ACTION COMICS:  Who/What is Clark Kent?

Written by Dan ‘the Man’ Jurgens with art by Patrick Zircher.

Did Mystery Clark who showed up in Action 957 know new 52 Lois Lane?  We never saw them meet on panel.  We were promised new 52 Lois would be Superwoman.  That lasted one issue and then she was dust.  So is this a clone with neuro programming or is this the Real new 52 Superman without his powers?


The story Clark & Perry are talking about is last year’s DCYou storyline where Lois Lane was promoted as a betrayer of Superman’s dual identity.  New 52’s last nuclear blast at the Superman mythology.  And probably the reason for Rebirth.


Clark uses closing time as a distraction so he can enter GENETICRON.  With a name like that it must have to do with genetics and time.  Mystery CK seems to know new 52 Lois Lane pretty well.

I highly recommend BUYING Action Comics from 957 on.  Put it on your pull list. 

For history buffs, see if you can find this 4 part arc by Maggin & Bates in the classic section of your LCS.  It begins with Superman v1 #296.


Clark may be depowered while wearing the glasses but he has all the confidence of a super man.  He impresses Lois Lane & they have a dinner of beef bourguignon.  That’s right, it was in this arc where Lois and Clark’s code word for whoopie started.

NEW SUPER-MAN  Who is that wearing the S?

The Chinese Super-Man and his ‘Justice League’ counterparts are in as secret base under the sea.




Is this the real new 52 Superman?  Or is this a red herring?  We know Grant Morrison’s Action stories stayed in the first year of the new 52.  The other #1’s jumped 5 years ahead.  Dr. Omen in this story has dealt with genetics.  Superwoman (not Lois) book mentioned Lex & Lena’s prisons were experimenting on villains.  It just gets curiouser and curiouser.

WONDER WOMAN YEAR ONE: The Beauty of WonderTrev

Greg Rucka is writing Diana’s origins in this storyline drawn by Nicola Scott.


Looks like a lot of understanding to me on a whole lot of levels.


Did I mention the Amazons gave Steve his appendix back? Thanks, Nicola!


In Rucka’s other storyline, THE LIES, we see Diana and Steve in the present.  The mystery of the mugshot is now solved in Wonder Woman #6.  Trevor carries this picture with him through the heat of battle.  Liam Sharp is responsible for the beauty of Diana and Steve in The Lies storyline.

Highly recommend you BUYING Wonder Woman.  Both storylines and art are (insert most fabulous word you can think of).


Paul Cornell’s first issue came out this week.  Jon Pertwee was my first Doctor Who.  Still is.  Some of you may be watching his son, Sean, as Alfred on GOTHAM.  I also loved Pertwee’s car, Bessie.


There were actually a few “Oh Shits!” in this first issue.  My son’s favorite Doctor showed up.  But what made me squee  the most —

Oh yea.  THE Master. The REAL one. YES YES YES!!!

Highly recommend this series.  Cornell has written some of the best Doctor Who television episodes.  He is a master.

Hope everyone had a good comic book week.  Hope there was something in some book that made you feel and wanting more.

This Saturday at 5pm EDT on talkshoe .Tej and I will be doing our G2FACTOR HARDCORE podcast.  We do reviews of comic books and DC movie news.  This week we’ll be doing Action Comics 963, Wonder Woman #6 with some other mentions.  Our PSR this week will be Superwoman #2.  A PSR is a Public Service Review for those people who won’t read the comic for their own mental health but want to know what’s going on.  We supply that service.


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“All is not what it seems.”
Skew your view.
I once was blind, but now I see.
Wake UP!


These panels (click to enlarge) are from Batman/Superman #18 and were the guidestones to a revelation.

The fauxmance (monikered by Christine of G2Factor) is a hoax.

I’ll wait until the tittering and the sad “oh, you poor deluded thing” faces subside. Hear me out.

I’ve been wrong before and I’m not afraid to be wrong again. Dangerous, right?

Why would the fauxmance be a hoax?

Because the new 52 is the anti-life equation. Hey, just enjoy the ride.

Here is the anti-life equation (pre-52):

loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth
÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding
× guilt × shame × failure × judgment
n=y where y=hope and n=folly,
love=lies, life=death, self=dark side

Isn’t that what our heroes and we readers have been living through the past three plus years?

How would that happen? It has to do with the timeline of the new 52. How the stories were presented.

First, Action Comics occurred 6 months before Justilce League #1 in the stories.
Second, Justice League #1-6, occurred five years before all the other #1s (which includes Superman #1)
Superman books and Justice League were the only books to have a five year gap. Why? To pull off the scam. The hoax. The ruse.

In the first six books of Justice League, we have the ‘formation’ of the team and their first battle is with Darkseid. Justice League War, the animation, is loosely based on this. Did Darkseid truly lose that battle, especially since the other #1 book heroes weren’t quite what they once were pre-52. Dark-dark-dark, gritty, cosmic and epic. No hope. Battle-battle-battle.

One thing different in the new 52 is Cyborg being on the Justice League. He now has Apokoliptian technology. Why? So he can boom tube the team around? How’s that every 1000th trip or so landing on Apokolips working for everybody? So Cyborg either consciously or unconsciously has a connection to Darkseid. Victor has global surveillance capabilities. Talk about no privacy! And as every Superman fan knows, Clark has secrets (dual identities and lives).

I’m a Superman fan. And part of being fans of something is that we get into this frame of mind sometimes thinking that the-powers-that-be just don’t know what they are doing. And if TPTB are very clever, they prove us wrong. I have commented that the new 52 is not very clever – but if they can pull off this hoax and turn things around, I’ll give them a nod to their cleverness. And MAYBE consider forgiving them. Or I could be just giving them more credit than they deserve. Time will tell.

So if Darkseid didn’t lose the intellectual/emotional battle and Cyborg can be used as an Apokoliptian pawn, then how are our heroes ever going to protect the ones they love? By making the world think that the Justice League is their only life. In Superman’s case, battling alien, no human tethers, dead human parents, etc.

The five year gap is an insurance policy, a safety net, especially in the Superman books. Once the flagship character of the DCU, his stories are now tied to the new flagship, Justice League. And to be quite frank, the new 52 Justice League flagship is like the Exxon Valdez. There have been delays in getting events to occur probably due to creators leaving midvoyage, books being canceled and Trinity War having eighteen months of hype which produced a fizzle into Forever Evil. Gee, just what readers and heroes under the anti-life equation needed, more evil. This effected readership greatly. Fans have left in droves. Action Comics is now under the 40,000 watermark AGAIN! Time for all to be revealed.

Sometime during the five year gap (between JL 6 & 7) someone came up with a plan (probably Bats) so the Justice League could still have secrets from the world and Darkseid (via Cyborg). Superman has always been on Darkseid’s radar. In JL 5 years previous, he is captured by DeSaad to make a clone army to find Darkseid’s daughter (giant plotline nugget just dropped?? Doubt it.) Earth 2 Superman in the new 52 also suffered clonng at the hands of DeSaad and recently sacrificed himself to save the world. (Earth 2 Superman was the better Superman in the new 52 even though we didn’t get to see him much.)

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor’s relationship (one of the best things about Justice League) was very public. Clark likes his private life secret. So in order to protect the ones they love and to convince the world they only have lives being superheroes, the fauxmance was created.

Action #0 which came out a month after JL#12 in real time but occurred before Action #1 in storytime, has Clark Kent in love with Lois Lane’s writing and she admires his blog. Lois still gets to name Superman. General Lane knows there’s something going on with those two even if it’s a deep admiration thang. Readers don’t know what happened in the five year gap.  I have always contended TPTB would never be able to convince anyone that the fauxmance was real if there was ever a hint of Superman/Clark and Lois Lane’s relationship. Thus the safety net.

In the Justice League War animation, reviewers said the fauxmance sounded forced, and it read like that in the books as well. Let’s investigate.

Wonder Woman is sitting atop the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, USA’s Capitol. Why? Because it’s Grecian architecture? It is one of the most technologically protected spots on the Earth. VERY PUBLIC. Superman joins her and they have this conversation about loneliness and secrets and protecting people. She’s just dumped her boyfriend, Steve Trevor, for the second time after he saved the Justice League’s ass from David Graves and his lesser gods. (whatever happened to that guy?) And she also fires him as the Justice League liaison minutes before sitting on the memorial. Perhaps the reason this not-so-romantic conversation seemed so forced is because Superman and Wonder Woman are just bad actors. The big question remains why were they doing this? Editorial mandate only? There had to be some story value especially with a huge gaping hole of five years involved.

another identity
In Action 10 which could have occurred before this scene since it it was in the previous 5 year timeline, it was revealed Clark was a reporter – Cyborg and Wonder Woman were present.



back to JL12

secrets from everyone


So if Superman’s secret identity was revealed in the five years previously, then who benefited from knowing he was Clark Kent that night he was on top of the Lincoln Memorial? Who needed to know he had to keep secrets and he was lonely? Clark quit the Daily Planet shortly after this. Was it to protect Lois? And Cat Grant came up with the idea of the blog which Clark rarely wrote for – was it to protect her also? If he was only identified as Superman, what purpose would that serve? It was a ruse to keep Darkseid off the scent of his true life. Plus by playing the loneliness, alienation and fear card, Darkseid would think his anti-life equation was working perfectly. Wonder Woman and the fauxmance are just a decoy in order to protect Lois and Superman’s life as Clark Kent.

In Action 12, a must for any Superman fan, we see how Clark’s original timeline went. He left the Kents alive in Smallville to join the Daily Planet (not the Daily Star) in Metropolis. He meets Lois Lane. This book came out the same month as JL12 and is in the five years previous timeline.



See how he fights the parademons with the Justice League and then marries Lois Lane. This all happened before Lord Vyndyktvx changed everything. Before Lord V killed his parents, before Clark ended up at the Daily Star, and before the fauxmance/hoax may or may not have happened.

In Justice League International Annual #1 which also came out the same DAY as JL12 and was in the ‘present’ timeline, we get to see Booster Gold react to the fauxmance the same way we did.


Booster from the Future told present day Booster, Superman and Wonder Woman needed to be stopped. Yes, please. The fauxmance was on all the monitors/live cams at JLI headquarters so it was a very public display. Clark is a very private person so had he changed so much in the new 52? DCE kept trying to sell (shove into any one of our orifices) the fauxmance idea. Superman didn’t act like Superman. His strong will seemed to have disappeared. Why? He didn’t know who he was half the time. Didn’t know his own mind and heart as he was constantly bombarded with villains who attacked emotionally and psychologically. He also had multiple timelines, alternate realities, visited alternate universes. No reader could truly get a bead on the character or who he was. And there was the abyss of the five year gap – missing stories, missing character building, etc.

I asked my cohost of G2Factor’s HARDCORE if all the fauxmance snoggings were public. Tej researched and found the answer was YES. There has been no private kissy kissy. What does this mean? The fauxmance is a sham. It is for the world’s and Darkseid’s benefit. Readers have been punk’d royally by DC editorial.

Lois didn’t lie about the secret romance.

We’ve seen Lois talk about the other side of the moon before in the new 52. Superman Annual #2, drawn by Dan Jurgens. “His cape has kept me warm on the dark side of the moon.” Is there Clois hanky panky going on the far side of the moon out of the detection of Cyborg and Darkseid? Note: this also was the issue fans saw Superman hold Lois Lane in his arms for the FIRST TIME. (Thanks again to Tej for the research.)

darkside of moon

Another thing, if Clark and Lois can keep it secret from Batman, then Cyborg and Darkseid haven’t got a chance.

secret from bats

The Kandorians or whomever is controlling the Kandorians obviously believed the fauxmance hype. That’s why they shot Batman. Kara didn’t even know & stil doesn’t since Lois tried to cover up the secret romance while they were taking the ‘bullet’ out of Bruce.

Batman/Superman 18 also held another first. Superman screaming Lois Lane’s name as he tries to save her. A monumental moment for fans.


Next time you pick up a Superman story in the new 52, keep this in the back of your mind. The Superman/Wonder Woman ‘romantic’ relationship is a hoax. Some of it will start to make sense.

I would encourage Clois fans to post on tumblr and/or twitter examples of the new 52 secret romance, because they are out there. Too many to show in this particular blogpost.

One thing bothers me. Wonder Woman may be starting to believe the lie. I say that because what would make Brian Azzarello pitch for Wonder Woman after he heard what DC editorial was going to do to her character. Wonder Woman has been a train wreck in the new 52 (less so in Azz’s book). But there are examples that DC editorial may be contemplating a giant continuous catfight. Citing Justice League 13 “It was a kiss, not a commitment,” said by Superman. Also, Wonder Woman’s perspective boxes during the Zod & Faora fight in the fauxmance book. “After the last battle.” Even in Throne of Atlantis which is loosely based on the Justice League arc of the same name. Lois Lane is saved by Wonder Woman (never happened in the books) and she says, “I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side.” Let’s hope things have changed and we won’t get an insipid catfight.

This summer is the Darkseid War. Will the veil be lifted and all revealed?

Meanwhile I’m sitting in my happy space with hope – and that’s all a Superman fan requires. Hope.

Don’t stop believing.

Besides . . . Convergence!

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Tej and Holli have had 2 shows under the G2HARDCORE format.

April 12 show

April 19 show

Also available on iTunes.

More information on the G2Factor page.


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I See What’s Going On . . .


Cover for Fauxmance 5 Epic Kryptonian Battle


Having seen the preview of the Fauxmance #3, I am strangely hopeful.  Soule is a good writer.  He definitely knows Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman for that matter.  And I can see why he has certain things occur within the plot.  It is a well crafted story.  Too bad I don’t like the subject matter.

Let me just say this, all the creators who are ‘tackling’ the fauxmance seem to come from the point of view that Diana is more invested in this relationship than Clark is.  If you remember how this got started, the Justice League were all whammied by David Graves’ lesser gods who fed off loneliness and grief.  Steve Trevor literally saved the entire Justice League’s asses, and what was his reward?  Diana, the woman he loves and has been in a relationship with for five years, dumps him for the second time and also fires him as liaison of the Justice League.  (Whether or not she had the authority to do that is still in question.  I don’t think Bats was too happy about that.)  Diana did it to protect Steve and to keep him from harm’s way.  But Steve Trevor like Lois Lane will never be tucked away in cotton wool somewhere so the wonders or supers feel better about themselves.  Steve Trevor has been in about as many new 52 books as Batman (and that’s saying something) and his latest book, Forever Evil: ARGUS debuted the same month as the Fauxmance.  Coincidence . . . NOPE.  He’s constantly battling baddies as the true warrior he is and also thinking about Diana.  His love for her inspires him to rescue her (and the currently imperiled Justice League) at all costs.  (a true hero)

So why would Diana be more invested in this relationship (if she is) than Clark?  It has to do with strength.  Not just that they both are invulnerable but since the introduction of the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3 into the new 52 universe, it has more connotations.   First words Superman said to Wonder Woman in Justice League.  “You’re strong.”

Sitting atop the Lincoln Memorial, they more or less realize that any humans they may love could be physically hurt and die because of what they do.  That’s why Superman keeps his Clark Kent life secret.  So no one can use his human friends against him.   Diana’s relationship with Trevor was immediately made public and she doesn’t have a ‘human’ identity.  So these two crazy emotional cowards think if they’re together, they can protect everyone  including themselves from pain/death and grief.

Diana takes on Doomsday and gets hurt.  In the preview, Clark feels guilty because it was a monster he fought years before and now the Amazon could be killed by it.  So here you have the situation where someone he cares about could be killed because of him – and she has incredible physical strength.  Something that he and Diana thought would prevent them from being emotionally hurt.  Batman points out that everyone is vulnerable and could die.   It’s not just the humans.  So emotionally Clark is in the same predicament he was in before and after Graves’ influence.

Clark has another dilemma going on.  Apollo punching him into the sun has made the Kryptonian ‘overpowered.’   He doesn’t want Diana to see him like that.  He has tried everything including flying around the Earth 300 times to release some of this additional energy.   Why has this happened to him?  Because he’s going to be fighting Zod and Faora.  Not that they will have superpowers immediately, but that will be to Superman’s advantage.  Plus as in MOS, they are both warriors and he is a brawler.  So the additional power will help in getting them back into the Phantom Zone.  No snapped necks this time.  The fight with them will dissolve the excess power.  (Lois recently acquired psionic powers and will have those sucked away by Parasite in the near future.  Superman had a similar storyline pre-52 where the purple villain’s capabilities helped rather than destroyed.  Can’t use Parasite again since Lois’ storyline is doing that.)

Diana is planning on getting Clark a Christmas gift since he observes the holiday.  This is a case of two people dating who are of different religions.   This may not matter to some people but it is something to deal with within a relationship – and you truly have to work it out.   It is often a deal breaker.   It would take some introspection about whether or not either of them feels passionately about the other enough to try.  Remember this relationship was born out of grief, fear, and loneliness exacerbated by Graves’ lesser gods.

Strength.  It has been brought up in Forever Evil.  Ultraman (evil Superman of Earth 3) pays new 52 Lois Lane a visit at the Daily Planet.  Although he tosses her across the room after she hits him over the head with a typewriter, he doesn’t kill her.  He does tell her that he married his Lois Lane, the Superwoman Amazon, Diana’s counterpart, because she’s STRONG enough to have his babies.  He hates her (and probably will hate her more after he finds out she’s pregnant by Owlman.  A human.  Which could be considered a weakness on Ultraman’s part.)   In Ultraman’s world, strength is everything.  It is the golden calf (as it has always been).   New 52 Superman before the Earth 3 peeps showed up at the end of Trinity War seemed to have channeled Ultraman’s feelings about Owlman.  Superman started screaming he was going to kill Batman.   Could new 52 Superman realize that Ultraman’s belief system is totally fucked up – and that physical strength is not necessarily the be-all?  Look what it’s done for Ultraman.

One thing the humans, like Steve Trevor and Lois Lane, have is strength of spirit.  It inspires the wonders and the supers or at least puts them on a level playing field when it comes to facing the risks of life.

Another topic between the World’s Finest was Clark being more human than people actually born human.  Superman was raised as a human and wants to be like everyone else living on the plant in the sense he wants a life.  A full life.  This is why Superman could never be content (or his fans for that matter)  just being a battling alien.  He’s not a god (unlike Diana).  He needs to rest.  He needs to enjoy all the things he enjoyed growing up as a farm boy on this planet.  He needs relationships with people he truly knows and understands.  He needs to follow his heart.

Diana has made her own choices.  She is a princess, a demi-goddess and perceives life through that prism.  She could probably stay in her ‘battle fatigues’ all the time.  The world she is a part of is not the human experience.  Her connection to humanity should be more than just through a god-like gaze.  It should be intimate.   Enter Steve Trevor.  (Ask Denny O’Neill about changing everything about Wonder Woman—bad, bad, bad)

(I’ve been thinking about why these days peeps think Wonder Woman is a hard sell as a story in film or for television.   It’s because Steve Trevor (her key human connection) has been removed until now, in the new 52.  Batman was born human, is a billionaire, has Robin(s) or at the very least has Alfred.   Although he has had many lovers, it is the relationship with Selina Kyle that has always rendered the most passion and completeness.  Superman has/had the Kents, works at the Daily Planet (usually) and has a relationship with Lois Lane.  Diana without Steve Trevor has what?   She needs that human component – to make the fanboys/fangirls  think they have a ‘chance’ with her and to give romantics of all ages a great story.  Even a feminist asskicking icon like Diana needs love. )

So what is this leading up to?  Cat will discover the ‘story of the century’ on her desk revealing that Superman and Wonder Woman are in a ‘relationship.’   The world will react one way or another.  Clark will be terrified because now he knows Diana can be hurt and can be used as a means to get to him.  Putting her in peril.  Same situation he had before with Lois Lane.  (They had to be doing something in those five years.)  Zod will get Faora out of the PZ, and they will fight overpowered Superman.  (If Clark’s overpowered, HE could hurt Diana, too.)  On the cover for issue 5 (above), Diana is seen on the Arctic floor down for the count.   In a battling situation, it is conceivable that a mispunch by overpowered Superman could hurt the Amazon.   Diana has admired Superman’s strength (when he was battling Apollo) but I don’t think she’ll be asking Clark to get a refresher in the sun if it makes his powers uncontrollable and they could hurt her.

After Zod and Faora are put back into the PZ (I’m surmising) and Superman is down to his ‘normal’ power levels, then maybe there will be time for introspection by both parties of the fauxmance.  Perhaps the example of Zod and Faora as a power couple could make the fauxmance realize, they could scare the hell out of the people/planet they have sworn to protect.  I doubt Clark is going to want  Superman considered something to be feared.  That’s totally not his thing.  There is going to have to come a time when they decide that any friendship they may have is more important than pursuing a romantic relationship.

Basically the romantic aspect of this story is being shown how it won’t work.  Soule seems to be doing that brick by brick of each character’s different views and raison d’etres.

It’s all a matter of time and how long DCE wants to drag this out.   Lois Lane wasn’t available for Greg Pak to write about in Action Comics.  (Typical douche move by editorial)  And Steve Trevor’s book will feature Diana in a couple of months.  So perhaps there is hope – but that’s been the dangling carrot all along, hasn’t it?

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Steve Trevor is giving me hope that true heroes exist

Did I give you whiplash? Relax, you’ll see where I’m going with this.

October, 2013 wasn’t just the beginning of the fauxmance book or a story arc about the Earth 3 Crime Syndicate invading New 52 (air/panel) space, but also the debut of Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. starring Steve Trevor.

Maybe we should ask Mr. Peabody and his boy, Sherman (yes, their comic book started this week, written by Sholly Fisch) if we can use the way back machine.  Back in October, 2010 during the editorial retreat, DCE wanted to get Superman in a love triangle.  So after removing the ‘marital detail’, they decided upon putting Superman and Wonder Woman together as a couple.  So who was the 3rd point?  Certainly not Lois Lane as she has been kicked to the curb and ‘pushed down too far’ in the new 52.  Clark no longer works at the Daily Planet anymore.  Nor does he write articles/blogposts for that matter.  But apparently he goes to the Smallville Diner in his Kryptonian armor.  Is it fancy dress?

As was hinted by Grant Morrison in Action #12, the Justice League is seen and someone mentions a new Camelot.  Anyone knowing that story would soon realize the part of King Arthur is being played by Steve Trevor.  Guinevere is Diana and the french jock is the Kryptonian.  Classic story where their world comes to an end because of betrayal of the salacious kind.

The fauxmance was announced on August 22, 2012 and was seen in panels in Justice League #12 on August 29, 2012.  Then next month (September), Wonder Woman #0 had this within her Who’s Who in the New 52:


Strange since Superman nor Clark Kent have ever even been mentioned in the Wonder Woman book, EVER!  There was no mention of Wonder Woman in Superman’s Who’s Who and she’s shown up in his namesake book.

Again, after the fauxmance media splash, readers were told that when the world found out about this ‘couple’ that dire things would happen.  We thought it would be in the Trinity War, but no.  Trinity War didn’t occur until well over a year after its preview in May, 2012, and then it was limited primarily to the three Justice League books.  So the fauxmance still hasn’t been found out by the public, at least not within the panels.   Oh, it’s been hinted at in the ubiquitous Channel 52, but no great disclosure within a story . . . yet.  Enter the fauxmance book and ARGUS.

According to Dan Didio, there are plans now to build up Lois Lane.  We’ve seen evidence of that with the Lois Lane: A Celebration of 75 years book and Lois’ solo one-shot in February, 2014.  She was also featured in Superman Annual #2.  But Lois was never part of the triangle.  (Maybe they did learn lessons from the Silver and Bronze Ages)  Oh, she couldn’t have a part in Clark’s life because that would make Superman and Wonder Woman look bad.  DCE always kills off Lois somehow to get those two together.  (see Lois die 6 times in the last 2 years)  It doesn’t really matter how hard DCE tries to separate the most successful couple in comics (that would be Clark and Lois), in the mind of the reader Lois’ presence is in every panel Clark/Superman is in.

Another encouraging sign is Lois has been resurrected by Tom Taylor in Earth 2, where she and Clark were MARRIED!  And Bruce and Selina were married, too.  Their daughter Helena is the Huntress.  Tom Taylor, author of Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, not only killed off Lois but Clark and Lois’ baby too.  Having Lois revived in Earth 2 is a bit of a redemption for him (at least in my eyes).

Back to the Camelot story and ARGUS.  In the first issue, we see Sterling Gates has made Diana an ambassador once again. YAY!


And then he brings the heat between these two characters:


 More than five years later, after being ‘dumped’ by Diana twice, Steve still thinks about her constantly.



What I like about Steve Trevor is his love for Diana is his motivation.  He truly is a King Arthur-type.  A warrior with a big heart and a deep love for one woman.  (That used to be Superman’s gig.)

Trevor is certainly better than this guy:

4 years ago in the story, Clark and Lois had major heat (brought to us by Diggle & Daniel) in Action 19 & Action 21


But Clark didn’t make a move, so Jonathan Carroll did.  In Superman #1, 2011 (present time), Clark was despondent that Lois was sleeping with her boyfriend of four years.  What the hell was he doing during that time?  Livin in fear, Clarkie?

Scott Lobdell gave us a few hints in Superman 14 (present time).  Clark has revamped the superdickery of the Silver Age to superdouchery in the new 52.



And he would have to, just as he did in the Silver and Bronze Ages.  Kept her at a distance but didn’t want anyone else to have her . .  . because he loved her, but didn’t have the guts to emotionally risk.   Some hero, huh.  Would you want a guy like that to have superpowers?

These panels take place after he’s snogged Diana.  Slightly hypocritical there, Clark?  She has been dating the guy for 4 years, not sitting on the Lincoln Memorial for 4 minutes.

Even the gods of Olympus know Steve’s the better guy:  (Fauxmance #2)


Yea, fauxmance, bad idea.  Moving on.

Steve Trevor doesn’t give up on Diana being alive in Issue 2 of Forever Evil: ARGUS.



Gates is tying in what happened in Justice League #12 (before the snog) to what’s happening now in the story.  The Graves case is what put this story into a tailspin.


That’s the President he’s talking to.


Even Etta Candy knows what motivates Steve Trevor!


(This reminds me of when Superman used to have a Lois Lane room in the Fortress of Solitude.)

So beneath ARGUS headquarters along with all the other rooms, there’s the Wonder Room.  Yep.   And Steve Trevor has jurisdiction over it.  He’s going in there to find out where Diana (and the Justice League) are.  Talking to more Greek peeps who know him.

While Superman is having his H’El (hell is right, hellish bad) arc where Krypton might have been destroyed or not.  Kon may have died or not.  (I don’t know what the point of the story was.  It’s meaningless . . . and boring.  It’s just so they can do another insipid crossover.  Filler.)  Steve Trevor is being the warrior he is.  Very human.  With a great love that burns in his heart.  A true hero.

Diana will be in Steve’s book (issue 4) or at least the solicits have said, but those change or disappear a lot in the new 52.  Things get swapped, dropped, and twisted — it must be their idea of dark, gritty, and edgy . . .or by any other name . . . disorganized.

Sterling Gates is giving us some good stuff in this book.  Actually the Forever Evil stuff makes more sense in this book than Johns’.  And Trevor’s and Diana’s relationship is being fleshed out more in these pages.  Diana is more than a ghost and that’s a good thing.   When Diana is in the book, she definitely is the Wonder Woman we know.  And when Steve thinks about her or does the things he does for her, we see her through his eyes.  He loves and respects her.  What a great way to explore her character.

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The Fauxmance: Corporate Icon Merger?


This panel is from the new 52 Action #9 by Grant Morrison.  Always the rebel, the Scotsman may have been giving us insight into corporate decisions and what they can do to beloved legendary characters.  Almighty dollar!

Back in late 2009, DC Comics began to change into DC Entertainment.   Paul Levitz was no longer President and Publisher and DC Comics was placed under the Warner Brother film division.  Diane Nelson was made President of DCE and President & Chief Content Officer of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) (Can you say Superman kills his wife & child in Injustice: Gods Among Us to make him evil?).  In early 2010, Dan Didio and Jim Lee became Co-Publishers of DC Entertainment.  In October, 2010 there was a editors/writers retreat where decisions were made about Superman for the new 52 reboot.  Marriage was out.  They found the boy scout difficult to write since he probably would not resonate with their perceived target audience (males 14 to 34 years old).  And why not have the Kryptonian in a love triangle?

Some ‘bean counter’ somewhere in Warner Brothers or DCE must have come up with the idea.  “Hey, let’s put two of our icons together, it’ll make double the money, right?”   Old Mother Hubbard Batman had enough problems with trying to make any changes in his story for the reboot.  He has so many children, DCE didn’t know what to do with them.  So they gave most of them books of their own while they buried others (mostly females).  So that left Wonder Woman with Superman.   I state it that way because of the Trinity of DC Icons, Wonder Woman sales are not as extensive as the other two.  And there was that failed television series everyone was counting on.  Since DC Entertainment now has their fingers in all the pies as far as their characters are concerned, perhaps they felt coupling Wonder Woman with Superman would raise her Q Score, especially with Man of Steel coming to fruition.  (A Q Score is a measurement of the familiarity and appeal of a brand, company, celebrity, or television show used in the United States.  Very big on the West Coast, like Hollywood & all that.)  Nelson has stated Wonder Woman’s mythology is complicated and problematic for film fare. (Utter tripe!  Xena Warrior Princess, anyone? a Wonder Woman knockoff)

So the idea of creating the fauxmance could have been just a simple merger of icons by the corporate types.  Anyone who truly understands the individual mythologies would know the romantic relationship wouldn’t work.  The popularity of the characters is based on their decades of stories and interactions within their own mythologies and supporting characters.  But someone in power without that understanding of the characters could force such an event to happen.  The problem with that is, it damages the individual characters involved.  So as fans, we get told, Superman is not himself.  He’s younger, cockier.  He’s not the boy scout (you might want to see).  His parents, who practically raised him from birth, died (when he was in his late teens).   He’s alienated and needs to fight constantly.  No secret identity needed.  Besides, he’s not the flagship anymore, Justice League is.  (Justice League movie is THE end game mindset for corporate . . . to hell with everything else.)

During the August, 2012 lightswitch big corporate media bomb by Jim Lee and Geoff Johns, when asked about Lois Lane, they said it wasn’t about Clark and Lois but the entire DC Universe.  What fan cares about the whole DC Universe?  None.  Corporations do.   It’s all about the money not character development!

Early on, corporate could see the fauxmance would not be an easy sell.  CBS Good Morning America completely rejected it and basically chastised Wonder Woman as the other woman (calling her a homewrecker).  While DCE allowed Diana to be touted as the sexy sidekick since she had been chasing Superman since 1988.  The new 52 reboot was barely a year old, and yet they mention to a reporter some kind of pseudo-history from Post Crisis?  With the mindset that all controversy is welcomed and all publicity whether damaging or otherwise is good for business, DCE forged ahead.  The fauxmance had been conceived nearly 2 years earlier and was now born – out of fear and loneliness.  Isn’t that what Superman and Wonder Woman have always been about?  Fear.  Loneliness.  Not hope or honor or truth or justice or freedom.

If Brian Azzarello hadn’t pitched for Woman Woman immediately after hearing what DCE had planned for her in the new 52 (probably Superman’s girlfriend and only that), Diana would not have her mythological world explored.  Brian seems to have made a deal.  No fauxmance in his book.  Orion was pitched early on for the Amazon princess and we see that relationship developing.  The time table has been dicey since they had a ‘crossover’ in the Superman book with Diana and Orion, but Wonder Woman was supposed to go to Apokolips last Spring.   The new 52 is an enigma unto itself.

For almost a year, previous to the corporate icon merger announcement, Superman fans experienced a Clark wishing things could be different after knowing Lois for five years.  Lois got shoved behind a desk as a producer, but eventually she was made a reporter again.  But Clark left the Daily Planet to become a blogger because he didn’t like the infotainment he thought Lois was cranking out over the airwaves.  And also the fact that she was moving in with her boyfriend of nearly four years.  The four or five previous years of story has been few and far between.  Wouldn’t it show why Superman is the way he is at the moment?  Well, yes, it would, but they’re doing the fauxmance right now.  DCE probably doesn’t want readers to react like the GMA folks did.  So Superman is rarely Clark Kent.  He’s not connected to the Daily Planet anymore.  He’s got no connection to Lois Lane (except they have red-hot chemistry if they ever are in a panel together).  So he battles aliens or monsters in space or underground.  OR, he is in a multiple timeline story with psionic or head/emotion raping villains who create alternate realities.  The days of making Superman/Clark Kent relevant to our world are gone.  He’s got a fauxmance to be in.  And everything is evil now in the new 52.  Okay, so it’s been evil from the get-go, but now it’s being advertised as Forever Evil.

Diana being a wonder and Clark being a super may appear to be a match made in corporate nirvana, but it isn’t.  It’s pretty bland stuff unless you toss in some heavy hentai so the fanboys can whack off.  DCE hasn’t seemed to be willing to go there yet.  Especially since they found out their readership was 98% loyal or returning readers and only 2% new readers.  What they haven’t admitted yet is that their female readership is not only 7% but actually well above 20%.   Those numbers don’t jive with their perceived target audience and so DCE has done some snail’s pace scrambling.

Two of the biggest icons DCE have are in a ‘team book’.  The fauxmance, DCE’s great idea to raise Wonder Woman’s awareness isn’t exactly a success.  A number 1 issue of most new books, but especially decades old characters, usually sells above 100,000 prints.   There are people who buy #1’s for the novelty or perhaps for the perceived investment of owning a #1.  But the fauxmance (as it will be called until it actually becomes a team book) only had not quite 95,000 orders.  A #2 issue usually sees those numbers fall dramatically.   For example, Scott Snyder’s Superman Unchained’s sophomore issue was a drop of 34% in orders.  But every time that book is published, it is #1 on the Diamond Distributor monthly chart.  Seeing the fauxmance book drop to 62,700 for its second issue would not be unusual.    The key is to find the leveling off point.  How many consistent, loyal readers does it have?

The new 52 reboot is being touted as a success, but unfortunately for Superman his namesake book and Action Comics (the one that started it all 75 years ago) have fallen below the 40,000 mark.  Quoted as being a sink or save line for a book, ESPECIALLY one of the big 3 at DCE.  Obviously the battling alien with a wonder of a girlfriend isn’t working especially when Clark Kent is person non gratis.   There is no more triangle for two – the most unique (and highly successful) love story in fiction.  Pretty much gone is the dual identity for the alienated Kryptonian who could hurt humans at any moment.   So what does DCE do?  Double down on the fauxmance.

Since April, 2013, Superman fans were awaiting DCE’s great plans for Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s 75th anniversary.  Since Scott Snyder decided he wanted to do a Superman story, he went to Dan Didio who referred him to Jim Lee.  (Don’t get me started on what characters the West Coast has control of, I think it’s obvious)  If Snyder hadn’t done that, there would be no Superman Unchained to ‘celebrate’ the 75th anniversary.  Unchained is not exactly within the new 52 ‘continuity’ and that is evident as Lois Lane is key to the story.  We actually see Superman’s supporting characters developed.  No restraints.  The fauxmance doesn’t exist in this book.  Sadly, Snyder is only in for nine issues which may end in April, 2014.   When fans are given Superman mythology they recognize, it sells and sells well.

Jim Lee made an ‘off the cuff’ remark to a question about Lois Lane being on a cover of Unchained.  He asked the fan if she thought a Lois Lane cover would sell.  She stated she did and would buy several.  (<– see money!)  He then said that they had considered putting Lois on a cover with Jimmy and Perry.   Big hint:  NEVER PISS OFF A LOIS LANE FAN!  Like their fav character, they can turn into very effective ball busters in a split second.

Hearing that Lois Lane’s 75th anniversary was about to be ignored, a twitter campaign was scheduled.  Lois Lane fans from all over the world participated including actresses who had portrayed her in film and television as well as comic creators who had written and drawn her.  A whopping success #LoisLane75yrs trended for hours.   Soon after, fans saw not just 1 but 4 Unchained #1 covers having Lois Lane on them.  Then Lois Lane: A Celebration of 75 Years was announced, to be released along side her soulmate’s anniversary book on November 27, 2013.   Apparently DCE ‘caved’ to Lois fans or more likely they saw despite what corporate thought about the character, there was money to be made.

Superman fans who have been clamoring for more Clark and Lois in the books will only get half that, but that’s what they’ve been getting for almost 5 years now (looking at you, WONK).   Superman: Lois Lane #1, a one-shot, will be published in February, 2014.   Written by Marguerite Bennett with art by Emanuela Lupacchino.   This doesn’t mean Lois fans are going to rest and wait.  We want the true Superman mythology, and all that entails, well established in the new 52.  Meaning, a Lois Lane series of her own or Lois playing the key role in Superman and Clark Kent’s life.  Sooner rather than later.

Despite what corporate may want, it’s what sells that counts.  And isn’t that what it’s all about?  Getting the story and characters right.  Making the fans ravenous for more so they’ll spend their money.  Is it so hard to write Superman, Clark Kent, Lois Lane in a great story?  It was possible in Action #1, 1938.  Scott Snyder has proven it’s possible in Superman Unchained.  Digital firsts like Smallville Season 11 and Adventures of Superman show on a weekly basis, it’s more than possible.   Creators have left the DCE because they couldn’t write the story first, not without someone standing over their shoulder wondering how it would look on film.  Some have even left because of the push for the fauxmance.

Grant Morrison left DCE stating he was done with writing superheroes (and perhaps, the corporations who legally own them).  He authored 19 issues of the new 52 Action Comics.  And how did he end that run?   With Clark Kent dressed in his Kryptonian armor petting Krypto while talking on the phone with Lois Lane.

DCE needs to get their heads out of their asses about Wonder Woman.  Bryan Q. Miller in his recent Smallville S11 episode, OLYMPUS, was more than able to present both Superman’s and Wonder Woman’s mythologies beautifully.  He writes comics AND was a television writer on SMALLVILLE (also did an episode for ARROW).   Hello!  Got talented, creative people with proven records!  Not rocket science!

Also the new 52 Superman needs to grow up.  His immaturity on so many levels is repelling fans.  He’s down right spiteful at times!  Where is his heart?  Where is his love of humanity?  Did the Kents have any effect on him at all?  Or must he continue to be the battling Kryptonian Eeyore?

Right now in the new 52, the neverending story is . . . a one-dimensional yawner strapped in a straitjacket by corporate, who wants to make a film before the story is finished.

Happy frickin days!

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Shaking My Head . . .(yep, taking on the fauxmance)

You knew this was coming.  (and you know me, I’m all about the spoilers, be warned)

I honestly think Charles Soule is a good writer.  BUT, he’s assigned a very bad idea with the fauxmance.

In the comic that shall not be named, Cat Grant is billed as Superman’s supporting cast.  Not Lois, not even Jimmy, but Cat.  Clark’s partner in his blog; which he never seems to write for while she writes infortainment.  You remember infotainment, the reason Clark left the DP.  He even fries competitor’s tablets so Cat can get an infotainment exclusive to keep their blog solvent.  Gotta pay the rent, y’know.  Was that the right thing to do?  A Superman thing to do?

We’re only 2 issues in — Cat has the story of a lifetime sitting on her desk.  Mailed by a mysterious anonymous person, naturally.  It’s a scoop about the fauxmance.  Clark has proven time and again in only 2 issues, he wants to keep this relationship secret.  Diana thinks he’s ashamed of it.  Smart girl.

Back on August 22, 2012, during the fauxmance dog and pony show, it was said that when people found out about the fauxmance, it would mean the destruction of the DC Universe.  (If only!)   Booster Gold seemed to think so before he disappeared twice in the Justice League International Annual.  What ever happened to that?  DC is dragging this crap out forever!  Paint dries faster than this tripe.

So we have a handhold (no fingers intertwined) here, a hand on the S-shield there, but no snogging so far in Soule’s book.  Which is great.  Thank you!  Clark thinks Diana is a little bit strange (and thinks Lois is the most amazing woman he’s met).  Yet he’s ‘dating’ the Amazon.  Oh yea, I forgot, Clark and Diana are bigots now when it comes to humans.  Mere homo sapiens can be physically hurt.  While supers and wonders are emotional cowards.  Getting their hearts hurt because they care for/love the fragile humans is horrifying.  Not exactly heroic behavior or thinking.   Oh, they care about humanity in a general overview type of perspective apparently.  It’s just getting into the trenches with a human scares the shit out of them.  These are the new 52 heroes.  They pale in comparison to  . . . any other incarnation.

Clark will not give up his need for secrecy.  He doesn’t want his relationship with Diana made public.  But Cat has that mail sitting on her desk.  Which will take 3 issues for her to find.  (And apparently she’s not worried about the rent.)  I know she’s insipid but  . . . glaciers move faster than that.    Oh the irony (said with sarcasm)  Clark’s blog will have the hot scoop about the fauxmance and will announce it to the world.

Gee, will we get to see the DC Universe implode?  I’ve been waiting for that to happen since the new 52 rebooted.  What am I saying?  Before WONK!

So Doomsday showed up in issue 2 (err, the end of 1).  Not the corporate superdoomsday guy Superman fought in Morrison’s run.  Of course not.  Things happen and then don’t happen in the new 52.  They’re going after new readers and continuity confuses them – so they have to change the story in every single issue!  And all this at a snail’s pace.  (Reading comprehension is a thing of the past apparently.)

Diana fought Doomsday quite valiantly and to her credit doesn’t think much of him because she has fought many a monster.  But realizes Clark believes Doomsday means ultimate death.  So she takes her ‘boyfriend’ to Haephestus so he can make Clark a suit of armor.  Yes, that’s right, a supernatural suit of armor for our Kryptonian hero who’s allergic to magic.  (pregnant pause)  I’m afraid to roll my eyes because they’ll stay that way.

So Apollo and Strife show up (yea only 2 gods show up, not the whole fam-damily) . . . Diana snogged Apollo on her #12 cover while swapping spit with Superman on the Justice League #12 cover.  (Said cover was a Jim Lee redux of one of his For Tomorrow married Superman and Lois panels)  Apollo makes some snide comments on Diana’s dating habits (compares them to her father’s Zeus’ many paramours) and then calls Clark a creature.  At least Steve Trevor was a warrior and human.  So the slapdowns begin.  And now Strife is fangirling over Clark.  That can’t be a good thing.  I think Clark has enough strife in his life, if you know what I mean.

Then . . .Zoddie shows up at the end of issue 2.

According to the solicits (which have been totally unrealiable because TPTB change shit every chance they get) , in issue 3, Zod has just escaped from the PZ (apparently Doomsy was snatched back into the PZ) and starts giving the power twins a hard time — while, wait for it, Cat finally opens her mail!  Dun dun Da!

Issue 4 has the fauxmance’s ‘secret’ out’d while Zoddie tries to get Faora out of the PZ.  Apparently snatching Doomsy back into the PZ is easier than getting Faora out of the PZ.  I could discuss one way holes but then that would take it somewhere . . . let’s just leave that alone, shall we?  Zoddie is slowing down in his old age & apparently needs to wait for his MOS-pop culture partner to join him.  Cashing in on MOS’s Faora’s popularity is really a low blow.  Everything plus the kitchen sink to get this ship to sale apparently — except for Lois, of course.   Faora shows up in #5 to interrupt the fauxmance.  I knew I like that character for a reason.

Lois Lane is a powerful force, don’t every forget that.  Her status in the Superman mythology is formidable and irrefutable.  That’s why DC Entertainment has taken the last 2+ years to push her aside for this farce of a relationship.  They just can’t handle the power of Lois Lane.  Lois will blow this pathetic storyline all to hell.  She’s not mentioned but she’s always there.  You can tell in Clark’s reactions.  Soule does a good job in keeping the ghost of Lois ever present.  Clark’s farm boy is un-nerved by the Amazon princess, now God of War demi-goddess.  But Clark Kent is more under-developed than Lois Lane in the new 52.  That’s on purpose.  Superman must be a battling alien and only a battling alien . . . for the fauxmance.

And that’s why Superman and Action orders have fallen below the 40K mark – there is no Clark Kent, journalist or blogger in the story.  Ergo, there is no Lois Lane needed either.  Superman battles aliens from outer space and beneath the Earth’s crust.  That’s all we’ll get so he can snog with Wonder Woman.   Oh, I forgot.  Lana is visiting in Action now, written by Greg Pak for at least 4 more issues.  But don’t worry, Pak seems to think Lana is the Lois we deserve.

There’s a two year plan, but don’t count on reading anything remotely like the previous Superman incarnations.  (Lobdell said Superman would be different in 2014 — different better?  or more of the same Lobdell crap we’ve been getting “different”?)  Be satisfied with Superman battling aliens just like he did before the new 52 for at least 3 years.  Even though he was married to Lois, he was taken out of his own books and wasn’t allowed to think upon Earthly things like his wife.  His books fell well below 40K back then.

What has the new 52 done for Superman?  Especially in the year of his 75th anniversary?  Oh, he has 2.5 books now.  Wow!  How many does Batman have?  (not even counting the Batman family books)   And why does the new 52 have to cash in on the MOS characters?  Because they can’t develop Superman or his other characters worth a damn.  (Please don’t get me started on Scott Lobdell’s “I’m so clever” interviews which are basically “I do what Bob Harras tells me” while his stories sometimes have good beats but suck in execution . . . and often editing.)

If Scott Snyder hadn’t gone to Dan Didio, then Jim Lee (why that turn of events?) with the Superman story he wanted to tell, then Superman would never have Unchained to celebrate his 75th anniversary.  If fans hadn’t tore up Twitter about Lois’ 75th anniversary, then they wouldn’t have gotten the hard cover graphic novel this November.   And even more voicing of the need for Lois gave us Superman: Lois Lane #1 in February, 2014.

Don’t think Lois Lane fans are going to stop or go away.  We love the Superman mythology and want to see it on the page and panel.  Lois is the key.  And without her, DC Entertainment is leaving money on the table.  No other character can replace Lois Lane within the Superman mythology.  Learn it, know it, live it.

Get wise, DC.   This very bad idea must end (better immediately rather than later).  Or Superman (or Action) will never see above 40K orders again.

Lois Lane can save Superman . . . once again.

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(the title – think Steve Martin)

So it’s been a while . .  .

Superman’s story still seems to be a jumble in the new 52.  It’s never been constructed, more like chimps tossing caca against their cage & laughing hysterically at how clever they are.

Scott Snyder’s Superman Unchained is the exception but it’s not truly in new 52 continuity.  It is very much the Superman mythology we know except Clark’s wearing Kryptonian armor (with a collar to look more majestic (Jim Lee is drawing)) and he’s blogging instead of being a reporter for the Daily Planet.  This week we found out that Snyder may not be on the book very long.  This was a story he wanted to tell if he only got the chance to tell one Superman story.  We thank him for that.  At least we have this story which totally GETS what Superman means to people, who he is as a character, and how he relates to Earth being an alien raised in Kansas.

Plus there’s the added bonus, Snyder has said he will not be addressing the fauxmance in his book.  Thank you!

The timeline from what we’ve been privy to at this time – Superman Unchained #3 in August, skips September for Villains month, and then there will be six more issues, running from October to March.  The Forever Evil DCE wide story arc runs during this time period also.  Coincidence?  Perhaps not.  What do you follow with after the villains have taken over especially in superhero books?  The heroes win.  Forever is about six months in comic books.

Some real surprises this week from strange sources:  Superman Annual #2 by Scott Lobdell and Injustice: Gods Amongst Us #30 by Tom Taylor.  Lobdell wrote a solid story about Lois Lane investigating and the narration boxes were from her point of view.  Yes, I’m waiting for you to digest that.  Proof positive, he can actually write or he may have been influenced by Superman vet, artist and writer Dan Jurgens who gave us some stunning Superman and Lois scenes.  Lois is dying (of course she is since DCE has only killed her off five time previously in their universe) and she is now involved in the Psi War arc besides being Jon and Kon’s mom.  She is now one of the 20.  Yea, Lobdell has a fascination with these number stories.

Taylor redeemed himself in I:GAU #30 by writing the Superman we all know and love.  Unfortunately, fans are very well aware that both of these writers will go back to giving us the crap we refuse to buy because that’s what the DCE is all about.

Case in point:  Didio said at the Boston Comic Con that he didn’t want to bring back fan favorite characters unless it’s done naturally.  (Yea, light switch the freaking fauxmance and shove it down our throats, hypocrite.)  This was an answer to a Stephanie Brown question.  Yes, I hear the resounding, “ohhhhh” across the cognitive airwaves.  So I guess Stephanie Brown is a mushroom now, cause she hasn’t seen the light of day for two years and the new 52 is basically shit – so yea, in order to have her grow naturally, somebody is going to have to go into a cave (obviously) and pluck her into existence!

BTW, if you’re ever in the presence of Dan Didio – just say the word ICON and see if he flinches.  Make sure you say it as if you’re not calling him an icon.  Because he’s not.  He’s expendable.  Icons are not expendable.

Recently I realized Action Comics has not mentioned the fauxmance even when Lobdell is writing it.  I’m wondering if it ever will.  After Lobdell’s run (23 & 24), Greg Pak takes over and he’s writing young new 52 Superman (the Bruce Springsteen blue jeaned guy).  This happens while Lobdell takes Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy back to Krypton with H’El.

Lobdell has said he’s writing something that’s never been done before at any of the publishing houses.  So my guess is – he’s going to write the Supers out of existence – it is Forever Evil after all.  I say this because in a recent interview, he talked about using Parasite to suck the energy (psionic) out of Lois Lane (Superman Annual 2).   Could part of Lobdell’s story be how the humans manage without their ‘saviors’ during Forever Evil?  If we see how badass Lois Lane is without a Superman to save her, will the Silver Age be washed from people’s minds?  Hope so.  This super douchery the new 52 Superman has been doing is irritating as hell – especially in this day and age.

Plus, Lobdell is the one who made Lois Jon’s mother and Kon’s mother x 2.  Superboy 22 was to have the boys duking it out, but that story was skipped (along with the solicit and cover).  Justin Jordan walked away from Superboy so maybe he didn’t want to write a book that wasn’t about the character especially if the character was written out of existence?

Dallying in some wishful thinking here . . . so Lois (or her connection) may be the key to getting the Supers back.  She has psionic powers now – and we do know that Harvest went back in time to get samples of Superman’s and Lois’ DNA for Jon (or was it Kon?) – what if he got the Lois sample during this time period?  That would explain Kon’s psionic powers.  In Superboy 22, Kon was supposed to feel a connection to Lois Lane, but we didn’t get to see that part of the story.  Maybe saved for another time? Also, in one of the JL books, Superman has a hissy fit when he finds out Doctor Psycho was in Kahndaq – previously Doctor Psycho and Superboy had teamed up in his book.

The fauxmance book begins in October the same time as the Forever Evil arc starts.  Coincidence?  Nahhh.  During SDCC this year, the romance was majorly down played and it was said it was going to be all action since apparently the power twins get cockblocked by the evil villains.  Ahhh, poor babies.  (bwahahahahahahahaha)   BUT Tony Daniel apparently didn’t get the memo for the Boston Comic Con and he said they were ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ – that’s the reason they’re together, right?  That’s what the whole match (dot) com thing said – it was all about their eugenics and how they never would give a human a passing glance.  Humans aren’t worthy.  August 22nd, 2012 will be burned in my brain forever as the beginning of the viral perversion of Superman and his mythos.  Way to celebrate the 75th anniversary, asswipes.

I still think it’s Didio’s way of knocking out the Superman and Wonder Woman mythologies so his precious Batman can reign supreme.  Destroy the other parts of the Trinity and leave Batman to rule the DCU.  Watch his master plan unfold, minions.  (Maybe we should start calling him, Iconkiller)

So what will be happening in Action during Forever Evil, Pak (as I mentioned before) is returning to the early days of Superman in Metropolis.  (At least one issue will be crossover for Batman Zero Year – Batman must infiltrate everything, don’t ya know)  Could he be laying a foundation for the 4 to 5 year gap?  Greg keeps hinting at exploring Superman’s relationship to one of his cast members.  Wishful thinking again – what if it IS Lois?  With Superman back in Krypton in the Superbooks, then exploring his connection to Lois just makes sense.  Now, I know the fauxmance book starts just before this but that cannot last forever especially if they’re downplaying the hentai aspect.   Is this when we see the buildup of Superman, Lois Lane, and the true mythology?   Not expecting a damn thing because the DCE has ripped my heart out and stomped it too many times already – and that is not conducive for me spending money on them – I’m not a masochist or stupid.

I’m truly dreading this evilness taking over comic books (both off panel and on).   Even Adventures of Superman (which you SHOULD be reading) gave us a preview of how evil works in AOS #15.   It was a well constructed story.  But I don’t like feeling that way after reading a comic book, especially a superhero comic book.  Yes, HERO!  Meaning good, defeating evil, etc.  Great thing about AOS, lots of one shots in these weekly chapters.  BUY IT!

Smallville Season 11 has always been an oasis for Superman fans.  Superman done right.  The only time we got an inkling of it being ‘damaged’ by the East Coast authority —  Didio threw a tantrum about Bryan Q. Miller using Stephanie Brown (he wrote Batgirl with Stephanie previous to the new 52) – trashing Bryan in an interview when it was obvious West Coast had approved it.  But Didio absolutely despises the character, poor little mushroom.   So a hair color and name change later – we got Barbara Gordon – or as we fondly call her, StephBabs.  She’s an icon!  *snicker*

To continue, Bryan is currently writing an episode called OLYMPUS featuring Diana and Steve Trevor.  If you want to read how a story stays true to both the Superman and the Wonder Woman mythologies, then this is the book for you.  It’s a digital-first so it’s in weekly chapters.  We even get Clark Kent reporting.  *fans reader after they faint*  Compilation prints come out 2nd week of the month now.

Some have suggested since Miller has a comic book and television show background, he should be writing a Wonder Woman television series.  (But he can’t give up Smallville Season ## — THAT would be totally douche.)

So while the new 52 (except Unchained) goes to hell (H’El) literally, we still have Superman Unchained (except in September), Adventures of Superman, Smallville Season 11 – and we’ll keep an eye on Batman/Superman and Action Comics.  But the fauxmance (that which shall not be named) book is ipecac to me.  I see that shit and I puke!  Not a masochist . . . or a bulimic.

Is there hope?  Pockets of it, yes.  Will we see a brighter future for Superman stories – time will tell.  It’s all in the execution and whether or not the prevailing mindset remains in tearing down heroes’ mythologies, inner cores, and what has kept them popular for over seven decades.  MAYBE March will be the turning point.  But then it’s DCE/DC Comics – undermining icons since 2011, err. . . 2002.

A word regarding Brian Azzarello:  Recently at Boston Con, he appeared not ‘happy’ about Didio presiding over the DCU panel.  Brian, as you may recall, found out what DCE/Didio was going to do with Wonder Woman in the new 52.  (Can you say arm appendage for Superman? – which makes him look douche, too.)  What he heard made him realize it would destroy the character so on the spot he made a pitch for the Amazon.  Superman does not appear in the Wonder Woman book – as Brian does not see that relationship (fauxmance) the same way DCE does.  Didio obviously is very well aware of it since Brian pitched his idea & never included Superman.  So why the smarmy cover-over at Boston Con?  There was no subtext, Didio, Azzarello was pretty direct.  He doesn’t like the fauxmance – and guess why, because he knows like Johns knows, what it does to the characters.  That’s right, Didio, the characters – and it’s worse for the icons and their mythologies.   Except Batman gets to keep everything, right? – and probably will after Didio is done with the rest of the Trinity.

So kudos to Azzarello!  Stay just the way you are.

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Confessions of a Superman Fan . . .

As a Superman fan, what am I afraid of? 

I fear we will never see the Lois and Clark romance in the new 52.  DC Entertainment has literally left out 5 years of story about this mythic couple.  For what?  So Superman can boff Wonder Woman? 

It’s like getting one of those alerts when your television goes blank.  Due to technical difficulties . . .  yea, like DC Entertainment has no heart or soul.  A mere technicality, right?  And they won’t allow Superman to have any heart or soul either.  It’s all physical and super with none of what truly is Superman’s strength. 

How long are they going to continue this battling alien and ONLY this battling alien crap? 

Does DC Entertainment think that I’ll start liking Wonder Woman because she’s screwing Superman?  Uh, sorry.  I hate her for that.  Before she was a non-entity to me, now I seeth every time I see a picture of her.  Oh don’t worry.   I instantly hit purple rage when I see or hear Didio, Lee, Harras, Johns, etc spout their bullshit.  I am fair. 

Sorry, dudes, but I’m not going to like Wonder Woman because .  .  . I’ve never really thought much of her.  She’s not dating Steve Trevor – I did enjoy her when she was in Justice League and seeing that relationship start to unfold, however temporarily it lasted.  I admit part of that was because if she was with Trevor, she couldn’t be with Superman.  I’ve read that story about her wanting to be with married Superman and marrying him in an alternate reality (while in continuity) and having his kid while he pined for Lois.  That was so total bullshit.  First of all Diana would have more honor and dignity than to do that. 

Seems like neither Superman or Diana have dignity anymore.  They aren’t true to themselves let alone to anyone else.  Aren’t superheroes supposed to be better than us?  Have a few more scruples?  I mean, I know the Batman boys would love to be a billionaire who kicks ass and screws anyone he wishes, but I expect better than that from Superman and Wonder Woman.  Clark works from his heart first and to have him totally not acknowledge what it is telling him – especially when he was working with Lois Lane for five years is intrinsically wrong on so many levels.  The same goes for Diana.

Now we find out that Diana and Steve . . . “totally did it” according to tweets by Charles Soule.  Too bad the readers never got to see that ‘sexual detail’ (riff off of marital detail used by Jim Lee to get rid of the Kent marriage during their infamous editorial retreat in October, 2010).

This is what bothers me.  What readers will see first (even though it all may have happened after something in the past five years) is Diana and Clark getting it on in the sky, in the bed, wherever.   We’ve already seen them kiss multiple times and so has the mass media with variant covers and a statue.   

Is it all to get Wonder Woman more exposure so they can do a film about her?  Drive up interest in the character?  Does DC Entertainment have so little faith in the character?  Superman is a hot commodity with his new film so pairing him up with Wonder Woman (especially since DCE knew about the time table of the film) would raise her Q rating?  I think Lee and Didio need to take another look at the August 22nd, 2012 announcement of the kiss on CBS – Wonder Woman did not fare well.  She was called a homewrecker and a sexy sidekick.  The entire news panel rejected the idea of a Superman and Wonder Woman hookup!  People were literally throwing their arms up as if bracing themselves for an attack. 

This is DCE’s strategy to get new readers?  Controversy doesn’t bring in new readers.  Sorry, it just pisses off the people who do read and buy DC Comics.

When are we going to see Clark and Lois kiss?  That’s the romance I want to see.   It’s a pillar of Superman’s mythology and without it, he is not Superman.   Did DCE think we wouldn’t notice that not only has Lois been kicked to the curb, but Clark Kent, journalist has as well. 

Jim Lee was asked what he liked about drawing Superman.  He said wreckage and destruction.  Is that what the co-pub thinks of Superman?  Just a machine that destroys? 

The alienation of Superman continues probably because Lee and Didio think Clark Kent’s humanity is boring.   He must be super all the time.  And if he does have downtime then it should be with another super being like Lee’s Mister Majestic and Zealot partnership.   Lee has stated that he created that character because he thought it was ridiculous that Superman did not use his powers to their fullest extent.  So he created Majestic without Clark’s moral core.   Superman is wearing Majestic’s collar now and is dating a super being like Lee’s predecessor. 

I have been informed the reason people liked Majestic was because he WASN’T Superman.  But I don’t think that has stopped Lee from bringing Mr. Majestic to new 52 readers in Kryptonian armor and with a super girlfriend.   More destruction and less humanity.  Not truly Superman.

With the screwed up timeline of only seeing what has taken place 4 (for 3 issues by Diggle who left) or 5 years after Action #1, readers will think that Clark and Lois never clicked.  That they just ignored each other.  Didn’t have chemistry.  Diana will be shown doing all the Lois things ‘first’ with Clark.  This grieves me.  It sickens me.  Do Didio and Lee hate Lois Lane that much that they would sully one of the epic love stories in comics/modern fiction? 

Apparently so.

Also glaringly evident, Didio and Lee think that 18 to 34 year old males are turned off by romance between Superman and Lois Lane.  Or maybe they think they should be?  Is that why they are putting Superman and Wonder Woman between the sheets before we even get to Clark and Lois hold hands?  

According to Charles Soule, we’re going to see pillow talk as well as battling in his new book between the two super beings.  We’ll actually see that relationship progress.

Meanwhile, we have been told Clark and Lois are best friends.  We have not seen that progress or even be developed.  Why?  So Diana can easily replace Lois in the minds of new readers?   One woman is as good as another, right?  Well, perhaps not if Lee and Didio are of the Larry Niven persuasion.   I doubt those two are afraid Lois would die from super sex since they have no qualms about letting her die numerous times in the past two years. 

Getting rid of Lois from Superman mythology seems to be the name of the game.  Oh, she’s been around over five years supposedly, but what readers will get to see is Diana did it first.  She’s the one Superman had the great relationship with, who he confided in, who he’s best friends with – all because Didio and Lee wanted Superman not to relate to humans and be a battling alien all the time. 

Not Superman.

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For those of you have been losing sleep not knowing when the ‘exciting first epic event of the new 52’ ;P  [sarcasm] was going to come into existence.  Get some shuteye before it begins in July in Justice League #22.  The Trinity War will be in the July and August issues of Justice League, Justice League Dark and Justice League of America.  Just as some of us thought it would involve.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already gotten your Action #19 issue drop everything and go get it. [not scarcasm]  Andy Diggle   delivers more heat and passion in this one issue than all the other Superman issues EVER in the new 52.  Tony Daniel delivers panels that make you want to stare at them through the Trinity War — and we probably will.  Diggle plotted issues #20 and #21 and Daniel will be scripting and pencilling those.  THIS is the best Superman in the new 52.

Diggle left for professional reasons.  We highly suspect the promise at the NC summit was immediately broken by Dan Didio and Diane Nelson and there was editorial interference on a green-lighted story arc.  Diggle had at least 2 independent books and a high profile magazine (Doctor Who) he was doing at the same time as Action.  Rewriting or constant corporate creative nitpicking would be detrimental to his time and energy.  I think so much more of him for standing up for his career and reputation.  He’s very talented and it is great loss for Superman fans.  Sometimes you just have to take a stand against the chaos.

And what does this mean for other talented creators when they are offered work at DC Entertainment?  There was a rumor that a very popular team was available for work (guaranteed sales) but was turned down by DCE.   What the hell is going on at DC Entertainment?  Is this a business or an evil empire?  Some believe that only one of the co-pubs is running the show and the other lets him have his way.  We have seen examples of this with the West Coast approving a character in a book and the East Coast throwing a temper tantrum when finding out at the last minute this character was going to be used.  The creator on the book was chewed up and spit out in an interview.  It is well known that the character in question is not ‘liked’ (to put it mildly) by the co-pub.  Sad thing is there are a lot of characters this co-pub doesn’t like or understand.  He has been known to lie about iconic characters and their history.

But a thug is only as dangerous as the people who let him get away with it.  There are two co-pubs, but the power plays behind the scenes seem to be as epic as the superheroes’ dilemmas in the books.  Maybe we should just get popcorn and watch them play out.  Unfortunately for us, we love these characters but their caretakers are neglecting and abusing them and their mythologies which makes fans miserable and unwilling to part with their money.  If the chaos behind the scenes is reflected in the books — and it is, much to everyone’s dismay — then Warner Brothers needs to examine DC Entertainment and what needs to be done to TRULY fix the situation.

At WonderCon when asked about a Lois Lane cover to celebrate her 75 years of existence, Jim Lee wondered if it would sell.  He said they couldn’t put her on a cover with Superman since they were pushing the Superman/Wonder Woman ‘romance.’  REALLY?  Lois Lane has been around 75 years just like Superman and Clark Kent.  Batman is not 75 years old and Wonder Woman is not 75 years old.  The fauxmance is just a blip on the radar and yet DC Entertainment is allowing it to DENY Lois Lane’s relevance in the Superman/Clark’s mythology and her own 75th anniversary.  These celebrations don’t happen every day or even every year.   GIVE LOIS LANE THE RECOGNITION SHE MORE THAN DESERVES!  The new 52 craptastic bullship be damned.  If Lex Luthor, a character who is NOT celebrating 75 years of existence, can get a variant cover — then give Lois Lane one by herself.  Otherwise it really puts DC Entertainment in a bad light (okay, STILL  in a bad light) when they say they have the best characters in all comicdom.  They just don’t give them the love and respect they deserve even on their 75th anniversary.

Jim Lee plays dual roles as co-pub and artist and in interviews he switches hats rather quickly between questions and during answers.  He HAS to be asked about Lois Lane before he freely talks about her.  As artist on Superman Unchained, he only says Lois is Lois.  But as co-pub (the Unchained part of the title he could explain it’s meaning but never has) he makes the point that Clark & Lois’ relationship is not romantic.  BUT Scott Snyder, the writer, speaks of the sexual and romantic tension between the comics’ most famous lovers as well as the admiration and respect.  If their collaboration has been so close, if Lee is really conveying the emotions that Snyder is writing, then which is it?  Romance or not?  As co-pub Lee has to support their decision to push the fauxmance — a decision created at an editorial (later changed to writers) retreat in October, 2010,– will the Trinity War release the co-pub from the ties that bind him from that meeting?   Poor decisions and poor execution should initiate a change of course in either plotting or character development.  Readers of the new 52 can’t even say it’s been ‘full speed ahead’ — it’s been a endlessly meandering for 19 months and we were wondering if the Trinity War would ever come to fruition until the announcement today.

Of course, there will be consequences from the Trinity War — you may hang your head and moan now.  With the behind the scenes chaos, lies and broken promises, can readers expect stories and character development to improve?  Should there be that continuous expectation or should there be a revolt and an abandonment until DC Entertainment gets fixed?

All this pain and suffering Superman fans have gone through — will it be somewhat worth it after the Trinity War?  Will destroying two-thirds of the Superman mythology in the initial stories of the new 52 be worth what we might get during and after the Trinity War?  That’s highly doubtful.  Will the Trinity War be a spectacular event or a fizzle?  Will fans feel more betrayed if they tried to withstand the mangling of their beloved characters and it was all for naught?  The NEW 52 lost it’s sheen a long time ago for many fans.  But DCE can’t call it 52 because that was already done — and Didio thought Countdown was a better version of that.  And they can’t call it Old 52 because how would the mysterious elusive new readers relate to that?  So it will always be the NEW 52.  An excuse for more poor delivery and chaotic characterization.  Another slap in the face to loyal readers or what’s left of them.

Diggle’s Action 19 gave us some hope that things were turning around for the Man of Steel.  By going back one year before Superman #1 and four years after Morrison’s Action #18, we saw a well balanced Clark Kent who tried to do the right thing for the moment and the bigger picture.  He wasn’t a wise ass.  He related to humans just fine, particularly Lois Lane and he took care of business wearing the Kryptonian armor.  Now that Diggle has left and Tony Daniel will write from his plots, perhaps we will only have two more issues of a Superman we more than recognized and want to embrace.

Scott Lobdell has basically taken over the Superman and Action books including Superboy #19.  Lois seems to be involved in those stories — but his timeline, complete with the fauxmance, and how much he can give us of the supposedly one year younger Superman we loved is hard to predict.  We know he has to do what his editors say he has to.  And by passing all those books to him in the new few months shows he is editorial’s go-to guy.  Reward for obedience.

Superman is an icon for generations, not to be made into a better widget by the corporate power grabbers.  Widgets don’t sell.  Living, breathing, inspiring Superman does.

Get a clue, DC Entertainment!

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