New 52 Lois Lane is Dead


They never wanted me  to exist!

Well, the DCE cabal finally got their wish.  No new 52 Lois Lane.

In a bait and switch, Lois Lane is not Superwoman (when she says it, it is in small print).  Lana Lang is Superwoman – when she says it, it’s in 3D red and yellow.  The DCE mobsters wanted a character written and they hired Phil Jimenez to write blahna (aka Lana) as Superwoman.  He’s giving her an extensive group of co-stars including her producer.  Why would an electric engineer need a producer?   blahna is a science reporter for the Daily Star.  Yea, that’s right, new 52 Lois was barely allowed to write anything (or appear in books).  BUT blahna gets a crew, a family (with a brother who had been military), and the supersuit.  blahna remains Lois Lite but now she’s gotten her own SERIES on the corpse of Lois Lane.

New 52 Lois Lane barely thrived under the current DCE regime.  It’s a wonder we got to see her at all.  In the main books, she was not allowed in Action Comics (Lois’s birthplace) during Pak’s stint.  That’s when electrical engineer blahna showed up.

Lois appeared in Action, Superman and Superboy #1s  of the new 52.  Remember there was a five year gap between Action and all the other #1s (except for JL which had the same 5 year gap between issues 6 and 7).  This means that any character development we could have seen was kept from us.  What was happening with Clark/Lois/Superman in that five year gap?   What story did Lois win her Pulitzer for?  Was it putting Lex in prison?

We were told at the beginning of the new 52, Superman would have no human tethers.  Meaning no Clark Kent, the Kents, Lois Lane, and the peeps at the DP.  Now it appears according to Superwoman, it was blahna who trained Clark to be Superman & not the Kents.  Even though they died when Clark was 18.   New 52 Kents were apparently loafers.   Let the neighborhood girl do it.

Remember Andy Diggle taking over Action after Morrison?  He wrote one book and Tony Daniels finished the 3 book arc.  Why did Diggle leave Action so quickly?  At New York Comic Con he was excited to write Lois.  Wanted her with Clark and not Mr. Cardboard JonathOn Carroll.  DCE told him to write the fauxmance (DCE’s idea of a power couple), so he left.  In a writers ‘vetting’ process, he had to submit a year’s worth of storyline.  So DCE was aware of Diggle’s love for the true mythology.  But as we know,  DCE has more dirty tricks than any con artist.

If you have read this blog previously, you know how Lois Lane’s solo book got sabotaged by removing her PR team a month before publication and didn’t bother to tell the creator.

Superman’s 75 anniversary was poorly planned.  If it wasn’t for Scott Snyder, there would be no Superman Unchained.  This had Lois Lane as a key character in the story.  Snyder had finished his work on time.  Artist/co-pub Jim Lee undermined the highly successful book by doing his cancel and re-solicit routine (he had perfected at Wildstorm) only publishing 9 books in 15 months.  At the beginning of the new 52, Lee said books would go out on time no matter what.  As you know that did not happen with a 75th anniversary celebration book featuring Lois Lane.

If you have a mind to, go back to my blog post regarding Jim Lee’s opinions on Lois Lane and Clark Kent excerpted from his website.  He doesn’t think Lois is hot enough.  Thinks Clark as the nurturer is wrong.  In other words, he doesn’t get Clark Kent or Lois Lane and so the new 52 was pretty much void of both characters.

Lois fans begged, cajoled, insisted new 52 Lois Lane get her due.  With Rebirth, DCE seemed to answer that call.  Here!  Here’s Lois on the cover of Superwoman!  As I stated in the opening paragraphs, this was another filthy deception.  A bait and switch.

As we have said many times in the new 52, Batman gets everything, Superman gets nothing.  Now it appears blahna gets everything (including many of Lois’ attributes) and the new 52 Lois Lane is dead.

Phil Jimenez is not to blame.  He was given the character by the DCE kingpins.  This is what he has to work with.  It’s a job.  He is a wonderful writer and he is developing a world – in my opinion – for the wrong character.  blahna has done nothing in the new 52 that Lois didn’t do better.  But new 52 Lois Lane has always been the DCE racketeers favorite punching bag.  (Literally, blahna suckerpunches Lois Lane before Rebirth.)  And therefore, her fans receive the blows also.   The bait and switch proved how thuggish the DCE mafia is and probably will remain so.  Was it vindictiveness because their power couple became known as the fauxmance? Are they that petty?

So the fight continues.  New 52 Lois died pretty much in the same manner as Loser new 52 Superman.  Her last words were about understanding and “Clark.”   (see panel above) So maybe there’s a glimmer of hope.  But in the meantime Lois fans are being asked to withstand the blahnafest after being deliberately blind sided at the end of Superwoman #1.

Personally, I don’t buy books with a dead Lois in them – especially by this regime.  I’m keeping my money.

Just remember there was a reason for Rebirth – the name ‘new 52’ became a scourge in comics.

Rebirth has brought back other couples: Green Arrow/Black Canary, Nightwing/Batgirl, Barry/Iris, Wally/Linda, Arthur/Mera (now engaged) – but there is no new 52 Clark and Lois.  They’re dead.

THE couple that built many ages of comics.  THE couple that was on all the Earths (one and two) during the Bronze age.  THE couple that every crisis was about. GONE.

The new 52 was a dismal failure and needed a Rebirth because the DCE ‘caretakers’ of billion dollar IPs ignored their legacy and reveled in destruction of characters and mythologies.  Change for change sake (and DCE execs prejudices) with a big dash of death culture.

While the rest of the DCU seems to be experiencing a Rebirth, Clark and Lois are dead and the mob at DCE thinks suckerpunching their fans is the right thing to do.

Let me know when the resurrection and revitalization of the greatest love story in print begins.  New 52/Rebirth is going to have to prove they can give the most iconic couple a great modern story.  So far they have utterly failed and disenfranchised fans AGAIN.

BTW, August 17th is Lois Lane’s birthday.  The bludgeoning continues.


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A short story: Being Here

I own nothing.

Her Daddy had nightmares. Although Lois was only five, she could still remember snippets of those days. Her father ran a few special ops missions and eventually commanded regular ‘grunts’. He would return from his combat missions and there’d be great joy in the house. The family would all smile and laugh and see if he had changed even in the slightest of ways.

Once in the middle of the night, she awoke with a start. All seemed quiet in the house so she decided to go to the bathroom. Lucy was sleeping soundly in her twin bed. On her way down the hall, she noticed a beam of light coming from her parents bedroom. The door was slightly ajar. She heard voices and something sounded strange. Curious, she peered through the crack and saw her parents sitting on the edge of the bed. Her father’s head bowed. Something wasn’t right. There were tears streaming down her larger-than-life father’s face.

Lois’ throat began to tighten. She bit her lower lip to keep it from quivering.

Her mother quietly, wrapped her arms around him as his head went into her shoulder. Lois wondered how her mother could support this huge man. “I’m here, Sam.”

Sam Lane, warrior, defender of what he believed to be true, sobbed softly in his wife’s arms. “That’s what got me through. That’s what made it bearable, Ella. I had to get back to you and the girls. Our home. Our family. My world.”

Ella Lane held her husband as tears fell down her face. Lois wondered if this had happened before. She missed her daddy so much when he was away. And when he came back, there was always that slight feeling of something bad had happened. It was almost as if she felt it in the air around him. But right now, watching her parents, that cloud had lifted. She saw that her parents fought together against some outside force she didn’t understand.

Her father straightened up still embracing her mother. “You’re here, Ella. You’re really here.”

“And so are you,” she grinned back.

Lois backed away from the door and ran back to her bedroom. The house felt familiar again, but that memory of her parents and their connection stayed with her.

Standing on top of the Daily Planet roof now, she rubbed her arms in the coolness of the evening. The stars were brighter up here. What had made her remember tonight of all nights? Superman. Did he have those moments, too? Did he come back from battling intergalactic aliens feeling lost? Did some of his universe shattering decisions make him yearn just to be heard? Did he have someone to hold him in that silent, knowing way?

“I’m here,” Lois whispered in the wind and out into the universe.

Superman gave a second look at the town where he was raised. Smallville. Turning he flew towards Metropolis. So much had happened in the last few days, but that was his life. Sometimes he yearned for those days in Smallville when life and death decisions were far from his thoughts. When after a long school day, he’d sit and drink milk and ate Ma’s homemade cookies while talking to his parents about his day, their day, or whatever came to mind. Jonathan and Martha Kent had shown him what true connection was.
Clark would never forget after his father’s first heart attack, his mother was by her husband’s bedside. She’d come home to see Clark off to school if she pulled an all nighter. Trying to reassure him that his father would be fine, despite the fact they were not allowing him to be conscious for a few days.

The morning Pa revived, Clark witnessed his parents love in a profound way. When his father’s eyes opened, Martha Kent leaped from her chair and nearly screamed, “Jonathan?”

The farmer wearing a hospital gown and looking frail for the first time that Clark could remember, patted his wife’s hand on his chest. “I’m here, Martha. I’m here.”

“Oh, Jonathan,” cried Martha as she hugged him the best she could through tubes and wires.

“She was by your side,” choked Clark as tears came into his eyes.

“Son?” said Pa as he peered at him. “Come here.”

Clark hugged his father as his mother smiled at both of them.

“I saw you. Both of you. And knew I had to get back.” said the farmer smiling.

“Everything is going to be alright. You’re here and so are we,” said Martha Kent as she touched both the men in her life.

It was one of many moments in his early life that Clark would cherish. He was adopted. An alien, but the Kents had always loved him. Took him in as if he were their natural born child. They used to tell him, all children were a gift. But he was a special gift to a couple who could not have a child. An answered prayer. An answered hope.

Superman flew over the bright, sunny skies of Metropolis. Living with the knowledge that he was a fulfilled hope made him strive even more to be a hope to others. But who gave him hope? Sometimes he could use a little hope.

One figure among millions caught his eye. There was no mistaking that determined stride as if she were on a mission or on top of a truly great story. Lois Lane. The right side of his mouth went up as he flew as silently as possible to her. Lois was hard to surprise, but that did not stop him from trying.

“Ms. Lane,” he said with his arms crossed looking at the back of her head. As she turned, a smile formed on her face. While landing softly in front of her, he basked in that smile as if it were a lighthouse in the darkness of his life.

Even though she didn’t know his ‘secret’ he always had the inkling she knew. Would Lois Lane actually keep her knowing a secret from him? And such a person would probably keep his secret to their deaths. He smiled back because he just couldn’t help himself.

“What can I do for you, Superman?” The light from her eyes filled his heart.

“You’re here,” he said simply.
Her brows narrowed together for just a milli-second and then her smile broadened. “And so are you.”

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