. .  . and we all know those are usually not as good as the original.


Remakes are done to re-interpret the original story for audiences.  Usually in film because the studio execs don’t think audiences can grasp timeless themes or they think if it was successful once then it will be successful again.  Making them money.  But remakes unfortunately don’t have the emotional impact of first experience or impressions . . .  any additional elements or tweaks to the original are usually bad ideas.  How many good sequels have been made?

Superman fans have been told that Superman is too difficult to write or comprehend in today’s modern world by both the co-publishers.  He’s just too positive, has faith and hope – and modern audiences just aren’t used to that or won’t accept that anymore.  How can such a super-alien-being be humble about his great power and control?  Shouldn’t he be a tyrant?  A killer?  A manipulator?  A modern audience could understand that, right?  They see it in their everyday lives.

 Modern audiences whether it is in 1938 or in the 21st century have darkness in their everyday lives.  The brilliance of Superman then and now (or should be) is that he is a light in the darkness.  THE superhero who inspires us to aspire to be better and a force of good in a world of corruption and impending tyrannical control.  In the new 52 he is incapable of that. He has been dulled down to being a battling alien – all the time.  So much so is his alienation from humanity – he is dating another superbeing.  And we human readers are supposed to relate to that.

An alien from outer space saving the world in 1938 was a phenomenal idea, but the amazing thing about this character was/is/should be is that he took on a human persona and related to humans very well including wanting to date Lois Lane, a female human with brains, Chutzpah, and the power of the pen to seek the truth and change hearts and minds.  What human being couldn’t relate to that?  (Excluding the execs at DC Entertainment, of course)

From the beginning, Kal-L (later El) was catapulted into space by his parents because they loved him so much, made the sacrifice, and sent him off in hopes he would live a full life.  THAT story component makes people believe in hope and faith.  In later years, the child was found by a ‘kindly couple’, the Kents.  Jonathan and Martha couldn’t have children of their own, but finding that baby was answered faith and hope.  They loved and raised him as their true son, giving him the moral core that is timeless.

Superman gives us hope and the faith for a better tomorrow . . . but not in the new 52.  The world is dark and full of cynicism.  We can see the power grabs and tyrannical control.  Which is fine for Batman (created in 1939 despite what the DC Blog says) or Wonder Woman (created in 1940).  But for Superman, it just doesn’t work – and the darkness is not just on the comic page – we see it in every interview given by DC Entertainment.  Darkness never understands the light but knows it must be extinguished at all costs.  And is that what DC Comics is doing to Superman – methodically extinguishing his light and relevance?

Superman had two sets of parents who loved him.  In a dark world full of hopelessness, this cannot be tolerated.  Ideals of light should be dismissed as anomalies and never considered to be inspirational.  Therefore, classic Superman is not a character that ‘works’ for new readers (who apparently have been in a cave not knowing the 75 year old icon) or a 21st century readership.

Enter the Man of Steel film.  Produced by Christopher Nolan and written by David S. Goyer.  These two have made tons of money for the Warner Brothers film division with the Batman series of movies.  Smart execs (yea, I know oxymoron) will just leave them alone to do their magic and to allow them to make tons of money.  With their track record, it is easy to see how Nolan can tell WB to fuck off with any idiotic suggestions.  He has that push back because of his success.  Man of Steel by all accounts is classic Superman brought into the present – and has been predicted to be a megablockbuster with possible ‘more chapters.’   Nolan, Goyer and Zack Snyder, the director, seem to understand what Superman as a character means to the world.  They live in the same world as DC Entertainment – and yet, they are making an origins movie that shows Superman as a light in the darkness.  But will the success of the Man of Steel film affect the attitudes or mindsets regarding the character in the halls of DC Entertainment?  That is a hope of Superman readers.

Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment, and her subordinates are also under the film division of Warner Brothers.  Hints that corporate decisions were making storyline and character decisions started early on when George Perez was writing Superman.  His first six books apparently will be the most successful of the new 52 Superman comic book as he had all the classic elements in his storytelling.  Superman fighting not only a new monster in town, but also the corruption of PGN corporation under the guidance of Morgan Edge.  Lois Lane was in that first issue (as she was in the first issues of Action 1938 & 2011 and Superman 1939) moving from an award winning reporter to a tv/new media producer.  (A move that gave everyone pause since putting Lois behind a desk was like putting Baby in the corner – and we all know how that move is tolerated.)  Even Clark Kent made an appearance and wrote an article in that first issue.  Sadly, those days are gone in the new 52.  Clark and Lois have been almost non-existent in the pages of new 52 Superman or Action.  Perez left because of editorial and corporate interference.  He wasn’t sure what they would use of his story in the end product.

Perez’s story is not an isolated one.  Many creators have left because of the same interference.  Green-lighted story arcs were changed at the last minute or completely abolished.  Creators had to re-work without pay, etc.  Freelancers seem to be suffering the most in this DC Entertainment (can’t get their shit together) debacle.  Andy Diggle left Action after writing one issue, due to professional reasons.  Whether that was because of his love for the Lois Lane character (as noted by Scott Lobdell in an interview) or because Andy Diggle is working on four other books – and any last minute revamping of a green-lighted story would not be possible with his workload.  That is just surmising on my part.  Don’t know that as a fact.  BUT if DC Entertainment wants to be successful and get the best creative talents onto their superhero books especially SUPERMAN!, then they need to get their act together and take care of this interference problem.  NOT JUST GIVE IT LIP SERVICE AND FALSE PROMISES AT A NORTH CAROLINA SUMMIT!  That lie lasted 4 days.  Wow!

Another recent departing was Joshua Hale Fialhov from both the Green Lantern Corps and Red Lantern books.  TWO BOOKS!  DC Entertainment wanted him to kill off John Stewart.  After Fialhov walked off, then DCE said they would not kill off the character.  Couldn’t say that BEFORE the creator of TWO BOOKS walked away?  And what happened with Mike Johnson writing Supergirl?  DCE had a phantom writer for the most recent issue.  Did Johnson fall off the radar?  Well, DCE did come out with that – no talkie on social media about why you’re off a book – or you’ll never work at DC Comics again!

Are the Katzenjammer Kids running DC Entertainment?  Modern audience and new readers, look that up in the funny papers!

And by the way, what new readers?  Did they show up on the second Nielsen survey we still don’t know anything about the statistics?  Or is that just an old dusty talking point Jim Lee pulled out of his ass to explain how we don’t need to cling to classic Superman anymore?

The Superman mythology will be celebrating its 75th anniversary this June.  DC Entertainment will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of Superman – BIG DIFERENCE.  Clark Kent was also introduced in Action #1, 1938 and by some accounts by creators of some of the best Superman stories, he is how readers relate to Superman.  He’s not been around much in the new 52, especially as a journalist.  Also in Action #1, 1938 was Lois Lane.  She will be celebrating her 75th year of existence – but apparently not by DC Entertainment.  They have a ‘better idea’ for their new 52 Superman.  Readers have not gotten to see five years of Superman/Clark’s life in the new 52 where Lois Lane was involved.  They’ve skipped over that to tell their ‘edgy, gritty’ story of how Superman and Wonder Woman hooked up out of fear and loneliness and are likely to destroy the universe unless they can be stopped.  To which most Superman fans say – let it blow the hell up!

Lois Lane will not be getting a variant cover for the first issue of the Superman Unchained book.  (still a ridiculous title – what the fuck is he being unchained from???)  Lex Luthor will be getting a variant cover to celebrate the anniversary despite the fact he hasn’t been existence for 75 years.  Jim Lee said that they might consider putting Lois on a cover with Jimmy and Perry (both of which have not been in existence since Action #1, 1938).  Really?  The First Lady of Action Comics doesn’t get recognition of being a successful icon for 75 years?   All because of some lame ass new 52 event that they hadn’t figured out the final timeline or participants for?  This from the people who change entire story arcs at the last minute!  LOIS LANE HAS BEEN IN EXISTENCE FOR 75 YEARS – GIVE HER SOME RESPECT AND RECOGNITION, DC ENTERTAINMENT!!!

Question:  Would Diane Nelson have her executive title if there was never a Lois Lane in existence?

I don’t know about you, but I need some light in this darkness.  Gimme my Superman!  My Lois Lane!  My Clark Kent!  The one that gives us hope and inspires us to aspire to be better.  The one who admires and loves the best of humanity in his eyes, Lois Lane.

DC Entertainment doesn’t believe there are good people in the world.  Ones who fight the good fight every day.  Who try and find some truth in a world full of lies and corruption.  Who try to find some freedom and hope in a world rolling towards tyranny and even more wars.  We exist!  Don’t make our daily battle harder by taking our hero away.   Give us some hope that the world is not hopeless against the darkness.  Let Superman shine as the beacon of hope he’s always been – and maybe he’ll inspire new readers and make loyal readers buy even more books.


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