New 52 Lois Lane is Dead


They never wanted me  to exist!

Well, the DCE cabal finally got their wish.  No new 52 Lois Lane.

In a bait and switch, Lois Lane is not Superwoman (when she says it, it is in small print).  Lana Lang is Superwoman – when she says it, it’s in 3D red and yellow.  The DCE mobsters wanted a character written and they hired Phil Jimenez to write blahna (aka Lana) as Superwoman.  He’s giving her an extensive group of co-stars including her producer.  Why would an electric engineer need a producer?   blahna is a science reporter for the Daily Star.  Yea, that’s right, new 52 Lois was barely allowed to write anything (or appear in books).  BUT blahna gets a crew, a family (with a brother who had been military), and the supersuit.  blahna remains Lois Lite but now she’s gotten her own SERIES on the corpse of Lois Lane.

New 52 Lois Lane barely thrived under the current DCE regime.  It’s a wonder we got to see her at all.  In the main books, she was not allowed in Action Comics (Lois’s birthplace) during Pak’s stint.  That’s when electrical engineer blahna showed up.

Lois appeared in Action, Superman and Superboy #1s  of the new 52.  Remember there was a five year gap between Action and all the other #1s (except for JL which had the same 5 year gap between issues 6 and 7).  This means that any character development we could have seen was kept from us.  What was happening with Clark/Lois/Superman in that five year gap?   What story did Lois win her Pulitzer for?  Was it putting Lex in prison?

We were told at the beginning of the new 52, Superman would have no human tethers.  Meaning no Clark Kent, the Kents, Lois Lane, and the peeps at the DP.  Now it appears according to Superwoman, it was blahna who trained Clark to be Superman & not the Kents.  Even though they died when Clark was 18.   New 52 Kents were apparently loafers.   Let the neighborhood girl do it.

Remember Andy Diggle taking over Action after Morrison?  He wrote one book and Tony Daniels finished the 3 book arc.  Why did Diggle leave Action so quickly?  At New York Comic Con he was excited to write Lois.  Wanted her with Clark and not Mr. Cardboard JonathOn Carroll.  DCE told him to write the fauxmance (DCE’s idea of a power couple), so he left.  In a writers ‘vetting’ process, he had to submit a year’s worth of storyline.  So DCE was aware of Diggle’s love for the true mythology.  But as we know,  DCE has more dirty tricks than any con artist.

If you have read this blog previously, you know how Lois Lane’s solo book got sabotaged by removing her PR team a month before publication and didn’t bother to tell the creator.

Superman’s 75 anniversary was poorly planned.  If it wasn’t for Scott Snyder, there would be no Superman Unchained.  This had Lois Lane as a key character in the story.  Snyder had finished his work on time.  Artist/co-pub Jim Lee undermined the highly successful book by doing his cancel and re-solicit routine (he had perfected at Wildstorm) only publishing 9 books in 15 months.  At the beginning of the new 52, Lee said books would go out on time no matter what.  As you know that did not happen with a 75th anniversary celebration book featuring Lois Lane.

If you have a mind to, go back to my blog post regarding Jim Lee’s opinions on Lois Lane and Clark Kent excerpted from his website.  He doesn’t think Lois is hot enough.  Thinks Clark as the nurturer is wrong.  In other words, he doesn’t get Clark Kent or Lois Lane and so the new 52 was pretty much void of both characters.

Lois fans begged, cajoled, insisted new 52 Lois Lane get her due.  With Rebirth, DCE seemed to answer that call.  Here!  Here’s Lois on the cover of Superwoman!  As I stated in the opening paragraphs, this was another filthy deception.  A bait and switch.

As we have said many times in the new 52, Batman gets everything, Superman gets nothing.  Now it appears blahna gets everything (including many of Lois’ attributes) and the new 52 Lois Lane is dead.

Phil Jimenez is not to blame.  He was given the character by the DCE kingpins.  This is what he has to work with.  It’s a job.  He is a wonderful writer and he is developing a world – in my opinion – for the wrong character.  blahna has done nothing in the new 52 that Lois didn’t do better.  But new 52 Lois Lane has always been the DCE racketeers favorite punching bag.  (Literally, blahna suckerpunches Lois Lane before Rebirth.)  And therefore, her fans receive the blows also.   The bait and switch proved how thuggish the DCE mafia is and probably will remain so.  Was it vindictiveness because their power couple became known as the fauxmance? Are they that petty?

So the fight continues.  New 52 Lois died pretty much in the same manner as Loser new 52 Superman.  Her last words were about understanding and “Clark.”   (see panel above) So maybe there’s a glimmer of hope.  But in the meantime Lois fans are being asked to withstand the blahnafest after being deliberately blind sided at the end of Superwoman #1.

Personally, I don’t buy books with a dead Lois in them – especially by this regime.  I’m keeping my money.

Just remember there was a reason for Rebirth – the name ‘new 52’ became a scourge in comics.

Rebirth has brought back other couples: Green Arrow/Black Canary, Nightwing/Batgirl, Barry/Iris, Wally/Linda, Arthur/Mera (now engaged) – but there is no new 52 Clark and Lois.  They’re dead.

THE couple that built many ages of comics.  THE couple that was on all the Earths (one and two) during the Bronze age.  THE couple that every crisis was about. GONE.

The new 52 was a dismal failure and needed a Rebirth because the DCE ‘caretakers’ of billion dollar IPs ignored their legacy and reveled in destruction of characters and mythologies.  Change for change sake (and DCE execs prejudices) with a big dash of death culture.

While the rest of the DCU seems to be experiencing a Rebirth, Clark and Lois are dead and the mob at DCE thinks suckerpunching their fans is the right thing to do.

Let me know when the resurrection and revitalization of the greatest love story in print begins.  New 52/Rebirth is going to have to prove they can give the most iconic couple a great modern story.  So far they have utterly failed and disenfranchised fans AGAIN.

BTW, August 17th is Lois Lane’s birthday.  The bludgeoning continues.


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Which is The Truth?

Two articles by Lois Lane —

Action #35 is the only time Greg Pak was allowed to use Lois Lane in Action Comics.  It was the Doomed Aftermath issue which also gave us a sneak peek to Convergence.

In this issue Beardo Superman returns after being 60 days in a black hole putting DoomyBrainiac somewhere.  Somewhat weakened, he finds Kara has taken up the slack while he is gone.  The Fortress of Solitude has been destroyed.  The phantom zone projector imploded (thanks to Wonder Woman) and the Bottled City of Kandor is gone (later to be seen in Batman Superman arc just previous to DCYou Truth)



During Doomed, Wonder Woman stepped into the Phantom Zone (after Mongul & Non retreated back into the PZ because they saw Batman was in the house . . . Fortress of Solitude).  She used War World (which was in the PZ because Superman and Wonder Woman had created a nuclear bomb to get it in there) as a weapon against Brainiac thus destroying the Fortress of Solitude.  We have not seen Mongul or Non since.

However, the Phantom King aka Xa Du, was very active in the Batman Superman arc along with the Kandorians.  Again, this was just previous to the start of the Truth arc.

Clark Kent then takes a bus to Smallville to check on the folks there.  Lana’s parents died during the Doomed arc.  A grudge she constantly reiterated in the Horrorville arc which occurred in Action Comics after this issue and just previous to Truth.  Ultrahumanite and the menagerie appeared in that story.  An explanation of how they escaped the PZ or FOS was given.

He next goes to Wayne Manor to talk to Bruce Wayne, who tells him to lay low and go home.  Notice Superman/Clark did not go visit Wonder Woman first or second or even third.

With the guilt of Lana’s dead parents upon him and realizing Bruce is probably right.  He is a menace.  Clark Kent goes to his apartment and writes a post on his blog.  Since he wrote less than a handful of articles, this is significant.  “Who Needs Superman, Anyway?”

Lois Lane is mad as hell about him writing an Anti-Superman article.  She knows his & Cat’s blog is in financial trouble (since he doesn’t write much), but WTF?  Clark is only worried about her knowing his secret – which she handled beautifully throughout the Doomed arc.  She lays down a gauntlet and writes her own article. This was a 2 page spread and a full panel page.  Very important.



Loisretort3supremacistsThe Supremacists recently showed up in  the Truth arc in Batman/Superman.







Clark seemingly ignores Lois’ faith in him and goes to Smallville to experience Horrorville for six months.

Lois Lane is a true believer.  That fact was established in the Doomed story and Action 35, the only time Greg Pak has been allowed to use Lois in that book.  (that always bears repeating)

Now we get this drivel.  Not within a book of the Truth arc, but a poster sold separately in comic book shops.

Notice this is written by Lois Lane, Staff Writer.  (Not even Staff Reporter.  I guess it could have been worse & said Cub Reporter.)  Apparently Gene Luen Yang, new Superman writer, has given Lois a demotion. (and of course, editorial approved it.)  Is she no longer a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist established in the new 52?

For easier reading–

Superman, the survivor of the doomed planet Krypton and Earth’s most recognizable superhero, led a double life. For years, he secretly dwelt among us as reporter Clark Kent, a former employee of this newspaper. Many who once admired him now question his motives for creating a fake persona.

Previously, no one suspected that Superman had a secret identity. Unlike other costumed crime fighters, he did not wear a mask. Incredibly, the Last Son of Krypton was able to disguise himself as a human by putting on an ordinary pair of glasses.

Superman first came to public attention five years ago when he saved Metropolis from the threat of another alien, a supremely intelligent being called Brainiac. During their battle, Superman demonstrated his many otherworldly abilities: superhuman strength, heat vision, cold breath, and flight. He has since defended humankind from countless threats, and now has admirers around the globe.

Not everyone is a fan, however. Some community leaders argue that Superman poses a potentialdanger. “Our government officials are accountable to voters. l’m accountable to my stockholders. Superman is the most powerful being on the planet. Who is he accountable to?” asked Lex Luthor, CEO of LexCorp and longtime critic of Superman.

“It’s absurd that we put as much trust in him as we do,” said metahuman expert Emil Hamilton. “When it comes down to it, we don’t know a thing about him.”

Hamilton believes that the Man of Steel is fundamentally unstable. “Superman’s power levels seem to fluctuate wildly for unknown reasons,” he explained. And there’s a growing body of evidence that shows he can expel immense amounts of energy, effectively turning his body into a bomb.”

The revelation of Superman’s secret life raises concerns for even his most ardent supporters. Did he pose as a reporter to gain access to information resources? Was it to keep an eye on the world for its own protection, or did he have another, less benevolent agenda?

Public records indicate that Clark Kent grew up in Smallville, Kansas. He is the adopted son of Martha and Jonathan Kent, a married couple who owned and operated a small independent farm. Both Martha and Jonathan were killed in a car accident almost a decade ago. Because so little is known about Kent’s childhood, some speculate that the person known as Clark Kent is a complete fabrication of Superman’s.

“That alien can literally move mountains. You’re telling me he can’t fake some adoption papers and school records?” said Liz Meuller, founder of the online activist group Humans Only.

Superman resigned from his position at this newspaper after his secret was made public. His current whereabouts are unknown.

So now humanity no longer is inspired by Superman.  They have a hate group known as Humans Only.  And therefore, will Superman be inspired by humanity, especially now that Lois Lane has outted him?  Gone is the principle:  Superman inspires humanity to aspire.  Clark Kent is no longer the extraordinary within the ordinary.

This Truth story is being told backwards.  We won’t find out WHY Lois did what she did until the last Wed in August.  Oooo cleverness abounds #sarcasm  Fans are being taken through a maelstrom of despair and destruction of our hero during the summer.  Does the world need this?

On the verge of a world world in 1938, Siegel and Shuster gave us a hero, who had an immigrant story, a love story, and I would argue that it was also an adoption story.  This brought people together.  It inspired readers.  They related to his being an immigrant, his love for Lois and humanity, and later to his adoption by the Kents. Now in 2015, on the precipice of another world war, DCE (Deceitful, Corrupt Evil) is giving us a nearly 8 decades old legend stripped of everything he is known for.  And who now is viewed by humanity as a symbol of separation and aversion.

Well done, DCE #sarcasm.

Superman is no longer a symbol of hope.  He is to be feared because he is different.  Not loved because he has saved the world countless times.  No longer relatable because his history of living side by side with humanity is wiped away issue by issue.

Why do Superman fans deserve this?  Why does the world need this in the universal consciousness?

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