Superman Reborn: The Merge

or the story of why fans saw RED with the new 52 Superman (aka Loser) and were so BLUE while remembering and watching Post Crisis Superman do his thing.

Now they are merged.  Should they be purple?  Nah, that’s Lois’s color.  That’s why the Clark/Lois/Superman mythology works so well.  They are the royalty of the DC Universe.  The foundation.  The thing you cannot destroy without disaster to the ENTIRE multiverse.

Superman Reborn moves into Superman Reborn Aftermath stories in April.

Post Crisis Superman and New 52 Superman’s histories are merged.  (True, New 52 didn’t have much of a history – except for that abomination which Rucka writing Wonder Woman calls “The Lies”.)  Mr. Oz narrates.

merge 1 Action Comics (2016-) 976-017


Working clockwise on this 2 page spreadsheet.  Kal-El is born on Krypton, son of Jor-El & Lara Lor-Van (PC & N52).  His mama had the L alliteration  He is sent to Earth in a rocket ship while Krypton explodes (PC & N52).  Gotta have that kryptonite causing problems.  He is found by Jonathan and Martha Kent in a cornfield.  (PC & N52).

merge 2 Action Comics (2016-) 976-017

Clark Kent goes to Smallville High with Lana Lang (PC & N52).  Clark Kent gets a job at the Daily Planet. (PC)  As for New 52 – his timeline got discombobulated by Lord Vyndyktvx, but in Action 12 written by Grant Morrison we saw he had a hint he started reporting at the Daily Planet and not the Daily Star.

merge 2a-02

Oh yea and the Kents were still alive.  New 52’s parents died when he was 18 during his senior prom — courtesy of Lord Vyndyktvx.

Clark telling Lois his secret is straight out of Post Crisis.  One of the most famous issues, Action v1 662.  According to George Perez who wrote New 52 Superman issues 1-6, Lois knew from the beginning.  Of course, Superman #1 started after the five year gap.

merge 3 Action Comics (2016-) 976-017

Superman dies after the fight with Doomsday (PC).  New 52 had Superman fighting multiple Doomsdays.  SuperDoom. Virus Doom.  There was a memorial Superman statue but it was always unclear how that happened since there were multiple timelines in Morrison’s story.

Lois and Clark marry.  Post Crisis again.  New 52 never asked Lois out on a date.  Fans found out that during Andy Diggle’s run a kiss between Clark and Lois drawn by Tony Daniel was cut by editorial.  Is it any wonder Diggle walked away?  This, of course, was before the Fauxmance book happened months later.

Lois and Clark are expecting a child.  People at the Daily Planet know about it.  THIS is new.  Neither era had this in continuity.  New 52 Clark and Lois never kissed so how could they have a baby?  All  their sons were either born in the future or were a clone (Kon).

Let’s go back to the wedding panel.  New 52 hinted at this, again in Action #12.

a12 wedding a-03

Oh yea, they got married there, too.  Notice the RED around the panels in Action 12.  Get it?

merge 4 Action Comics (2016-) 976-017

Lois has the baby in the Fortress of Solitude. (PC in Convergence, N52)  Lois and Clark’s future son, Jonathan Lane Kent was born in the Fortress of Solitude.

The happy parents bring their child to the Daily Planet.  THIS is new, too.

After the merge, Lois with her son, Jonathan Samuel Kent watches now/always husband Superman descend from the sky.  (Superman Reborn)

Lots of villains in the middle and not all are space aliens.  This is a good sign especially with all the Daily Planet references.  Clark has his dual identity in tact thanks to Mxy.  So we’ll be expecting some investigative reporting by both Lois and Clark.  No more only being a battling alien.

Superman’s villains originally were corrupt and/or criminal humans while Batman’s villains were costumed psychos (which is a neon sign).  Hopefully both Clark Kent and Batman will get some good detective work done in this new phase of the DC Universe.

Clark and Lois.  Lois and Clark.  The only foundation for a successful DC Universe.  Learn it. Live it.

Class dismissed.





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My thoughts on Mystery Clark . . . Is he new 52 Superman?


Rebirth has been the best thing to happen to Superman since 2011. Order numbers are up and there are plenty of mysteries to go around in Action Comics as well as the revitalized DCU in general.

Four blasts from the dying new 52 Superman: One to new 52 Lois, one to new 52 blahna (sorry, her new book has not improved my opinion of the character), and one to Kenan the Super-dash-man. Lex did not receive superpowers. He has a suit. So the 4th blast went where?

As soon as new 52 Superman died, mystery Clark Kent appeared.

Side note:  For some reason unknown to sane people, DC had Phil Jimenez handle the death of new 52 Lois in blahna’s book. Not well done. Poorly executed. Bait and switch. Followed by worst protagonist ever!

First of all, let me say that I believe Dan Jurgens would never make a Clark a ‘bad guy’. He just loves the character too much. And Jurgens and his compatriots in the 90s were responsible for making Clark Kent the guy and Superman the job.

Mystery CK has the personality of Clark and the instincts of Superman. He weirds out Post Crisis Lois for a number of reasons. (see Action 973 below)mysteryclark1


What I am seeing and hoping for (no matter how short-lived) is a psychological examination of a Clark Kent who no longer has to ‘worry’ about exposing his superpowers. If he doesn’t believe he has any then he would act differently in some ways. Not opposite. Just some aspects more energized.

For instance, new 52 Superman did not date Lois Lane. He has a 5 year gap in his story (which is still involved in Rebirth timeline) where we don’t know what happened. Also, Wonder Woman’s current stories are revealing what happened to her – one is called LIES. New 52 Superman would have had lies in his story as well. Hopefully we’ll see those exposed.

In Action 974, we see a Clark Kent who asked Post Crisis Lois out to talk, but ends up proposing. His ‘memories’ are coming back. Making up for lost time there, Clarkie?

I believe that mystery Clark is a version of new 52 Superman. His attraction to Lois and his ultra-protectiveness are true instincts of the Superman we all know and love.

What weirds out the Pre Flashpoint Lois is that she knows this is not her Clark. She and her Clark have been laying low for the past 10 years raising their son, Jonathan.

Sidenote: Is new 52 Lois truly dead? Is she in another Mr. Oz cell along with Tim Drake? Could Hawkman be joining them soon since he’s supposed to die? These are the questions we are asking aside from mystery Clark.


Action 976 March 22nd

In the solicits, we have seen 2 Supermen on the cover of Action 976 during the REBORN storyline, in different supersuits. Post Crisis has blue lightening and collared possibly new 52 Superman has red. Reminiscent of the Red and the Blue Supermen. I wasn’t a fan so my comics for 1998 are not numerous. Notice that on Action 974 Mystery Clark has blue lightning around him.  This could be connected to the ominous blue glow which Post Crisis Superman found.  Here’s my point:   what if they are going with the same concept of a Superman Red and a Superman Blue but in different books and actually two different Supermen?

Fans were disappointed (to put it mildly) with the new 52 Superman because of the 5 year gap in story and the Superman mythology being radically changed. Rebirth and Reborn (to hit stores in March) should be rectifying that.


(Jim Lee mafia did it!)

A Clark always goes after a Lois. This was what was wrong with the new 52. So Mystery Clark coming to the realization he should be with Lois (even if she isn’t HIS Lois) shows a super man in action. He goes after what he wants. Mystery Clark doesn’t have the mindset of worrying about exposing his superness. So he takes Lois on a ‘date’ in a limo and at the finest French restaurant. He can’t fly her in his arms to Paris, right? So Mystery Clark does what he can do. The intent is there. The instinct to show Lois how special she is to him is palatable. If you’ve ever read Action #1, 1938, Mystery Clark and the Clark Kent introduced for the first time are very similar. Before Smallville, before Superboy, before kryptonite, before flying – Clark Kent made a beeline for Lois Lane.

Many fans believe and want new 52 Superman redeemed. We want to see how the ‘new 52’ creators handle the courtship of Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Superman aka the triangle for two. Lois can still be ‘in the know’ about his ‘secret’ – which in the modern age has been the norm. How does that courtship look from the beginning if Lois knows Clark and Superman are one and the same? This makes for new avenues of storytelling.

Would we, could we be getting another Superman in the mix? If blahna can have her own book (over Lois having one), then new 52 Superman could perceivably have his own book.

Having Post Crisis/Pre Flashpoint Clark/Lois/Superman back is great ESPECIALLY now that they have Jonathan. Jon shares a book with Damian called Supersons which is fantastic.

But the Clark/Lois/Superman courtship is something fans have missed since 2011.

I don’t see why the DCU couldn’t be enlarged with having a redeemed new 52 Superman with his Lois.

We hardly knew this guy because he had no real background and he made A LOT of unSuperman-like decisions. Since the Multiverse is back, it’s big enough to include a refurbished ‘new 52’.


At the end of Superman 17, we saw a shadowy figure with glasses peering at the Kent-White-Smith farmhouse.  In Action 974, we were justified to think it was Mystery Clark.

I believe it is not Lois Lane, Mystery Clark is admonishing in this panel, but Mr. Oz or The Powers That Be who irrecoverably changed new 52 Superman’s life for 5 years, real time.  This character knows how things should have been.  He knows he was cheated and diminished in the new 52.

March will bring us the REBORN story through the Superman and Action books.  Can’t wait.

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A short story: Being Here

I own nothing.

Her Daddy had nightmares. Although Lois was only five, she could still remember snippets of those days. Her father ran a few special ops missions and eventually commanded regular ‘grunts’. He would return from his combat missions and there’d be great joy in the house. The family would all smile and laugh and see if he had changed even in the slightest of ways.

Once in the middle of the night, she awoke with a start. All seemed quiet in the house so she decided to go to the bathroom. Lucy was sleeping soundly in her twin bed. On her way down the hall, she noticed a beam of light coming from her parents bedroom. The door was slightly ajar. She heard voices and something sounded strange. Curious, she peered through the crack and saw her parents sitting on the edge of the bed. Her father’s head bowed. Something wasn’t right. There were tears streaming down her larger-than-life father’s face.

Lois’ throat began to tighten. She bit her lower lip to keep it from quivering.

Her mother quietly, wrapped her arms around him as his head went into her shoulder. Lois wondered how her mother could support this huge man. “I’m here, Sam.”

Sam Lane, warrior, defender of what he believed to be true, sobbed softly in his wife’s arms. “That’s what got me through. That’s what made it bearable, Ella. I had to get back to you and the girls. Our home. Our family. My world.”

Ella Lane held her husband as tears fell down her face. Lois wondered if this had happened before. She missed her daddy so much when he was away. And when he came back, there was always that slight feeling of something bad had happened. It was almost as if she felt it in the air around him. But right now, watching her parents, that cloud had lifted. She saw that her parents fought together against some outside force she didn’t understand.

Her father straightened up still embracing her mother. “You’re here, Ella. You’re really here.”

“And so are you,” she grinned back.

Lois backed away from the door and ran back to her bedroom. The house felt familiar again, but that memory of her parents and their connection stayed with her.

Standing on top of the Daily Planet roof now, she rubbed her arms in the coolness of the evening. The stars were brighter up here. What had made her remember tonight of all nights? Superman. Did he have those moments, too? Did he come back from battling intergalactic aliens feeling lost? Did some of his universe shattering decisions make him yearn just to be heard? Did he have someone to hold him in that silent, knowing way?

“I’m here,” Lois whispered in the wind and out into the universe.

Superman gave a second look at the town where he was raised. Smallville. Turning he flew towards Metropolis. So much had happened in the last few days, but that was his life. Sometimes he yearned for those days in Smallville when life and death decisions were far from his thoughts. When after a long school day, he’d sit and drink milk and ate Ma’s homemade cookies while talking to his parents about his day, their day, or whatever came to mind. Jonathan and Martha Kent had shown him what true connection was.
Clark would never forget after his father’s first heart attack, his mother was by her husband’s bedside. She’d come home to see Clark off to school if she pulled an all nighter. Trying to reassure him that his father would be fine, despite the fact they were not allowing him to be conscious for a few days.

The morning Pa revived, Clark witnessed his parents love in a profound way. When his father’s eyes opened, Martha Kent leaped from her chair and nearly screamed, “Jonathan?”

The farmer wearing a hospital gown and looking frail for the first time that Clark could remember, patted his wife’s hand on his chest. “I’m here, Martha. I’m here.”

“Oh, Jonathan,” cried Martha as she hugged him the best she could through tubes and wires.

“She was by your side,” choked Clark as tears came into his eyes.

“Son?” said Pa as he peered at him. “Come here.”

Clark hugged his father as his mother smiled at both of them.

“I saw you. Both of you. And knew I had to get back.” said the farmer smiling.

“Everything is going to be alright. You’re here and so are we,” said Martha Kent as she touched both the men in her life.

It was one of many moments in his early life that Clark would cherish. He was adopted. An alien, but the Kents had always loved him. Took him in as if he were their natural born child. They used to tell him, all children were a gift. But he was a special gift to a couple who could not have a child. An answered prayer. An answered hope.

Superman flew over the bright, sunny skies of Metropolis. Living with the knowledge that he was a fulfilled hope made him strive even more to be a hope to others. But who gave him hope? Sometimes he could use a little hope.

One figure among millions caught his eye. There was no mistaking that determined stride as if she were on a mission or on top of a truly great story. Lois Lane. The right side of his mouth went up as he flew as silently as possible to her. Lois was hard to surprise, but that did not stop him from trying.

“Ms. Lane,” he said with his arms crossed looking at the back of her head. As she turned, a smile formed on her face. While landing softly in front of her, he basked in that smile as if it were a lighthouse in the darkness of his life.

Even though she didn’t know his ‘secret’ he always had the inkling she knew. Would Lois Lane actually keep her knowing a secret from him? And such a person would probably keep his secret to their deaths. He smiled back because he just couldn’t help himself.

“What can I do for you, Superman?” The light from her eyes filled his heart.

“You’re here,” he said simply.
Her brows narrowed together for just a milli-second and then her smile broadened. “And so are you.”

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