse. (When is he going to get that mansion fixed up?) Bruce is looking at a hologram of SuperMAN, not Supergirl. Ask body builders or weight lifters about legs and their proportions. Plus it is a hologram and we don’t know what perspective the camera is coming from. Plus Steppenwolf says —

“No Kryptonian.” Singular, not plural. If Supergirl had been around, it would have been plural. So apparently Steppenwolf (and Darkseid, for that matter) are taking the path of least resistance. Earth annihilation is easy peasy at the moment.

Apokolips is aware of Kryptonians and Lanterns and who they protect. Big wonderful DCU going on here!

Barry Allen using the speed force to bend a window until it shatters. Is that Iris West (Kiersey Clemons) sitting behind him?

“This world will fall like all the others.” – Steppenwolf wielding the Electro-Axe. Sounds pretty confident since he’s under the impression there are no protectors of Earth.

“One misses the days when one’s biggest concerns were exploding windup penquins.” – Alfred. In a confined space – a plane or at the boathouse? That gets a rise out of Bruce who has been watching a monitor/tv. After an invasion of Kryptonians that only a Superman could handle, now comes Steppenwolf and parademons – no Earthly meta can handle alone. This film will prove even with a team of metahumans, no matter how heroic, they still need that extra spark – a super spark.

We see parademons and Steppenwolf inside a ship. Either Apokoliptian or they have taken over the Kryptonian ship. Then Steppenwolf looks up at a red sky. DC Comics readers know that a red sky means a crisis. The sky is on fire making it a good environment for Apokoliptians.

“This is crazy. All said we’re gonna die.” – Aquaman 5 metahumans facing Steppenwolf and hordes of parademons. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Batman taking off in the Batmobile.

Inside the Batcave, Barry (I think, please correct me if I’m wrong) says, “Each of us in some way has held back.” Diana leaping through a crack in a walkway.

Uniformed up, Diana tells the rest, “Don’t engage alone. We do this together.” This takes us back to what happened at the end of Wonder Woman. Steve Trevor and Diana both had to do things on their own.

The Flash speed forcing. Some peeps have spotted a second figure in this shot speculating it is the Reverse Flash. Too soon. We don’t even have all the of Justice League introduced yet. Not saying there couldn’t be references, but if there is a second person in the shot it could be –- If you had watched the JL Behind The Scenes featurette, there is a scene of Flash ‘standing still’ as a half naked Clark moves past him. Not saying it is the same shot in the trailer. But could be part of the same scene/scheme.

“It’s really cool you guys get ready to do battle and stuff, but I’ve never done battle. I’ve just pushed at some people and run away.” – The Flash

Barry is talking about the enormity of the learning curve here. To go from pushing and running to doing battle with war dogs from Apokolips. THAT is daunting!

Intro the Flying Fox. Cyborg reaches in to take control of it. “Relax, Alfred, I’ll take it from here.”

“Uh, do I know you?” – Alfred. This is another reason why I think Cyborg may have been discovered by Diana and not Bruce. In the previous trailer, Cyborg tells Bats he thought the Batman wasn’t real. If Bruce had recruited him, then Cyborg would know he was real and Alfred would know who he was. Diana in the other trailer does all the expo on Cyborg.

More Flying Fox action. Twirling Steppenwolf. Red streak – laser? Heat vision? Steppenwolf is not prone to use Omega beams.

The Flash running at night. Diana and Steppenwolf going at it. The Electro-Axe in Atlantis heading for Aquaman. Batman taking on a parademon face to face. A building exploding with SWAT teams out front. Diana doing her hit bracelets thing towards Steppenwolf. (She is the God Killer after all. New Gods. Old Gods. You name it.) Batman leaping with a batarang against a blood red sky.

While we see these scenes, here is the voiceover:

“Superman was a beacon to the world. He didn’t just save people. He made them see the best parts of themselves.” – Batman/Bruce Wayne. Bruce should know since that’s exactly what Superman did for Batman in BvSDOJ. Drug him out of that Frank Miller funk and showed him the light! Amen!

Wonder Woman and Aquaman look up. “Alright!” – Aquaman

Cyborg flies down in a building.

“I don’t recognize this world.” – Alfred

“We don’t have to recognize it. We just have to save it.” – Bruce

Tsunami coming down a street. Aquaman using the Trident to stop it.

Fire around a tower that has been hit by a Batmobile shell?. Batman swerves to miss it as parademons hang on. The red sky is prevalent and is reflected on the Batmobile.

At night in a city, we see the boots of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash as Cyborg arrives. Then there is a full shot of them at the Superman Memorial with flowers and ballons behind them. As well as Metropolis police cars. Are they looking at Batman? Is he with someone else? This scene was also in the JL BTS featurette where Aquaman is twirling his Trident.

Amazons in full battle with the parademons. Diana running to capture her sword which is out of reach. The Flash runs by and tips it towards her. Next. Not sure if it’s the Flying Fox or some other vehicle/ship. Could be underwater. But it looks embryonic. Like a womb with a fire blast.  Birthing matrix??

Aquaman surfing a falling parademon through a building. Hair shake. Just a day’s work for the King of Atlantis. Awesome!

Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Commissioner Gordon on top of a building with the Bat Signal.

“How many of you are there?” – Commissioner Gordon

“Not enough.” – Batman

As seen in other trailers, the Batman Gordon relationship is alive and well.

“You really think that . . . “ Gordon turns to see the Flash. Barry looks around.

“Oh, wow, they just … they really just vanished. Huh. Oh. That’s rude.” The Flash speed forces out.

After some fade to black, we see a glass of liquor begin to vibrate. There are some faint booms. Twice. BvSDOJ fans will remember that Clark’s breaking the sound barrier had a similar pattern when he went to save Lois in the desert.

Alfred is working on a vehicle in the boathouse as a full moon shines above. He looks up. There is recognition in his expression. But there is surprise and ‘disbelief’ as well.

“He said you’d come. Now let’s . . . hope. . . you’re not too late.”

Some red in the lower corner of the frame. (No, it’s not the brown of a bomber jacket.) We’re peering over the shoulder of whomever it is. Seeing it from their perspective. Alfred lowers his gaze when he says hope as if reading the S-shield. People who think this is Hal Jordan seem to forget that.

This also tears apart the rumor that Supes would be showing up in his black and white suit while being mind whammied by Darkseid. (See how the ‘future’ was changed by the death of Superman in BvSDOJ above)

When we first saw the trailer, I asked my buds on Twitter if we could see something in Alfred’s glasses. The S-shield could be there if Henry Cavill (Superman) was standing beside the camera for Jeremy Irons (Alfred) to interact with. We would expect to see some lighting as well. Films aren’t made in the dark. Some peeps have said there is a S-shield in Alfred’s glasses. These are the folks who do the hard evidence and blowup clips and zoom in to see what’s there. Others see a light and say it’s green so it has to be Jordan.

Throughout this trailer, it has held Superman to the forefront. Scene after scene, despite the fact he is not before the camera. This is about the resurrection of Superman and the formation of the Justice League.

Who is the best combatant against Darkseid, Steppenwolf, and the parademons? Not Diana. Not Batman (see Morrison’s Batman RIP). Certainly not The Flash, Aquaman or Cyborg. SUPERMAN is the answer!

I’ve seen reaction vids of people saying they hope it’s not Superman showing up. * headdesk * That is pure bias against Superman. There’s no logic there. Go back to reading your Marvel Comics. (I know not all Marvel fans hate Superman, but one guy admittedly did.) They also said Joss Whedon had taken over the entire film. So any quips spoken in the film (and this trailer) – that was Whedon. Obviously they didn’t listen to what Ray Fisher (Cyborg) wearing a I love ZS shirt at the JL 2017 SDCC panel had to say. They had finished the CGI and other scenes already.

Besides Geoff Johns trumps Joss Whedon in the DCEU any day, fanboys.  Zack Snyder’s vision carries on throughout this universe.

This film is not about Green Lantern. He couldn’t save the day even if he did show up. You have to have Superman to defeat Apokoliptians. That’s why Darkseid will be the big bad in Justice League part 2. Justice League will be in full force by that time.

The Death of Superman story was in BvSDOJ. They went there. The rest of that story is in Justice League. Writers of Justice League stories have said: Superman has to be taken out in order for the rest of the team to shine because he could literally take care of every threat. The same is true for this film. Superman is out/’dead’ so we can see how the Justice League was formed and performs as a team without Superman . . . for a while. But the Justice League isn’t the Justice League without Superman.

About Hal Jordan . . . do I think Green Lantern is going to be in this film. YES! It’s not the Justice League without him. Unite the Seven. Unite the League. And now the trailers are saying ALL IN.

If fanboys had paid attention to the DCEU and its players, they would have known about the Hal misses Kal exchange on instagram. A Green Lantern shirt wearing person sent that message to Cavill. Later Gadot and Affleck laughed. And after the trailer there was a meme going around with a snapshot of a certain film which featured ‘Hal’ and ‘Kal’ with furrowed brows over the “No Lanterns. No Kryptonian” line from the trailer.

Okay, fanboys, get your Lois Lane heels on and get to investigating. You can’t diagnose a trailer correctly without much information and a shitload of bias.

Fanboys are probably thinking I’m bias because I’m a Superman fan. Yep, but there’s more to it than that. Don’t dismiss reality. This DCEU started with Superman. He is the foundation of the DCU, always has been, always will be. He is the beacon of hope. He is who every other hero looks up to. He inspires so people will aspire to be better.

DCEU has a plethora of films coming out. LONG TERM PLANS which do not turn on a dime because some fans have a gripe. This is business. People sitting in conference rooms planning out an entire universe, possibly universes!!! There are contracts involved. People are showing up at set sites which makes you go hmmmm. Keep up with the info!

Aquaman’s film date was moved from June to November, 2018. Why? Oh, I don’t know. * whistling * Maybe because June, 2018 is the 80th anniversary of a character who started it all. MOS2 or whatever they are calling it has to come out in June, 2018. Or their universe becomes invalid.

Right now they can’t even hint of it before Justice League because at present Superman is dead in the DCEU. But anyone worth their superhero fan status knows that Superman is resurrected and comes back bigger than ever.

So get ready to spend some money, fanboys. Keep the faith. Believe! After Justice League, Superman will show more of his stuff off in June, 2018. Why do I think that? Back before BvSDOJ was announced. MOS2 was slated for 2018. Then it got “taken off the list.” Not because it was canceled but because of what they are doing within the DCEU storyline. In 2015, CEO of Warner Brothers Kevin Tsujihara said there would be another Superman stand alone film. Do the research!

These films are interconnected. Some of them are even filmed at the same time. Batman in Suicide Squad while also in BvSDOJ. The Flash had cameos in Suicide Squad and BvSDOJ. Aquaman cameo in BvSDOJ. Wonder Woman in BvSDOJ and then Wonder Woman.

Like the Death of Superman in the comics, Superman was taken away from the books for a period so his come back would have the world rejoicing. They’re doing the same thing with the trailers and publicity for Justice League. Get ready for a MOS2 clip at the end of Justice League people!

There are many surprises in store for Justice League. Just follow who was in London during filming.

Kudos to Vegan Hero, who, in my opinion, had one of the best reaction videos. They reacted! Animated. Not silent. No talk over. Picked up a lot of things on first look. Smart. You can see it here.

There will be one more trailer before Justice League in November. Can’t wait.

PS The moustache fiasco – just more fake news in my opinion. Think about it. I don’t care who Tom Cruise is. Warner Brothers is not going to spend millions of dollars taking off a moustache using CGI when all Cavill has to do is shave and have MI6 give him a fake one. Remember these film productions are overseen by bean counters. Justice League has to make a profit. MI6 will just have to take the hit and have Cavill be prettier than Cruise. bwahahahha

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New Year, Same Ole Song

A Lois-less week in the comics.  Yes, I know she’s not the ‘main’ character in the mythology but apparently Clark Kent isn’t either.   No Lois Lane or Clark Kent in Superman 15, Superman Family Adventures 8 or Smallville Season 11 #28, Effigy.  What a let down after Geoff Johns put Lois in the first two issues of his Throne of Atlantis crossover.

DC Comics seems to be pulling another WONK or Grounded during this fauxmance phase.  Superman is alienated so his human aspect is to be ignored.  Has Clark even done a blog/newspaper story since Superman #1?

In the narrative boxes of Superman #14, we found out Lois has won a Pulitzer – how & why?  That five year gap is very convenient for tossing bricks into, but DC is not building anything with them.  And in so doing, we have no foundation for new readers or loyal readers to know who these new 52 characters are.   Villains we have by the boatload, but knowing the main characters . . . not so much.

Pardon me, but I’m a bit of a wing nut regarding this next topic:  Where in the hell are the results of the 2nd Nielsen survey done six months ago?  The reason I keep harping on this is because I want to know if the results were different than what DC Comics publishing perceived as their target audience (males 14 to 34 years old)?  Why is that important?  Because if DC misunderstood their audience and they write stories through a male gaze for a male focus group then sales are going to fall.  In other words if there are more females (> perceived 7% or 1st electronic survey 20%) reading their comics, they are not going to appreciate what is being done to female characters or to their favorite male characters if DC is making them a douche.

Case in point:  Wonder Woman in the bullship.   Diana is kickass Wonder Woman in her own book even though she is confronted by male subplots at every turn.  BUT in Justice League and Superman, because of the fauxmance, she doesn’t know herself and she follows Superman’s lead.  This alliance is doing nothing for her character development.   In Justice League & Aquaman #15s she defers to Superman in defying Batman or the rest of the League.  Since she’s confessed to not knowing her own mind, this is a problem.  Wonder Woman is better than that.   She doesn’t deserve her only line in Superman #15 to be asking Superman if he called them (her) while the guys strategize about the situation.  Really?  That’s what you’ve reduced her to – arm candy for Superman?  She wants to call him beloved . . . two kisses and a pair of glasses and she’s totally enamored?  How far did he put his tongue down her throat?  Is this DC editorial’s way of blaming Diana for the bullship like they blame Clark’s despondency in Superman #1 on Lois?  See what a male gaze does to female characters?

Superman and Lois Lane’s legendary love story has been put on hold since the reboot because of the planned fauxmance.  So Lois has not been investigating on her own.  She had one appearance in Superboy #1 but that was dropped.  She made another appearance in Batgirl, but not sure what that was about.  And now Clark is accusing her of selling out her integrity for cover ‘puff pieces’ as an television producer.   This is in Lobdell’s Superman.  In Justice League, Lois appears to be reporting with Jimmy Olsen in the present timeline.  So which is it?  If fans have to have the bullship in both books shouldn’t Lois’ position at the Daily Planet be clear?  Is she back to reporting or is she a sell out producer in the new media division?   And how in the hell did she get off that roof in the rain?  She can save herself and probably had to with the power twins completely deaf to what Vulko was telling them.  At least readers can count on Geoff Johns’ Lois – always to be Lois.

Scott Lobdell gave interviews this week about his H’El on Earth crossover with the other Super books (except Action) .  He said that Lois is her own person.  Lois is Lois, but none of the writers have shown us Lois hard-news investigating.  In recent Superman issues, we’ve seen she is moving in with her ‘place holder for Clark’ boyfriend.  So it’s about her boyfriend and not Lois being an independent, intrepid reporter.  That’s not being her own person.  Next time we’ll see Lois, apparently, is when she has a housewarming party – at her apartment.  Clark will be there, but the visit will get interrupted – remember he can’t spend 5 minutes with Lois without the obligatory interruptus.  He can pump iron in the middle of the Earth for 5 days and not do any reporting – but once he gets into a panel with Lois, it’s am-scray.  So predictable and boring.   It’s the ‘Anyone But Lois’ show again.  Where is the legendary love story?   It has served the mythology well for 75 years.  And if DC has a larger female audience than previously perceived, could mean a rise in sales if they wrote it — but, but . . . they’ve had this love triangle crap in their heads for 2 years . . . it’s going to be a lonnnnnngggg collllldddddd winter.  And may not get better in the Spring when the 75th anniversary of Superman happens.  Or the Summer when Man of Steel debuts.  Sounds a little hopeless, huh.  *sigh*  I have no faith in the current administration of DC Comics where Superman is concerned.

Andy Diggle expressed a desire to write Lois Lane, but if editorial says no, then his hands are tied.  Lobdell appears to be placing Cat Grant into the fray of Clark’s ‘women’.  Scott Snyder’s yet-unnamed-title . . . I’m not sure about this one.  He said Lois would be in the feature, but that was after a fan (Chris) asked him why he didn’t mention her.  He’s mentioned Lana quite a bit – so expect Clark to have yet another female distraction.

So far Johns and Lobdell have written Lois as Lois.  She’s about the only character fans can grab onto during this bullship mess.  Because of this very bad editorial idea, icons are going to get damaged.  Johns knows this.  And maybe that’s the reason Lobdell said Superman is going to be too busy (1.5 hour battle & multiple crossovers) to have his alliance with Wonder Woman in the Superman book.  In fact, the narrative box Lobdell put in Superman 15 regarding the fauxmance seemed to up the stakes from Justice League, but Scott did say in the interview that it is the same relationship as JL.  Better to let Johns handle it.  Having multiple writers would be a catastrophe – this is intricate storytelling – like trying to disarm a bomb.  Since the Trinity War was born in books with Justice League in the title, let Johns handle it.  It’s all about damage control.  We’re talking multi-million dollar, multimedia properties.  Ones that a corporation depends on to be successful in future ventures.  Damage those and heads will roll.

Action Comics – Grant Morrison still has two issues left at this writing.  In #16 next week, Superman battles the corporate Superman, Superdoom (Action #9).  Let’s hope Clark kicks his ass for twisting a successful, viable mythology into a alienated, angsty, no heart or soul villain.  I’m kind of liking these ‘behind the scenes’ storylines.  Lord Vyndktvx – who is that in real life?   I am hoping Mxy comes back to set it all straight.  He is my favorite villain.  Not Lex Luthor or Zod . .  . gimme Mxy.  Why, you may ask?  Because like Superman, Mxy is a powerful being (probably the most powerful in the universe) and yet his thing is messing with Superman – and Superman gives as good as he gets.  It’s fun.  Something sorely lacking in the new 52.  After issue #17 (Morrison’s last) maybe we’ll be able to see what the past 18 issues have been about.  No real character foundation – and there’s still the five year gap that has miscellaneous bricks in it.  When DC wants to do the legendary love (Clark and Lois), then we might get a glimpse of what’s in there.   Big maybe with the current administration.

I am still in the foxhole waiting for it all to blow over .  Like it says in the song . . . Somebody saaavvvveeee meeee.   I’m a Superman fan with a pocketful of money that DC Comics doesn’t want.  Oh, I forgot . . . I’m female.

Oh yea, my other favorite topic:

When in the hell is the Trinity War so this bullshit can end???

Join us this Sunday on G2Factor as we discuss Superman Family Adventures #8, Smallville Season 11 #28 Effigy and Superman #15.

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After reading Justice League #15 and Aquaman #15, I did peer out and look upon the battlefield of what has been the new 52 Superman universe.  Lois Lane appeared in both issues of this final week of 2012.  I knew that Lois would reappear sometime but didn’t expect it this soon.   Maybe there is hope after all.  But I’m still staying in the foxhole.  The DC promo department has it out for us.

Justice League #15

Clark Kent

This issue gave us Clark Kent in his Smallville farmhouse wearing the glasses with mussed hair.   He speaks of his love for being Clark and his love for the Kents.

This is a monumental moment!  Why?  Because this could mean that Superman no longer thinks of himself as alienated from humans.  He enjoys being ‘human’ and loves the humans that raised him.  Is the tide starting to turn?

Alienating Superman and the promotion of the ‘power couple’ last August stank of ubermensch eugenics.   Goddesses and aliens being superior to mere humans.  This seemed reminiscent of Alan Moore’s unpublished proposal, Twilight of the Superheroes.  If they can rip off Watchmen, why not another Alan Moore idea?   This is speciesism – where other species seem superior over another.  One of the themes of the Superman and Wonder Woman mythologies is acceptance of all species.  Why would DC Comics continue to propagate this racist idea into the #15s?  I’ll explain later.

But now it seems Johns is bringing Superman back to where he should be.  Clark loved the Kents and if the new 52 books affect the others – we saw that the Kents lived to see Clark off to Metropolis to go work at the Daily Planet with Lois Lane. (Morrison’s Action #12)  Perhaps at the age of 22?  But Clark’s past, future and possibly his present were changed by Lord Vyndyktvx in Action #15.  In that issue Vyndyktvx killed the Kents during Clark’s prom.  Maybe when he was 18.  That would mean that Clark spent almost two decades with the Kents and their influence and love through his toddler, adolescence, and growth into manhood would be great.   Not so alienated.  And if you add in his five years working with Lois as a reporter, again, how can the Man of Steel be alienated?  He’s an alien, yes, but he is not alienated.  That would destroy his mythology.   Johns shows us how unalienated Clark is in Justice League #15.


I cringe at Johns’  characterization of Wonder Woman.  She appears a bit ‘ditzy’ to me.  Not wise or able to think for herself.  Why after being in “man’s world” for five years and some serious affection for Steve Trevor, she couldn’t think of wearing a ‘disguise’ on her own?   True, it is a Clark thing to do, but I’m hoping that this was just a seed planted for her and she will take it and grow her own ideas for a secret identity. 

The ‘date’

After Clark shows Diana how he uses the glasses to live among humanity, they go to dinner. The table talk is about how humans view them as superheroes and how having a fuller life is living among humans without the superhero persona.   It is not a love story between the two characters.   It is more of a love story with humanity.   Perhaps by this time next year, we will be able to say that this was a good foundation for the Superman/Wonder Woman FRIENDSHIP.

The ‘date’ is called to a halt by an attack from the Atlanteans as a tidal wave complete with aircraft carrier ascends on Metropolis.   I am NOT wild about Superman including Diana in one of his signature expressions, “This is a job for . . .”  As far as I can recall, Superman has not stated, this is a job for Superman in his own books.  Sharing it seems to diminish it.

Diana appears to change into her warrior outfit using the magic lasso.  Yea, magic.  Clark has problems with that.

Lois Lane

The Atlanteans have been attacked and are retaliating.  Tidal waves are hitting the east coast including Metropolis.  Jimmy and Lois are seen in the streets running from the wall of water with an aircraft carrier atop of it.  Jimmy has a still camera and taking shots of the destruction.  Lois appears to be a reporter and not a producer behind a desk.  During their rescue, Superman and Wonder Woman try to hold back the water and the ship from potential victims.   Lois and Jimmy have climbed a fire escape from safety but for some reason, Lois falls into the water.  Jimmy screams her name.

Superman is in Metropolis.  He’s lived there five years and Jimmy and Lois are his friends at the very least.  Superhearing guy doesn’t hear Jimmy’s voice scream Lois’ name?   These four panels were problematic.  It’s Wonder Woman who says there are people in the streets in danger.  Superman sees people in the ship.  And over a panel of a drowning Lois Lane, Superman says, “Dammit.  We can’t save everyone.”  Over a panel of a drowning Lois – did I mention that?

I had to read these four panels several times to see what exactly Johns was doing here.  Giving Lois haters ammunition to say she’s always the damsel in distress?  That she’s human and not worthy of Superman as a goddess would be?   Superman admits he can’t save everyone before he desperately tries to do so – only to lose Lois on his home turf?  Really?  I’ve concluded that this was Johns upping the ante on the situation.  And maybe a  smack in the head moment for Superman because in the next panel, we see that Lois has been rescued by someone else.  “I have you, human.”

Lois is leaped onto a building going through Superman and Wonder Woman.  Superman YELLS, “Lois?” In the next panel, we see Superman is hovering over Lois and her savior.  “Lois, are you alright?!”  (Yes, he said her first name twice!!!)  She answers as she kneels beside the rescuer.  “Thanks to this man.”  And that’s the last we see of Lois in this issue.  The man tells Superman and Wonder Woman his name is Vulko.  (Lois is nowhere to be seen.)  And he states he has to find King Arthur because his brother is going to sink it all.   This is pertinent because of what we see in Aquaman #15, which was also written by Johns.

Again, it seems that Superman is still not allowed to save Lois Lane in particular while the bullship runs its course.

Aquaman #15


Kneeling beside the body and using his x-ray vision, Superman sees that there are no internal injuries for Lois’ rescuer.  But it’s hard to tell.  “I’m not even sure he has lungs.”  Again, Vulko is another species.

Lois Lane

As Lois looks on over Superman’s shoulder, Wonder Woman guesses he’s Atlantean.   Lois reiterates what Vulko told the ‘power couple’.  “He said his name was Vulko.”   Apparently having a name means something to Lois since the ‘superbeings’ seem either to dismiss it or are deaf.

Lois must have made a move to get closer as Diana grabs her and warns her, “Please keep your distance, Miss Lane.  We don’t know what we’re dealing with.”   Very formal.  Perhaps Diana has only seen her on tv and that’s how she knows her name.  And who uses the ‘Miss’ title in this day and age –  especially coming from the symbol of the inaugural issue of Ms magazine in 1972?

Lois is always Lois.  She’s a survivor and thinks nothing of being with the powerful.  She sees people not species.  (Clark will count this as a blessing hopefully soon.)   We see a display of Lois’ analytical mind and intrepid reporter observations.  “If he pulled me from the water, we’re dealing with a hero, Wonder Woman.  One who looks like he needs help himself.”

Vulko tries to rise pressing against Superman while yelling, “Where is King Arthur?!”  Superman pushes him down yelling in equally sized letters, “Calm down.”  Wrong move.  Vulko slugs Superman stating there isn’t any time.   Superman is slammed into the side of the building as Lois appears to go towards him to help.  (That’s the last we see of her in this issue.)


Wonder Woman draws her sword and threatens Vulko.  He tells her that she has to listen (the superbeings haven’t been).  They have to find Arthur to end this catastrophe.

So while people are drowning or whatever, Superman and Wonder Woman take Vulko to the Watchtower – above it all.   During his reunion with Aquaman, we find out through narrative boxes that Vulko was the first Atlantean Arthur ever met. He was exiled after his mother’s death and was both her royal advisor as well as Arthur’s.

The ‘alliance’

While Vulko explains that someone set up this soon-to-be war and wants Arthur to speak with his brother (now the king of Atlantis).  Superman is hell bent on returning to Earth with a plan of action.  How long did he and Diana wait for Batman and Aquaman to show up in the Watchtower?  Superman and Wonder Woman think the king is a murderer and that he has to answer for his actions.   Apparently they are still deaf to Vulko’s words of what has transpired.  Aquaman, who has been discussing the leadership of the League with Batman, asks if he can go to his brother and bring him in peacefully.   Batman agrees, but Superman gets his non-existent red briefs in a twist.  Really?  Mr. Second Chance?  Mr. Talk First, Punch Later?  When Superman wears the armor, Johns writes him as someone who doesn’t seek the truth.

So with his one chance to bring about a peaceable solution, Arthur goes to Boston to confront his brother.  During the discussion, the ‘trinity’ boom tubes in (HATE that!  Why are they doing that?  Every 100th time they end up in Apokolips.  Really?  So dumb.  Another plot point for the Darkseid storyline to come).

The power twins (Supes & Wondy) inform Aquaman they have been listening  and they don’t like the way it’s being handled.  Batman is silent.  Mr. Folded Arms tells Arthur there are Atlanteans approaching and there is no time.  The Demi-Goddess tells him that the bro is coming with them.  It’s amazing how Diana finds her voice following Superman’s lead.  (hanging my head for Wonder Woman fans and female readers everywhere)

Arthur apologizes and chokes the silent guy who gave him this chance to make peace = Batman.  That’s right.  Much to the horror of the ‘alliance’, the ex-king of the Atlanteans goes for the ‘weakest link’ species-wise.  The human.  Batman.  At least Superman and Wonder Woman look shocked and dismayed.  It was their attitudes and decisions that got Batman (their supposed leader) into this situation.


We really haven’t seen the Superman Batman friendship play out in Justice League.  We’ve been told they’re friends.  In Action, Batman did help Superman rethink getting his Clark Kent identity back (Action 12).  But that’s about it.  The fauxmance takes precedence over World’s Finest?  Really?

Lois shone in these issues.  Lois is always Lois and as readers we can hang onto that.  The other characters seem to not know themselves.  Or is this the new 52 syndrome?  I know it’s been especially true for Superman in all his books.

Batman is still suspicious of ‘the alliance’ in the solicit of Justice League #18 (March) and we can see why.  Especially since Superman nor Wonder Woman seem to be their true selves.

Steve Trevor shows up in Justice League of America in February while Diana seeks out Eros to see how she feels about Superman in Young Love issue.  Coincidence?

Next week we’ll be getting the April (#19) solicits and that is one month away, supposedly, to the Trinity War.  Will ‘the alliance’ have run its course by then?  Will we get an announcement regarding Scott Snyder’s Superman book at that time, too?

Well, that’s all from me for 2012.  I’ll be in the foxhole reading Smallville Season 11 and Superman Family Adventures until this bullship all blows over.  These non-new 52 books deserve my money because they give me the REAL Superman and are a joy to read each and every time.


(If Lois keeps showing up, maybe it will be.)

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