How Many Times has Lois Died?

Let’s limit this to just during the DC Entertainment era, shall we?

DC Entertainment refers to when Jim Lee and Dan Didio were officially made co-publishers. February, 2010.  They were taking over from Paul Levitz, who stepped down due to corporate changes in late 2009.

Bob Harras was officially announced as Editor-in-Chief in September, 2010.  Before that he was Editor-in-Chief at Marvel and later Editor-in-Chief at Wildstorm, Jim Lee’s company.

In October, 2010, the editorial retreat that created the new 52 was held.  We all know what happened there if what was published in the books was any indication.

There was a video game called DCU Online Legends and a month later a semi-monthly comic book was made.  It ran from February, 2011 to May, 2012.  Pre-Flashpoint & Pre-new 52.  But definitely a year after the new regime officially took over.  Lois is killed by her husband Clark on panel in the story.  Issue #14 October, 2011, delayed publication due to new 52 launch.  Eventually there is some time manipulation and she lives again, but she was never sighted in a panel to confirm.



Flashpoint.  Lois Lane and the Resistance.   Lois was indeed on the first cover and in the first issue, but then in issues #2 and #3, Grifter (a Wildstorm character) and Britannia (apparently a new  female superhero created for Flashpoint) took over the book.  If you wanted to see Lois, you had to read Project Superman.  She met a young Kal (he never was Clark Kent).  She made a great impression on him. When he escaped his prison, he sought her out.  She died in his arms in August, 2011 on panel.  Her death was another cliche to motivate him to become Superman. Can you say Lois in refrigerator?


October, 2011. A month after new 52 launch.  Superman Beyond. Digital comic.  Lois Lane Kent is already dead.  Here is a panel from #2.


Earth 2, published May, 2012.  Part of the 2nd wave.  New 52 wasn’t a year old yet and they had a second wave.  Lois is dead again.  Dying much like she did in Kingdom Come.  DCE didn’t give her the decency to die his wife.  Fauxmance was just 2 months away.



Tom Taylor (started writing E2 in issue 17) later, in November, 2013 (a month after the Fauxmance book) resurrected Lois, Clark’s wife, as the Red Tornado.  Because of .  . .

Injustice: Gods Among Us.  Video game April, 2013 (began development June, 2012).  Weekly digital comic.  Tom Taylor said he hated what he had to do with Superman.  In digital comic #30 he got to write a true Superman story in flashback.  What is with DCE and a dead Lois in their video games?  Yep, in digital #3, Lois is killed by her husband, Clark, who inadvertently killed their unborn child also.  Double whammy.  DCE now has reached babies in refrigerators.


Did I forget any?  Lois being dead was becoming commonplace in the DCE/new 52 era.

Rebirth. Said to be a relaunch of new 52.  Relationships were back.  Pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois were back along with their son, Jon.  New 52 Superman was dead, but new 52 Lois was reported to be getting a book called, Superwoman, in August, 2016.

This time, DCE didn’t just kill Lois.  They suckerpunched her fanbase with fraud.  In the first issue of Superwoman, new 52 Lois Lane dies.  Her powers go to Lana Lang, who already had electric super powers.



Don’t look for new 52 Lois to be resurrected anytime soon.  “Down the road” maybe.  “Stick with it for a few months” is what we were told by the writer.  They had to ‘disguise’ six months of covers – so MAYBE after the new year?  Yea, yea.  Right. wink wink, nudge nudge.

Lois fans thought Rebirth was safe.  It’s not.  DCE is still pulling their dirty tricks.

No thanks.



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You won’t be seeing this guy anytime soon if at all ever.

In its quest to show Superman is unrelatable to a modern audience, DC Entertainment continues tearing the character apart. And you thought the new 52 was bad? DCYOU is Superman destruction in hyperdrive.

Since Superman is known in every HOUSEHOLD around the globe, the DCYOU version would be unrecognizable to the ‘man on the street’ (that would include males from 14 to 34 years old, DC Entertainment, just saying).

Anyone who was born since 1938 (and some folks before) knows these aspects of Superman:

THE CAPE: His indestructible baby blanket cape has ripped. Yes, an indestructible thing ripped. Why did it rip? So he can protect his now powerless hands.

S-SHIELD: Yes, he has one. BUT, in the new 52 his S-shield formulated his majestic collared, biological Kryptonian armor. (Because y’know, Martha Kent wasn’t worthy enough to even assist in making one.) In the DCYOU, the S-shield apparently only had enough power to create jeans, t-shirt, and workboots before it was taken away by the Fortress of Solitude. (Don’t worry the Fortress of Solitude was taken away, too.) Now he apparently gets his S t-shirts from Target/Walmart/K-Mart or Superheroes Discount. See more information regarding the supersuit under POWERS.

SPITCURL: Gone since the new 52 along with the red trunks.  Superman always had great hair, but not anymore.  He’s got a buzzcut which he does not use his heat vision to trim.

FLYING: Yes, I know Richard Donner proved a man could fly but DC Entertainment seems determined to prove that premise wrong. ‘Superman’ no longer flies or leaps tall buildings. His addiction to a new power has rendered him powerless. Yes DCYOU Superman has an addictive personality now. His strong will died at the birth of the new 52.

POWERS: He has none. Nope, not even electrical powers. His most important power was using his heart first to make decisions but that was sacrificed in the new 52.  His powerlessness makes him dependent on Batman to pick him up naked (don’t know what happened to indestructible cape) so Alfred could make him new costumeS (plural). (Alfred is worthy, Martha Kent is not.)

CLARK KENT: Nope. He’s currently without identity. He’s a man without a name. Clark Kent was a non-entity in the new 52. Superman was/is a battling alien without human tethers. And Clark Kent ‘died’ in Batman/Superman Annual 2. As to Jonathan and Martha Kent, they died. (no human tethers) The new 52 Superman acted as if he didn’t learn anything during his 18 years with them. Superman had to bury them twice. First, their UNTIMELY deaths by 5th dimensional character, Lord Vyndyktvx and the second, when they were zombies via the Ultrahumanite.

DAILY PLANET: Clark left the Daily Planet after he started dating Wonder Woman. (Remember, no human tethers). Supposedly started a blog with Cat Grant where he wrote less than 3 articles. Geoff Johns (Richard Donner’s former assistance and now Chief Creative Office for DCE) tried to bring Clark back to the DP, but that was just a blip on the radar which immediately faded for the DCYOU.

METROPOLIS: Not so much. Not when he has to hang with the Justice League (remember, no human tethers). DCYOU Superman is now spreading his vigilantism to Gotham, too. He can’t fly so I guess the rest of the world that can’t be reached by a motorcycle full of gas is safe.

LOIS LANE: Is seen ever so slightly more than Clark Kent, but she is restricted by so many laws. DC Entertainment’s law of supers with supers – she’s not a super so she can’t be with Clark/Superman. (But if he’s powerless & more or less nameless how can he still be dating Wonder Woman? It’s not Lois, so it’s okay to break the rule.) Lois is dating another guy who is rarely seen and makes Superman so despondent. (Clark hasn’t liked any kind of challenge since the new 52 began.) The reason for the boyfriend, 5 years of story that readers have never seen so Superman could date Wonder Woman. Recently Peter Tomasi writer (and also an editor at DCE) has Wonder Woman wanting to be a reporter along side Clark. Then there’s the anyone-but-Lois law fans are VERY familiar with. Lois Lane is not allowed to be in Action Comics (yes, the book that launched everything and the superhero genre, too) since Greg Pak took over (don’t blame Greg, it’s editorial’s fault). Pak has Lana Lang filling the pages of Action. With DCYOU he will not only be adding Jimmy Olsen but a new female character with the initials LL (not Lois, remember the law) who will be a friend to Superman and play an important role. Lois will appear in the Superman book, written by newcomer Gene Luen Yang, but she’s been introduced in the DCYOU as a backstabbing betrayer of Superman’s dual identity (rarely seen) which makes him lose everything. Previous to all this, DCE actually had a Lois Lane solo book but deemed it not worthy of a PR team to promote it. So when we say Lois is a non-entity, we mean DCE is getting rid of her. How do you introduce a beloved character as the purveyor of so much destruction when she has always been THE ONE to believe in the Man of Steel? How does DCE turn that around? They don’t. They haven’t. And they obviously don’t want to.

FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE: Gone. Recently rebuilt because Wonder Woman imploded the Phantom Zone. The FOS is running on all cylinders brainwise. It recognizes this ‘new’ Superman is a phony and takes the indestructible cape (most of it) and the biological S-shield. DCE says the FOS made Superman’s life too easy and too comfortable. This is reminiscent of their statements regarding Lois Lane at the new 52 launch. She was a beautiful trophy wife who made Superman’s life perfect. So now he has a beautiful trophy super girlfriend – what’s the difference? (not Lois so is okay) And Superman’s life is never perfect if you actually deal with his dual identity and his love of humanity, but DCE hasn’t wanted to go there.

Introducing DCYOU Superman:  He rides a Tossr motorcycle which he uses as a weapon while wearing ripped cape remnants on his hands. Wears an S t-shirt, jeans and workboots he bought at the store. He’s basically a vigilante without the Superman status. He could be a nutjob who has convinced himself he’s Superman. But then wouldn’t he be wrapping a red blanket around his neck and jumping off garage roofs? So if you want your Superman to be a Marvel character, this is the guy for you. (Marvel would probably respect the character more than DC Entertainment has the last 5 years.) Where’d he get the motorcycle – he’s the Man of Steal now.

If you’re already a Superman fan, don’t worry this character is not meant for you. DCE is looking for future readers. (much like their new reader hunt. Loyal readers were 98%) Future readers are children, right? WRONG. Kids get the real Superman – all the things DCE has taken from him and the red trunks, too. So what are future readers? An early online survey of the new 52 in 2011 revealed that 23% of their readership was female. That would be about 1 out of 4 readers. DCE execs were wondering why women were more comfortable with online surveys. Even this small percentage of females was too large for the target audience DCE announced they were going for – 14 to 34 year old males. A few years later a survey revealed that their audience was 47% female. Doubled. (almost female to male equality) This occurred when DCE was still shooting for that male target audience. DCE gave 18 million dollars to a company who had a target audience of 18 to 34 year old males so they could make videos for them. DCE has acknowledged their audience has changed but do they like that idea? Perhaps their target audience is allergic to online surveys – is that what DCE wants everyone to believe? (even at 53 to 67% responses from males) Or is it more likely, especially with Superman’s abysmal order numbers, males a running away in droves to await the next lightswitch crisis before they spend their money. And DCE has made their Superman as un-female friendly as possible. New 52 superdouche, anyone?

Future readers appear to be the same ole target audience they’ve been focusing on. But blaming 14 to 34 year old males who don’t read comics yet does them a disservice. How do DCE execs know what these potential readers want? How did they know what the new readers (a mere 2%) wanted? They didn’t. It was what the DCE executives wanted. So Nielsen and Diane Nelson can survey till they are blue in the face if the boyz at the top don’t want Superman to rise from the ashes of his order numbers. A phenomenon DCE execs created.

How much better would Superman stories/orders be if DCE execs even considered males and females like all the things they have taken away from the character. Superman’s mythology.

DCYOU/Divergence is breaking the chains of Superman’s mythology.  So DCYOU Superman is Superman unhinged – not really Superman in any reality.

Fans do not care if DC Entertainment doesn’t like or understand Superman. At this point, it appears DCE execs/editorial despise the character and all he means to his fans. As businessmen (yea, they are mostly males), they need to buck up and give the people what they want. Meaning make some money with this character without these ridiculous restrictions on his mythology.  Isn’t that what business is about?  Making money.  Does Lee/Harras/Didio want to be known as the destroyers of Superman? We shall see, won’t we.

Remember the rule: IF you don’t like it, don’t buy it. The only way to change things is to take a stand and let your voice be heard. Vote with your purchases (or lack thereof).

Let’s not allow the real Superman to go down without a fight or protest from his FANS!

P.S.  Don’t worry Batman fans, your hero gets to keep everything.  He’s still the billionaire playboy with a manor, a batcave, batmobile, batplane, etc., utility belt, cowl, Alfred, 5 Robins, and still fighting in Gotham City,  Plus Joker is immortal and Batman becomes a god in the Darkseid War.  No regressions for him.  Is it any wonder Batman sells 200 to 400% more books than any Superman book?  He gets to keep ALL of his mythology plus given even more added abilities.

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47% of Comic Book Readers Are FEMALE

My partner in crime on G2Hardcore, Tej, DM’d me the link.  Screen Junkies  on October 16th had an interview where it was said “They did a study and found 47% of comic book readers are women.”  at the 6:00 mark.

Apparently this information is at least 7 weeks old and the study had to be done before that.  So where are the investigative reporters of the comic book websites?  Too busy pushing Lois Lane aside to be shills for the fauxmance?

Where’s the exclusive on the results of this study?   Is this the study done by DC Entertainment this past Spring where you had to decide between action and complex relationships?  Or is this the Nielsen survey conducted in July, 2012 after that abominable, pathetic, ridiculous survey they conducted with a sample size not worthy of any comic book publisher, let alone one of the ‘big two’?

Are the comic websites complicit in hiding this information?  DC Entertainment did give $18 million to a website this year who’s target audience is 18 to 34 year old males.   Having it announced that almost half of their audience are female would throw a monkey wrench in someone’s dream of a male niche market.

Didio and Lee did say in an interview with CBR during the 2014 SDCC their audience was ‘changing.’  This would have been after the Spring and Nielsen surveys.  At that time I questioned the use of the word changing.  Things had already changed before the New 52 even started.

DC Entertainment has been about as transparent as the Mississippi River during a flood.  So a DC comic book audience would have to rely on reporters and websites to get the lowdown on what is happening.  Apparently that’s not how the ‘press’ works any longer.

Any one got Lois Lane’s phone number, email or twitter account?  Is she on Facebook?

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When in the course of certain events . . .

When I told my son, long time fanboy of comics for a few decades, that Jim Lee was made co-publisher of DC Comics, he grinned and made an obscene gesture as Mr. Lee’s proxy. Fanboys are notorious gossips and are not without very strong opinions. “I’m gonna fuck, DC.” When I inquired why Mr. Lee would do such a thing especially when he had been promoted to such a high level of the company, all he could say was, “You just watch.” I shrugged it off thinking it was some kind of strange fanboy behavior I’d never understand.

You may think I was prejudiced somehow by this interaction but honestly I couldn’t see the logical reason behind such a statement. In the course of the article, I will be presenting facts; gathering data, and journaling the ‘adventure’ that has been at least 4 years in the making.

Then came Flashpoint, originally constructed by Geoff Johns. The last issue showed DC was now going to combine the Vertigo, Wildstorm and DC universes and Grifter, a Wildstorm character, was to be on the Justice League at some point. The new universe was conceived in an editorial retreat in October, 2010. Bob Harras, formerly of Marvel and then Wildstorm under Jim Lee (now co-pub), was made Editor-In-Chief of DC Comics the previous month.

Evil laughter ensued from the house fanboy. I should probably add that he was mainly a Marvel fan, but also read some indies as well, and definitely was up on all the machinations of the publishing houses.

Before the new 52 actually occurred, I was at a comic book shop going through the sale bins looking for Superman comics. One of my son’s friends, another fanboy who actually did the ordering for a local comic book shop, came over to me with a Grifter comic and said, “This is the future of the DC universe!” If he had had a moustache, he would have twirled it. I told him to “get that shit away from me.” Was I worried about the new 52? Yea, I was. I was already having PTSD from WONK and Grounded. Flashpoint had fridged Lois again and Superman was only Kal-El, not Clark Kent. No Smallville. But the writer had added it was a cliché to kill off Lois – and it was, but it was not the last time she would be fridged in new 52 era.

The new 52 began on August 31, 2011 with Justice League declared the flagship of the universe with Geoff Johns as writer and the former head honcho of Wildstorm, Jim Lee drawing. Lee also redesigned most of the characters putting a ‘majestic’ collar on the Man of Steel. Superman was no longer the flagship character. His identity and stories would be guided by Justice League and their future plans.

All issues carried #1 on their covers. Aside from Justice League, all other books started in September, 2011. I have been doing statistics on the top 10 books of that time plus any others that involve Superman or that strike my fancy.

I started my statistics using October, 2011 order numbers involving the 2nd issues. This seemed a good place to start without the anomaly of the #1s.

Action Comics #2 orders were 153,855, still riding high from the #1s with top writer, Grant Morrison. He was creating a new Superman building 5 years in the past. Only Action Comics and Justice League have this five year gap. Again, Superman’s story would be contingent upon Justice League’s plans.

All prominent characters from the Wildstorm universe had their own books, except for one. Mr. Majestic. He was nowhere to be found in the new 52. Reason: He was being called Superman. An alien with no human ties who didn’t have much of a moral core and who had a superpowered girlfriend. Jim Lee had created Mr. Majestic because he thought it was dumb for Superman not to use his powers to their full extent. More on that later.

Superman #2 orders were 94,233. Veteran George Perez’s story took place in the present or five years in the future of Action Comics. The five year gap was a bottomless pit and even Superman “wished things could be different.” No one knew who this new Superman was and it certainly didn’t bode well when Perez left the book after issue 6 not knowing who this new Superman was or what editorial kept in or out of the book. Shades of things to come.

One year later, October, 2012, Issue #13, Morrison kept his story in the past despite rumblings of bringing it into the present and order numbers were 67,241. A loss of 56.3% (or -86,614) from it’s number 2 issue. Although Morrison fans have often said wait for the TPBs and not get the individual issues. what happened? Why did Morrison decide to keep the book in the past? He was not writing foundational Superman because of what was happening in Justice League after it jumped into the present. And Justice League being a team book certainly wasn’t giving Superman any foundation. The Kent marriage (hinted in Action 12) was declared dead before new 52 began and now everyone knew why. The fauxmance, lightswitched in Justice League #12 but with a HUGE multimedia campaign by Lee and Johns. Superman, aka new 52 Mr. Majestic, had a supergirlfriend now, Wonder Woman.

In Superman, Keith Giffen & Dan Jurgens wrote him for six months after Perez. These two top veterans who knew Superman inside and out were unable to breach the editorial barrier. They had to include Wildstorm baddie, Helspont, into the story. Superman and Action often had the character dealing with alternate realities and timelines but never anything about Clark Kent at the Daily Planet. Does anyone truly believe that these two creators would have Clark dating Lucy Lane as his ‘love interest’? By issue #13 in October, 2012, the book had yet another creator taking over. Scott Lobdell. A veteran of Marvel and then Wildstorm, just like his Editor-In-Chief, Bob Harras, who was at the editorial retreat in October, 2010. Orders for issue #13 were 52,155. A drop of 44.7% (-42,078).

In October, 2013, 2 years after the DCU was rebooted, Action Comics had abysmal numbers. Wasn’t that the reason given for the reboot? And the character of Superman was hard rebooted. Not reboot lite like Batman. What happened during that year? Andy Diggle took over Action for #19 and then quit to have Tony Daniel finish his run (20-21). He said he left for professional reasons. But later we learned, he would not write the fauxmance, which had never appeared or was even mentioned in Action Comics. So Bob Harras tapped Scott Lobdell to write both Action and Superman. Scott Lobdell’s final issue, Action #24 had 39,620 orders for a drop since #2 of 74.2% (-114,235 prints). The worst dive of any new 52 ‘top 10’ book. 114,235 orders is a top selling book on any given month. Why did DC Comics allow it’s first superhero to be desecrated to this point just 4 months after his hit movie, Man of Steel?

Greg Pak took over writing duties in November, 2013 and the fauxmance was mentioned for the first time in Action Comics. He was not allowed to use Lois Lane. Also Charles Soule got the job of writing the fauxmance book which debuted in October, 2013. It’s first issue with a double icon lineup failed to reach 100,000 orders.,

Lobdell continued to write Superman even after publicly sexually harassing a female creator on a comics panel in late 2013 and in March, 2014 Superman was at it’s lowest point with 33,633 orders (down 64.3% or -60,600). Lobdell’s last issue for Superman was May, 2014 with the Doomed event prelude. Geoff Johns and John Romita, Jr. took over the book in June, 2014 (#32) bringing up the orders to 89,140 (down only 5% or -5,093). Quite a jump. But for nearly three years, Superman fans were exposed to a concept of Superman they didn’t know and couldn’t trust. Johns will be bringing back Metropolis, the Daily Planet, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Perry White. Things that are staples of the Superman mythology.

Who was responsible for Superman falling to these depths of near obscurity? Especially during his 75th anniversary year in 2013?

Scott Snyder went to Dan Didio with a Superman story he wanted to write. Didio sent him to Jim Lee. Why? Lee decided he would draw the book and they would use it to celebrate Superman’s 75th anniversary. (Apparently if it wasn’t for Snyder, Superman would have had no other additional book but the fauxmance to celebrate his 75th anniversary.) Snyder’s story was classic Superman mythology involving Metropolis and Lois Lane.

Superman Unchained debuted in June, 2013 as the top comic with 251,456 orders to coincide with the Man of Steel film and perhaps to get the movie going public interested in the character again. The second issue was the top comic for July, 2013 with 165,754. Since comic book #1s usually are an anomaly statistically, I will continue to use the second issue stats. In August, Unchained was the top DC Comic at #2 with 136,319 (down 18% or -29,435). September brings unique books (or stunts) and so there was no Superman Unchained scheduled. However, it was scheduled for October, 2013, the same month as fauxmance book debut. Superman Unchained #4 got bumped to November, 2013. (more about this pattern later) So if any new readers jumped on board previously to September, this slowed down the momentum of the book. Plus new readers’ experience would not be good if they weren’t able to read their book on a regular basis. So much for rebooting the entire universe for new readers, right?

Unchained #4 was published in November and managed to be the 3rd highest DC Comic and was 4th for the month with 110,611, a drop of 55,153 from it’s 2nd issue or -33.3% (which is comparable to Batman’s drop from it’s #2 issue in October, 2011). Superman Unchained #5 was released on New Year’s Eve, highly irregular for a top selling book but had the 5th highest book for the month and 3rd DC Comic with the most orders. 96,322 orders which was a drop of 41.9% or 69,432 less orders than it’s 2nd issue.

In 2011, co-pubs Didio and Lee said that new 52 books would go out on time even if creators had to be added to a book to complete it. In 2013, that mandate got thrown out the window for one book in particular, Superman Unchained. The book that was based on standard Superman mythology and did not involve the fauxmance going on in the new 52.

On January 21, 2014, Scott Snyder tweeted that the final issue of Unchained #9 would be coming out on April 30th, 2014. He stated that the book was always only 9 issues long. That would mean that Snyder was finished scripting the book and fans would get an issue monthly. A solicit for April, confirmed Snyder’s statement.

For those of you who don’t know, your local comic book shop has to order books three months in advance, usually by only reading a solicit from the publisher and those are the numbers reflected in the monthly stats provided by Diamond, the distributor. More about that later.

Superman Unchained was not published in January or February, 2014. In March, 2014, fans got #6 which was 2nd only to Batman in orders. 94,147 orders which was a drop of 71,607 or -43.2% since issue #2.

On April 2, 2014, DC announced that they were canceling the last two issues of Unchained (8 & 9) but promised to resolicit. In other words the book was delayed so much, they could not use the order numbers accumulated for the original solicit dates. This way of doing business terrified some fans who did not understand, this is not unusual for a book involving Jim Lee. Fanboys can tell you all about Divine Right, a book written and drawn by Lee when he was head of Wildstorm. It took him two years for twelve issues with many resolicits. Another book was All Star Batman and Robin (an out of continuity book which had the fauxmance) which Lee never finished despite the fact Frank Miller, the writer, said there were four or five issues left. Ten issues were published between 2005 and 2008. In 2009, Lee acknowledged it was he who caused the delays in the book. In 2010, DC announced the book would finish under the name, Dark Knight: Boy Wonder and would run for 6 issues beginning in February, 2011. Lee never did those issues because he was working on Justice League for the new 52 by that time.

And I didn’t even mention WildC.A.T.S with Grant Morrison (only 1 issue published) or Batman: Europa (nothing published). Plus, supposedly “because he felt his role as publisher and his growing family demands interfered with his role as an artist, Lee left Image Comics and sold Wildstorm to DC Comics in late 1998, enabling him to focus once again on art.” It couldn’t be because Wildstorm products were notoriously late or incomplete? And what fan needs that kind of treatment?

But I digress . . .

Scott Snyder apologized for the delay of Superman Unchained (which wasn’t his fault). Lee only said the book would have more pages (meaning #9, we now realize), but never has said he was sorry for the still continuing delays. This from the co-publisher who adamantly said “books will be on time.” Question: What good is a promise of more pages from a creator who can’t even finish a ‘normal’ amount of pages?

Superman Unchained #7 was finally published in July, 2014. But the constant delays had taken it’s toll on fans. The book was no longer in the top 5 or top 10. 14th for the month with 69,523. A drop of 96,231 or -58% since it’s 2nd issue.

Another pattern fans have noticed with Unchained is that when it is solicited for a date which falls on the same day as the fauxmance, Unchained gets bumped. Superman fans can no longer trust a classic Superman mythology book will ever get published with any regularity especially while the artist, co-publisher, attendee of the 2010 editorial retreat, is connected with said book.

Superman Unchained #8 has been re-solicited for September 10th which is highly unusual for DC Comics stunt month. If released in September, it will be buried by Future’s End #1s. One shots. Remember #1’s sell more than other numbers because collectors join the party. It’s not about the story but that number on the cover.

If Lee waits around for an October or November release date for #8, then we may have a repeat of October, 2013. No Unchained. #12 of the fauxmance will be Charles Soule’s last issue and in November, the book will be taken over by Peter Tomasi. It appears that a bestselling book by Scott Snyder is not given the same consideration as a book which is more in line with what was decided in the 2010 editorial retreat.

The oversized #9 is not even on the horizon. It’s been over a year since Superman Unchained #1 appeared and Jim Lee couldn’t get 8 more issues done within that period of time, most of which was during Superman’s 75th anniversary.

Amongst all this new 52 demoralizing of Superman, Action #1 from 1938 has had phenomenal sales. In 2010, a book sold for 1.5 million dollars. In 2011, a book sold for 2.0 million dollars. Currently, there is bidding on a third book which is reaching over 2.0 million dollars.

Was turning Superman into Mister Majestic with everything but the S shield on his chest really worth it? And who keeps their job, degrading the most recognized character around the world? But I guess redesigning cereal box characters is more important than drawing a top selling Superman story to celebrate his 75th anniversary.

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Tej and Holli have had 2 shows under the G2HARDCORE format.

April 12 show

April 19 show

Also available on iTunes.

More information on the G2Factor page.


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So this happened . . .

One of my friends, who is on Twitter, and I . . . we made a pact to watch Justice League War.  So with filled wine glass in hand I leaped into the breech and bade goodbye to my loved ones.  My friend held my lifeline as the animated figures flickered on the screen.  After many cringes, moans of dismay and gulps of wine to numb the anguish, I finished the 75 minutes of absurdity.  I had read the Justice League books so knew it was a very shallow story with not much character development.  Although there was tons for Cyborg and since Shazam was in this version, Billy was in it a lot more than the actual main story.

Save your eyes, your soul, and love for any of the characters involved.  Don’t even touch the DVD or Blu ray case.  It might be hazardous to your health.


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Covers. What a concept!

I was going to let the Guillem March’s variant cover for fauxmance 3 die away.  It was very poor drawing, but strangely enough the final concept wasn’t as demeaning or detrimental to the Amazon as its predecessors.  If you can believe that!  Bleeding Cool had sketches from March on their website over the weekend.

The actual variant has Superman without the top half of his Kryptonian armor, which is now a biosuit so not sure how that works.  And if anyone remembers Tony Daniel’s remarks about making sure Superman had some butt shots to please the ladies . . .   Diana is wrapped in the cape (a totally Lois iconic image which now has been stolen) or a red blanket (no identifying marks) in space.


Basically what these concepts are . . . I FUCKED SUPERMAN.   And if you remember what Didio said at the NYCC, “Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship is not at the expense of Lois Lane.”  Yet, they are stealing one of the most beloved, popular, and iconic images for the Amazon to have for sloppy seconds.   Superman and Lois’ story has a five year gap so we are seeing Diana do all the Lois things ‘first’.

Sketch 1 is her in his now lost ‘top’ – apparently she is unable to formulate the collar.  Sketch 2 she is sitting alone on Mars as she looks at the Earth and Moon — she has totally conquered Superman sexually OR has taken up his standard while the remnants of her own identity have been discarded.  The third sketch is very like the final — only without the bizarre thighs and the Kryptonian.  However, she is nude except for her briefs under the clearly identified cape.

The fourth sketch is the most egregious and inaccurate.  Superman and Wonder Woman have “totally done it” on top of the Daily Planet while Diana feigns modesty.  Superman is barely Clark Kent in the new 52.  As Clark Kent he has left the Daily Planet and now is a blogger who never writes.  So why take the Amazon there to do the deed?  Rubbing it in Lois’ and her fans faces?  The Kryptonian no longer saves Metropolis.  He’s too busy with aliens and monsters and going to London to see his ‘girlfriend.’

I understand DCE’s attempt at selling the book with cheesecake, but it should never be at the expense of Wonder Woman’s character or mythology.  We were told by Dan Didio at BCC, the reason Lois Lane didn’t have a DC Bombshell figure was because they didn’t want to sexualize her.   Wonder Woman doesn’t have that ‘luxury’ apparently.

It makes you wonder what the artist was told.  “They totally did it”?  Sorry, Charles, but you did tweet that – although it was in reference to Diana and Steve Trevor.  (Something we haven’t seen in any panels yet by anyone, dammit!)

It is the only variant cover for this issue.  The regular one has them getting ready for battle with Zod peering at them.

Charles Soule said in an interview that there was a vocal minority who hoped his book would fail.  I beg to differ.  I don’t think it’s a minority at all.   GMA August 22, 2012   (Hopefully the link will work)   Both Jim Lee and Geoff Johns tweeted this segment the same day as they made the announcement.  Notice how Diana is given 2nd billing to Lois.  Notice how many ‘NOs’ are said during the entire segment.  “Wonder Woman is no Lois Lane.”  Plus the artwork which has Diana as a sexy sidekick.  Is she still considered a homewrecker in the minds of comic readers?   Then there’s the lies told to the reporter by the writers — Wonder Woman has been chasing that Superman since 1988.   (There was a reboot, right?)

This relationship when it is romantic is bad for business.  It destroys characters and puts their own individual mythologies on standby.  (More so Superman since Wonder Woman’s book never has even mentioned the Kryptonian.)  This idea which sprang from the editorial retreat of October, 2010 is bogus.  People are literally “not buying it.”  Despite what the artist of the book might or might not have said.  The first issue of the fauxmance only had 94,895 orders.  It did not go over 100,000.   This is not indicative of huge icon books on a first issue.  Collectors of #1s usually send the orders soaring.

No character nor fanbase is profiting from this very bad idea.  Superman’s namesake book and Action Comics have fallen below the 40,000 order watermark and have no signs of ceasing that descent.  It’s as if fans are waiting for the real Superman with his true mythology to show up before they will part with their cash.

No matter which character the fauxmance was created for — it is not doing them a service.  It is offputting and with these very poorly drawn and conceived variant covers — insulting to the customer base.

Talk about that around the water cooler, DC Entertainment.

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Steve Trevor is giving me hope that true heroes exist

Did I give you whiplash? Relax, you’ll see where I’m going with this.

October, 2013 wasn’t just the beginning of the fauxmance book or a story arc about the Earth 3 Crime Syndicate invading New 52 (air/panel) space, but also the debut of Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. starring Steve Trevor.

Maybe we should ask Mr. Peabody and his boy, Sherman (yes, their comic book started this week, written by Sholly Fisch) if we can use the way back machine.  Back in October, 2010 during the editorial retreat, DCE wanted to get Superman in a love triangle.  So after removing the ‘marital detail’, they decided upon putting Superman and Wonder Woman together as a couple.  So who was the 3rd point?  Certainly not Lois Lane as she has been kicked to the curb and ‘pushed down too far’ in the new 52.  Clark no longer works at the Daily Planet anymore.  Nor does he write articles/blogposts for that matter.  But apparently he goes to the Smallville Diner in his Kryptonian armor.  Is it fancy dress?

As was hinted by Grant Morrison in Action #12, the Justice League is seen and someone mentions a new Camelot.  Anyone knowing that story would soon realize the part of King Arthur is being played by Steve Trevor.  Guinevere is Diana and the french jock is the Kryptonian.  Classic story where their world comes to an end because of betrayal of the salacious kind.

The fauxmance was announced on August 22, 2012 and was seen in panels in Justice League #12 on August 29, 2012.  Then next month (September), Wonder Woman #0 had this within her Who’s Who in the New 52:


Strange since Superman nor Clark Kent have ever even been mentioned in the Wonder Woman book, EVER!  There was no mention of Wonder Woman in Superman’s Who’s Who and she’s shown up in his namesake book.

Again, after the fauxmance media splash, readers were told that when the world found out about this ‘couple’ that dire things would happen.  We thought it would be in the Trinity War, but no.  Trinity War didn’t occur until well over a year after its preview in May, 2012, and then it was limited primarily to the three Justice League books.  So the fauxmance still hasn’t been found out by the public, at least not within the panels.   Oh, it’s been hinted at in the ubiquitous Channel 52, but no great disclosure within a story . . . yet.  Enter the fauxmance book and ARGUS.

According to Dan Didio, there are plans now to build up Lois Lane.  We’ve seen evidence of that with the Lois Lane: A Celebration of 75 years book and Lois’ solo one-shot in February, 2014.  She was also featured in Superman Annual #2.  But Lois was never part of the triangle.  (Maybe they did learn lessons from the Silver and Bronze Ages)  Oh, she couldn’t have a part in Clark’s life because that would make Superman and Wonder Woman look bad.  DCE always kills off Lois somehow to get those two together.  (see Lois die 6 times in the last 2 years)  It doesn’t really matter how hard DCE tries to separate the most successful couple in comics (that would be Clark and Lois), in the mind of the reader Lois’ presence is in every panel Clark/Superman is in.

Another encouraging sign is Lois has been resurrected by Tom Taylor in Earth 2, where she and Clark were MARRIED!  And Bruce and Selina were married, too.  Their daughter Helena is the Huntress.  Tom Taylor, author of Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, not only killed off Lois but Clark and Lois’ baby too.  Having Lois revived in Earth 2 is a bit of a redemption for him (at least in my eyes).

Back to the Camelot story and ARGUS.  In the first issue, we see Sterling Gates has made Diana an ambassador once again. YAY!


And then he brings the heat between these two characters:


 More than five years later, after being ‘dumped’ by Diana twice, Steve still thinks about her constantly.



What I like about Steve Trevor is his love for Diana is his motivation.  He truly is a King Arthur-type.  A warrior with a big heart and a deep love for one woman.  (That used to be Superman’s gig.)

Trevor is certainly better than this guy:

4 years ago in the story, Clark and Lois had major heat (brought to us by Diggle & Daniel) in Action 19 & Action 21


But Clark didn’t make a move, so Jonathan Carroll did.  In Superman #1, 2011 (present time), Clark was despondent that Lois was sleeping with her boyfriend of four years.  What the hell was he doing during that time?  Livin in fear, Clarkie?

Scott Lobdell gave us a few hints in Superman 14 (present time).  Clark has revamped the superdickery of the Silver Age to superdouchery in the new 52.



And he would have to, just as he did in the Silver and Bronze Ages.  Kept her at a distance but didn’t want anyone else to have her . .  . because he loved her, but didn’t have the guts to emotionally risk.   Some hero, huh.  Would you want a guy like that to have superpowers?

These panels take place after he’s snogged Diana.  Slightly hypocritical there, Clark?  She has been dating the guy for 4 years, not sitting on the Lincoln Memorial for 4 minutes.

Even the gods of Olympus know Steve’s the better guy:  (Fauxmance #2)


Yea, fauxmance, bad idea.  Moving on.

Steve Trevor doesn’t give up on Diana being alive in Issue 2 of Forever Evil: ARGUS.



Gates is tying in what happened in Justice League #12 (before the snog) to what’s happening now in the story.  The Graves case is what put this story into a tailspin.


That’s the President he’s talking to.


Even Etta Candy knows what motivates Steve Trevor!


(This reminds me of when Superman used to have a Lois Lane room in the Fortress of Solitude.)

So beneath ARGUS headquarters along with all the other rooms, there’s the Wonder Room.  Yep.   And Steve Trevor has jurisdiction over it.  He’s going in there to find out where Diana (and the Justice League) are.  Talking to more Greek peeps who know him.

While Superman is having his H’El (hell is right, hellish bad) arc where Krypton might have been destroyed or not.  Kon may have died or not.  (I don’t know what the point of the story was.  It’s meaningless . . . and boring.  It’s just so they can do another insipid crossover.  Filler.)  Steve Trevor is being the warrior he is.  Very human.  With a great love that burns in his heart.  A true hero.

Diana will be in Steve’s book (issue 4) or at least the solicits have said, but those change or disappear a lot in the new 52.  Things get swapped, dropped, and twisted — it must be their idea of dark, gritty, and edgy . . .or by any other name . . . disorganized.

Sterling Gates is giving us some good stuff in this book.  Actually the Forever Evil stuff makes more sense in this book than Johns’.  And Trevor’s and Diana’s relationship is being fleshed out more in these pages.  Diana is more than a ghost and that’s a good thing.   When Diana is in the book, she definitely is the Wonder Woman we know.  And when Steve thinks about her or does the things he does for her, we see her through his eyes.  He loves and respects her.  What a great way to explore her character.

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“This is the woman [Lois Lane] who has stood toe-to-toe with gods and watched them blink first. This is the human heart of an increasingly superhuman world, its center of conviction, compassion, and resolve.” – Marguerite Bennett.

The writer of the upcoming (February 26th) Superman: Lois Lane #1 double-issue sized, one-shot as well as Dan Didio have made it known readers/fans of Lois can make all the difference in getting the intrepid reporter an ongoing series.  And quite frankly, what the new 52 needs is a strong, well written Lois Lane to straighten out this cluster fuck especially where Superman is concerned.

I have seen people question why would anyone buy a book about Superman’s “arm candy.”  Some of these people are fans of the fauxmance, no less.  So are they buying Wonder Woman’s book?  Are they as fans of the Kryptonian even buying Superman, Action, Superman Unchained, Batman/Superman, Adventures of Superman or Smallville (fill in episode name)?

At present, Wonder Woman is Superman’s arm candy.  Not in her own book because Azzarello will not allow the new 52 version of Superman to even be mentioned.   But we have seen Diana be Superman’s arm candy in Justice League and now in the fauxmance book.  This new development has not endeared DCE or the character to her fans.   They would rather Diana be her own woman, have her own mythology honored and not allow it to be tainted by another member of the Justice League.

So since Lois Lane is no longer Superman’s ‘strong right arm’, what will the book be about?  Well, if inquiring minds would get their heads out of their asses and the Silver Age, they would know that Lois Lane is the First Lady of DC Comics.  She was representative of a strong, hardworking, independently minded female who broke through the boys clubs to be a successful truth seeker.   A symbol of integrity and perseverance.  Obtaining the truth, above all else, even when it hurts.

Like her Great Depression era incarnation, Lois Lane will get to the truth of the matter in a world of superheroes and meta-villains.  She is human with the power of an extraordinary mind and a hell of a lot of Chutzpah.  She is a force of nature.  Not supernatural, but imperfectly human.  And in a world of aliens, supernaturals, crimefighting billionaires, metas and psychotics, people need an anchor, a character that is the door to understanding it all.  Lois Lane is such a character.

So if you’re one of those people who thinks Lois Lane has been going after her MRS for the last 50 years so you can discount the character completely – the harsh truth is, you’ve been living a lie.  Come and see what Lois Lane is truly about.  Marguerite Bennett has the opportunity to present Lois Lane in her true independent form.  A human without powers (but with well developed abilities) or gadgets.  A person who inspires superheroes and makes villains fear the light of truth shining on their darkness.

Can money spending humans relate to human (without meta powers or gadgets) characters?  That has been a very big question with the roll out of the new 52.  DC Comics has denied Superman his Clark Kent persona.  He’s a battling alien who’s ‘alienated’ from the human world he has sworn to protect.  This makes the Superman character unrelatable.  But it has been done because of the fauxmance.   DCE even made ARGUS (Advanced Research Group Uniting Superhumans) into a dating service for the power twins.

IF (<–notice big if) the writers are not allowed to develop Clark Kent at this moment with order numbers falling month after month in Superman and Action, (CK has left the DP so he can be as far as possible from Lois so he can date Wondy) then maybe giving them the other human component of the Superman mythology is just what ailing sales would indicate.   IF DCE is unwilling to develop Lois in the books she has been a part of since 1938, then give her a build up in characterization in her own series.  Superman is going to need her in his books eventually or suffer the humiliation of being the ‘superhero who started it all’ be a mere wisp of what he once was.  Especially in sales.

According to Bennett, the Lois Lane book will be a sci fi-noir story.  This will be a Lois story.  She will not be any one else’s supporting character.  While she will be investigating and reporting about the meta world she lives in, we will also see Lois living her own life, her relatives (General Lane being one of them), her friends, relationships, and what it means to be Lois Lane.  This idea shows Bennett is into true character development and building of worlds.  That has been sadly missing in the new 52.

Clark Kent might even make an appearance – if Bennett is permitted to develop CK to some extent, then it is a win-win for the Superman franchise.  (Otherwise CK is exactly what Kill Bill said about him – he’s a farce & a deception while he dates his elite Amazonian demi-goddess.)

Actually, I would love to see the book’s title not include Superman.  The new 52 Superman is a loser in the emotional and psychological departments.  He lives in fear.  There is no hope in him.  What he needs is a strong dose of humanity and Lois Lane in particular.  And writers seem to want to keep him a boy rather than a man who’s developed the maturity his super powers would require.  Unless, of course, he turns evil (again) or continues to remain above humanity  . . . along with Diana.

So let’s see if we can get a glimpse of the real Superman and his influence on this world that Lois Lane lives in.  Maybe by giving us Lois’ perspective of this world and the superheroes in it, we can eventually get our Superman back.  The one with the dual identity.  That doesn’t mean the Kryptonian armor has to make an appearance in the book, but Clark Kent with the glasses needs to be developed as does the Daily Planet world in Metropolis.  Lois Lane is just the character to do it all.  Give readers back that world they have been craving since the new 52 began.

Do you want to read about Lois Lane and what it’s like to live in a meta-world?  Do you want a crusader for truth and justice?  A badass who won’t take shit off of anyone or anything?  Then Lois Lane is the character for you.

Grab the brass ring!  Put Superman: Lois Lane #1 on your pull list.  It debuts on February 26th, 2014.

While tweeting or tumblring (or should that be tumbling?) use the hashtag #GoLois!  Especially in tweets to @jimlee @geoffjohns @dandidio1 .

Talk up this exciting news in your real life and on social media.  Back it up with purchasing this one-shot in February.  Make sure DC Comics realizes that the Kryptonian isn’t really Superman without Lois Lane.  (But Lois is always Lois.)

Lois Lane is a money maker.  We can prove it.  Make it so!

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Lois Lane is Celebrating 75 Years!

Lois Lane fans made their voices heard and DC Comics responded.

Check it out here.

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